Wednesday, March 29, 2006

She Barged In At A Very Climactic Moment

Lucas pops the question.

Carrie is stunned, "Lucas, I'm honored. I don't want to know what to say."

"How about yes," says the lost puppy.

Sami watches and imagines marrying Lucas. "Do you promise to love, cherish and keep fighting like a couple of gamecocks all the Days Of Your Lives," asks Father Jansen. Lucas does. Sami does. Sami cries in her pew. Austin watches.

Carrie says she can't, and runs out.

Belle interrupts the blissful couple. She tells them, "Someone is going to die today if we don't do something to stop it." She's right. Shawn and Mimi are both having homicidal thoughts at the moment.

Celeste! "The spirit world is restless! Mon Dieu! No!"

Lexie walks in the park and talks on her phone. She says she will leave her pager on in case Mr. Lewis codes. What good that will do Mr. Lewis, no one knows. Tek meets her as she walks. She asks about John. Tek says, "We have officers looking for him all over the city. Of course the Salem PD couldn't find its butt with both hands, so John doesn't have to worry." He tells her to be careful.

Abe, Roman and Alex talk. Abe tells Alex if he isn't careful he could leave St. Luke's in a coffin. Alex isn't going to let John stop his big day. He leaves. Abe says, "I think this isn't even about protecting Marlena. John simply wants Alex dead."

John assembles his rifle. He grits his teeth and says, "I pledge my love to you, Doc. And to prove that love, I swear before God, before this day is over Alex North will never be able to hurt you again. Once he is gone, all you'll have to worry about is me being around you with this elephant gun."

Kate asks Marlena, "Did you say you are in love with John? Does that mean you remember your life with him?"

Marlena remembers their wedding. "I don't know why this is happening now and not earlier," says Marlena, "I'm marrying Alex, but my heart is with John."

Alex overhears, "You're forcing me to take your life." He pulls a syringe out of his pocket.

Belle invites herself into the love shack. Shawn wants to know what is so important. "It's my dad," says Belle, "He plans to make sure Mom doesn't renew her vows – by killing Alex. I didn't know where else to go for help." Mimi can think of a place where Belle can go.

Marlena says this is more like déjà vu. Alex listens, "As long as she doesn't get her full memory back, things will work out."

Kate leaves and says to herself, "Marlena has her memory back. That means John and I don't have a chance."

Alex comes into Marlena's room and stands behind her.

Roman walks around trying to look like a real cop. Abe wishes Alex would give up the idea of going through with this wedding today, "It's almost as if he wants John to kill him. When you were out of town, I heard Alex goad John more than once."

"John is a hell of a shot," says Roman, "He can pick off a watermelon at five feet. Alex must have a death wish."

John unfolds a map of the church, "They are good, but I am better."

Lucas chases Carrie. Austin and Sami stop him. Austin tells him, "Carrie likes to take things slow, because that's the way her mind works... very slow."

"Except for the time she ran away with Mike," says Sami.

"She needs me," insists Lucas.

"She ran away from you and you think she needs you," says Sami.

Lucas snaps back, "My future doesn't concern you any more. You gave birth to our son and that's where our relationship ends... I'm going to spend the rest of my life with Carrie."

Austin says, "Do it your way. You're going to lose her."

"I already got her," snaps Lucas, "She picked me over you, or did you miss that chapter?" He runs out.

Austin apologizes to Sami for the way Lucas talked to her. She thinks Austin felt as bad as she did when Lucas proposed. She thought Austin and Carrie had something special.

Lucas catches up with Carrie. He says he shouldn't have rushed her, "We talked about taking things slow, but then we talked about you wanting to have kids right away."

"I don't blame you for being confused," she says.

Doofus asks, "You still want to have a relationship with me, right?"

"Definitely," says Carrie, "I just want to take things slow. I tend to mess up when I rush into everything."

"I kind of did the same thing... Even though I love Will dearly, I have to deal with Sami for the rest of my life."

Carrie says, "Sometimes I can't believe Sami and I are sisters. I love her and I know a part of you does to. Are you sure you don't want to be with her?"

"Carrie, you are the only one I have ever wanted." He smiles, "How was the proposal in there on a scale of one to ten?"

"Since when does 'suck' fall between one and ten," asks Carrie.

Lexie tells Tek it's kind of him to be so concerned about her. Tek thinks North is purposely making himself the target. Lexie wants to help Marlena. She tells Tek Alex saw them making love, a euphemism for 'going at it like teenage minks' , and has threatened to tell Abe. Tek gets macho. Lexie stops him. Celeste watches in the background as Lexie tells Tek he can't let Abe find out about their affair.

Kate comes out and tells them Marlena has her memory back. Lexie rushes to see for herself.

