Wednesday, August 24, 2005

McDNA Test Results

Alice's. Sami goes through her purse. She finds Lucas’ picture, “Lucas, this isn’t fair. All I want is to be a good person and stop doing bad things. I can’t let Tony tell the world I am Stan. He’s going to escape anyway (AHA! She’s read the spoilers.), so I might as well help.”

A cloud of smoke surrounds Bonnie. She talks to her cigarette, “So I’m back to smoking big-time. I almost had it beat. But that was before my rich husband dumped me. Mickey and I should have stayed together. We could be watching the Nashville channel right now. Now all I have is you. And my little friend here.”

Her little friend Max (the dog, not the racecar driver) says, “You’re gonna stop whining and pull it together.”

“You’re right, Max,” she says, “Life goes on.” There is a knock at the door. Max barks. Max had a big part today. It’s about time. They’re finally working some of the intelligent Salemites into the show.

Bonnie answers. It’s Sami. Bonnie says, “We’re not open yet.”

“I guess I can take my business elsewhere,” says Sami. Bonnie reconsiders. Sami tells her, “Bonnie if you play your cards right today could be your lucky day.”

Belle is on the phone asking for help, “I understand. It’s not your fault.” Phillip’s van ride can’t come. Yet another tragedy in Salem.

Phillip has a suggestion, “Maybe we should forget about the appointment and get back in bed.”

Belle doesn’t know how they will get Phillip to his appointment. She can’t call her dad, because that would ruin the chance for her to get together with Shawn and whine her way through this episode.

“Why don’t you go ask Shawn and Mimi to help,” suggests Phillip.

Shawn and Mimi are coming out of the apartment. Shawn says, “Tell your mom I said hi. I’ll see you later.”

Mimi asks if he has his keys. Belle comes out. Mimi takes off. Belle tells Shawn, “Phillip needs your help.”

Frankie and Jennifer dance. Abby and Chelsea come in. Chelsea wants to know if Abby is really staying at this lame event. Abby says yes. Chelsea says she has to make her move now to keep Patrick.

“Here’s your chance now because here he is,” says Abby.

Frankie and Jennifer stop dancing as the music ends. They talk about their relationship ages ago. “Too bad Jack couldn’t be here,” says Jennifer, “but I am so glad you are here.”

Bo and Billie are in Lexie’s office. Billie is impatient. Those darned McDNA tests aren’t ready yet. “The search could finally be over,” says Billie, “and she has been in Salem all this time.” Bo tells her not to get too excited. Billie vows restraint, “But what if it’s true? What if we have finally found out little girl?”

“That would be a miracle,” says Bo. They hug as hope watches through the blinds.

Chelsea asks Abby to stall as she leaves. Patrick asks Abby where Chelsea went. Abby makes an excuse. Patrick compliments Abby on the way she looks. She says she’s meeting someone, but it’s not a big deal.

“I’ll bet it is to him,” says Patrick.

Chelsea comes back.

“I got you message saying you wanted to talk,” says Patrick.

“I thought it would be a good idea,” says Chelsea, “Let’s go someplace more private.”

Frankie is just glad he could be there to help out. He’s sure Jack would be there if not for his important business meeting.

Jennifer asks about Frankie’s job. He says he might be able to stay around town for a while. Frankie talks about wanting to see Caroline now that she is back.

Jennifer says, “I just came up with the greatest idea. I have so many single girlfriends. How would you like to meet one of them?”

Frankie flashes back to Jack begging him to hook up with Jennifer. He says, “I appreciate it, but until I get settled I want to focus on my friends and family.” They hug.

Caroline bellows, “Frankie, what are you doing?”

Hope busts in on Billie and Bo. She’s upset Bo didn’t get in touch with her to let her know where he would be. Hope is peeved. What else is new?

Hope goes on a tirade about Chelsea’s behavior. Billie defends her. “Cut her some slack,” says Billie, “Maybe she was reacting to your lousy attitude.”

Belle tells Shawn about Phillip’s appointment. Shawn will be happy to help.

“Thanks for understanding,” says Belle.

Shawn asks, “Did you think I wouldn’t?”

“Well you haven’t been happy with me lately,” she whines.

“I wasn’t happy with your decision but I understand it. Maybe Phillip is the one you were meant to be with all along,” says Shawn.

Sami tells Bonnie she and Lucas can’t find a place for their reception. All the really good places are booked.

Bonnie gets it, “So you’re settling for Alice’s.”

“Well,” says Sami, “It has a bull (there is a lot of bull in Salem), but it has possibilities, and I thought you could use the money now that Mickey...”

“Dumped me.”

Sami says, “My mom and dad will pay so you can name your price.”

Bonnie gets with the program, “I have tons of good ideas, but that will add to the cost. Let me show you around the place.”

Mimi comes in. She doesn’t believe in putting her brain in gear before engaging her mouth. In other words, she doesn’t see Sami, “Mom, I have to talk to you. I came this close to sleeping with Shawn.” They’ll never be able to wipe that smile off of Bonnie’s face.

