Monday, June 20, 2005

Tony Promised Me

Sami comes to Lucas’ apartment. She has breakfast. Will comes in and Sami plays waitress. Will sees what she is up to, “You’re doing this so we can be a family again.”

“Well,” says Sami, “would that be so terrible?”

“It’s just that something always blows up in your face,” says Will.

“It’s true,” says Lucas. There is a knock at the door – Roman. Sami is soooooooooo happy to see him.

“Yeah,” says Roman, “but I’m here on business. I have to ask you some questions about Tony DiMera.” Sami stares.

Marlena looks over the dreaded pregnancy test results. Yep – still pregnant. She hyperventilates and flashes back to the love nest at the castle. Just like he always said, Roman is there for her. Marlena asks no one in particular, “How can I tell John I am pregnant with Roman’s child? How can I tell Roman? What am I going to do?” There is a knock at the door. The listening-challenged Mimi tells Marlena she ditched her advice like yesterday’s garbage so now she is back for more, “I didn’t take your advice. You told me I should be honest with the man I love just like you would never lie to your husband...” Marlena stares. Mimi asks, “Dr Evans? You’re not still keeping your secret, too?”

Rex is at the police station. Tek comes in and has a little confrontation with the cop Rex is talking to. Rex tells Tek he’s there to talk about Mimi, “She’s innocent, and there is no way I’m going to lose the woman I love.”

Brady walks into Chloe’s room. It’s the big reunion, the moment we have all waited for. Oh, love wins out in the end. The heavens open. Brady looks at the bandage-clad love of his life, “Chloe?”

Slowly She turns, “Brady.”

“When I heard your voice on the phone, I knew you had to be alive. Your mom told me where you were. I still can’t believe this is really you.”

“Brady,” she says, “I didn’t want you to see me like this.”

Brady says, “I love you, Chloe. I don’t care about your scars. I am, however, a little concerned about hooking up with a whack-job who would let the so-called love of her life think she is dead when she isn’t.

Note: If anyone is buying this, please leave the room.


Kate says, “So many young, brave men and women have sacrificed so much for our country. Land mines are an abomination. They should be banned.”

“I agree,” says John.

“And,” says Kate, “we’re fortunate Phillip survived. With all that modern medicine can do, he will have an almost complete recovery. And we are also fortunate Belle is with him and Shawn is thousands of miles away, which means Belle and Phillip will have a chance to bond without Shawn driving a wedge between them.”

Machines hum inside Phillip’s room. Phillip and Belle sleep. Belle dreams of Phillip. A hand caresses her face. She wakes up and says, “Phillip?” She turns and looks up, “SHAWN?”

Brady and Chloe hug. Brady says, “When I found out you were alive, I knew I wouldn’t give up until I found you.”

“How can you bear to look at me like this,” asks Chloe.

“The scars don’t matter,” says Brady, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” says Chloe. They kiss. Pan down to the picture of the perfect couple. Pan back up to see Chloe in bed sleeping. WHAT DO YOU KNOW, IT WAS ALL A DREAM! OMG, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. WHO WOULD HAVE EVER GUESSED? BOY, THEY SURE HAD ME FOOLED BECAUSE THEY WOULD NEVER, NEVER PULL THIS KIND OF STUFF ON DAZE. NOSIREEEBOB.

Chloe wakes up breathing like a steam engine, “Brady, what if Nancy would tell you I’m alive. Maybe I should just tell you myself.”

Pan to Brady asleep in bed sans Nicole. Nicole walks in wearing her nightie and ready for fun. The nightie disappears as she jumps in bed. She kisses him. Things develop. He opens his eyes. It’s DOOL pop-quiz time. Who does Brady see when he opens his eyes?

a) Nicole
b) The good Fairy
c) The smiling, beautiful Chloe

If you answered anything but ‘c’, you are a Daze ree-tard and must go back and review previous lessons before proceeding. If you answered ‘b’, you would be given partial-credit, however.

Brady dives in, “Oh, Chloe, you’re so beautiful.” Then he gets a good look, “WHOA! Nicole, what are you doing in my bed?”

