Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Patrick comes up to the Devereaux house and sirens blare. Tek comes up to him, “Jack Devereaux wants your ass of the property. Trying to rob the place?”

Lexie goes through a file. Jack is at the door. He hasn’t changed his mind about not telling Jennifer. He wants Lexie to sign some insurance papers. Lexie says, “The stress of keeping the secret could be detrimental to your health.”

Jack laughs. He has to go to the races.

“I see,” says Lexie, “And that’s more important than learning about your condition.”

Jack says, “What’s important is making memories with the ones I love.”

Abby can’t believe Jennifer knows Max. Jennifer tells them about his little toy race car when he was a kid. He’s grown up and so has his little toy hot rod.

Nancy tells Chloe she is making the biggest mistake of her life. Chloe says goodbye to the nurse and asks her never to tell anyone she was here. The nurse says, “You needed more visitors while you were here, some friends, a boy friend and people like that. That Nicole gave me the creeps.”

On cue, Nicole says, “Did I hear my name? Are you all packed, Chloe?”

“Actually,” says Nancy, “No she’s not.”

Brady comes up to the desk to see if Nicole is there visiting Clara. Chloe’s folder is sitting right there and we are supposed to think he sees it. “Now it all makes perfect sense,” he says.

Phillip seethes.

Belle tells Shawn he has to go. Shawn isn’t going anywhere. Belle looks out the window and sees Phillip staring, “OMG he saw us.”

“It’s time to tell him the truth - that we love each other,” says Shawn.

Nancy tells Nicole Chloe isn’t packed yet.

Nicole says, “Chloe agreed to go.”

“That’s because you talked her into it you self-serving little bitch,” says Nancy.

“I’m just respecting her wishes,” says Nicole, “And I’d think as her mother you would do the same.”

“Brady is really close to finding me. The only way to prevent that is to leave Salem, which I intend to do right now,” says Chloe. How about leaving the planet instead?

Brady picks up a mall brochure, “Salem's hi-fashion mall. That must be where Nicole went.”

Belle notices, “Phillip, you’re in a wheel chair.”

“Yeah,” says Phillip, “I wanted to surprise you, but I’m the one who got the surprise. Good to see ya, Shawn,” says Phillip.

“I’m sorry,” says Shawn, “This sucks. I thought you were dead. The commanding officer made it sound like you had one food in the grave.”

Belle is shocked, “Can’t you be more sensitive than that?”

Patrick is just there to finish packing his things.

Tek says, “I’m just here to see what you’re up to. You’re being defensive. The only reason to be defensive is if you’re hiding something.”

“Well, you tell me what an appropriate response would be,” says Patrick.

Tek says, “One day you’ll slip up and I’ll be there to nail your ass.”

Patrick says, “Well, that was a typical B-movie response.” Hey, maybe DOOL has finally moved up to the level of a B-movie.

“Have a nice day,” says Tek.

Lexie thinks Jack should talk to Marlena. Jack asks, “Why should I do that when I only have a few months left? I gotta go. I forgot the Pickalilly relish and you can’t have a picnic without that.”

Max explains he was adopted. Jennifer tells him Caroline might be alive. More autographs for the ladies. Chelsea tells him he’s the hottest and cutest driver in the Salem 500.

Jennifer asks about Frankie. Max says they are still close. Jennifer tells the girls Max’ brother Frankie used to be a friend of hers.

“A really good friend,” says Max.

“Just how good of a friend was he, Mom,” asks Abby.

Shawn says, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking and just put my foot in my mouth.”

Phillip chuckles, “Don’t worry about it. I think that’s the first laugh I’ve had since this happened, so thank you for being ignorant.” Phillip isn’t the first guy who’s thanked Shawn for that.

Shawn gets into it, “I’m glad I could give you a leg up on your recovery.”

Phillip gets serious, “I was wondering what you were doing here.”

“Just trying to help,” says Shawn.

Phillip asks, “What do you think you can do that the doctors, Belle, John, Kate and the entire U.S. Marine Corps can’t do?” Belle stares.

Chloe packs. Nancy won’t help, “This is only good for Nicole. She’s playing you for a fool.”

Chloe says, “I can’t be with Brady, so I want him to move on. I know Nicole loves him. All I want is for Brady to be happy.”