Sami overhears and says, “Wow, Meems, You don’t waste any time do you?”

Bo tells Billie, “You know Hope better that that, You’re outta line.”

Billie says, “I just thought it wasn’t right for Hope to attack that poor girl.”

Hope says, “I was trying to reach out to her.”

“You don't even know her,” says Billie.

“You’re right,” says Hope, “but I am a cop and I know a troubled kid when I see one. Her problem started long ago.”

“So now you’re a child psychologist, too,” says Billie.

“She has some deep-rooted issues and if they’re not dealt with, they will just get worse,” says Hope.

Patrick and Chelsea go into a room. She immediately throws herself at him.

Patrick backs off, “Stop it. You said you wanted to talk.”

Chelsea says, “Don’t tell me Bo and that bitch got to you.”

“Hope is a friend of mine,” says Patrick, “I won’t stand for you calling her names. We weren’t kissing. You were throwing yourself at me, isn’t that right?”

Chelsea says, “I thought you liked me.”

“I do,” says Patrick, “but only as a friend. That’s all it ever can be. I want to make that clear.”

“I understand, and I’m sorry if I put you in an awkward position,” says Chelsea.

“I think you need to find someone your own age.”

“Guys my age are boring,” she says, “But I do have someone I can go out with who is really hot.”

Patrick asks, “Are you talking about Max (the racecar driver, not the dog)? If you know what’s good you’ll stay away from him.”

Caroline berates Frankie for not coming to visit her. Big reunion. They missed each other. Jennifer hugs Caroline, too. “You must be glad to have Jack back,” says Caroline.

“I’m not letting him out of my sight,” says Jennifer.

“He’s not going anywhere,” says Caroline.

Abby thinks Josh isn't going to show but he finally comes. His skateboard lost a wheel. He brought her a souvenir decoder pin from his all time favorite comic book hero. Chelsea and Abby are certainly dating at opposite ends of the spectrum.

“What would we do without you, Shawn,” says Phillip. Uh, have a life?

“No problem,” says Shawn. Belle goes to get her things.

Shawn and Phillip talk. Phillip asks if Shawn had a good time last night with Mimi. Shawn says, “We were just hanging out. I think we should talk to the super. We could hear everything you guys were doing.”

“Really,” says Phillip, “I’m not embarrassed.”

Shawn says, “We’re just friends, Mimi and I.”

Phillip tells Shawn, “Belle and I are living proof that friendship can lead to something more.” Disaster? Heartache? Boredom? “Are you ready to be in love?”

Shawn says, “Mimi is a great person, but I am not ready to fall in love. All I am interested in is moving on with my life.” Oh, please move on. Way on.

Belle overhears the whole thing.

Mimi congratulates Sami on her upcoming nuptials.

“I should congratulate you, Mimi,” says Sami, “You really have your way with the Brady boys.”

Mimi tells her she isn’t ready to move on from Rex. Sami suggests she’s just using Shawn for sex. Sami did not win ‘Miss Congeniality’ in her last beauty contest.

“I’m not using your cousin for sex,” says Mimi.

Sami leaves.

Bonnie is ecstatic, “You and Shawn – I knew it was meant to be!”

Mimi says, “What happened between us isn’t love. What if Sami talks to Rex? He’s her half brother.”

Bonnie won’t let go of it. Sami overhears their conversation.

Patrick says he knows guys like Max, “They are users. He’ll end up hurting you.”

“Unlike some people Max never lied to me. He never led me on,” she storms out.

Jennifer wishes Jack were here to see Abby dancing. Jennifer bumps into Patrick. She tells him, “I heard about the island when Tony was captured. You’re a hero.”

Caroline asks Frankie if there is anyone special. Frankie stares.

Billie tells Hope she’s making too much of this thing with Chelsea.

Bo jumps in. He thinks it’s a big deal. He tells them he had a talk with Chelsea and warned her about guys like Lockhart.

Hope tells Bo she thinks Chelsea forced herself on Patrick, “Girls like that know how to use sex to manipulate men.”

“GIRLS LIKE THAT,” Billie yells in Hope’s face, “Now you’re calling my daughter a slut?”

Hope turns to Bo and asks, “What did she just say?”

“That’s why we’re here,” says Bo, “We’re waiting to confirm tests that Chelsea is our daughter.”

Bonnie chortles about selling Sami on using Alice’s, “I can probably get $50 – $60 a head.”

Mimi says, “She’s probably going home to tell Rex what she heard.”

“Forget about him,” says Bonnie, “He and Sami weren’t close. Something much better is happening here. You and Shawn.”

Mimi lets out a big whine.

“It’s true,” says Bonnie, “You just have to stop fighting it.”

“I am sorry I even told you,” says Mimi, “It was nothing. Let’s talk about something else. There is another reason I’m here. Now that Rex has left, I need to start working again. Can you help me?”

