Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Just Like A Reality Show, Without The Reality

Frankie stands outside Jennifer's bedroom door and asks what's wrong.

Jennifer says, "Just go away. You shouldn't have anything to do with me."

He comes inside, "Why?"

"You shouldn't be in here," she says.

"I heard you crying," says Frankie, "Did you expect me to ignore you? What upset you like this?"

"I looked inside the closet and... It's a mess," she wails.

Lexie asks, "You want me to convince Carrie that she shouldn't be with Austin?"

"I'm glad we understand each other," says Sami.

"You are blackmailing me," says Lexie.

"And you are cheating on Abe," says Sami, "So you can get off your high horse. Do this or you can say goodbye to your marriage."

Lexie says, "Sami, there is just no way."

Austin presses Carrie, "I love you but you're killing me."

"Please tell us," begs Chump #2.

Roman asks why John didn't tell him about Marlena's accident.

"Because it wasn't an accident," growls john, "She's fine physically. He's going to kill her just like he killed Lois. I'm glad you're back in town."

Marlena tells Alex she remembers everything he did to her, "John was right about you." Alex is sorry to hear that.

Billie stands outside the church and stares. She remembers the brat saying she will do whatever it takes to keep their family together. Billie thinks, "I care about Shawn, but Hope is Bo's wife. She should be with him at the wedding."

Belle stops the wedding. Victor wonders if Belle has found out about Shawn being Claire's father.

Mimi turns to Belle, "I guess you just want to humiliate me."

Shawn says, "I know why Belle stopped the ceremony." Who does he think he is, Phillip?

Roman asks if John is sure. John is sure. Roman plays devil's advocate, "Alex stole Marlena from you, are you absolutely sure this isn't a personal vendetta?"

John is shocked, "What, John 'Personal Vendetta' Black have a personal vendetta? "

"Your jealousy won't let you accept this," says Roman.

John sucks air and spins like a ballerina.

Marlena says Alex manipulated and lied to her. Alex says they are still married. He grabs her hand.

"Not for long," says Marlena, "You're hurting me!"

Shawn smiles and thanks Belle. She says, "I knew you wouldn't want to go on."

Shawn turns to Chelsea, who is sitting in the back row, "Why would you come here? Zack is gone and my parents are split up because of you."

"I'm your sister," whines the brat, "I wanted to reach out to you."

"It's too late," says Shawn.

Billie comes in and asks what the brat is doing there.

Jennifer says she saw the storage box with her wedding dress in it. It made her think of her wedding day... her second wedding day. Abby was there. Now she doesn't have a dad, "I am enjoying myself when I should be mourning my husband."

"You and Jack loved each other very much," says Frankie, "But you have every right to move on with your life." Jennifer stares.

Carrie cares about both of them. She starts to blurt out her chump choice but Lexie interrupts. She has to tell Lexie about her discharge routine. She wheels her off as the chumps chirp.

Sami came in with Lexie. She asks, "Who won the Carrie Lottery?"

"How do you know that's what we were talking about," asks Lucas.

John says, "I've seen the man in action. He's a killer."

"I'm trying to be the voice for reason," says Roman, "Somebody's gotta be. Giving Lois that truth serum wasn't exactly the smartest damn thing you ever did."

Marlena tells Alex she is going to divorce him. Alex won't allow it. "You must recall the price I made you pay whenever you disobeyed me."

Marlena remembers S&M moments.

"I see you do remember," says Alex, "That's good. So we shouldn't have any further problems then."

"I thought Lois was insane," says Marlena, "But you made her that way. You killed her didn't you?"


Marlena goes for the call button. Alex holds it up and says, "Looking for something? I see you are frightened. That's good. If you try to scream it will be the last sound you ever make."

The brat whines, "I brought a gift and didn't think you would see me sitting back there. I'm sorry."

"It was a mistake coming here," says Shawn. He turns to Bo, "Can you tell her to leave?"

