Thursday, March 23, 2006

What Do You Think This Is - A Wedding?

Carrie cries. Sami comes in and wants to know where Lexie is. She has a patient. Sami asks if Carrie is OK. No. "I guess it's difficult choosing – It's complicated," says Sami.

Carrie says, "You don't know the half of it."

"I think I can help," says Sami, "You wanna be with Austin, so don't worry about me. When you said you didn't want anything to do with him what with everything that happened with Highstyle, you obviously didn't mean it. You don't need to honor a promise you made to me."

It's not that," says Carrie.

"Obviously you didn't mean it when you said you didn't want to be with him," says Sami, "You love Austin. You should tell him that."

Carrie remembers what Lexie told her about the genetic marker. She breaks down, "I can't be with Austin, now or ever."

John fights to wake Marlena up. Lexie rushes in and tells John to go. John objects but leaves. Alex walks in and asks, "What's going on? Is Marlena all right?"

John rushes him and says, "You oughta know! You SOB, you did it!"

Frankie and Jennifer arrive at the wedding. Jennifer thinks Shawn and Mimi look really happy. She remembers her own wedding. Consternation. "I just wish Hope were here," she says.

Bonnie takes a swig, "Bourbon with a holy water chaser. If this doesn't calm me down, nothing will." Kate says they have done the best they can do. They just have to wait and pray.

"Waiting and praying are not my strong suits," says Bonnie.

"Oh, rreeaallllyy..." says Kate.

For the third time, Father Jansen goes into his 'Speak now or forever hold your peace' routine. Belle gives her patented blank stare as the ceremony continues. Claire fidgets.

Bonnie turns to Kate, "This is really happening."

"They haven't said 'I do' yet, so keep your fingers crossed," says Kate.

Frankie takes Jennifer's hand as she remembers more of her wedding. Then she imagines marrying Frankie. She wonders if she is doing the right thing. Several Jacks sit in the audience. One of the Jacks tells her she is doing the right thing, "Frankie will love and protect you." Jennifer feels like she is being unfaithful. He reminds her Frankie was the first guy she loved. She always had feelings for him. Jennifer asks for Jack to give her a sign.

The endless ceremony continues.

Abe restrains John. Alex remembers injecting Marlena. Lexie comes out and tells John to cool it, or she will have him thrown out. She says Marlena will be fine. John wants to see her. Lexie refuses. John turns to Alex. Alex tells him, "You will never get near my wife again."

Abe goes in to see Lexie, "You don't seem to be yourself."

"It's just been a long day," says Lexie, "Lots of patients, this thing with Marlena, blackmail..." She asks him to keep an eye John and Alex.

Sami insists it's OK for Carrie to be with Austin. Carrie bawls and runs out as Lexie comes in. Sami tells Lexie she did a good job of convincing Carrie.

Lexie says, "I violated that oath... What's it called again? Oh, yeah, the Hippocratic oath." She tells Sami what she said to Carrie about the genetic marker. She thinks she has done a terrible thing.

Sami wants to know how that is worse than switching paternity results or cheating on Abe. She tells her to keep quiet so she won't lose Austin. Lexie says, "Carrie could still choose Austin even with all your lies and schemes."

Sami gets in her face, "I am not gonna let that happen."

Carrie watches a couple taking their new son home.

John growls, "Don't you threaten me, North."

"It's not a threat," says Alex, "It's a promise. You and Marlena are through."

"She eventually will remember," says John, "Then you will be out on your ass!" Alex remembers Marlena telling him she has her memory back.

Alex is cool, "Marlena chose me. You are just a bad memory to her – In fact, you're not even that."

John goes in to see Marlena. Abe and Alex follow.

John asks if Marlena remembers their life together. Marlena stares.

Frankie and Jennifer exchange glances. Back to the Frankifer wedding. They exchange vows. Frankie says, "I realize you will never love me like you loved Jack, but I promise to make your life happy and complete." Another glance and a smile.

Father Jansen asks Mimi if she takes Shawn. Mimi has memorized her vows, "I do." Father Jansen turns to Shawn and asks, "Do you Shawn take Mimi as your wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, especially Belle, for all the Days of Your Lives?"

