Friday, March 31, 2006


Jennifer and Frankie come back to her place. Jennifer says, "I feel sorry for Bo. He's doing all these things for Hope – planting her favorite flowers, painting the bedroom."

Frankie says, "At least he's planning on her coming home."

"That doesn't mean she will," says Jennifer, "I can't imagine them breaking up."

"You need a boost," says Frankie, "I have and idea. Frankie tells Jennifer, "I want to take you To Green Mountain Lodge. I want to show you a good time." Jennifer hesitates. "Oh, come on, we can just get away. You are so worried about everyone else you need to have some fun, what do you say?"

The brat computes. She remembers Frankie telling her he may not be able to keep her out of jail, "I won't be going to jail if I can help it. I just have to make sure Bo and Hope stay split up for good. This should do the trick. Hope won't know what hit her, just like Zack."

Hope gets the email, "I don't believe this. It's an email from the Chronicle. It's about Shawn's wedding. He promised he would wait until I came back. OMG. Look at that. Two uninvited guests." She looks at a picture of Billie and the brat.

Marlena comes down the aisle past the keystone cops. Alex waits. Mimi wonders. Belle stews. The ceremony begins. Alex flashes back to Marlena saying her heart is with John, then drugging Marlena. Marlena tells the father she has no reservations about proceeding.

"Here we go," says Shawn. Abe tells Roman they have to stop John. Roman can feel it – John is there. Shawn discovers the gun pointing out of the vent. Roman confirms it. He tells Tek to keep the grill in his sights. "Don't fire until you know he's going to shoot," says Abe.

John lasers in on Alex, "You'll never get your hands on her, Alex." He squeezes the trigger.

"I have John in my sights," says Tek.

"Wait for orders from Roman," says Abe.

Roman tries the door. Locked. John takes his finger off the trigger as Marlena and Alex light a candle.

Belle thinks, "Mom, please don't go through with this."

Father Jansen pops the big question – does anyone know any reason why these two should not be married. Silence. Mimi remembers Belle interrupting her wedding, "I wonder if Belle will do that again?"

The vows begin. John aims. "Dammit, John, stop," says Roman, "We know you're in there."

"Go away," says l'assassin, "You're not going to stop me."

"If you kill him you'll destroy your life," says Roman.

"There will be no future once Alex kills her," says John, "I'm taking him out. John takes aim and says, "Forgive me for what I am about to do, but it's the only way I can get him away from her."

Jennifer tells Frankie going to GML would be a big step. He just thought it would be fun to get away. Doorbell. Maggie. She's there to take care of Jack Junior while they are away. Busted! Frankie has an uncomfortable moment. He tells Jennifer, "If you do want to go, we should leave soon, before it gets dark. People can run off bridges driving in the dark, you know."

Frankie goes upstairs. Maggie tells Jennifer she thinks it would do her good to get away. Jennifer thinks things are going too fast with Frankie. Maggie says, "He's been in love with you his entire adult life."

Jennifer says, "I know you'd say this is what Jack would want for me, but what about what I want? I feel like everyone is forcing me because they think I can't take care of myself."

"We just want you to be happy."

"The word 'happy' terrifies me," says Jennifer, "I have mourned my husband three times. It feels too soon."

"You are a single woman now," says Maggie.

Jennifer says, "Just because I caught the flowers at Mimi's wedding doesn't mean I have to get married."

"Go away with Frankie and you can still come away a single woman," says Maggie, "You know what Alice says – life doesn't wait around for you to live it."

The brat says, "Once Hope reads that article she will be so mad at Bo she will never come back to him. Then my parents will be together and I won't go to jail. Zack, you know I loved you don't you? You don't want me to go to jail, do you? Now I just have to get rid of any evidence in case anyone tries to read my online diary again... OMG! I just accessed my dad's email account! He must have forgotten to log out. Well, he read my personal files. I'll just leave this open in case Hope tries to get in touch wit him."

Hope can't believe it, "How could Billie and Chelsea show up. If I had known about the wedding Shawn knows I would never have left Salem. He's my only living biological son. How dare they be there? Listen to this. 'The groom's half-sister showed up uninvited. Charged with the hit and run death of the groom's brother, Miss Benson's appearance stopped the wedding.' I can't read any more. Please read it for me."

Patrick reads, "Bo and Hope Brady, separated after the death of their son. At the wedding, the groom threw the young girl and her parents, Bo Brady and Billie Reed, out of church. The young woman's parents were seen comforting her outside of St. Luke's later."

Hope is beside herself, "Why would he do this? He chose to coddle Chelsea rather than being at his son's wedding. It is so clear he prefers Billie and Chelsea rather than me and Shawn."

"I know you are his everything."

"These pictures don't lie," says Hope, "This is proof he has turned his back on us. This is it. Hope says, "I'm gonna email Bo. I want a divorce."

The ceremony continues. Mimi thinks Marlena sounds like a zombie. Marlena remembers her wedding with John. She tells him, "I will love you no matter what. I will laugh with you, love you, weep with you for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Marlena hesitates. Alex dangles the bangle. Marlena continues, and then Alex says his vows.

Roman radios Abe, they can't get the door to budge. Roman yells for John again, "Don't do this. Don't make me give Tek the order."

"Doesn't matter," says John, "Once I drop North I get the death penalty anyway."

