Friday, June 17, 2005

Miss Fidelity

Mimi tells Rex she isn’t changing her plea. All the evidence is against her. They just need to hope Jan doesn’t die, “Then instead of walking down the aisle with you I’ll be heading to Statesville.”

Rex asks, “Are you finished?”

“Yes,” says Mimi, “And so are we. Permanently.”

Billie computes, “There are over a million teen websites in this state alone. Let one of them lead us to Georgia. This is a longshot but... it just got a little bit shorter. OMG.”

Hope tells Bo Shawn won’t be in Germany with Belle he’ll be here for her. That was so profound.

Bo says, “Belle is married to Phillip, or have you and your son forgotten that?”

Kate tells Phillip when they got the news Belle couldn’t get there fast enough. It’s great he’ll get to recover at the Salem Free Clinic instead of crummy old Walter Reed.

John tells Belle he’s glad she’s there for Phillip. Belle says she is there for the long term. When she looks at Marlena as an example she knows how important fidelity and commitment are in a marriage.

Miss Fidelity herself meets with her friend Karen. They talk about the “something special” Marlena and John share. Marlena needs a consult. She shows Karen the pregnancy test. Marlena’s patient is a little over two months pregnant.

Karen says, “This doesn't look good at all.”

Kate comes out and tells Belle Phillip is asking for her. He is also asking for John. They all go in. Phillip appreciates the strings John pulled so he can do his recovery in Salem. John says he has gone through a tough recovery period himself and, “It’s important to have your loved ones around.”

They talk about John and Marlena renewing their wedding vows. Belle asks if this is because John and Kate are feeling guilty. Phillip is all ears to hear what this is all about.

Karen says this is a high-risk pregnancy, “We’re talking about a bed-rest pregnancy.” The good news just keeps pouring in. “The chances of carrying the pregnancy to term are not so good.”

Mimi tells Rex he has to accept her pending prison term. He has to move on. Rex wants to fight to get her acquitted. He won’t give up. He offers to pawn her engagement ring if she doesn’t need it any more. Mimi balks.

Ho and Dope continue their conversation. Bo reminds Hope of the wedding vows Belle and Phillip took, “I want to see our son happy but not at the expense of someone else’s marriage.”

Hope says, “Their marriage was a mistake. What happened to Phillip was horrible but it’s not a reason for Shawn to live a lie. You’re worried about what will happen to Phillip but I’m also worried about what will happen to Shawn. He loves Belle.”

“And she loves Phillip.”

“Not the same way,” insists Hope.

Bo says, “You don’t know that. You’re not inside her head.” There isn’t room.

Hope says, “Since Belle has been back in Shawn’s life he has been so much more centered, Bo.”

“Yeah,” says Bo, “and he ran off to a war zone.” Good point.

Hope says, “He is afraid he is going to lose her to Phillip like I was afraid I was going to lose you to Billie.”

“I had no idea I’d run into this,” says Billie, “I have to show Bo right away.”

Kate tells Phillip she and John became close when they thought Marlena and Roman were dead. Now that they are back they are all going to recommit to their vows. Kate suggests Belle and Phillip could renew theirs too.

“We don’t need to,” says Phillip, “After I was injured I asked Shawn to look after Belle for me.”

Kate is shocked. “That’s like asking the fox to guard henhouse.”

Marlena gives the details on the pregnant patient. Her husband doesn’t know about the pregnancy.

Karen observes, “Happily married women usually tell their husbands about a pregnancy before they tell their therapist. You’re asking me to give advice on a patient I haven’t seen. She needs an appointment with an OB-GYN.”

“No,” says Marlena, “I need to tell you the truth. The patient is me.” Karen stares.

Hope asks Bo if true love is worth fighting for.

Bo says, “If Shawn leaves the country he’s jumping bail. That gets him in more trouble. Is breaking up this marriage more important than that?”

“If you would have wanted to stop him, you could have,” says Hope.

“I tried.”

“Not very hard,” says Hope, “You would have done the same thing.”

Bo says, “He already lost her. She’s married. Shawn isn’t going over there to be supportive. He’s going over there to stake a claim. Three people in a marriage – it’s disaster.” Yeah, who does he think he is, Mickey?

Doorbell. Billie. She’s looking for Bo. She gets a cool reception from Hope, “Billie, you are the last thing Bo and I need right now.”

Rex has instantly prepared a romantic dinner. Mimosas and other stuff Mimi won’t get in prison.

Mimi says, “I’ll miss you and my friends and family. But I am guilty and I will pay.”

Rex says, “Only one thing left to do.” He flicks the stereo on with the remote and it starts playing I Got You Babe. We are treated to the flashback of Rex singing it. Pray for your sound system to blow before this scene.

Mercifully, we are back to Sonny and Cher. Mimi takes him out into the room to dance. Hugs. Stares.

With hope about to attack Billie at the door, Bo says, "Let's just find out what she wants."

Hope says, "Fine, then she can get the hell out. The sooner the better." Billie just stands there and smirks.