Celeste walks up and whaps Tek in the chops, "YOU BASTARD!"

Shawn tells Belle to be calm. Waste of breath. Belle tells him John is desperate, "Will you please help me find my dad?"

"I would love to," says Shawn, "but I'm on my honeymoon."

Unenthusiastic Mimi tells Shawn they should go help Belle. She is going with him, though. Belle thanks them. Shawn goes to get their coats. Mimi bawls her out for going to Shawn instead of Phillip. They all leave.

Abe reconnoiters with a cop. Roman interrupts, "I have checked every inch of this church. The guy has bone missing."

Alex stands behind Marlena and jams the hypo into her shoulder. Marlena shudders. He tells her, "On the count of three you will not remember..."

Lexie and Kate come up too the door. Happy, happy. Lexie says, "Now Marlena won't have to marry that smarmy Alex, and she and John can be together... I'm sorry. I know you and John have gotten very close. They say there is one man for every woman, but I don't believe that. And in your case, Kate, sentiment like that is ludicrous." Apparently, yours, too, Lexie.

Kate says, "John is my best friend now, but when I heard Marlena say she loved him it cut into my heart. Now he might not have a place for me in his heart. But if I do love him, shouldn't I want him to be happy?"

Kate and Lexie come in. Kate says, "Tell Lexie what you told me – that you remember being in love with John."

Marlena says, "Where did you get an idea like that? I don't love John at all. I love Alex."

Lexie thinks, "Why do I get the feeling if I performed brain surgery on her right now I'd find a parking space for the Hindenburg? "

John looks at the map of the catacombs. He finds the perfect place to carry out his dastardly plot. He says, "The SOB is going to hit the ground before anybody can even blink."

Tek blocks another smack from Celeste. He tells Celeste Lexie makes her own choices, "She needs love and isn't getting it from her husband." Celeste tells him Lexie and Abe have a bond, which Tek can't break. She won't allow him to destroy Lexie's life.

Carrie wants some time alone. She tells Lucas they are OK, though. He leaves. Austin comes up to her.

Lucas goes back into the empty sanctuary. Sami sits alone and asks how it went.

Lucas is defensive, "Why do you want to know?"

Sami huffs, "That bad, huh? Did she accept your proposal?"

"We're taking it slow," says Lucas, "Cut the crap. I will win her in the end. You will strike out with Austin and wind up alone." He storms out.

Lexie says, "Kate told me you said you love John." Marlena just can't imagine. Alex eavesdrops. Lexie asks, "Why would Kate make up something like that."

Marlena drones, "All I know is I love Alex, and he was my first love."

Kate works on her, "I know you don't remember. But just a few minutes ago I saw I saw a spark of the Marlena I used to know. Now she is gone. Where did she go? Something here is just plain wrong."

"Stop it," says Marlena. Lexie asks for some time alone with her.

Alex listens and thinks, "Poor Dr. Carver. Your powers as a doctor are no match for me."

Lexie grills Marlena, "Yesterday you said your memory had come back. Then it turned out it hadn't. Something isn't right here."

"I just want to be with Alex," says Marlena, "If I wanted to be with John, I would be comfortable saying that."

Lexie remembers discovering Alex hypnotizing her. She thinks, "John is right. Alex is brainwashing you and I can't tell anyone what I know."

Shawn, Mimi and Belle come into the church. Kate sees them and asks, "What's this, the shortest honeymoon in history?" Mimi takes Kate aside and tells her want is going on.

Kate can't believe it, "Belle came for Shawn? She got him out of your bed?"

Mimi says, "I have to admit, she barged in at a very climactic moment."

Kate becomes unhinged, "You need to get back to the cabin or take me up on my offer! You need to stop Belle from hanging around Shawn or you will live to regret it!"

Shawn and Belle tell Roman and Abe they are looking for John. Roman tells Shawn he should be with Mimi.

Alex comes in. He tells Abe this has all become very irritating to him.

"I'm sorry this is so irritating for you," says Abe, "But we are officers of the law trying to save your life." He gets a call. "Commissioner... I respectfully disagree sir. I am here on the scene. I have a better understanding... yes sir, I understand." Abe asks to speak to Roman in private.

Belle frets. She is so scared for her dad. She hugs Shawn as Mimi comes soaks it in.

Abe tells Roman, "The Commissioner said John is into it deep and there is no getting out." It's getting deep all right...

John checks his plans, "No exit plan... Doc, someday you will understand I'm doing this for you. I'll gladly give my own life to save yours."

Tek tells Celeste Lexie doesn't need protection from him. Celeste insists he is out to ruin Lexie's life. He reminds her he took care of Lexie when Abe was on the island. She can't stop him from being with her every chance he gets.

