Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Cowboy Barto

Sami tells detective Adams Roman said she could borrow his computer. Kate follows her, “I’m gonna find out what the little bitch is up to.”

Sami mumbles as she hacks.

Lucas bumps into Roman. Lucas says, “You weren’t here when Sami and I were planning our wedding before, but now that you are, I want to ask you officially – May I have your daughter’s hand in marriage?”

Roman looks him straight in the eye and says, “No, Lucas, you can’t.”

“This is it,” says Sami.

Kate comes in, “What is it, Sami? What are you up to.”

Patrick gets out of the pool. Hope says good morning. She says Bo didn’t come home last night, “I tried to call his cell phone but the battery must be dead.” If the battery isn’t dead, Bo is.

Patrick thinks they still must be out searching for Chelsea. “If Max touches Chelsea, I’ll kill him,” says Patrick.

“Not if Bo gets him first,” says Hope.

Bo checks in with Hope. He leaves a message for her and says she can’t call him because his cell phone battery is dead. Salem is a cell phone battery dead-zone. Any cell phone battery which lasts more than five minutes in Salem is considered top of the line.

Bo and Billie are at the Devereaux. Jennifer can’t believe Chelsea is their long-lost daughter. Bo has had the department put out an informal watch out for Max and Chelsea.

Frankie comes in and tells Billie and Bo, “I
ve got a way to track down Max – and Chelsea, too, if she’s with him.”

Chelsea tosses and turns in the cheap motel. Max puts a small rose in front of her face. She says good morning. He says, “The vending machine had your favorite – sugar bears, and I found some wild strawberry fields behind this place.

“And flowers,” says Chelsea, “That’s romantic. I dreamed that Billie told me she’s my mother last night.”

“That wasn’t a dream, Chelsea,” says Max, “You freaked out so we spent the night here.”

“Max,” she says, “we have to get out of here. Run away with me, please. Take me someplace where Bo and Billie will never find me.” Bo’s office?

Patrick and Bo rehash Max and Chelsea’s adventure.

Hope tells Patrick, “Chelsea has a major crush on you, and she‘s a manipulator.”

“She’s a kid,” insists Patrick.

“So was Lolita,” says Hope, “You know, you really are one of the good guys.”

“Yeah,” says Patrick, “tell your husband that. He thinks I have my sights set on Billie and you too.”

Frankie says he had a talk with Max and told him Chelsea isn’t one of his groupies.

“How often does he listen to you,” asks Bo

“Not often enough.”

Jack tells Billie to be calm but she asks if he would keep calm if it was Abby. Billie tells him about the ugly scene when they told Chelsea they were her parents.

“She was in shock,” says Jack, “I was in shock when I found out who my real parents were.” It shouldn’t be that shocking. If you live in Salem, at some point, you will find out your parents aren’t who you thought they were. It’s the law.

Frankie says the credit card companies are working on it.
If Max uses a credit card, we’ll be able to track him down.”

Jennifer reassures Bo, “It’ll be fine.”

“As long as he hasn’t touched my daughter,” says Bo.

Max tells Chelsea, “If Billie and Bo are your parents, you have to deal with it.”

“My parents are dead,” she whines, “Mine were the best. Bo and Billie would be the worst. I know what I want to do next.” She attacks him, “And that’s the one thing that will drive Bo and Billie crazy.”

“How far do you think Max will go with Chelsea,” says Billie.

“I don’t know,” says Frankie. He gets a call. “He’s at the Hideaway Motel.”

Patrick suggests a swim. Hope isn’t too excited about that, “I don't have a swimsuit.”

“Borrow one of Billie's.” Hope goes inside to get a suit.

She comes back out. “I thought you were going for a swim,” says Patrick.

“I am,” says Hope.

“Where is your swimsuit,” asks Patrick.

“Who needs a swimsuit,” asks Hope. Oh, if they think we’re buying this one...

“Like I said, Sami, what are you up to,” asks Kate.

“Wedding plans,” says Sami, “Don’t expect an invitation.”

Kate says, “That doesn’t explain why you are here.”

“Dad said I could use his computer. Why are you here?”

Roman tells Lucas, “Look, I won’t give you my blessing unless you give me your word you won’t break her heart again. Had you trusted Sami... you have to take some responsibility for her life. I don’t want to see her in that kind of pain again.

“I was wrong,” says Lucas, “She’s changed. I know I can make her happy for the rest of her life.”

Kate says she had a little talk with Tony DiMera, “He told me all about your little disguise.” The blood drains from Sami’s head.

Big-hearted Roman gives his permission and blessing. Lucas promises, “We will be happy for all the Days Of Our Lives.”

“Welcome to the family, son,” says Roman.

