Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Watermelon Dies

Lucas cooks. Carrie comes out. He has made pancakes and sausage just for her. She can't believe he did this. He can't believe she picked him. We can't believe we're seeing this.

Carrie goes out to get the paper and of course Austin is in the hall. They say good morning. Sami watches.

Shawn lights a fire in the Horton cabin. Then he grabs Mimi and lights her fire. They find a present from Alice. Shawn opens the box and says, "My gosh I don't believe it."

Belle comes into Marlena's room. Marlena is a bit nervous but can't understand why. She asks Belle to be her matron of honor. Belle refuses. She doesn't want the marriage to go through.

Alex listens outside the door and says, "There is nothing you or anyone can do to stop me."

Kate finds John with his popgun. Kate asks, "What are you going to do John? Are you going to shoot him?"

John says, "Well you can't very well marry a dead man, can you?"

"So you're going to kill him," says Kate.

"Yes," says John, "With your help."

Kate asks, "You want me to help you murder Alex?"

"Of course not, Kate," says John, "I would never put you in that position."

Kate hits the nail on the head, "This is insane."

"You are the only one I trust now," grumbles John, "I've drawn papers to put you in complete charge of my company and the trust for my kids. I have thought this through."

Kate says, "Marlena is such a fool for choosing Alex when she could have the Salem Sniper instead."

"She didn't choose Alex," says John, "She's been manipulated. She will regain her memory but for that to happen he needs to be removed."

"I can't let you do that," says Kate, "I'm calling Roman." John tells her to put the phone down.

Roman tells Abe they have to secure the church, then find John and keep him under surveillance. Tek walks out into the narthex and sees Lexie. Abe comes out and Tek skedaddles.

Abe tells Lexie he wants a sample of the sleeping tablets Marlena is taking. Lexie remembers Alex' threat.

Abe asks, "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, fine," says Lexie.

Abe says, "Can you just make sure Marlena is OK? Be careful. If Alex is a dangerous as John says..."

Belle asks about Marlena's vows to her dad, "Why don't you want things the way they used to be?"

Conveniently the little clock chimes. Marlena remembers John's words; whenever it chimes, she should remember his love for her.

Belle asks Marlena, "What is it? You remember something, don't you?"

Sami listens to Carrie and Austin. In some circles, this is called eavesdropping. Austin says it isn't easy giving up his dream. She still cares about him. "Then why did you choose Lucas," asks Austin.

Carrie remembers Lexie's genetic marker speech, "I have made my decision." You have to accept it. Lucas comes out and gets her. Sami comes out and drags Austin back inside.

Lucas leans against the doorway and says to himself, "I got the perfect way to make you forget about Austin for good."

Shawn and Mimi got a check from Alice to make things "easier" along the way. "A little easier," says Mimi, "This is a lot."

They also have a book that tells the story of the Hortons and the Brady's. Smooch.

Belle thinks something has happened. She saw it in Marlena's eyes, "You remember dad giving you this clock, don't you?"

Marlena says she wishes Belle would be part of the wedding. Belle agrees to do it. She will be matron of honor. Alex knocks.

"Who is it," asks Marlena.

Alex says, "We should be getting to the church. I'll go on ahead since I'm' not supposed to see you before the wedding."

Marlena goes to get dressed. Belle sneaks the clock into her purse, "This may be my last chance to get Mom and Dad back together."

Catatonic John speaks in measured tones, "Put the phone down Kate. If you turn against me too..."

"I'd never do that," says Kate.

"Then please keep this to yourself," he says.

"If that's what you want," says Kate.

"I don't like what I'm about to do," says John, "Old habits die hard. I have worked hard to expose Alex North but always looked like the bad guy to Marlena. If her life weren't at risk, I'd let her go right on thinking that. Alex is going to kill her. I can't let that happen. Goodbye Kate." Smooch.

John leaves. Kate cries.

Roman tells Abe he hates doing this. John is their friend. Abe understands. John walks in as Abe says they can't let him play vigilante.

"I'm sorry you find it necessary to be here," says John, "I'm going to protect Marlena no matter what."

Roman asks, "Did you bring a gun with you?"

