Friday, August 26, 2005

The Florsit From Hell

Nicole tries to use a pay phone. It’s been so long she can’t remember how to do it. She calls Sami as Kate watches.

Sami comes into her apartment and goes through her wedding list, “Lucas, I love you so much. I can’t let Tony stop us. Why does this have to happen? I’m supposed to be the happy bride, but I’ve gotta help that monster break out of jail.”

Sami gets a phone call. Her call-waiting says it’s a pay phone. She thinks it must be Will.

“Don’t hang up,” says Nicole, “I’ll make you sorry you do. If you want your wedding, you’d better help me get Brady back.”

Sami panics, “You can’t tell Lucas or it will be over.”

Lucas walks in, “Sami,” he says, “I leave you for a few hours and you get yourself in trouble.”

“No sign of anyone,” says Bo.

Billie tells Bo Patrick isn’t working for DiMera.

“Of course you would say that,” says Bo, “You’re sleeping with Patrick.”

“I trust Patrick,” says Hope. She gets close to Bo and whispers, “And I’m not sleeping with him.”

Bo wants to put out an APB on Chelsea.

“If this is how you’re going to handle your daughter,” says Hope, “you’re in for a rough ride.”

Patrick watches the tent.

Max and Chelsea romp. I want you so bad says Chelsea. Fade to the fire.

“Officer Johnson said he would alert the other officers to look for her,” says Hope, “but no APB.” Bo isn’t impressed. He goes for air. Billie leaves. Hope watches out the window. Bo unfolds a piece of paper. “Certificate of Death.” Hope comes out and tells him it will all work out.

Bo says, “She was right here in Salem. We shoulda done something.”

Patrick moves in. He wonders if Bo and Billie will still call her Chelsea. He hears a scream – more like a squeal.

“What don’t you want me to find out,” says Lucas, “What did you do?”

“All right,” stammers Sami, “I – I used your influence as a Horton to expedite the blood tests and then nurse Sully found out.”

“That’s great,” says Lucas, “Whatever you have to do to make our wedding sooner. Was that hard, telling me the truth?”

Sami says, “You didn’t believe me the last time I was telling the truth.”

“No more lies or secrets,” says Lucas, “We’ll be so happy together.”

Nicole swears, “Who does she think she is... hanging up on me? I can’t find another quarter.”

Kate hands her one.

Nicole says, “You’re scary, you know that? Hanging in the shadows.”

“Well,” says Kate, “I want something from you. That was Sami wasn’t it? Here’s the quarter.”

“Said the snake to Eve, it’s just a juicy apple.”

Kate tells Nicole, “I want to know everything Sami is up to and you’re going to tell me.” This may take a while.

Max apologizes for being a klutz and spilling cider on Chelsea. He asks why she screamed. She thought she saw a spider. He would have squished it for her. Her shirt is wet. He suggests she take it off. Or maybe he should just take her home.

“No,” she says, “I don't' want to go home. You went to a lot of trouble. Why don’t we just lay under the stars?”

Max says, “As much as I want you, why don’t we just wait? It will be hard to control ourselves.”

Chelsea says, “I can control myself if you can. But it’s kind of cold. Can you go home and get me a sweatshirt?”

Max says, “I can’t say no to you. While I’m gone, take that off and cuddle up in a blanket.” He leaves.

Chelsea cries, “How did this happen?”

Patrick finds her. She cries and falls in his arms, “Oh, Patrick, I’m so glad you’re here.”

Bo looks at the certificate. Hope says, “You can’t let yourself feel guilty, Bo.” He hands it to her.

Hope says, “Georgia’s death certificate. I didn’t know you had this.”

Bo says, “The coroner sent it to me to give to Billie, so I made a copy and put it in my wallet. It’s all I had of my daughter. I should have done something. I should have investigated the death.”

“You didn’t know the DiMeras were involved,” says Hope, “Thank God Chelsea didn’t grow up alone. Her files show she was with the Bensons since birth.”

“I am her father. She shouldn’t have grown up with someone else,” says Bo.

Billie comes out and tells him not to beat himself up. Chelsea is still a teenager and will need them, “We will give her a loving home – homes, and that will make all the dfference in her life.”

Hope says, “I just think you should be careful in getting your hopes up about her future, because she could fight you, Bo, and she could fight hard.”

Sami and Lucas start to make love. Will walks in with a Carrot Top hairdo and tells them, “Get a room.” Get a lock.

He tells Sami he didn’t eat all the candy she sent him.

“If you didn’t eat the candy, you must not be my son.”

“I’m your son,” he says, “I brought back thirty pounds of dirty laundry.” Will suggests moving back in with Sami. Hugs all around.