"I do."

Pan in on Belle as they exchange rings. Father Jansen says, "I now pronounce you man and wife. What God has joined together, let no self-centered, whiney ditz put asunder."

Father Jansen introduces Mr. And Mrs. Shawn Brady. Belle bawls.

Carrie watches the young couple and blubbers. Sami comes up to her and asks what's wrong.

EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! "Aaron Faulkner is in respiratory failure," yells Lexie.

Aaron's distraught parents tell Lexie, "You have to save him!"

Lexie says, "With his genetic syndrome you know his long term prognosis."

"His syndrome isn't as threatening as the fact that you are his doctor," says the father.

"I wonder if they knew," asks Sami, "I can't imagine..."

Fifteen seconds later Lexie comes out and tells the parents, "There is nothing more I can do. I've made sure he isn't in any pain. We will move him to a cubicle where you can have privacy."

Sami doesn't know what to say. Carrie runs out. "Those poor parents," says Sami, "I do believer God has a plan. Maybe it's the same as mine. I mean, not even one of the ten commandments mentions blackmail. She goes into the hall and then sneaks into the records room. Sami computes. Lexie comes in and wonders what she is doing. She looks at the computer screen, "OMG! Don't you ever stop?"

John asks Marlena, "You're remembering aren't you."

Marlena says, "I have no memory of you whatsoever." Lame, lame, lame. "Alex is my husband. He is the one who loves me."

Alex remembers sedating her, "This will either erase your memory or kill you. At this point, either is fine by me."

"Why did you want to see me," asks John

"I don't know," says Marlena, "Unless it was to ask you to leave Alex and me alone."

"That's OK by me," says Alex, "Once we leave on our honeymoon and get away from John, Marlena will probably show a dramatic improvement." Marlena agrees.

Belle suggests taking Claire home, "If she doesn’t get a nap, she'll be fussy all night." Phillip tells her to stay and try to have a little fun. He leaves to get a bottle – I hope he gets one for Claire, too. Caroline comes up and says she was afraid of what Belle was going to announce.

Belle says she remembered what Kate said and kept her mouth shut.

Victor accuses Kate of manipulating Belle, "This is not right, Kate. Shawn has a right to know."

"Give it a rest," snaps Kate, "If you felt that way you would have told Phillip and Shawn the truth. This would destroy Phillip. The only choice is to make sure that Phillip never finds out Claire is Shawn's daughter."

Maggie introduces the couple. They dance. Mimi can't believe they are married. Shawn sweeps her off her feet and kisses her as Belle seethes. Caroline breaks it up and asks, "What do you think this is, a wedding?" She has set up a conference call to Kayla and Kimberly so they can dispense with the fact they aren't there.

Mimi tells Bonnie to relax and have a good time.

"Where is Mickey," asks Shawn.

"He's at the hospital," says Maggie, "General Hospital."

Shawn goes in to take the conference call. Mimi will follow later.

Bonnie toasts Mimi for marrying a Brady and a Horton. Mimi still feels guilty. Bonnie shushes her, "What's one little lie compared to a lifetime of loving your man?"

Shawn goes up to Belle and thanks her for bringing Claire, "It's almost like having Zack here."

"Well," says Belle, "His liver made it, anyway."

"I just wish he could have seen the ceremony," says Shawn.

"Abe was busy," says Belle.

Shawn hopes he and Mimi are as happy a Phillip and Belle. Phillip comes up and seconds that.

Mimi is ready to toss the bouquet. They encourage Kate and Jennifer to join in. Mimi throws a perfect strike to Jennifer. Jennifer stares at Frankie.

John grumbles, "No way you're marrying her tomorrow, North."

"You don't have a vote. John," says Marlena.

John turns to her, "You're not in your right mind."

"How dare you," yells Marlena, "Alex, I am so glad we're renewing our vows tomorrow."

Alex can't wait. John can't wait to tear Alex apart. He tells Marlena, "He said he was gonna take you away and kill you."

