Friday, March 24, 2006

I Got Him All Warmed Up For You

The Three B's – Bo, Billie and the Brat – come up to Bo's front door.

Billie says to Bo, "Hey if you want to go to the reception I can handle this."

"I wouldn't be welcome there," says Bo, "I missed Shawn's wedding and he would see that as me choosing Chelsea over him and our family again."

The brat wheels around, "Well I'm family. If you don't like that and want me out, I can make it happen."

Billie asks, "Was that a threat? Why are you acting like you are the one who was wronged here?"

The brat says, "Dad told me he knew I made an honest mistake by coming to the wedding."

Billie asks, "How many honest mistakes are you going to make? Your father and Shawn were speaking again, but because of you he didn't get to see Shawn get married."

"And because of me he won't get to see his other son get married," says the little snot.

Billie says, "You weren't invited. That's a pretty clear indication they didn't want you there."

"I sat there quietly in the back," says the brat, "I just wanted to take Shawn a present. He wouldn't have noticed me if Belle wouldn't have opened her big mouth. I just wanted to reach out to the family."

Shawn and Mimi dance. Belle stews. Austin and Lucas come in. They argue about Carrie.

Austin says, "I know she was going to choose me. I could just see her lips form the word 'Austin.'"

"Yeah," snorts Lucas, "To say 'Austin we're through.' This is just like with Nicole... You relocated her to LA to run the Highstyle division of your company. You blew it with her, too."

"She got stuck on some soap opera actor," says Austin, "Wants to get married and have a baby."

"I hope the guy isn't on Days Of Our Lives," says Lucas, "As bad as that show is, he's likely to be out of a job before long. Anyway, now you're stuck with Sami." He gives Austin a quick pat on the arm.

"You're welcome to her," says Austin.

Austin gets a call from Carrie. She asks him to come back to the hospital, "I have something to tell you that will affect us for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Sami overhears Carrie on the phone. She wants to know why Carrie is up and walking around. Carrie says seeing the parents with the baby who died upset her. She tells Sami Austin is on his way over.

"Really," says Sami, "Why?"

Austin tells Lucas Carrie wants to see him. "I'm sorry but you have to live with her decision, and don't ever touch me again."

Lucas says, "If that's what you really want, Ennis." The bartender offers Lucas a drink as Austin leaves.

Belle stares. Mickey and Maggie dance.

Bonnie slugs down a beer and says to no one in particular, "My little filly is finally nestled up with a Brady."

Kate assures Victor, "The secret won't come out. End of story."

"I hope you're right," says Victor.

Mimi tells Shawn this is the best day of her life. She's just soaking things in. Smooch.

Phillip offers a toast. The four of them have been friends for a long time. Their love and loyalty has gotten through it all, "May your life be full of love and laughter with friends, with us at the top of the list."

Belle runs out. Shawn offers to chase after her, "I think I am the only one who can talk to her."

"Excuse me," says Phillip, "You're not suggesting there is something going on between the two of you I don't know about are you?"

Bo tells Chelsea there is no reason for this to keep happening, "You can't keep doing things like this and expecting forgiveness."

"Nobody forgives me," yells the brat, "No matter what, I just manage to screw thing up. She runs out. Bo starts to go after her but Billie stops him and goes instead.

Phillip wants to know why Belle can only talk to Shawn. Shawn says Belle is upset because she stopped the wedding when Chelsea showed up. Mimi backs him up. Phillip relents. Shawn leaves.

"So tell me Meems," says Phillip, "what could be going on between the two of them I don't know about?"

"What," says Mimi, "Is Kirinac the Magnificent in a slump?"

Bonnie watches Belle run out, and then tells Kate, "Two embarrassing moments and the night is still young."

"I think Belle is upset because she couldn't stop the wedding," says Kate, "Don't worry. Shawn won't break his sacred marriage vows."

Bonnie chokes, "Oh, yeah, Like that's never happened before."

Kate leaves and reminds Victor not to tell.

Caroline overhears, "Not tell him what?"

"That there are more women in Salem with loud voices and good hearing than anywhere else in the world," says Victor.

Shawn tells Belle she can't keep doing this to herself. Blubberin' Belle bawls. She says she should have stopped the wedding and told everyone she loves Shawn.

Austin rushes up to Carrie and Sami at the hospital. Carrie asks to talk to him alone. Sami leaves. Carrie says she wants to, "talk about us."

Maggie comes up to the bar as Lucas orders a club soda. He tells Maggie Austin is at the hospital with Carrie.

"That can't make you too happy, can it," asks Maggie.

Kate tells Caroline they were talking about Austin and his business, "And Victor is absolutely adamant that Austin take nothing away from him." Caroline thinks there is room in the town for all three businesses. Kate agrees, "But Victor tends to be a bit more ruthless than John or me." She turns to Victor and waves a flower in his face, "You shouldn't cause trouble when it's not necessary."