“This is so amazing,” says Sami, “If it was just the three of us forever it would make me the happiest person in the world. We will be a real family forever.”

Kate says, “It's our duty to take down Sami.”

“I’m too busy focusing on where my next meal is coming from,” says Nicole, “Things are really looking up for Nicole Walker Roberts Kiriakis.”

“You’re going to give me something on Sami,” says Kate, “I’ll give you more money, but you’re going to have to give me more information.”

“Did you follow up on the information I gave you,” asks Nicole.

“Yes,” says Kate, “but that was an exercise in futility. Tony said something about Sami being a master of disguise.”

“There! You got it,” says Nicole.

“What do I have?”

“Sami in disguise. Think,” says Nicole.

Kate flashes back to Bara Couda, “So she put an a wig and pretended to be a lawyer. That’s minor league.”

“Think major league,” says Nicole, “She put on a disguise and lived like that for months. You must have bumped into her.”

“You mean Sami was pretending to be someone I knew,” asks Kate.

“Bo and I have waited eighteen log years to be with our daughter. Why shouldn’t we expect to have a relationship with her? I can’t wait to tell her everything we know and have her accept us,” says Billie.

Hope says, “I don’t see anything that says Chelsea wants a new mom and dad.”

Billie says, “We know we won’t be one big happy family, but we will find a way to make it work. I hope you will work with us.”


“We’re not going to force this on Chelsea until she is ready,” says Bo. Then we'll force it on her.

“She is just like her mother – me,” says Billie, “In time she will come around.”

“We’ll be there for her,” says Bo.

“Whether she wants it or not,” Says Billie.

Max joins the crowd. Everyone wants to know where Chelsea is. Max explains he’s looking for a sweatshirt because she spilled cider on her shirt.

“The date’s over, cowboy,” says Bo.


“We need to talk to her. It’s important,” says Billie.

Bo threatens, “If Lockhart’s all over my kid, it’s all over for him.”

Patrick asks Chelsea, “What did Max do to you?”

“It’s... hard to talk about,” she whimpers, “We were having a good time at first. I don't know where to start.”

“Just take it slow,” says Patrick.

“Well, first we sat by the fire. That was nice. Then we started making out...”

“Did he force himself on you,” asks Patrick

She says, “I guess things got out of control.”

“Is that when your blouse got ripped?”

“Whine, bawl.”

“I guess he just took off,” says Patrick. He makes a move to go after Max, but Chelsea throws herself at him, “Patrick, please don’t leave. I need you here with me.”

Nicole tells Kate she might know Sami’s alter ego and she might not.

“What was the disguise,” asks Kate, “Hooker? No – that wouldn’t be a disguise.”

Nicole says, “I saw her in the disguise and I had no idea it was her.”

“It must have been quite a disguise,” says Kate.

Nicole says, “Have you ever seen Victor Victoria?”

Kate asks, “She was disguised like a man? What did he look like? Why are you making me rack my brains?”

“I’m not going to incriminate myself,” says Nicole.

“You’ve already lost everything,” says Kate, “If you give me Sami’s head on a platter, that will raise your spirits.”

“I can’t,” she says, “I made a deal with Sami.”

“You’re delusional.”

“I want Brady back,” says Nicole, “And if he finds out – It’s unforgivable.”

“You’re not getting Brady back, he’s in love with Chloe. Cut your losses,” says Kate, “I can help you. You can start over again. Do we have a deal?” Kate’s cell phone rings, “I have to take this. It’s the Tokyo office. Think about it. You’re not going to get a better offer.” Kate leaves.

“Give up Brady,” asks Nicole, “I love him so much, what am I supposed to do about that? You’re going to keep your promise, Sami.” Not if you keep playing this stupid game of twenty-questions with Kate.

Will asks if he can go to the bachelor party.

“What do you think,” asks Sami.

“Can I bring a date,” he asks. That got her attention. Sami wants details. The little chip-off-the-old-blockette was fibbing, “I just wanted to see what you would say.”

“Cut it out,” says Sami, “You’re growing up too fast as it is. I’m not letting anything come between us again.”

“I was hard on you about the wedding,” he says, “I’m proud to be your son.”

“You’re going to make me cry,” says Sami. I need a hankie myself.

Will suggests, “And at the wedding, I’ll be in charge of tissues.”

“You’ll need help,” says Sami, “Lots of people will be there and crying. Your grandma Kate won’t be crying because she’s happy, though. Of course, she won’t even be there. By the way, I’ve booked Alice’s for the reception.”

Will asks, “Is dad really not talking to Grandma Kate anymore? I can’t believe she almost ruined our family.”

Sami says, “I’m just glad the truth came out.”