"I trust him," she says, "I don't trust you. If he wanted to hurt me, he would have done it before this."

"He didn't do it because I stopped him. That's why he wants to take you away," says John.

Lexie talks to the parents about organ donation. She comes over and tells Carrie she is sorry she had to see that.

Carrie bawls, "How could I even think of bringing a child into the world with Austin? It's not like I don't have feelings for Lucas, too."

"Give it some time," says Lexie, "Don't decide in haste." She excuses herself and goes over to Sami, "You're going to hell for this."

"Probably," says Sami, "But I'll have some time in heaven with Austin first."

Carrie looks at a picture of herself and Austin, "How can I give you up?"

Jennifer shows Frankie the bouquet, "So do you think this could be a sign from Jack?"

Frankie says, "It's better than that cardboard star Belle thought was a sign from God."

Belle rambles. She knows she did the right thing.

Victor says, "Secrets and lies have a way of coming out, Kate."

Kate says, "Mimi and Shawn will live happily ever after. End of story."

Shawn and Mimi dance. He asks if she is OK.

"I am so beyond OK," says Mimi, "I promise I will be a good wife." Kiss.

Phillip breaks it up, "As best man I have one final duty – a toast. I thought I would make it a 'best family' toast with my wife and daughter here. Shawn and Mimi are also Claire's godparents, so we wish them a life of happiness, joy, laughter and lies. May you share that with all your friends, with us at the top of the list."

Belle tosses Claire to Phillip and runs out.

Abe takes John out of the room, "You have to get control of yourself."

"He's gonna take her off and kill her," says John.

Abe says, "You have no proof."

John asks, "Would you wait for proof if it was Lexie?"

Alex tells Marlena he can deal with anything with her by his side.

John threatens, "Alex' wedding day will also be his funeral."

Lexie tells Sami she is making a mockery of the suffering of those poor parents.

Sami reminds Lexie to keep her mouth shut.

Sami leaves. Lexie vows, "You're not gonna get away with this."

Carrie phones Austin. She needs to talk to him. "We can't do it over the phone. It could affect us all the Days Of Our Lives."

Sami listens, "What does that mean?"

Lexie comes up to her and says, "It means your plan backfired. You will lose Austin after all." FF Scheming, steaming Sami.


Belle says, "You know I still love you and you still love me, too." Shawn says, "Yes, I do."

Billie says, "You are responsible." The brat says, "Everything bad that happens to anyone in this family is all my fault."

Austin asks, "Do you love me?" Carrie says, "With all my heart." Smooch.

Sami toasts, "Here's to us Lucas. Losers to the end." Carrie and Austin share their own toast.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Wow! Prevuze was in rare form today - weaving in Zach's liver and eyes and their presence or non-presence at the wedding; even working in the nod to the Mickster's portrayer going back to GH. Got to love it!

Beyond these "intellectual" aspects there was the pure fun of having that one parent note the genetic syndrome wasn't half as dangerous to their baby as Lexi being his doctor and the idiocy of Frankifer getting to the wedding while it was still going on.

Not to mention the great pictures, like John rushing for the painkillers. HAHAHAHA

6:50 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Yeah! So many things to comment on here - like it being Carrie's fault for stalling in telling Abbott and Costello her choice for one. If she'd gotten ON with it Sami wouldn't have had time to do anything about it. Also, for once I agree with Kate - if Victor was so adamant the truth come out why didn't he tell them? I know, the logic thing.

I LOL over Claire's outfit being cuter than Belle's and, as always, Squints lunging for the pills! HAHAHAAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze and pictures today.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Salemfairy said...

Simply Amazing Prevuze! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Zack at the ceremony comments!

10:07 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Shawn goes up to Belle and thanks her for bringing Claire, "It's almost like having Zack here."

"Well," says Belle, "His liver made it, anyway."

"I just wish he could have seen the ceremony," says Shawn.

"Abe was busy," says Belle.

OMFG. I couldn't resist posting this exchange. I almost fell off my chair in hysterics! Most excellent Prevuze today. So much better than the actual show...!

4:24 PM  

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