Monday, March 27, 2006

Goodbye Kiss

Belle comes downstairs as Phillip tries to get Claire to sleep. He tells Claire he is the luckiest man in the world. They mean everything to him. Belle overhears and cries. He asks what is wrong. Nothing, of course. "You're definitely not fine," says Phillip, "You're crying. I know why. Tonight you finally realized you lost Shawn for good."

Shawn carries Mimi over the threshold. He claims he is the luckiest guy in the world, "Today was a great day and tonight will be even better."

Lucas says, "You really meant what you said to your mom, didn't you?"

"I meant it," says Sami, "But don't worry. We won't get back together."

Lucas says, "Sami, I've been thinking..."

Sami interrupts as she sees Carrie and Austin come in, "Dammit!" She lifts her glass, "Here's to us, Lucas. Losers to the end. Carrie chose Austin."

Carrie asks if Austin should go tell Sami and Lucas the news. "First this...," he kisses her.

Alex kisses Marlena and tells her to get some sleep. He takes Lexie out into the hallway. Lexie thinks she should stay and keep and eye on Marlena. Alex says, "You want to poison her against me, so I think not. You blatantly tried to manipulate her under your care. You are lucky I didn't file a formal complaint."

"I was only trying to help," says Lexie.

"It's high time," says Alex, "you and the rest of Salem realize she belongs to me and no on else."

John carefully sets a case down on the table in front of him. He growls, "Think you're going to marry Marlena? I'll blow your head off before that happens."

The door slams behind him. Abe says, "If that's the case, John, then you're under arrest."

Marlena sleeps. Alex asks what it will take for Lexie to realize Marlena loves him. Lexie says she thinks they should hold off on the wedding vows. Marlena won't want to be with Alex when she gets her memory back.

John reminds Abe he isn't back on the force, so he can't arrest him. "CITIZEN'S ARREST... CITIZEN'S ARREST," says Abe.

John says, "If I don't do something, she is dead."

Austin asks if Carrie is sure she wants to talk to Lucas. "Yeah," says Carrie, "I have made up my mind, and have to let Lucas know."

Sami says, "You were going to say something before they walked in."

Carrie interrupts. She needs to speak to Lucas alone. Austin takes Sami for a drink.

"It's all right," says Lucas, "It's obvious you've made your decision."

"I have," says Carrie.

Phillip understands how Belle feels. Belle admits it was on her mind, "It was so hard knowing he moved on without me."

Phillip yells, "How could you say that? Would you rather be without me?"

Shawn gets it on. Mimi stops things. She doesn't want to romp in Caroline's wedding dress. They might tear it. He goes to get champagne. Mimi runs across the love letters Rex returned to her. She flashes back to going through the box he sent. "I've done it again," says Mimi, "I should have told Shawn he's the father of Belle's baby. I should have told him the truth."

With impeccable DOOL writer timing, Shawn walks in and asks, "The truth about what?"

Marlena dreams. She goes through a myriad of on-again, off-again scenes with John and Alex, and then wakes with a start.

Lexie tells Alex as Marlena's doctor she will insist she not go through with the ceremony. Alex says he will decide. Marlena comes out of her room and says, "I can decide for myself."

Abe warns John if he goes through with his plan, he could wind up in jail for the rest of his life. "At least I would know she was safe," says John.

"What if she was back with you," says Abe, "Do you think she would approve of cold-blooded murder?" John stares.

Sami says, "I'm just gonna assume my sister made her choice."

"Yep," says Austin.

"I don't think it's right what she put you and Lucas through," says Sami.

"Lucas and me," asks Austin, "What about the audience? "

Carrie says she could have handled this better but Lucas has been a friend. Lucas was hoping for more than a friendship. "I'll spare you having to break the bad news," says Lucas, "It's pretty clear who you have chosen."

Austin says, "She just needed time to make her decision."

"It's obvious she was gonna choose you," says Sami, "Why did she drag it out?"