“I need a waitress,” says Bonnie, “I assume you have references. I need a bartender too. I know just where to find one.”

They wheel Phillip in. He is going to go it alone so Belle can stay behind and whine around with Shawn.

“He’s so brave, it’s unbelievable,” says Belle, as they wheel Phillip off into the sunset. She turns to Shawn and says, “Thank you.”

“I’m just getting coffee.”

“No,” she says, “For helping Phillip.”

“I'd do anything for you,” says Shawn.

“I’m not so sure,” says Belle, “If you care about me so much then why are you and Mimi...”

“We’re just friends.” He gets a call. He looks at his cell phone and doesn’t recognize the number, so he doesn’t answer, “Besides, we’re not supposed to use cell phones in the hospital, are we?” Shawn always follows the rules. He goes over to a landline to return the call.

Sami walks up to Belle, “Don't' do it. Don't' let Shawn Brady get to you.” Where did she come from?

Shawn calls Alice’s, “Did you just call me?”

“Yeah,” says Bonnie, “I’m in a jam and could use your help.”

“What can I do?”

“Since Rex up and left, I was wondering if you could fill in. You’ll be well-compensated for your trouble,” says Bonnie.

“When do you want t me to start?”

Bonnie tells him, “ASAP. Thanks. You’re a lifesaver.”

Bonnie tells Max (the dog...) she is getting a new bartender and Mimi is getting a boyfriend. Max is thrilled.

Sami is at the hospital for her pre-wedding blood test. She tells Belle, “You have to get over Shawn.”

Belle whines, “I am trying so hard. But it isn’t easy when my heart is telling me one thing and my head anther.” I’ll bet her heart monopolizes that conversation.

Sami says, “You have to start listening to your stomach.” She leans down, “Your unborn child says to remind you you’re married to Phillip. You have to forget Shawn.”

“WHINE, I whine can’t whine,” whines Belle.

Chelsea puts on another coat of makeup. Abby says it’s going great with Josh. Chelsea says Bo and Hope sacred off Patrick, “I have another plan. I haven’t quite worked out the details yet, but I know it will involve Max and will drive Patrick insane.”

Frankie sees Patrick and Jennifer together. Caroline asks him if something is wrong.

Frankie says, “What’s he doing here, and why is he always hanging around Jennifer? I don't like him. He’s mixed up with the DiMeras.”

Caroline has a stroke. She was supposed to bring cups for Sister Mary Margaret.

Frankie says he will get the cups. He walks up to Jennifer and Patrick, “I’m surprised to see you here.”

“Yeah,” says Patrick.

Frankie pulls Jennifer away to get the cups. Patrick stares. Chelsea watches in the background.

Chelsea walks off and makes a call, “Hey, Max, I have a proposition for you. Meet me at the Salem beach in an hour.”

Jennifer and Frankie are in the storeroom. The light blows out as he turns it on. Jennifer gets the cups and falls into his arms. A stealthy figure locks the door.

Frankie tries the door knob in the dark, “Oh my gosh, it’s locked.”

Jennifer asks, “We’re trapped?”

Frankie says with a twinkle in his eye, “Yeah.” And suddenly, Jack’s crazy scheme begins to have merit.

Hope is shocked, “Chelsea is your missing daughter?”

“That’s what DiMera claims,” says Bo.

Billie vows, “If she is my daughter you won’t have to worry about her. She will get all the love and care she needs and I won’t let her make the same mistakes I did.”

The nurse brings them the results. “Here they are,” says Bo, “What we’ve been waiting for.” He gives it to Billie to open.

Billie gasps, “OMG. I don't' believe it.” FF on Bo.


Hope tells Patrick, “Bo and Billie found Georgia. They know exactly who their daughter is.”

Billie tells Bo, “I don’t think Chelsea should ever know we’re her parents.”

Belle asks Shawn, “What if Mimi really does love you? Do you think you could love her back?”

“I think we’re locked together in this storage room for a very special reason,” says Jennifer.

“Who is this,” asks Sami. The voice on the phone says, “Do exactly as Tony DiMera tells you or you can kiss your precious life in Salem goodbye.”


Anonymous applecheeks said...

OMG - size matters.....I laughed so hard when I saw that picture snot came out of my nose!!

Such a wealth of gems to note today - Max (the dog)finally getting some decent lines, Belle not calling John so she can whine with Jr, McDNA, etc, etc.

Two comments - Philip is loaded, why doesn't he buy his own freakin' handicapped accessable van? And Jen has "so many single girlfriends"?? I've sure as heck never seen her with any.

Funny, funny Prevuze today!

6:36 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

HAHAHAHHA...yeah, I love the size matters picture, too! All of the pics are good ones today.

Not only a van, but Phil could afford his own handicapped accessible mansion. Of course then they couldn't conveeeeniently run into Mimi and Shawn every 5 minutes.

Great Prevuze today!

8:19 AM  

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