"I just feel so edgy," says Carrie, "I can't believe how I acted in there."

"You were surprised by the proposal," says Austin, "I could tell you were uncomfortable. That's why I came."

"You have to stop," she insists.

Lucas catches up to Sami and says he knows exactly what he wants. Sami insists he wanted them to get back together yesterday. They argue. Sami says Carrie will never marry him, "You are Carrie's second choice. Austin is her true love. What does that say about your self-respect?"

Lucas shoots back, "My self-respect? The day after I left you at the altar you asked him to move in with you. You blew every chance you've had with love. He isn't interested in you. Austin's interested in the good sister and we both know who that is!"

Celeste paces, "Alexandra has lost her way. It is up to me to help her find her way back. You can talk, Thomas Kramer. You talked her right into your arms. Your time is up. I will stop you from destroying her life."

Austin understands. He says he is too hard on Lucas. He's his brother and will stop doing that. He changes the subject. He asks if she missed the seasons in LA, "Spring is a good time for beginnings. I really do want you to be happy."

Carrie says, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For being you."And thank you for that gripping dialogue.

Lucas tells Sami not to cry. He didn't mean what he said, "If I meant it, I shouldn't have said it. That's why we fight all the time. That's why we aren’t together."

Sami yells, "We aren't together because of your mother."

"We weren’t meant to be together, even though we are a family," says Lucas.

"Yes we are," says Sami, "And Will is upset because we can't be a united family. I won't forget what we shared, but that isn't enough to build a life around."

"We always end up fighting," says Lucas, "We have to stop caring and move on."

"I already have."

"Right," snorts Lucas, "Good luck with that." Sami turns to leave. Lucas says, "Sami, good luck with Austin. Seriously." She leaves.

Belle thanks Shawn. He would do anything for her, "But it doesn't look good to Phillip and Mimi. We aren't being fair to them. You should turn to Phillip for support, not me. But I will do anything I can to help." He goes back to Mimi. Belle frets.

Lexie and Kate talk. Lexie couldn't get through to Marlena. Kate says, "It hurt like hell when she said she loves John. The one who stands to suffer the most is John."

Abe says, "The news is worse than I thought. If John attempts to enter the church, the order has been sent down to take him out."

Marlena says, "I'm sorry I don't remember you John, but don't do anything to ruin my wedding to Alex."

John stalks, "I won't let Alex hurt you, Doc. I'm going in. FF on John emerging from the bushes.


Bo tells Jennifer, "My wife wants to give up on our marriage. If I can't forgive myself, how can I expect her to forgive me?"

Hope tells Patrick, "If Bo hadn't been so willing to be taken in by Chelsea's manipulations, my baby... he'd still be here."

Marlena and Alex stand at the altar. Marlena says, "All right." Alex says, "It will be as soon as you say, 'I do.'"

John takes aim, "As soon as North says 'I do,' he's a dead man."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL at the first picture, but I don't think they would have been that civil.

4:21 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Lot's of LOL today, especially Dumbo/Rambo and John picking off a watermelon at 5 feet.

And Belle is beyond belief. She hauls all the way out to Horton Island (apparently having a boat at her command) to interrupt Shimi's honeymoon 'cause she doesn't know who else to go to??!! HEY, how about your EX-MARINE HUSBAND!!!!

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg dumbo rambo. i will lol all day!

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Salemfairy said...

LOL! 'Alex listens and thinks, "Poor Dr. Carver. Your powers as a doctor are no match for me."' ----And this puts him where? One rung lower than Daffy Duck on the medical powers chart?

As always, Prevuze was a great humorous wake up! LOL at the Rambo pic!

7:16 AM  
Anonymous shellegirl said...

Mimi's remark to Kate in the title was pretty gross but I had to chuckle.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it? Just like if Bo would tell Chelsea no, I'm not helping you so get out, if Shawn would tell that obnoxious Belle that it would be a good start. (Not that Princess Belle would accept anyone daring to say no to her.)

I absolutely LOL over everything to do with Rambo John! Especially Marlena having to worry about him with an elephant gun and his Mickey Mouse rifle. 'Spose he's also totin' a Roy Rogers six shooter? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Fantastic Prevuze today. More Dumbo/Rambo jabs please! :D

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, crazydazy, you're becoming a regular. This one was hilarious.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Arrrrrgh! Salemfairy beat me to the punch. That comment of Alex's was just begging to be elaborated on.

Fortunately for me, Salemfairy's snippet was better than what I came up with. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

11:30 AM  
Blogger catnip said...

Can somebody please just smack Belle upside the head? And while they are at it, smack Phillip too, so maybe some sense can be knocked into him?

12:06 PM  

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