Will walks up, “This means the wedding’s a GO!”

Roman can’t believe how big Will is getting. He says if they postpone the wedding, Will will outgrow the tux.

Will says everyone is happy for them except grandma Kate, “I guess she’s not invited.”

“You don’t know anything,” says Sami, “If you did you’d be blowing me out of the water. Tony is playing games with you.”

Kate threatens, “I’ll tell Roman and Lucas everything I know.”

“They wont’ believe you.”

“It is the truth,” says Kate, “I saw the panic in your eyes.”

“Oh, come on,” says Sami, “Everyone wants Lucas and me to get married. Even Austin approves. He’s coming back for the wedding. His attendance will be his stamp of approval.”

Kate yells, “He knows you lied, Sami. As God as my witness, I will stop this wedding!”

“So that’s why you’ve been following me,” says Sami, “I can’t wait to tell Lucas what his mommy dearest has been up to...”

Lucas walks into the room, “I can see for myself.”

Hope undresses. She tosses her bra at Patrick. Patrick wakes up from the hallucination. He asks himself, “What is wrong with you? Hope’s a married woman.”

Hope comes out wearing a swimsuit.

“I told you it would fit,” says Patrick.

“Only because it is Jennifer’s. Billie and I aren’t exactly ‘share clothes’ kind of friends,” says Hope. I guess Jennifer keeps a stockpile of swimsuits at Patrick
s place.

Jennifer, Jack and Frankie run up and tell Hope where the couple is. Jennifer asks her, “Aren’t you going?”

“No,” says Hope, “It’s Bo and Billie’s daughter.”

“You are making a huge mistake,” says Jennifer.

Max slows Chelsea down, “We have plenty of time for that. I thought you wanted to get out of here.”

“I changed my mind.”

“I thought you wanted a shower.”

“Good idea,” says Chelsea, “I’ll just go get it all hot and steamy for you. Don’t be too long. She goes into the shower.

There is a knock at the door.

Bo comes into the room. He eyeballs the messed up bed, “You little predator! You knew she was upset and vulnerable.” He roughs up Max. Bo’s anger management classes aren’t exactly kicking in. I wonder why he doesn’t just let Max and Patrick duke it out and save himself the trouble.

Hope says she trusts Bo. “They are being reunited with their daughter. There will be a lot of emotions,” says Jennifer, “So you don’t feel jealous?”

Hope says, “Are you kidding me? Of course. I have to accept this. I have to deal with it. OMG, Billie’s life will be intertwined with ours.”

“You are amazing,” says Jennifer.

“I have to say the same thing about Jack,” says Hope, “what with Frankie in your house. Having him around is going to stir up old feelings.”

Patrick says there is only one reason Max took Chelsea to that motel. He stops a moment and says, “OMG, She’s his niece!”

“Not by blood,” says Frankie.

Jack lays into Patrick, “You are a user.”

Jennifer tells Hope, “That was a long time ago. I would never be unfaithful to Jack. He and Frankie know that.”

Hope says, “Then why did Frankie come back?”

“Because,” says Jennifer, “Caroline came home.”

Hope says, “I’ve seen the way Frankie looks at you. Isn’t it possible Caroline is just an excuse?”

“She was in your computer, Roman,” says Kate.

“With his permission,” says Sami.

“I’ve had it with your lies,” says Lucas.

Roman backs Sami up, “What are you doing here, Kate?”

“Stalking me,” says Sami.

“No. I hoped we could discuss our divorce,” says Kate.

Will does a double-take, “You’re getting a divorce?

Roman tells Kate it’s over for sure now.

Sami gets back into the computer while they argue. Will watches. He comes over and looks at the screen, “Mom? What’s all this stuff about Tony DiMera?”

Gotcha,” says Kate.

Sami says, “I was leaving a message to my dad to tell him to use his clout to make sure Tony stays locked up for a long time. Tony won’t hurt us, right?”

“Absolutely not,” says Roman, “You have nothing to worry about.”

“Oh yes, she does,” says Kate, “Tony is a time-bomb waiting to hurt her.”

Lucas has to pull them apart, “Let’s do lunch!”

Lucas, Sami and Will leave.

Kate says, “Look, Roman, you have to believe me, Tony and Sami...”

“Kate,” he interrupts, “what the hell is wrong with you?” Haven’t you done enough damage?”

“Defend Max and blame me,” says Patrick, “but I didn’t take Chelsea to that sleazy motel.”

“I brought you here,” says Jack, “to see how Patrick lives – off other people.”

“What are you guys talking about,” asks Patrick.

Jennifer protests. Her relationship with Frankie was years ago, “What Jack and I have is forever.”

“Flames can be rekindled,” says Hope.