He says, “When I left town, I was really angry at you for abandoning us.”

Sami tells him, “I would never really leave you.”

“I figured you were coming back eventually,” says Will, “I was worried you were off getting revenge on Grandma Kate. You saved dad’s life, mom. You’re a hero.”

Sami flashes back to Nicole writing on the mirror, she sighs.

Will asks, “Are you listening to me? Are you OK?”

“Yeah,” she says, “I’m just preoccupied with the wedding. Don't' worry. It will be fine.”

Lucas comes in. The phone rings. Lucas answers. Nicole asks for Sami in a disguised voice. She says it’s the florist.

Sami takes it. Nicole says, “Listen you witch, you come through for me or your secrets and lies are going to the highest bidder.”

Sami says, “I don’t appreciate being harassed.” Lucas must be thinking this is the florist from hell.

Nicole asks, “Is Lucas there? I couldn’t have planned this better. How about if I come over there and tell him about Stan?”

“Is the florist giving you a problem,” asks Lucas.

Sami tells him, “They think everyone but the bride knows best.” She speaks back into the phone, “I said I want the lilies.”

“Lilies,” says Nicole, “Excellent choice. If you don’t help me they’ll be delivering lilies to your funeral. What you did... all of that will put you in Statesville the rest of your life.”

“You released the bacteria on Chloe,” says Sami, “You’ll be the one going to prison.”

“I’ll be in a cell right next to yours,” threatens Nicole, “Keep your end of the bargain or you’re going down!” She hangs up and sees Kate standing there.

“We’re kind of at a stalemate,” says Nicole.

Kate says, “So it’s time to take my offer, don’t you think? Are you with me?”

“Not yet,” says Nicole, “I can’t, Kate. You don’t need me, think for yourself. Put on your Nancy Drew hat. The answer is all around you. Once you get it, you will wonder what took you so long.”

Sami says she handled the florist. Lucas and Will are going to watch the White Sox.

The phone rings again. Sami whispers, “I’ve had enough out of you. Leave me alone.”

It’s Bart, “Now listen up. It’s time to pay the piper, or you’ll lose everything – your husband, mother, father, and son. No one you love is ever gonna love you again.”

Max leads them to Chelsea.

Patrick is comforting her, “Max is going to be sorry he ever laid a finger on you.”

Chelsea tries to backpedal, “What happened with my blouse is kind of a misunderstanding.”

Patrick tells her, “I’m taking you to the emergency room.”

Chelsea insists, “I’m fine.”

“OK, then,” he says, “I’m taking you home.”

She asks, “Can’t we just wait for Max to come back.” ...and see this cozy little scene.

Patrick figures it out, “Wait. You wouldn’t be trying to make him jealous, would you? Let’s go home.”

Chelsea protests, “That’s not my home. I’m 18, I can live anywhere I want.”

“On what money,” asks Patrick, “Billie needs to talk to you.”

He starts to drag her off. She screams in protest.

Bo runs in and lands a haymaker on Patrick’s chin. DOWN goes Patrick.

FF on Bo the animal.


Marlena tells Alex, “I don’t know them, I don’t remember them and, I know it sounds harsh, but if I never see them again, I’ll be just fine.”

“I just feel like there is so much pressure. Maybe we should just elope,” says Chloe.

Sami yells at Bart, who is dressed like a priest, “Do you want me to betray the whole free world.” Bart says, “It’s either that or...” Sami interrupts, “I lose everything and everyone I hold dear, yeah.”

Chelsea tells Billie, “I used to feel sorry for you. Now I just think you’re pathetic.”

To Neal, a closet Daze fan, and one great guy! He still needs a little work when it comes to landing on concrete, though – OUCH!


Blogger TigerLilyGirl said...

Show and Tell. HA! I may need a new computer monitor after that one as I spit my coffee all over the screen.

Outstanding Prevuze as always.

6:11 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

I'm always careful when reading Prevuze that I don't have any liquid in my mouth. Otherwise I'd be spewing and/or choking at about every other sentence and picture...

Helping him floss was a classic too.

"Bo & I have waited 18 log years"...I don't think that was a typo by Prevuze. I believe we're really talking about "log years" as in, dumb as a bump on a log. Snilly had been oblivious to the fact that they even had a daughter for 17 of those years! (8 or 9 since the kid was actually born, but that's a minor detail.)

7:03 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I keep saying "stop giving Kate hints Nicole!" When she figures it out then Nicole hasn't got a thing on anyone. Of course this is Daze where logic doesn't apply.

I can't wait to see Will's Carrot Top hairdo! HAHAHAHHA

And a moving picture! Great way to start a Friday. Thanks, Prevuze!

8:10 AM  

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