"No," says Bo, "I can't throw her out, but I'll take her out."

Shawn says, "You can't hurt her, but you can hurt me by not staying here. No wonder Mom left you."

He goes back to the altar and apologizes.

Mimi gives a nervous laugh and says, "I thought Belle didn't want me to marry Shawn."

"Well," says Belle, "Since the wedding is stopped, maybe I should tell you all what I really want."

Jennifer caresses the box. Going to the wedding today hits home for her. She doesn't expect Frankie to understand. He's not married, "There is a closeness when you are married... it's hard to say. It's just these incredible memories of me and Jack. Don't tell me I need to move on without him."

"That's not what Jack wanted," says Frankie, "He wants you to be happy. Not just as a mother but as a woman."

"Don't say that," says Jennifer, "The time we've spent together hugging and kissing is a betrayal of everything Jack and I had together."

Frankie says, "I should go back to DC."

Jennifer goes bipolar, "I don't want that. I don't know what I want. I am starting to feel things."

Frankie says, "I'm not just starting. My feelings for you have not changed at all."

Lexie asks Carrie, "Are you clear on everything. No heavy lifting. Take a pain pill before going to sleep. If you have any of them left over, see John Black."

Carrie tells Lexie she made her choice, "You said I couldn't drag it out any longer and you were right. But I've kept dragging it out anyway."

Lucas and Austin accuse Sami of eavesdropping. Sami says Lexie told her. She can't believe the way Carrie is stringing them along.

Lucas says she's not doing that, "She's going to come back and tell us."

"Just like a reality show," says Sami, "Only without the reality or the entertainment value. I can't believe you both let her jerk you along like this. But, since it is a contest, I know who I am rooting for."

The chumps want to know, "Who's that?" Sami stares.

Father Jansen says he imagines Belle was going to say they need a respite. He calls a recess. Belle wanders. Kate catches up with her and says she didn't have to say anything about the brat, "She was sitting in the back and not disturbing anyone." She turns up the guilt burners. She is grateful Claire will have a loving family. Bonnie brings Claire for emphasis. Shawn stares at Claire.

Bo lectures the brat. Billie piles on, "You're being too nice Bo." She turns to the brat, "You knew how everyone would react. I think you can't stand not to have everyone's attention focused on you. Especially your father's."

"I get it," says the brat, "You both hate me. You'd be happier without me."

"Yep," they say in unison.

"It might just happen," says the little snot.

Marlena tells Alex she knows he would never hurt her. She realizes those so-called memories weren't real. She strokes his hand, "John filled my head with notions about you. I realize those weren't true. I have to apologize. I'm so sorry. I should never have believed a bit of it for a second."

Nice try. Alex says, "You are not the only psychiatrist in the room, Doc. Did you actually think I would fall for any of that? You remember the truth about your past with me. Now, I'm afraid you're going to have to die." He puts his hand over her mouth. Marlena struggles.

Jennifer thinks she is just making things worse. She shouldn't have told him how she feels, "It's probably driving you completely crazy."

"Yeah, but the audience is way past crazy by now," says Frankie, "What I meant when I said my feelings hadn't grown, it was because they couldn't grow. When I fell for you in high school that was real. That hasn't changed. It's true, I haven't been married, but when we were 17 I knew I wanted us to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together. And I still do. You considered me your friend. I was lucky to have that. What I need to know is do you have room in your heart for me?"

Sami says she hopes Carrie chooses Austin. Lucas doesn't buy it, because there is no hope for him and her.

Sami asks, "You think the only choice I have on the planet is you and Austin? I have plenty of time. Carrie is worried about her biological clock. You can't accept the fact Carrie and Austin love each other. Mike fell of his white horse and she realized the man she really loves is Austin. Congrats Austin."

"That's such a load of crap," says Lucas, "you say you have the world to choose from, but you barely leave your apartment if you don't have to, except for your little excursions into war zones."