Phillip confides in Mimi, "When Belle stood up I thought she was going to tell the whole church she still loved Shawn."

"You want my confession," asks Mimi, "I thought the same thing."

"I try every day not to worry about her feelings for him," says Phillip, "But we are married now." He holds the trophy-baby up, "And look at what we have together. I would love to believe Shawn wouldn't have married you if he still loves Belle."

"No," says Mimi, "He wouldn't."

Belle says, "You know I still love you and you still love me, too."

Shawn says, "Yes, I do."

The brat reads Teen Magazine. Billie knocks. The little snot covers up the magazine, grabs a hankie and turns on the tears. She lets Billie in. Billie tells her to knock off the act. The brat doesn't want to go to prison and she wants Bo on her side.

Billie accuses her of trying to drive a wedge between Bo and Hope by going to the wedding.

Bo curses his cell phone. No messages. He tries the PDA. Dead batteries. He tries the computer, "What the hell is this?"

Mickey suggests Bonnie go easy on the booze.

"The evening isn't getting any younger and neither am I," says Bonnie. She gets serious, "I really did love you."

"Thank you, Bonnie."

"Thank you," she repeats, "That's it?"

"I loved you in a different sort of way," says Mickey, "You made me feel young and alive again. You filled a void in my life."

"Until you declared me null and void," says Bonnie, "All's well that ends well." Smooch. They dance for old time's sake. Maggie watches.

Victor and Caroline dance. Victor needs to know the truth, "If you had to do it over again would you keep it a secret from me that Bo was my son?"

Phillip wouldn't have believed it in high school that he and Belle would wind up married, and the same for Shawn and Mimi.

Belle wants to know why Shawn went through with the wedding. "For the same reason you didn't stop it," says Shawn, "It would have been wrong. You are married to Phillip. You have a daughter. Mimi and I will adopt. You have to accept your future is with Phillip, and mine is with Mimi."

"I know," says Belle, "I love Phillip. I can count on him."

"Start giving it back to him," says Shawn, "Start being happy."

"Before we go in," says Belle, "one last dance, to say goodbye to the past?"

"Sure." They dance. He wipes away her tears.

If You're Not The One plays in the background.

Shawn tells Belle to be happy. Back atcha. Forehead kiss. Bye. Belle goes. Shawn stares and sighs.

Caroline tells Victor not to forget he went to Europe when Bo was born. She didn't approve of his business tactics. She didn't want her son growing up in his home, "Yes, I would do it over again – to protect Bo."

Bonnie says, "I like the look of that – Shawn and Belle just walked in separately."

Maggie asks for her husband back. "I got him all warmed up for you," says Bonnie.

Maggie tries to be civil, "I'm happy for your daughter."

Bonnie walks away, "It's hard to hold a grudge against them Horton's."

Kate tells Lucas it must be hard to be at a wedding with a happy bride and groom, "I know I messed up your wedding, but I also saved your life. Where is Austin?"

"Carrie wanted to talk to him," says Lucas, "I guess that's the man she wants to be with, and you are happy about that."

"For Austin," says Kate, "And I want to be happy for you too."

"Not friggin likely."

Mimi cuts the cake and smashes it in Shawn's face. Shawn smashes back. "That's my boy," yells OMB.

Belle watches and is ready to smash something else.

Sami orders champagne.

Kate comes up and says, "You must be happy for your sister. Why are you here? No one wanted you at your own wedding."

Sami takes the high road, "Go to hell!"

"I know why you are upset," says Kate, "Carrie chose Austin didn't she? Which leaves you all alone."

Austin is thrilled, "You want to talk about us. That means there is an us."

"It's not that simple," says Carrie.

Austin asks, "Do you love me?"

Carrie says, "With all my heart." Smooch.

Billie tells the brat she knew exactly what would happen if she showed up at the wedding, "The fallout was exactly what you planned it to be."

"I'm not a psychic," says the snot.

"No," says Billie, "But you are a world class schemer. How long do you think it will take before your father gets fed up with your lies? Because of you Hope didn't see her son get married."

"It was Hope's decision to leave town," says the brat, "How would I know dad would miss the wedding just because I showed up? You don't believe me do you?"

"Honestly," says Billie, "I don't know."

"Then just get out of my room and leave me alone," says the little snot. She opens the door and Billie exits.

Billie goes out and asks what Bo is doing on Chelsea's computer.

He is reading her diary. Bo thinks Billie should read it.

Billie reads, "I know Hope and Shawn blame me for Zack's death. I'm not responsible the way they think. Is it so selfish for me not to want to go to jail? I just started getting close to my family, but now they all hate me. All I want is to be loved. To be a family. Like the one I thought I had, then lost."

"Wow," says Billie, "I knew she was hurting but I didn't know how much she felt it deep down. She's just protecting herself from getting hurt."

"We have to do what we can to help," says Bo.

Austin kisses Carrie. She pulls away, "This is happening too fast."