He unzips his jacket and shows Roman there is nothing there. Then he takes off his hat and shows Roman there is nothing there either. "I'd never do that," says John. He crosses himself, "I'm here to go to confession."

He leaves. Roman says, "I've got a bad feeling."

John tells Father Jansen he needs forgiveness for a grievous sin.

"What sin," asks the Father.


Marlena and Belle are in the prep room at the church. Marlena has a big case of the butterflies.

"Maybe that's your subconscious telling you you're making a mistake," says Belle. Lexie walks in and agrees. The clock chimes.

"You brought that here to remind me of John, didn't you," asks Marlena.

"Yes," says Belle, "Because I've seen how you react to it."

Alex listens, "I have to put a stop to this now." The flower delivery boy comes up to him. "There is a little something I'd like you to do for me," says Alex.

Belle and Lexie gang up on Marlena. There is a knock at the door, "Flowers for Dr. Evans."

They let him in and he puts them on the table. As he does, he knocks the clock off the stand and it breaks.

Belle picks up the pieces, "It's ruined."

The delivery boy apologizes. He leaves. No tip for the spaz.

Belle whines, "This was the one thing that could make you remember."

Alex listens and says, "Poor Belle... Now I have your mother exactly where I want her."

John tells the priest, "Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I haven't committed this act yet."

Father Jansen says, "You know I can't give you absolution, then. Have you gone to the police?"

"Yes," says John, "But they are more focused on helping him."

Father Jansen gets a clue, "Are you talking about Dr. North? Do you believe he is a danger?"

"Yeah," says John, "I head if from his own lips. I don't have a choice."

"But to commit murder..."

"Yes," says John, "Even that."

Belle says, "That clock was the one thing that helped her to remember. Now it's destroyed." Lexie tries to be upbeat. She leaves. Belle says, "I do still have one more hope. OK mom, come with me, I have something for you. I found this rosary. Something old. I think you gave it to dad on your wedding day, remember?"

"Uh, it's lovely," stammers Marlena.

"This is something new," says Belle. A heart shaped locket that says Claire. "Next, a string of pearls." They are Marlena's old pearls. "You asked Dad to give them to me on my wedding day. So now I'm loaning them to you."

She pulls out a blue ribbon. It's from John and Marlena's wedding when Belle was a flower girl, "I'll never forget that, or how much you and Dad love each other."

Marlena remembers John asking her to marry her.

"Mom," asks Belle, "Do you remember something? Are you having second thoughts?"

"No," says Marlena, "I'm not. I promised Alex I was going to marry him. We're going through with it today."

Alex listens outside the door, "Good girl. There is no way you will change your mind now."

The tiresome foursome arrives. Sami tells Austin she thinks Marlena is making a big mistake.

Carrie tells Lexie she has selected Lucas as chump of the year. Lexie calls Sami over, "Are you happy now your blackmail worked?"

Sami says, "Carrie could have told Austin the whole story – that they couldn't have kids together."

"It's your sick lie," says Lexie.

Sami snaps back, "You are the one who told it so if you don't want to lose your medical license... You get to keep Abe and I'll be happy with Austin."

Lexie says, "Austin is a one-woman man and that woman is your sister. Just because Carrie doesn't want him doesn't mean he will settle for you."

Lexie leaves. Sami stews, "I'd think you'd learn, Lexie. No one stops Sami Brady from getting what she wants."

Shawn stares at the page where Alice entered Zack's birth date. Shawn says he should enter his death. They talk about Zack being a part of Claire. Shawn feels so close to her.

Mimi says, "You should enter Claire's birth date in the book."

Shawn says, "I'm not sure if we should. She's not a Horton or a Brady."

Mimi says, "Yes, she is." Shawn stares.

Roman asks Kate if John said anything about his plans. Kate says John was secretive. John walks up and asks her if she is enjoying the festivities.

"I am here to see Marlena."

Roman asks John to back off. "Gotta go," says Rambo.

Lexie tells Abe Marlena is going through with the wedding, "There will be hell to pay."

The ubiquitous Alex listens, "If the police can't control John, I'd better take things into my own hands."

Lucas tells Carrie, "I've been spending a lot of time in churches lately and I have a confession to make." Carrie can't wait to hear this one.