Phillip assures Kate Shawn won’t come between Belle and him. He has forgiven Shawn because he organized the rescue mission. “Shawn risked his life for me. Belle’s happiness is important to him, which is why he wanted to bring me home to her. Shawn is a hero. He’s had some problems in the past. But his actions have given me a whole new level of respect for him.”

They talk about John. Marlena, Kate and Roman renewing their vows.

Karen asks, “Why didn’t you tell me it was you?”

“I don’t know,” says Marlena, “You won’t say anything will you?”

“No,” says Karen, “John will be happy to have another baby with you. With constant monitoring, diet and bed rest you can make it through this. I want to check a few things on your chart... You are two months along. You haven’t been back that long. That’s why you haven’t told John.”

“That’s right,” says Marlena. She drops the bomb, “It’s not John’s baby. It’s Roman's.”

Rex knows they can get through this together. He begs Mimi not to give up on them. Rex says, "You're going to be a fantastic mother. Are you sure you want to throw all that away?"

"I already have," says Mimi.

Billie says she found a website for kids who have been adopted and want to find their biological parents. All Bo has to do is sign some papers and they can join up. He signs.

Shawn calls. Hope wishes him good luck, “Call when you get to Germany.”

BINGO. Billie freaks, “Phillip is my brother. I don’t want Shawn breaking up his marriage.”

Hope says, “That’s rich coming from you.”

Billie turns to Bo, “I can’t believe you agree with this... You don’t do you? Bo, You know I’m right don’t you. I can see it in your eyes.”

Rex tells Mimi he wants to adopt. No one could ever be a better mother than Mimi.

Mimi says, “Rex, stop! Don’t you think I want kids and to be a family. It can’t happen. My life is over. I tried to kill Jan and I’m going to jail.” She storms out. Rex stares.

Hope says, “I believe you have what you came for and I would appreciate it if you would leave.”

“Fine,” says Billie, “but I will not let Shawn become between Belle and Phillip.”

Billie leaves. Hope explodes.

Bo says, “This could end badly for Shawn. I’m not taking Billie’s side in front of you but...”

Hope interrupts, “Your silence said it all. We’ll just have to wait to see what happens when Shawn gets to Germany.”

Belle says Shawn wanted to fly over with them to see Phillip. Gee, Kate doesn’t think that would have been a very good idea. The nurse asks everyone to leave while she changes Phillips dressings.

We get one more reassurance from Belle she will be there for him. Everyone leaves.

Outside, Belle says she is warred about Phillip.

“Mood swings and depression are typical,” says John.

“I love him,” says Belle, “And I love Shawn.” She changes the subject. More on the renewed vows. Belle says, "You two will be back together the way it's supposed to be and we can forget this year ever happened." John and Kate give each other "a look".

Marlena says, “John trusted me. I don’t know what this will do to him. I never meant this to happen. We were locked in that castle. I became despondent. Roman was trying to be strong for me. We became dependent emotionally and it became physical. I should have told John immediately when we got back.”

Karen suggests, “You don’t have to have this baby. They would never know.”

“I couldn’t do that,” says Marlena, “So what are my options? I could tell him the truth and risk destroying our marriage or keep it to myself until I know I can carry it to term. Why didn’t I tell him in the beginning? Do you think John could ever forgive me?”

“You’re going to have to tell him the truth,” says Karen.

FF on Miss Fidelity. Three days in a row. A new record.


Brady to Mummy: "I know all about your scars and I don't care. Don't you know how much I love you?" A million bucks says this is a fantasy.

Shawn to Belle: "What I want to know, is at the end of the day are you still going to be my wife?"

Rex to Mimi: I know you're keeping something from me. Tell me what it is right now." Mimi: "Please don't do this."

Sami to Pard (With Lucas hovering in the background): "What would be perfect is if you and Mom got back together." Pard: "Sami, that's not going to happen." Sami: "Tony PROMISED me....." Oops! Everyone stares.


Blogger Bulldog said...

I see by the Prevuze Previews Shawn makes it over to Germany before they can throw his butt in jail. Too bad!!

And OMG - at this point I wish they'd toss Mimi in there with him. What a ninny.

And finally, with such a confident and clear-thinking psychiatrist, don't we all wish we could be counseled by Marlena? HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze, and a moving picture! Those are always a highlight. PS: Not taking you up on your million dollar bet - too much of a sure thing.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Marlena is TWO months' pregnant. Say what??

She and Roman were together on the night before they escaped. That next day they were out and on their way to Salem. They arrived on the same night the Fearsome Foursome left to "rescue" Phil. That group was only there 2 nights (maybe 3), then they were rescued by the Marines. They got flown home in about 15 minutes and were whisked straight to their welcome home party, heard about Phil, and the party more or less broke up. It was that same night that Marlena went back to the hospital from Alice's and had her pregnancy test. At most no more than 5 or 6 days have passed.

Now, in real time, out here in the long-suffering world of folks who have to watch this show, two months have probably passed. But if the show can't bring itself to make time pass more realistically on the program, then don't insult the viewers with plot points like this!

1:09 PM  

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