Friday, June 17, 2005

If Only...

U.S. MIMITARY HOSPITAL, WIESBADEN, GERMANY: As the days pass after Phillip's amputation, he begins to realize he has a lot to live for. His attitude improves and his recovery is quick and complete. Doctors fit Phillip with a state-of-the-art prosthetic. Once again he can run, jump and move as if nothing had happened. Phillip decides to stay with the Marines and becomes a key figure in the military space program.

Phillip excels in his new role. His work is so impressive the Military selects him to be the ground control commander of the single most ambitious undertaking in human history — a mission to the star Alpha Centauri. Although the mission will take generations and only our descendents will know its true impact, everyone realizes it is very significant.

On the day of the launch Major Phillip Kiriakis stands beneath the gleaming Titan VI rocket and its small payload in the capsule several stories above. He contemplates the adventure ahead as he enters the ground control command center.

The countdown proceeds. Slowly the beast lifts off the launch pad. History's greatest mission has begun.

Months later, the capsule which was atop the Titan VI drifts through space toward a tiny point of light, Alpha Centauri. It is now completely out of earth-contact for the next millennium.

Inside, the young commander removes his space helmet. He checks to make sure all systems are nominal. He turns to his co-pilot who is not wearing a helmet. Their eyes meet.

"I love you so much, Belle," he says.

"And I love you, Shawn," she says, "And I promise, the minute we get back I am going to tell Phillip, and then we can finally be with each other."

Shawn stares.


Anonymous applecheeks said...


What a wonderful thought. If only....

6:16 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

OMG!!! The next millenium, huh? Haven't we already endured that long????

8:58 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

"....and when they do finally return, they are greeted by Victor Kiriakis VI, great-great-great-great grandson of Philip Kiriakis. Even though in Salem time only about a week has passed."

HAHAHA! Great sci-fi to get us from Friday to Monday! :)

1:31 PM  
Anonymous hellbent@dool said...

ok we have to talk we have to talk all prolly already did, cuz you are things like up on it and on your game....i on the other hand keep getting stuck stopping the tape at this place and walking out of the room, then pacing around the house reasoning outloud to myself, reassurement as it were, it'll be ok it'll be ok, its ok...

chloe's tape and bandages configuration, thats what we have to talk about, someone get the veil back out please.

ok i feel better

thank you, hellbent

8:23 AM  

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