"Are you kidding," asks Lucas, "Besides, what makes you think she chose me?"

Carrie tells Lucas he's jumping to conclusions. Lucas asks, "Are you telling me you didn't choose my brother?"

Sami says, "It's obvious Carrie has loved you her entire life..."

"Sami," he interrupts, "She didn't choose me."

"No," says Carrie, "I didn't choose Austin. You're the one I want to be with."

Belle assures Phillip she made her choice when she married him. She just can't believe Shawn moved on so fast. Phillip says he would never get over it if he lost Belle, "What we have is deeper than a childhood fantasy of what love should be. We are a real family now."

"Thank you for being so understanding," says Belle, "I'm so lucky to have you."

"I love you."

"I love you, too," says Belle.

Mimi tells Shawn she found the love letters she wrote to Rex, "It hit me our marriage could be headed in the same direction. There are things I haven't told you."

Shawn says, "Whatever it is, it can't be that bad."

Mimi says, "It is."

Shawn says, "OMG, no! Don't tell me you've decided to cook breakfast for me tomorrow! "

Sami is shocked, "When you came in you were kissing. What was that about?"

"It was a goodbye kiss," says Austin, "She wants Lucas."

Sami spins around, "Lucas?"

Austin asks, "Are you OK?

"I just never realized I'd lose him to my sister," says Sami.

"No matter how many times you try to deny it," says Austin, "you are still in love with him, aren't you?"

Lucas asks if he heard her right. Carrie confirms it. Austin and her aren't happening. Lucas asks why. Carrie flashes back to her conversation with Lexie; the dreaded genetic marker lie, "I chose you because I thought it would be possible to have a real future with you – a family. What we have dreamed about for all the Days Of Our Lives."

"I have to ask," says Lucas, "Are you still in love with my brother?"

Austin says when they came in it looked like something was going on between Sami and Lucas. "That will never happen," says Sami, "especially now that he has Carrie."

Carrie says, "Austin is my past and you are my future. I need a little time. Would you mind taking things slow?"

Lucas is enthusiastic, "Not at all."

Carrie says, "If it works out... you already have Will. Are you sure you want another kid at this point?"

Sami asks if Austin wants to talk about it.


Sami assures him, "You're gonna be fine. You will meet someone else and move on."

"I don't' think so," says Austin, "I'm gonna give up on love for a while. Business is all I will think about."

Sami says, "I'm sure people would be relieved to have you out of the gene pool, but you really can't give up on love."

"I'm OK," he insists, "I will be fine. It's done. Carrie is gone. There is nothing left to fight for."

Sami asks, "What about me?"

Marlena tells them they woke her up. If they are talking about her condition she wants to be a part of the conversation. Lexie tells her she doesn't think she is up for the wedding tomorrow. She asks Marlena to promise she will wait until she recuperates.

"No," says Marlena, "But I will see how I feel when I wake up."

Alex takes her back to bed. Lexie stews. Alex tucks her in, "Sweet dreams."

Out in the hall he says, "Good night to you too, Dr. carver. You are leaving now if I have to physically eject you. Your services are no longer required. Have you forgotten I know your nasty secret? Wouldn't it be a shame if it came up now? I mean, you cheating with that young, cocky detect..."

Lexie starts to slap him, "You son of..."

He blocks her, "I would not do that if I were you." Lexie pulls away and leaves.

John puts on his macho act, "Marlena knows, or at least will know, how far I will go to protect her. She also knows it won't be the first time I have taken a life."

Abe reminds him, "You were under Stefano's control."

John turns, "Look me in the eye and tell me if he were going after Lexie you wouldn't do the exact same thing."

Abe gets a call, "I have to go. Think this through. Don't do anything hasty or foolish. We will figure out a way to handle this. We will." He leaves.

Mr. Hasty and Foolish says, "I'm out of options Abraham. If I don't make my move now it's too late."