John lights a candle, "I gotta go, Kate. It's time." Kate asks him to reconsider. "No," says John, "Eliminating Alex is the only way to keep Marlena safe."

Kate asks, "Is he worth going to prison for?"

"No," says John, "Marlena's life is. We talked about this. No one's gonna know. I'm trusting you." Belle overhears and tries to process things. She runs off.

Marlena paces. She sits and looks at the pearls. She remembers a romantic bath with John and stares at herself in the mirror.

Mimi says, "Claire is our goddaughter. She wouldn't be alive if it weren't for the transplant from Zack."

"You're right," says Shawn, "So she goes into the book." He writes Claire's name in the book, and then enters the date of Zack's death. He tells Mimi they have to focus on the future. Pretty soon they will be putting their kid's name in the book.

He picks her up. She yells, "Hey, you're carrying me again."

He flings her on the bed, "I want you to conserve your energy for this..."

Sami hates that Marlena is marrying Alex, "There isn't anything I can do about it, though. Fate is fate. I'll just have to accept it. Look at Shawn and Mimi – who would have thought they would be married. With all these weddings you have to look at the future."

Austin says, "I have to be honest. I don't see a wedding in my future."

Carrie asks Lucas about his confession. He says hardly got any sleep last night. He thought about coming into her room. He is so happy she chose him. Things will be perfect.

"Relationships never are perfect," says Carrie.

"It will be perfect if I can make you happy," says Lucas, "I went out this morning and got you a little surprise." Sami and Austin watch.

Tek comes back. He lost John.

"Next best thing – we find Alex," says Roman.

Alex asks a cop if he's seen John.

"I'm looking for him myself," says the cop.

John stalks in the weeds, "Say goodbye Alex North, you are a dead man." Alex wanders in the woods. John aims. John fires. The bullet zips through the silencer and heads toward its target.

Shawn and Mimi romp. And who should knock at the door? Belle barges in, "I need you." Shawn and Mimi stare in horror.

Lucas opens the box and shows Carrie the ring, "Carrie, Will you make me the happiest man in the world? Will you be my wife?" In the distance, we hear the sound of a lead balloon crashing. Carrie stares. The whole church stares.

The cop comes back, "No sign of Mr. Black."

Alex says, "Just make sure he doesn't get anywhere near the church."

The watermelon dies as John's bullet smashes it to pieces. John surveys the damage. He takes a bite. "I see I haven't lost my touch," says Deadeye, "I can still hit a watermelon with a Howitzer at point blank range."

Meanwhile, the caterer goes berserk, "Where the hell is the watermelon I got for the reception? "

Marlena babbles, "How can I go through with this? I can't renew my wedding vows. I love John."

Kate asks "Did I hear right?"

"Oh, Kate...."

"OMG," says Kate, "It's true. You remember your past with John."

Marlena says, "What am I going to do?" FF.


Lucas screams at Sami, "Austin's interested in the good sister and we both know who that is!"

Austin says, "I really do want you to be happy." Carrie says, "Thank you."

Kate says, "Tell Lexie what you told me – that you remember being in love with John." Marlena says, "I don't love John at all. I love Alex."

John assembles his rifle, "I pledge my love to you, Doc. Alex North will never hurt you again."

Chris/Roman asks, "If John/Roman kills Alex/Roman, should we count that as a murder-suicide? And just where does that leave me? "


Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg bell is dumber than dirt. i knew she would do something like this.

5:04 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I will be laughing all day over he-man Squints being able to demolish a watermelon with a Howitzer at point blank range and looking for new planets. HAHAHAHA

Isn't it nice the Salem PD has nothing better to do than hang around a church because of what John might do?

And, wouldn't just about EVERY viewer love it if Shawn and Mimi both grabbed Belle by the scruff of the neck and drug her off the island??

Great Prevuze today!!

7:29 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

LOL at the pictures, John taking off his hat to show nothing is there either, and especially Prevuze last "preview" of Chris/Roman's musing.

Other than wasting the audience's time, why did John tell Kate what he was up to? What "help" was she giving him?

Finally, Mrs. H was so exhausted she had to be taken home after the wedding, but she could put together a Brady/Horton book and haul it out to the island??

Great Prevuze!

7:48 AM  

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