“Thank you, Chloe,” says Nicole, “That’s all I want for Brady too.”

Nancy tees off, “As long as he’s happy with you – you conniving little... Chloe you could have the life you want if you would just have the courage to take it.”

Brady calls Nicole’s cell phone. Nicole checks the display, “OMG, it’s Brady.”

Chloe says, “Don’t answer it.”

“OK,” says Nicole, “If you say so.”

“Like she was going to,” says Nancy.

Brady says, “Not picking up, eh? Nicole is definitely up to something.”

Max says Jennifer and Frankie dated. Chelsea says she can understand why Jennifer loved Frankie if he looked like Max.

Jennifer wonders what is keeping Jack.

Jack gets back and finds Patrick in the house, “What, are you here to rob the place?” Patrick is sick and tired of accusations.

Jennifer tells Max Jack is her husband. He will love meeting Max. Max takes the girls to see the car and the pit area. Jennifer decides to stay and wait for Jack, “Come on, Jack, where are you?”

“Who else accused you,” asks Jack.

Patrick says, “Tek.”

“Well,” says Jack, “It’s good to know the cops don’t trust you either.”

“I just came by to get some garbage bags to pack my clothes,” says Patrick.

“We asked you to get out days ago. What’s taking so long,” asks Jack.

Patrick says, “Jennifer gave me extra time.”

“You could move in with your mother,” suggests Jack.

Patrick tells him, “I phoned ahead to make sure no one was here so we wouldn’t have this confrontation.”

“Too late,” says Jack, “So keep packing and...” Jack holds up the garbage bags, “keep the luggage. I want everything out of the garage apartment today. Be out of here by the time we get back.”

Lexie looks at Jack’s file. Lexie stares. Lexie flashes back to her conversation with Jack. He’s more concerned about the relish than the fact that he only has months to live. Jack explains, “I’ve been separated from my family and I realize the most precious thing we have is the time we have left together. I’m going to make every day the most special memorable time I can. I’m not going to tell them I’m dying.”

Lexie asks, “Why?”

“If I tell them, they will live in fear, in anticipation of my death. I will not do that to them.”

“Don’t you think you’re cheating them,” asks Lexie, “What if they are angry or have regrets about something they wanted to do with you?”

Jack says, “There is no saying goodbye. Not yet, anyway. I’m not dying Lexie. I’m gonna live my life to the fullest right to the very end. Now, you know what I have to do.”

“Yeah,” she says, “You have to get the relish.”

“That’s right,” he says, “So they will have the best tailgate cookout ever. Nothing is more important.”

Jack leaves. Lexie pops back to reality. A hand is on her shoulder. She turns and says, “I’m so glad you’re here. I really need you right now.”

Shawn didn't think Phillip and Belle would mind if he was there, “Maybe I can run interference for you.”

“You can certainly run better than me,” says Phillip, “I guess that was just another lame joke. I know you came to rescue me. As a Marine, I can tell you I never heard of such a dumbass thing. Fortunately Tony captured you and not the enemy or you would be dead. Why were you so determined to bring me back to Salem?”

Belle chimes in, “He couldn’t bear the thought of you being killed.”

Phillip says, “Before I left for the war all we did was fight. Is that why you are here now? To come between me and Belle?”

Chloe signs her discharge papers. The nurse tells Nicole Brady was here looking for her. She told him she hadn’t seen her, but he’s back at the desk now.

Chloe freaks, “Don’t tell him I am here.” She turns to Nancy, “Or you, Mother.”

Nicole tries to bribe the nurse to keep her mouth shut, but she won’t take it.

Back at the nurses’ station, Brady asks her about Nicole, “Why is her car still in the garage unless she’s here to see another patient? But it can’t be Chloe. Why would Chloe be in a clinic? Is there a patient here named Chloe Lane?”

The nurse says, “I have to keep the patient’s confidentiality.”

Brady asks, “Have you ever been in love? I think Chloe is still alive I have to find her.”

The nurse says, “I can’t tell you anything, but maybe someone in room 206 can.”

Brady goes into room 206. Empty. “Dammit,” he says. He opens the closet, “OMG.”

In the pits. Abby asks if Max has ever been in a crash.

