Tuesday, June 21, 2005

There's A New Brady In Town

The Devereaux Clan gets ready for the big outing. Jack accuses Abby of being in the throes of Salem 500 fever as she giggles her way through the race program, finding a driver who is “hot to the max.” Abby and Chelsea chortle their way into another room as Jack grabs his side. Jennifer comes up to see what’s wrong and Jack jumps.

Tek comes into the hospital where Lexie is working, “You really dress this place up. Did you get my message?”

“Yes,” says Lexie, “I did. I’ve just been extremely busy.”

“So what about now,” he asks, “You wanna go get a cup of coffee or something?”

“Tek,” she says, “It isn’t coffee you’re after.” She stole my line right out from under me “You have made your feelings extremely clear and I am still extremely married.”

“But not happily,” he says.

Lexie says, “Show me any couple who’s been through what we have and it’s only natural things would be a little rough, but I am not giving up on my husband.”

“That’s not what I am asking you to do,” he says.

“I won’t cheat on him either,” says Lexie, “He’s lost his sight. He’s having a difficult time.”

“The man can’t make love to his wife. That’s Abe’s real problem.”

Of course, Abe walks up behind them and says, “Did I hear my name?”

Chloe tells Nicole she wishes she were doing the right thing. Nicole tries to convince her as Brady wonders who Nicole is talking to. He picks up the line but, you guessed it, CLICK. Nicole comes in and Brady asks who she was talking to. Nicole slams the door.

Nancy comes in all happy-happy. Chloe tells her about Nicole’s offer to fly them to Switzerland. Nancy isn’t in the mood to travel, “Chloe, I am not going to let that bleached-blonde tramp steal Brady away from you.”

U.S. MILITARY HOSPITAL, WIESBADEN, GERMANY. Shawn tells Belle, “I knew I wouldn’t get much of a reception from Kate, but your dad wasn’t very happy to see me either.”

Belle says, “Did you think he would be? You really took us by surprise. You’ve got to go. Phillip can’t see you here.”

“He’s gotta see me sometime,” says Shawn.

Phillip screams in the background. He’s having shell-shocked nightmares of war. He sits up and screams. Belle tells Shawn he has to go as she rushes to Phillip. “I’m not going anywhere. I can’t,” says Shawn. Belle ain’t happy.

Belle begs Shawn to leave. Shawn says he will just wait but he’s not leaving.

Inside his room, Phillip screams, “My leg is gone, but I can still feel it.”

Belle says, “I get the same sensation with my brain, too.

The doctor rushes in and gives us a medical lesson about phantom pain. Phillip screams, “When am I going to be able to walk again?”

The doctor says, “After many hours of work and pain and endless failures and excruciating scenes of false hope with Belle whining in the background that she’s there for you.”

The doc leaves as Phillip writhes in pseudo-pain. Belle asks if he needs anything. “No,” says Phillip, “It’s us. We’re never going to be the same again. You didn’t marry me so you could spend the rest of your life waiting on your disabled husband.”

Chloe packs. Nancy says, “I can’t believe you’re letting that little witch get away with this. Nicole just wants Brady for herself.”

“Well,” says Chloe, “Nicole is still beautiful and I never will be again, so it’s for the best. Let’s just accept that, Nancy.”

“Chloe,” says Nancy, “That’s a cop-out. And it also shows very little respect for Brady as a human being. You deserve to be with the man that makes you happy and I’m not going to stop helping you until you get him back.” Chloe stares.

Brady asks Nicole who she was talking to. She says she was leaving a message for her assistant at Titan. Nicole leaves. Brady picks up the phone and dials.

Nancy tells Chloe she won’t let her throw her life away. Her cell phone rings. She says, “Life was so much easier when we weren’t interrupted by every Tom, Dick and... Brady... Hello, Brady. Brady asks her to come over to the mansion to talk about Chloe. “I’ll be right over,” says Nancy. More staring from Chloe.

Tek says, “Hello, Abe, I just stopped by to say hi to Lexie. We’re friends. I hope that isn’t a problem for you.”

Abe says, “As if you would give a damn if it was. And I suspect there’s a lot more than friendship going on.”

Lexie says, “Abe, that is not true and you know it.”

“Well,” says Abe, “I have to believe what you tell me since I can’t see for myself.” Tec decides it’s time to leave.

“Is your lover gone,” asks Abe.

“Abe, he isn’t... Yes, Abe, Tek just zipped his pants up and left. There, feel better? That’s obviously what you want to hear.”

“That’s what you want to do,” says Abe, “You just won’t admit it. You’re not getting any at home. Am I supposed to believe you’re being faithful?”

She insists, “I am not having an affair with Tek. Abe, you still share a bed with me. There are many ways of being intimate but you turn your back on me.”

“Wishing you were in bed with a real man.”

“Lexie changes the subject, “Arguing won’t get us anywhere. I’ve scheduled more tests for you.”

“I’m tired of being poked and prodded,” says Abe, “It’s a waste of time and money.” She begs him not to give up. He heads off for the lab.