"Too fast," says Austin, "Lucas and I were feeling like two puppets on a string. I promise we will fix things the second time around. The important thing is we love each other and want to be together."

"You make it sound like that's all that matters," says Carrie.

"That's it," says Austin, "Do you feel up to going to the reception?" She agrees to go.

Lucas watches Kate and Sami talking. Kate says, ""My days of looking after my sons are finally over. And for once, I had nothing to do with it."

"Nothing to do with it," snaps Sami, "You... I loved Lucas. We could have had the perfect life together. I was totally honest with Lucas."

"Oh really," says Kate, "You didn't drug him to get him to bed with you?"

Sami says, "You want to talk about drugging people? You did a hell of a job with me and Brandon."

"I can't believe you bring that up," says Kate, "You couldn't let Brandon go."

"I CHOSE LUCAS," says Sami, "We would have had a perfect life together."

"At least my sons are free of you," Kate huffs off.

Phillip says, "If I may be so bold, what are your plans for the wedding night."

Shawn says, "Oh, nothing tonight. We're going back to the loft, so you and Belle can listen in, and will leave for the honeymoon tomorrow." Shawn thanks him for being his best man. Buds all the way. Hand butt. Guy hug.

Mimi tells Belle they're leaving in a couple of days but will go to the Horton cabin tomorrow morning. Belle knows Mimi will be a great wife and make Shawn happy. Mimi knows Belle will always have feelings for Shawn. Belle insists she will love him as a friend. Gal hug.

"We've made a big mistake, Kate. Now two marriages will be destroyed," says Victor.

Billie reads the diary, "Every page is filled with a desperate need to love and be loved."

"I wish we knew more about her childhood," says Bo.

The brat comes out and catches them. Bo claims they found the diary by accident. The brat runs over and pulls the plug. Bo apologizes for reading it, "But, I'm glad we did."

Victor insists the truth will come out. He asks, "What happens when Claire gets older and starts taking on Shawn's features – dark hair instead of blonde, eyes... nose... arrested brain

Kate insists it won't come out, "What good would it do if it did?" Victor sighs.

Bonnie and Mickey pass out confetti. Bonnie pulls Mimi aside, "You caught the gold ring. Just remember how your mama helped."

"Yeah," says Mimi, "by having me lie."

Shawn comes and gets Mimi. They run through the shower of confetti.

Sami wanders. Lucas says he heard her talking to Kate, "You really meant that, didn't you?"

"Yeah," says Sami, "I know we aren't getting back together, though." She sees Carrie and Austin come in, "Dammit! Carrie chose Austin. It's over for us." Sami lifts her glass, "Here's to us, Lucas. Losers to the end." FF Sami.


Shawn says, "Whatever it is, it can't be that bad. Mimi says, "It is."

Phillip holds Claire. He asks Belle, "Would you rather be with him?"

Alex asks Lexie, "Wouldn't it be a shame if it came up now. I mean, you cheating with that young, cocky detect..." Lexie starts to slap him, "You son of..." He blocks her.

John checks out his rifle, "Say goodbye to Marlena, Alex, it's time to die."


Blogger Bulldog said...

How cheap can Daze get!? They can't even bring Nicole back for one goodbye scene, they have to explain her absence in one lame sentence.

Sami missed a golden opportunity to zing Lucas for eavesdropping the way he just did to her in the hospital.

I LOL over the pictures of Jeopardy and Jack's multiple lives. HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze today!!

7:55 AM  
Blogger FROG said...

I can't figure out why Carrie is so worried about her biological clock. I mean it's not like she's Jennifer or Marlena's age.

Think about it.


8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carrie's age

Caroline "Carrie" Anna Brady (born offscreen)
born March 3, 1974 (according to

born March 3, 1977 (according to

Posted on"the info they gave about Carrie:
When Austin was entering her
in the Face of the '90's contest in early 1993,
he & Caroline were filling out a form &
Caroline said that Carrie was born in March of 1973."

So Carrie is either
29, 32, or 33.

Yeah, she should have plenty of time

8:46 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Great Prevuze! 9 Lives, 3 "B's", and #1 in the hearts of DAZED watchers.

LOL at ALL the pictures and
have to agree with Bulldog....they couldn't have had a better send off than Roman ogling her in the doorway? I did snicker at the nod they had Austin give to her real-life situation - falling for a soap actor and wanting to have kids.

And the answer is...."Because the Great Kirinac is only the DROOL writer's tool to interrupt conversations and divert the storyline into even deeper levels of stupidity."

2:38 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Nicole & Sami (Sole...hahaha) had a lot of potential. Too bad the writers are about as brain dead as Shawn. As for Nicole's open-ended send off...GROSS.

Most times the actual show just makes my brain turn to gel. Prevuze has become my guide to DOOL and has saved me from stabbing myself in my eye with a pen whenever the storylines go over the top. Or forever and ever. And ever. I, and my eyes, thank you.

4:45 PM  

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