Lexie remembers what Sami said. She asks if Carrie has told the guys yet. "No," says Carrie, "Hell hasn't frozen over yet." Lexie says Carrie would make a mistake choosing Austin.

Jennifer wishes there was some kind of timetable for when she will be ready. She doesn't know if she ever will be. It's a possibility, though. She wants love in her life. She wants him to stay, but can't promise anything. Run, Frankie.

Frankie tells her to take as much time as she needs. He makes a quick phone call to Lucas and Austin to see if he can get a charter membership in their Chump Corps. The box goes back in the closet. Everything will be OK.

Austin tells Lucas he's being too hard on Sami. Sami is grateful he believes in her. Lucas thinks Sami is plotting something.

Lexie is grim, "It's unrelated to your cyst. Please have a seat. I did some genetic testing. You and Austin share a genetic marker that could be problematic. If you have a child together there is a probability it could have a life-threatening genetic syndrome. To put it bluntly, with your combined IQs, your kid could be the dumbest human being to ever walk the face of the earth."

Carrie asks, "When did you test Austin?"

"He was tested when he was engaged to marry Sami," says Lexie, "I pulled his file knowing the decision you would make."

"Austin and Lucas are brothers," says Carrie.

"It's very complicated," says Lexie, "I know this isn't what you want to hear. Certainly this might factor into your decision. From a medical point of view, Austin is the last man you should conceive a child with."

John suggests Roman should get over to Shawn's wedding. He will go if John promises to call if there is trouble. Alex sneaks behind them and hides. Roman leaves and goes past the note on the floor.

A nurse comes in and asks if John got the message from Marlena. John says he didn't. The nurse tells John Marlena wants to see him

John goes in. Marlena hangs off the bed like a slaughtered pig on a hook. John yells, "DOC!"

The brat insists she isn't part of the family. Bo says they love her, "But we need your help. This was an honest mistake, but let's figure out a proper time and place before you hook up with Shawn again."

Hugs. "Thanks dad," says the little snot, "You always know how to talk to me." Bo goes for the car.

Billie applauds, "Bravo."

The brat says, "Would you knock it off?"

"That was quite a little show, hotshot," says Billie, "Can I think of a reason you would want to upset Shawn? You want to cut your father off from the people he loves most."

"Whatever it takes to keep me out of jail," says the brat, "I don't care who has to suffer."

Shawn tells Mimi they would be Mr. and Mrs. Brady by now if the wedding hadn't been stopped, "Do you still want to marry me?"


"Well then, on with it," he calls the crowd together. Belle comes up with Claire. Shawn is glad they had the delay because Claire can take part in the ceremony. Losing Zack was tough, but he learned not to take anything for granted, "Making our children happy is our biggest responsibility."

Father Jansen takes his place. Like a broken record, he says, "If anyone here has reason to believe this couple should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace."

Belle chokes the words back as she looks at Claire. FF.


Lexie says, "Carrie could still choose Austin even with all your lies and schemes." Sami says, "I am not gonna let that happen."

Alex walks in and asks, "What's going on? Is Marlena all right?" John rushes him and says, "You oughta know! You SOB, you did it!"

Kate tells Victor, "The only choice is to make sure that Phillip never finds out Claire is Shawn's daughter."

Father Jansen says, "When God joins a man and woman in holy matrimony it's for life, and no one should come between them." Pan in on the one who wants to come between them.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

LOL at the Hell freezing over sign, Father Jansen wasting his breath, the vision of Squints spinning like a ballerena, and the Chump Corp.

Love, ya Prevuze.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Well I almost did an oatmeal spit-take when I got to the "advice" to Carrie to see John about her leftover pills. HAHAHAHHAHA

And I loved the Jenkie/Frankifer and other pictures.

Thanks to Prevuze, instead of pondering which came first, the chicken or the egg, we can argue which pair would have the dumbest kid - Austin/Carrie or Shawn/Belle.

Thanks! Excellent Prevuze today!!

7:52 AM  

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