“I thought you might be lonely. You’ve been lying to me all along, haven’t you,” she huffs.

John says, “We’ll have a lot to celebrate when we get back. Roman and Marlena will be surprised when we ask them to renew their vows.” Kate is distant. “All right, Kate,” he says, “What’s wrong?”


“It’s about you and me, isn’t it,” he says, “It’s about our relationship when Tony took Roman and Marlena away from us.”

Kate says, “We thought they were dead.”

“We got nothin’ to feel guilty about. Roman and Marlena understand,” says John.

“I know,” says Kate, “but I would be devastated if it was the other way around.”

“I shouldn’t have passed my paranoia along to you,” says John.

“I keep getting the feeling,” says Kate, “they should be here with us instead of back there together.”


“Yes, you told me when you called Marlena, Roman was there with her,” says Kate.

“It was a coincidence,” says John, “He was there to ask Marlena if she remembered anything which might help him locate his mother and Victor.”

“I’m just stressed out about Phillip,” says Kate.

“I’m sure,” says John, “when we get back and renew our vows it will be like beginning a new chapter for all the Days Of Our Lives.”

“I’m sure you’re right,” says Kate, “and I hope it will be the same for Phillip, too and he can have a new beginning with Belle.”

Belle is not overjoyed to see Shawn. Shawn ‘splains he flew all night to be there with her. Belle hustles him out of the room. On the way out, Shawn stops at the pictures of Belle and Phillip on the wall and asks what that is all about. Belle shoves him out, “Shawn, you shouldn’t be here. I want you to leave.”

Rex tries to convince Tek Mimi is innocent. Tek says he can’t tell Rex anything else. Rex takes this to mean there is more to the story.

“That’s not what I’m saying,” says Tek, “It’s a cut-and-dried case. I have Mimi’s confession on tape. She’s going to be sentenced today and she’s going to jail.”

“There has to be more to it,” says Rex, “and I’m going to find out.” Rex leaves.

Mimi says, “I’m sorry, Marlena. Your personal life is none of my business. Besides, I know you would never keep a secret from someone you love.” She tells Marlena about her encounter with Rex and the great breakfast he fixed and how he said she would be a great mother, “And I just lost it and told him to get it through his head that we were over, and then I ran out. I didn’t sleep at all last night and I’m getting sentenced today. I probably will go to jail for the rest of my life.”

Marlena says, “Let me call Roman. Maybe we can change your plea.” Mimi stops her.

Meanwhile, back at Lucas’ apartment, Roman wants answers and Lucas needs a shirt. Roman might get his answers but the Salem shirt shortage will be with us forever. Will wants to stay and watch the fun but Roman makes him leave. Shirtless Lucas gets to stay, however.

Roman wants to know what happened with Tony. Sami claims innocence. Roman wants to know if Sami heard Tony say anything about Victor and Caroline while she was captive over there. Sami says she didn’t. Roman says he’ll just have to track down Tony for the answers.

Lucas says, “The only ways you’re going to find Tony is to find Stan. He almost cost us our lives. I’m not gonna rest until I find him.”

Roman tells Lucas to drop it. The Salem PD and ISA are on his trail. Sami says she isn’t sure anyone will ever find Stan.

“Why would you say that,” asks Lucas.

“Just a feeling,” says Sami.

“I can’t go on feelings here,” says Roman, “so are you sure you can’t think of something that might help us. Even the smallest detail would be helpful. In the meantime, I’ll be questioning Nicole.”

Sami isn’t thrilled with this news, “Why Nicole?”

“Because,” says Roman, “when we were captive on the island I remember your grandmother hinting Nicole might just want Victor out of the way.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true,” says Lucas, “Nicole is trying to get her claws into Brady as we speak.”

Nicole removes her claws from Brady as they argue. Nicole says, “I heard you call Chloe’s name in your sleep. You still think she’s alive, don’t you.”

“No I do not,” says Brady, “because you have convinced me otherwise, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love her and can’t help dreaming about her.”

“If you believe she’s gone, why can’t we make love,” asks Nicole.

“We’ve been through this,” says Brady, “our making love has nothing to do with Chloe and everything to do with your husband.” Nicole stares.