Shawn calls Belle on her cell phone, "I know you can't talk so listen. Your dad is going through with it. He's in the belfry."

Belle is confused, "You mean like where my bats are? " She decides she has to stop this. She hyperventilates as she tries to figure out what to do.

Alex says, "I do." Belle accidentally on purpose drops her flowers. They roll in front of Alex. She goes over and picks them up, and then stands there like a statue blocking Alex, ready to take John's bullet.

Jennifer has decided to go. She and Frankie leave.

Hope can't live with what Bo has done. Patrick tells her to recall the email or write another one. "You have a family," says Patrick.

Hope remembers moments with Bo.

Patrick pleads, "Don't make the biggest mistake of your life. Don't give up your love with Bo."

Chelsea checks Bo's email, "Perfect! Hope wants a divorce. Excellent. What would my dad say back to her?"

She composes the masterpiece, "It breaks my heart, but I guess you're right. There is no way we can stay together now, is there? I'm really sorry about what happened to Zack. I'd do anything to bring him back. But I have a daughter with Billie now and it's my responsibility to protect her. If you can't live with that, then that means we have no future together, I won't contest your divorce. You are right. What we had is over. And I think it's best that we go our separate ways. Bo."

Deadeye fires. The crack shot can't hit the broad side of a barn. The bullet lands somewhere in the next county.

The sound of the wayward bullet stops the ceremony momentarily. "Bats in the belfry," says father Jansen. Everyone chuckles. Shawn runs into the sanctuary.

John takes aim, "Dammit, Belle, move!"

Abe and Roman rush in, "Come on man, you don't want to do this." John puts down the gun. "That's it, buddy," says Abe.

Roman grabs John's shoulders, "John, there is nothing we can do." John looks like he just came out of a sauna.

Jennifer sits in the restaurant. Frankie invites her to dance.

Out on the dance floor, Frankie says, "You seem tense, you OK? You don't want to be here, do you?" Jennifer stares.

Patrick asks Hope to call Bo. She gets another email. She reads it. Oh, the consternation!

Chelsea sees that Hope has received the email, "Read it and weep."

Hope bites her lip, She asked Bo for a divorce and dang if she didn't get what she asked for. Can you imagine? "Bo agreed to the divorce. He didn't even sound torn or conflicted about it."

"Are you sure," asks Patrick.

"Yeah," says Hope, "The word 'yippee' tipped me off. He's standing by Billie and Chelsea." Hope goes into complete breakdown, "He's letting me go. My God, it's over."

The brat says, "By now Hope's done reading the email. All I have left to do is cover my tracks. This worked out perfectly. There is no future for Bo and Hope."

Hope bawls. They're getting divorced. Patrick says, "Well, in that case, what are you doing tonight? "

Jennifer insists she wants to be there, "There is just a lot going on in Salem right now." They go back to their table. Frankie leaves. Jennifer wonders how she will tell Frankie this is moving too fast. Frankie brings her a rose. It's a good thing John isn't around. He'd bust a cap into it.

Shawn walks up to Belle. She can't believe this is happening. Her mom is married to Alex. Shawn tells Belle, "Sometimes the wrong people end up together." Mimi watches and steams.

The bride and groom walk out. "Well," says Alex, "I see you got your man. There will be no reception. I'm rather anxious to start the wedding night." They leave. John goes berserk. Roman and Abe restrain him. FF.


Frankie says, "I really want this evening to be special for you." Jennifer says, "I can't do this."

Hope says, "I think Zack's death gave Bo the excuse he was looking for to get out of our marriage."

Billie tells Bo, "What you just wrote to her is beautiful and there is not a woman in the world who could read those words and not come running straight back to you."

The brat shows Kate her computer screen, "Bo's reply to Hope. It's a good thing it came to my computer first, huh?


Anonymous dustin said...

The word happy terrifies Jennifer? I'd hate to see what the word unhappy would do for her.

5:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG loved the South Park reference in the screencap. Yep, in South Park, Kenny keeps coming back to life. How many times have people in Salem died, and then come back to life?
And Chelsea is such a cartoon villian. Certainly her so-called "love" for Zack is absurd. She cares about nobody but herself.
And there's more levels of humor to this screencap. Hilarious!!!

7:11 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

What did Frankifer do? Teleport to Green Mountain Lodge?

Loved Belle's bats in the belfry crack, and the picture of Sister Butuglia. HAHAHA

"Don't fire until you know John is going to shoot." How is Tec going to know that?? Wait for the little sign "He's going to shoot" to light up over the grill? TLT

7:13 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I bet just about every reader is thinking "John, if you think you can actually hit the target, SHOOT! SHOOT! It's our only hope of getting rid of Belle!" HAHAHAHA

I LOL over her being confused about the bats.

I can't wait to see Sister Buttuglyia...just like I can't wait for Monday's Prevuze! :D

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The part about John busting a cap in the rose will gve me giggles for days. Thanks!!!

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know I'm an old, out-of-touch geezer, but what is and why is it bad. What am I missing here???

2:57 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said... ( is a website wehre anyone can set up a profile and communicate with friends. It has developed a reputation of being a kids' site and is getting somewhat of an unsavory reputation. Recently authorities nabbed adults there trying to hook up with teens and many of the sites might be considered X-rated by some. Thanks for asking.

4:23 PM  

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