Tek comes back, “He’s really putting you through it. You deserve better.”

“I took wedding vows that mean something to me.”

He says, “I don’t know ho much more you can take.”

The girls fawn over the racing magazine. “OMG says Chelsea, I would lose my virginity to a guy like him in a Salem minute.” Chelsea gives her a look. “What, are you planning to stay a virgin forever?”

“No,” she says, “but since my parents are going with us, I’ll probably still be one tonight.” Salem’s last two remaining virgins continue to read the book.

Jack struggles with pain. Jennifer announces they are ready to go. Jack says he will meet them at the track. He feels great, but he has an errand to run. Jack leaves. Jennifer stares. On his way out, Jack calls Lexie, “I need to see you right away. And this time I need answers.”

Officer Mark Adams comes up to Abe in the hospital. He’s been doing some digging about Tek, “He’s a player. Lots of women, never with one for very long.”

Abe grits his teeth, “That’s what I figured you’d find out. There’s no way I’m going to let that scum get his hands on my wife.”

Jack runs up to Lexie, “Doc, explain it to me. I’m dizzy and light headed, what’s happening to me?”

You’re turning into Belle.

More tests for Jack.

The girls arrive at the big Salem 500. Jennifer gets the food ready while Abby and Chelsea go off to stalk the wild male species. Target sighted. It’s HIM. They join a squealing crowd of autograph seekers.

Nancy arrives at the mansion. Brady asks her if Chloe is still alive. He tells her about hearing Chloe’s voice on the phone, “After Chloe died, did you see her body?”

“Brady,” she says, “It was a horrific accident. We had to rely on DNA testing.”

“DNA can be faked,” he says, “Are you sure those were her ashes you showed me?”

Nancy flashes back to concocting Chloe’s ashes, “Brady, you saw the ashes. You were at the memorial service. Face it, Chloe’s gone.”

Brady says, “I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but is it possible Chloe’s death was faked? Is it possible she could still be alive?”

More flashback. Nancy remembers Chloe saying if she told Brady, she will never see Chloe again, “I wish I could tell you what you want to hear, but I can’t. I would give anything to see you and Chloe together, but it’s out of my hands. If there is one thing I can tell you... follow your heart.”

Nicole is listening, “Your gonna follow your heart back to me, Brady.”

Phillip says he will always be a burden to her. She insists he is not a burden. Get used to this dialogue, folks. We’re going to hear it for all the Days Of Our Lives. The techs come to take him to x-ray. After he leaves, Shawn is there for her.

In x-ray, Phillip meets Gary. He’s a grizzled old amputee vet. Been there two months. Phillip is sorry. “That’s how her letter started,” says Gary, “I’m sorry...” Phillip assures him Belle is there to stick with him.

Gary says, “Once they realize it’s never going to be like it was, they take off. Just trying to prepare you, man. It could happen to you, too.”

The squealing groupies decide to meet the hot up-and-coming driver up close. OMG! His name is Brady! Chelsea asks if he is related to the Bradys they know. Abby says she would have heard about it if he were. Jennifer comes up and talks to the girls about him, with a Max Brady flyer hanging behind her.

So, just speculating here, letting my mind wander, if Chelsea is really Georgia that makes her Bo’s daughter, which makes her a... Brady. And no doubt this Max is related somehow, so this could be interesting, except for the fact that nothing that far-fetched would ever happen on Daze now would it? Oh, wait, was Max adopted? That would kill this scenario.

Quick as a flash, Jack’s test results are back from the lab. They were free, too. Oh, the reality! Jack makes light of it, “How long have I got, Doc?”

Lexie hauls him onto the terrace to speak in private. Tek comes in and starts to write something but sees Adams. Tek asks what he is doing there. Adams says, “With all due respect I don’t report to you. What are you doing here? Looking for a little face-time with Lexie Carver?” Tek gives Adams some face.

Lexie tells Jack his white blood count is dangerously low.

“What’s the prognosis,” asks Jack.

“Not Good.”

“What’s that,” asks Jack, “Doctor-speak for ‘I’m dying?’”

Lexie stares. Jack’s smile melts.

Gary tells Phillip his girlfriend couldn’t hack it and coincidentally moved on with one of his friends. Phillip tells him Belle is there with him. Well, coincidentally, his girlfriend flew over there, too. Phillip says he and Belle are married, they took vows. Cheerful Gary says nobody ever thinks about the “worse” part when they say, “for better or for worse.” Gary says, “I’m not saying she will bail on you. Just don’t be surprised when she starts crying on some other guy’s shoulder. Some guy with both legs. It’s the beginning of the end.”

Belle cries on Shawn’s shoulder. Belle tells Shawn he has to go back to Salem.

“I flew over here because I love you,” says Shawn.

Belle reminds him, “You also drove your motorcycle through a church window because you loved me.”

“I was a different person back then,” says the schizo, “I just need to know if you are committed to having a future with me.”

Brady paces. Nicole comes in and asked how his visit with Nancy went. Brady says Nancy assured him Chloe is dead. Nicole hugs him, “I’m sorry, is there anything I can do to make you feel better.”