Phillip and Belle smooch. He thinks it's past everybody's bedtime. He asks with enthusiasm, "Are you ready to hit the hay?"

Belle is ready, but first, "I have to call my dad. My mom came home today and is supposed to remarry Alex tomorrow. It's a total mess."

Phillip takes Claire upstairs. Belle paces. She goes outside and stares at a rose on the floor. She picks up the rose, gives it a sniff and weeps.

Shawn tells Mimi today starts a clean slate, "Whatever it is we leave it in the past and focus on the future."

Mimi insists, "I have to tell you right now. It can't wait any longer." YAWN.

"Or what," asks Shawn, "The world will end? I love you and you love me. That is all that matters." Smooch. "This is a beautiful dress but I was wondering... Can I take you out of it?"

"Down boy, I can handle it."

"Before that," says Shawn, "I have a little toast." He pours the bubbly and turns on Lifehouse's You and Me. He toasts, "To us... a long and happy life together." She grabs him and kisses him. The wedding night festivities begin.

Belle paces on the roof. The audience yells, "Jump! Jump!" Belle contemplates the initials on the door. We flash back through Shawn and Belle scenes.

Focus in on the door... S&B... Senseless and Brainless... She leans against the door.

Lucas would love to have another child. Carrie just wanted to make sure they are on the same page. It's the same page all right. The same blank page. Then she asks, "Are you really over Sami?"

Lucas looks over at Sami. He says, "You are the one I have always wanted to be with. Now that it's a reality I want to make it work." Translation – no.

Sami tells Austin she got her heart broken too, "If someone like you gives up, maybe I will too. I have to believe there is hope out there – for both of us. Especially for you. You didn't deserve this."

Austin says, "I think that is one of the most honest and unselfish things you have said in a long time."

Sami says, "If they want to be together there is nothing we can do to stop them."

Austin decides to go home to get some work done. He finishes both their drinks and tells Sami there is someone out there for her. He stares at Lucas and Carrie dancing as he goes.

Sami says, "I did it to myself. I have lost Lucas for good. I will do whatever it takes to get Austin."

Lexie meets Abe. She tells him she was at Marlena's. Abe suggests she talk to John. Lexie thinks it would just upset John more. Abe's phone rings. He takes it as Lexie thinks, "You belong with Marlena, just as Carrie belongs with Austin. But because of my affair, so many lives will be destroyed, including mine and Abe's."

Alex whispers, "You will be ready for our wedding tomorrow and then I will take you away. There isn't a damn thing anyone can do to stop me."

John checks out his rifle, "Say goodbye to Marlena, Alex, it's time to die." FF on l'assasin.


Kate asks, "What are you going to do John? Are you going to shoot him?" John says, "Well you can't very well marry a dead man, can you?"

Belle asks Marlena, "What is it? You remember something, don't you?"

Lexie tells Sami, "Just because Carrie doesn't want him doesn't mean he will settle for you."

Mimi tells Shawn, "You should enter Claire's birth date in the book." Shawn says, "I'm not sure if we should. She's not a Horton or a Brady." Mimi says, "Yes, she is."


Blogger Bulldog said...

If there's any reader out there who actually believes Mimi is on the verge of telling Shawn I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

I LOL over all of the pictures but especially the Mickster and big game hunter Squints. HAHAHAHAHA

And Prevuze should get a CITIZEN'S ARREST for making me laugh too much! :D

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hee hee. Austin out of the gene pool.

1:41 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

It's been HAP (hellzapoppin) around here today. But nothing a quick re-read of Prevuze didn't help.

My brains were fried just enough it took me a second to figure out the last picture of Meems. I thought, "What the...there's no caption?" Then, DUH!

Belle used to be a goody-two-shoes, always thinking of others first, to the point it was nauseating. Unfortunately, she now has the compassion of pond scum!

Only thing I can figure she can do out at Horton's island to blow Shimi's honeymoon (which you know she's going to do) is to show up with the letter than Mimi wrote confessing all.

2:14 PM  

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