“Brady,” she says, “even if Victor is alive, I have no intention of remaining married to him.”

“Nicole,” he says, “if there is even the slightest chance my grandfather is alive, that makes you my step-grandmother and we can’t sleep together.” He ushers Nicole out and thinks, “I just bought myself some time. Maybe Nicole will lead me to Chloe.”

Outside, Nicole says to herself, “There’s nothing I can do about Victor, but I can certainly get rid of Chloe.”

Sami just wants everyone to get back together, especially Roman and Marlena. Roman says, “Sami, how many times do I have to tell you, I am happily married to Kate. That’s just not gonna happen.”

Just as Lucas walks in, Sami blurts out, “BUT TONY PROMISED!”

Roman asks, “What exactly did Tony promise you?”

Sami can’t answer due to the foot lodged in her mouth.

Kate is concerned about Belle staying committed to Phillip. John assures her he had a long talk with Belle about her vows and she will stay committed.

Shawn tells Belle he isn’t leaving and wants to know, “What’s with the pictures on the door.”

Belle says, “They’re part of Phillip’s recovery.”

Shawn asks, “Is Phillip expecting to be there for you as a husband and are you going to be there for him?” Belle stares.

Nicole calls Chloe to assure her Brady now believes she is dead. She wants to make sure Chloe hasn’t changed her mind. No, Chloe hasn’t.

“All right,” says Nicole, “Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to pack your bags and get ready to leave Salem for good.” Chloe gives us a quizzical little bandaged look.

Tec is on the phone with Lexie. He’s just calling to see how she’s doing, “Well, hang in there and I’ll be in touch later.” He hangs up and turns to look at the guy behind him who just stares.

Rex is trying to figure things out, “What the hell is Mimi keeping from he.”

Marlena puts down the phone. She and Mimi discuss whether or not she should tell Rex the truth, “What could hurt Rex more than seeing you go to jail on the day you were supposed to be married?” Marrying her whiny butt and having to live with that for the rest of his life?

Lucas and Roman grill Sami. She throws them the standard DOOL curve ball, “All right, I’ll tell you the truth.”

“Daddy,” she says, “I’m telling you the truth. Tony was holding me hostage. He wanted me to go to work for him so he could do dastardly deeds to his enemies.”

“OK,” says Roman, “but I have to take you downtown for formal questioning. Tony may have let something slip and we have to know.”

“Dad, that’s not necessary. As much as I wanted to see my parents alive, I would never have willingly helped Tony DiMera.”

“Waitaminute,” says Roman, “Are you saying you may have unwittingly helped Tony?”

Sami wiggles, “No, that’s not what I’m saying. He kept asking me to help and I kept saying no. He got angry at me and was going to kill me, too, and that’s when I got the keys and rescued you, Lucas. You have to believe me.” Lucas stares. Roman flops his tongue around.

Shawn and Belle. Yada, yada. “Phillip is going to need your support over the next few months,” says Shawn, “and what I have to know is... at the end of the day... are you still going to want to be my wife?” Belle stares.

Kate tells John, “Now that Shawn is not around, Belle and Phillip will finally have a chance...” she stops in her tracks and sees Shawn comforting Belle, “OMG, what is he doing here?” John grits his teeth, scowls, squints and his hair stands straight up.

Marlena and Mimi continue their discussion as Mimi twiddles with the folder on Marlena’s desk, which has a neon sign pointing toward it saying, “Marlena’s pregnancy test results.” As Mimi walks away from it, Marlena scoots it away. Mimi gives up in exasperation and leaves, “I have to do this.” Hopefully, they will throw away the key.

Outside Marlena’s office, strange coincidence, Mimi finds Rex, who isn’t giving up on her.

Nicole tells Chloe she has a plane waiting to take her to a wonderful clinic in Switzerland. Since Nancy and Nicole don’t get along, Nicole wants Chloe to convince Nancy. Chloe isn’t sure. Nicole asks, “You don’t want Brady to know the truth, do you?”