Chelsea says, “He hit the wall in California.” Chelsea can’t believe he survived that wreck. She tells him about her crash. Her parents didn’t survive.

Max tells them about his training. He takes care of himself. But that’s before the race. After the race, he likes to party. Chelsea soaks it in.

Jack comes up to Jennifer. He forgot to bring the relish he went home to get. We have a Pickalilly relish argument.

Jennifer tells him about Max Brady, “Frankie’s younger brother Max is in this race. Abby and Chelsea are...”


“They are hot for his bod,” says Jennifer.


“Just think smitten,” says Jennifer.

Tek is with Lexie. She tells him a patient of hers is dying and he doesn’t want his family to know.

“In my opinion,” says Tek, “the patient is right. Sometimes there are things you have to let go of. And things you have to hold on to.”

“I get the feeling you aren’t talking about my patient,” says Lexie.”

“I’m talking about your life,” says Tek, “I care about you so much. You’re hurting and Abe is making it worse. I just want to take that away.” Small kiss. Hot kiss.

Lexie pulls away, “I can’t do this. It feels right but...”

“It is right.”

Back at it. They rip each other’s clothes off. Onto the desk.

Max gives the girls tickets to seats behind the pits. He kisses Chelsea and the girls run off squealing.

A mechanic says, “As soon as we hit town you have a harem of babes who will do anything for you.”

“Not anything,” says Max

“Not from what I’ve seen,” says the mechanic.

Jack starts to tell Jennifer about finding Patrick, but the girls walk up to Jack and Jennifer with him, “Look who we found!”

Brady pulls Nancy out of the closet, “I know Chloe’s alive Nancy. Where is she? Has Nicole taken her somewhere? I‘m gonna ask you one more time. Where the hell is Chloe.”

“That was way too close,” says Nicole as she and Chloe get into the car, “You’re home free, Chloe. Soon you’ll be gone and Brady will never know you were alive.”

Phillip says, “You tied to stop our wedding and then did everything you could to come between us. So, Shawn, understand my concern. You’re here because you’re still after Belle.”

Belle stares. Shawn stares. FF on Shawn.


Belle says, “Phillip cannot know the truth yet. He’s not ready. We have to keep up this lie.” Shawn says, “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

On the plane, Chloe screams, “OMG, Nicole, Brady’s out there. He’s going to find me. There’s no place for me to hide.”

“You stay away from my wife, you stay away from my family,” says Jack. “Or what,” asks Patrick. “Or I'll kill you,” says Jack.

Jennifer screams, “Ohmygosh, Max, NO!”


Blogger Bulldog said...

"We can't possibly drag this out more than a year or two." Wanna bet?? I'm still waiting for Chloe's bandages to come off and instead of her face being eaten up it will be absolutely perfect - not even a scar (like Carrie's when she had the acid thrown in her face).

Loved the picture of AB - Airhead Belle! HAHAHA

Great Prevuze as always!!

7:43 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Whoa! Bulldog stole my exact comment stretching the story out for another year or two. HA Bulldog is probably right about the scars. Instead of the flesh-eating bacteria eating Chloe's face - it will have eaten away the scars and left baby-soft tissue in their place. HAHAHAHA

Prevuze's comments were priceless today:
One foot in the grave
DrOOL moving up to B-movie level
Thanking Shawn for being ignorant

One question - why is someone automatically "up to something" just because they don't answer their cell phone? Maybe it's turned off. Maybe they are driving and don't want to be distracted. Heck, maybe they are in the can!

One comment - Chloe screaming on the plane. Wouldn't that freak out the other passengers?

1:56 PM  
Anonymous hellbent@dool said...

truth telling 3 or so:

the two worst professionals in the known and unknown universes are in this order:

2 way tie for first:

lexxie and mickie

if you want a death sentence in the hospital or in the courtroom, let these two able bodied walking daytime disasters handle your quick and sudden demise, guaranteed...

current examples:

jack IS dying (so sad too after his long awaited reunion with jen, abby, and the christmas miracle baby (that WAS touching huh=))
Mimi's pending court case...nuff sed there huh? question is can micky BEAT his old record and send this current victim to the gas chamber/lethal injection room/who knows what faster than ever before?? tune in while they still have tv's with antennas!!


oops i put my foot in it that time

9:09 AM  

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