Jennifer asks, “Are we talking about Frankie and me, or Bo and Billie?”

Max tries to explain, “I didn’t take advantage of her. I slept on the floor. Nothing happened – nothing. I swear, Bo. She’s not taking the news you’re her parents well. She’s furious. Especially at you, Billie. The Bensons are the only parents she has even known. Then to find out her mother is the person she hates the most of anyone in the world...” Billie pouts.

Hope says, “I have no doubt Bo loves me. I also don’t doubt Billie loves him. Now they will be spending more time together. I’m worried about where it will all lead.”

Jack says they’re just keeping an eye on Patrick.

“Yeah,” says Frankie, “Keeping an eye on you.”

Jack leaves. Frankie says, “Who are you really? What are you hiding?”

“I could ask you the same question,” says Patrick, “You’re not some pencil pusher. You’re involved in something else.”

“You had no reason to enter this office,” says Roman, “I’m sick of this. All further communication should be between our lawyers.” I guess Mickey will be talking to himself, since he’s the only lawyer in town. “I want this divorce finalized,” says Roman.

Kate storms out.

“Damn,” says Roman. He goes to the computer. He types. He stops. He paces. Adams comes in. He says he’s working on DiMera’s move to maximum security, “I’ll pull the details off your computer.”

“No,” says Roman, “you won’t.”

Sami sees kids and a clown. She tells Lucas and Will to go ahead. She has to go back to the car for something. The clown gives the kids balloons and chases them off. He walks over to Sami and says, “Do you have something for Cowboy Barto?”

Sami hands him a piece of paper, “It’s the time and date for Tony’s transfer.”

Barto asks, “No one saw you get it, right?”

Sami says, “Kate Roberts has been hanging around. I think she’s suspicious. Did Tony tell her something?”

“That’s not his style,” says Barto, “Take it form Cowboy Barto, she doesn’t know anything. But if this doesn’t work, all bets are off.” Chuckle.

Kate seethes, “I am not gonna let Sami ruin Lucas’ life.” Yeah, why let an amateur do it when Kate can really do a number on him?

Roman says, “Adams, I trust you. This goes no further than this office. The info on my computer is bogus. DiMera’s operatives will try to free him. I’m guessing someone will try to get into my computer. We’ll be able to catch them and lock up his cohorts.”

“So that’s it,” says Sami, “No one finds out I was Stan!” Barto chuckles.

Roman says, “The real info is on an encrypted disk.”

Adams asks, “You really think the DiMeras can infiltrate our system?” Max the dog could infiltrate their system.

“It won’t do them any good if they do,” says Roman, “Whoever steals that information will be arrested.”

Lucas comes back as Bart leaves. Sami says she bought a balloon for Will. The balloon pops. Oh, the symbolism!

Frankie gets a call. Patrick overhears as Frankie says, “Absolutely. You give me everything you got on Lockhart.” Frankie hangs up and says to Patrick, “You’re a lying bastard.”

“Sounds like you got the goods on Lockhart,” says Jack as he walks up.

Hope is worried about what the news of Chelsea will do to their family.

“I really do like you, Billie, but Chelsea doesn’t want anything to do with you,” says Max.

“No,” says Billie, “I can
t accept that. Not after all these years.”

Bo and Billie want to talk to Chelsea alone.

Max says, “Good luck... cause you’re going to need it.”

Chelsea comes out of the bathroom drying her hair, “You’re a baaaad boy, Max. I got everything all hot and steamy for you but you never ...” She takes the towel from around her head, “OMG! I don’t care what the DNA says, I am not your child. I don’t want to see either one of you again.” She runs out.

“That went well,” says Bo.


Lexie tells Tec, “I do want you!” Mad passion ensues.

Patrick says, “You just blew your cover Frankie, and you’re gonna lose your job. I hope it was worth it.”

Hope says, “Whatever they know about Chelsea, I have an awful feeling it’s not going to be for the better.”

Chelsea whines, “You’re so desperate that you’re trying to use me to tear Bo and Hope apart.”


Blogger Bulldog said... got the "all the Days of Our Lives" in this one. That always makes it complete. HAHAHA

What a great picture of Bart! And how true is the caption under it?!??

Got a good laugh over the places Bo would never go, like to the office and a Mensa meeting. I bet we could add quite a few - like being a sailing instructor.

Excellent Prevuze!

6:15 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Oh my....again I'm thankful I'm in an office where my cohorts can't hear me laughing like a hyena. It started with Bart's picture, built with the Mensa meeting, was in full roar by the moving picture, and when I hit the part about Chex (Chelsea/Max) going where Bo would never be - his office - I totally lost it!

Great Prevuze.

6:27 AM  

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