Brady thinks, “Let’s stick close to you, Nicole, and see if you will lead me to Chloe.” He notices a phone line is lit up, “Hello, Nicole, who are you talking to?” He starts to pick up the line, but hesitates because he’s good and honest, not evil and conniving like Nicole.

”This is the way it has to be,” says Nicole, “unless you want Brady to find out you are still alive.”

Brady stares at the phone. He picks up.

Rex tells Mimi, “You have to tell me the truth or I can’t help you.”

Mimi says, “There is nothing you can do to help me.” She runs off crying.

Marlena has another bout of morning sickness. She wonders how she will tell John and Roman about the baby as she remembers her advice to Mimi.

Sami tells Roman and Lucas she would never have helped Tony, “Do you believe I am evil?”

“No,” says Roman, “but you don’t exactly have the greatest track record in the world.

“Maybe we should just concentrate on finding clues to get to Stan,” suggests Lucas. Roman has to go. He wants Sami to come down to the station to make a formal statement.

Will comes out and asks Sami about the guilty look on her face, “You’re gonna mess things up again, aren’t you.”

“Not as long as she keeps telling the truth,” says Lucas.

Phillip calls for Belle as Kate laces into Shawn, “You have no right to be here.”

Shawn says he isn’t leaving. “Belle needs me.”

Inside his room, Phillip tells Belle, “I dreamt Shawn was here to take you away from me.” Belle pledges her undying love and support as Shawn stares through the window.

FF on the confused Shawn.


Tek says over Lexie’s shoulder, “The man can’t make love to his wife. That’s Abe’s real problem.” Lexie turns around to see Abe staring. Abe says, “Did I hear my name?”

Jack asks Lexie what is the prognosis. “Not good,” says Lexie. “What’s that,” asks Jack, “Doctor-speak for ‘I’m dying?’”

The doctor tells Phillip, “Once they realize it’s never going to be like it was, they take off.”

Shawn tells Belle, “I need to know if you are committed to having a future with me.”


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Besides being just a big waste of time, all that fantasy "reunions" do is dilute the actual happy event when they finally DO get around to it. Exhibit #1 - the Jack/Jennifer reunion. They had so many fantasy/dream/fake out reunions no one could muster any enthusiasm for the real thing - actors or viewers.

The Broe reunion is turning into the same old retread.

But great Prevuze!

6:36 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

What a perfect description of Squints seeing Shawn and Belle together - clenching his teeth, squinting and his hair standing on end. I can just see it! HAHAHAHAHAHA

How conveeeeeeenient Nicole is using a regular phone so Brady can listen in. When was the last time any of the characters weren't on their cell phone?? Just another illogical plot device. However, if it actually moved things along we could forgive stuff like this. Still, we all know she will have hung up from talking to Chloe and is calling work or something.

Thanks Prevuze! The Squints description will keep me chuckling all day. :p

7:26 AM  
Anonymous hellbent@dool said...

haha indeed, tony promised me, and the room freezes again after another brilliant pronouncement by Her Samminess.

Marlena and Mimi in her office:

(marlena warms up for the opera, perhaps a duet with chloe?:D)

mimi, mimi -
mimi, mimi.

dont forget do re mi fa so la ti doh;)

thanks the online connect with you and your fellow prevuzers is cool

(i dont look at the prevuse, just the one i have watched;)

enjoying the pictures=D

10:54 AM  
Anonymous hellbent@dool said...

i must have a problem
i am actually beginning to hate phillip


10:58 AM  
Blogger lmsq04 said...

you are so funny !! thank-you for it!!!

3:01 PM  
Anonymous hellbent@dool94 said...

man abe has had some fairly mean lines, he's really hellbent on bashing lexie...

i like to watch about two or three from wed-fri on the weekend, that is if i am not engaged in a massive whle doing taxxes for example three or four month straight thru multi week viewing

THERES your real dool experience, no commercials hours on end, weeks on end, you start to walk around talking to them in the thin air, OH C'MON SAMMI!!!YOU DIDNT!! she did and if she didnt we wouldnt watch...
i remem your fight with marlena during the salem stalker ver 03-05-present sams, there were back flips and everything:D!

7:59 AM  

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