“Yeah,” thinks Brady, “You could lead me to Chloe.”

Nancy returns. Chloe asks, “How was Brady?”

“Why do you care?”

“Mother,” she says, “please don’t make this any harder for me.”

“OK,” she says, “How is Brady? He still loves you. He thinks you’re alive, and he’s devastated you haven’t come to find him. I didn’t tell him you are alive, but he is never going to stop trying to find you.”

“Then we have to leave right now,” says Chloe.

“No way,” says Nancy, “We are staying right here in Salem.”

The Max-ster signs autographs. Chelsea asks him, “Sign my shirt, OK?” Her “shirt is a rather low-cut affair. He makes her turn around and signs the back. After he signs it, Chelsea asks him what he is doing after the race. A couple bombshells horn in and push the teeny-boppers back.

Jennifer wonders what’s keeping Jack.

Lexie tells Jack his condition is very rare. Jack asks if he is dying.

Lexie says, “In cases like this I always advise getting a second opinion.”

“Waitaminute,” says Jack, “You can’t even say it. Come on, tell me how long I’ve got.”

“If I had to guess,” says Lexie, “...three months.” No problem. The way Salem time goes, we’re only about five days into 2005, so it’ll take years for three months to pass. By then they will have a cure.

Lexie tries to be encouraging, “There are treatments, breakthroughs, and you never can tell what the writers will come up with.”

“OMG,’ says Jack, “I get through everything the DiMeras can throw at me only to come home to die.” Lexie offers to come with him to tell Jennifer. “Jennifer,” says Jack, “OMG, no, I cant do this to Jennifer.” He staggers off.

Lexie finds him, “Jack, life is so precious. If Jennifer only has a few months with you, she has to know so she can make peace with the situation.”

“It’s my life, my decision,” says Jack, “You are to tell no one, got me?”

“Jack, you are making a mistake,”

“No,” says Jack, “God made the mistake. He’s having a little joke on me and my family. ‘I’ll let Jack make it home, have a couple of happy weeks with his family and then take him away forever. Amen.’ Good one. Thank you for having the guts to tell me.” Jack leaves.

It’s Tek-time. He comforts the crying Lexie. He hugs her. Adams watches in the background.

Jennifer comes up. Abby tells her Chelsea got Max Brady to touch her. Jennifer asks, “Max Brady?” She looks over at him, “MMAAAXXX!” They rush at each other and hug. Yeah, there’s a new Brady in town.

Nicole leaves, “I can’t leave this to chance. I have to make sure Chloe and her big-mouth mother get on that plane never to be seen again.”

Brady follows, “Hang on, Chloe, I have a feeling Nicole is going to lead me right to you.”

Nancy tells Chloe, “I looked into Brady’s eyes. I saw how much he still loves you. Your life will be miserable without him. Please listen to me. Go to Brady and be with the man you love.”

The doc tells Phillip the recovery process takes its toll on any marriage. Phillip says Belle has told him he will never be a burden to her, “So I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.”

Belle tells Shawn he has to leave. He’s not leaving until he knows she is OK, “I love you too much.” They hug.

The doc is pushing Phillip down the hallway. Phillip says he wants to wheel himself to show Belle what progress he is making. Phillip takes over and wheels toward his room. He sees the big hug.

FF on Phillip.


“Brady is really close to finding me. The only way to prevent that is to leave Salem, which I intend to do right now,” says Chloe.

Jennifer asks Jack, “What distracted you so much that you forgot your favorite relish?”

Tek tells Lexie, “I know you are hurting and I just want to take that hurt away.” Hot kiss.

Phillip says, “You’re still after Belle and you’re doing everything you can to come between us and steal my wife away from me.”


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Not only are we going to be hearing the "stand by your man" dialogue for the rest of the Day's of Our Lives, we're going to be subjected to it in duplicate - interchangable speeches between Labe and Bellip. HAHAHAHA

Love those pictures!

6:34 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

EXCELLENT Prevuze!! Those moving pictures always make my day.

In that one picture I thought Phil was talking to Chandler from "Friends".

Maybe they'll have a big race between Max and that real driver that was on there last year (he was such a terrific actor). HAHAHAHAHA

I totally lost it over both comments about Belle - about her phantom brain sensation and Jack's symptoms being just like her. Both are so true!!

7:55 AM  
Anonymous hellbent@dool said...

lol max adopted

no doubt apple AND missing some leg in one case DONT FORGET THAT!

so the little soon to be squealing sounds emerging fromphillip are some slight consolation, at the end when he 'wheels himself up so good ole belle can see, his wife who made a , mistakee marrying him btw, that by her own admission, wtf you doin here shawn, squeal squeal squeal oh belle boohoo


now when philmoved in when shawn got kidnapped and caged by love kitten i thought right then, i hate philly

k nuff sed, hellbent4dool

man abe and lexxie are headin for a heartbreak huh :-( maybe not maybe they'll have a picnic!!:D

8:41 AM  

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