Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Bo, Hope and Zach are in the living room. Bo and Zach are playing with Zach’s monster trucks. Hope wants to call Germany before they start the video. Bo thinks that’s a bad idea.

John is on the phone with Marlena, “Yeah,” I miss you, too, “It was good I came here with Belle and Kate because I could pull a few strings. Yeahyeahyeah, I do have connections everywhere but in this case it paid off and I fixed it so Phillip can do his rehab in Salem. It’s not all good news, though. Shawn Brady showed up unannounced. He’s put a lot of pressure on our daughter and right now that is the last thing she needs.”

Meanwhile back in Phillip’s room it’s decision time. Phil and Shawn argue over who’s going to get Belle and who loves her and who horned in, yada, yada, yada. Belle yells, “Stop it! Both of you! I’ve made my decision if you can stop arguing long enough to hear it.”

“Chhlllooooeeee,” screams Brady. Nicole pulls down the curtain on the Titan jet.

“Nicole,” says Chloe, “Do something. There is no way I can let him see me like this.”

Bo and Hope argue about why Shawn went to Germany. Hope thinks he went there to support Belle. Bo thinks he went there to horn in. Bo makes a case for sanity. Hope makes a case for true love. “Belle is the only one who can solve this,” says Bo.

On and on we go in the room of doom. Shawn tells Belle she doesn’t have to make this decision right now if it’s going to stress her out. Phillip says he wants to know right now. Shawn and Phillip go at it again. Belle bawls as the boys argue.

“One of you is going to be hurt, because one of you has to spend the rest of his life listening to me whine and I’m sorry about that,” whimpers Belle, “I really am. Whether or not you believe it, I love both of you. But I can’t be with both of you the way each of you wants. I’m sorry Shawn.”

Shawn chokes, “You cannot just think of Phillip right now. You have to think of your future.”

“I love him,” says Belle, “and we’re going to spend our lives together. You just have to accept that.”

“Like hell I will. I will never accept that,” squeals Shawn.

Chloe and Nicole have apparently done a flying-leap barrel roll off the plane as it taxied and are down at the end of the runway. Brady says, “Chloe?”

“Yes,” says the sinister hooded figure, “It’s me.”

“I knew it,” yells Brady as he rushes through the gate toward her.

“No,” she yells, “Stay away from me.” Nicole cowers in the background behind a crate.

Phillip tells Shawn to back off. More arguing between the guys. Shawn says the love he and Belle have is the kind of love people build their lives on. Phillip says what Shawn is doing is wrong and Belle has said she loves him.

“I told you not to come here,” cries Belle, “But you didn’t listen. You came anyway.”

“Are you punishing me for disobeying you? Is that what this is about?”

“You pushed the situation,” says Belle.

“Just tell Phillip the truth,” says Shawn, “Tell him we love each other and want to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together.”

“I can’t do that. Phillip is the man I’m going to be with,” says Belle.

Brady approaches Chloe. She says, “Brady, you never should have stopped me. I was running away from you.”

“I will never believe that,” says Brady, “Nicole is behind this, isn’t she?” Nicole, get out here right now! I want to talk to you!” Nicole comes out from behind the crate. “I don’t know what your game is. It’s no secret you didn’t want Chloe and me to be together. You lied to me! You’ve known for months Chloe was alive and you did everything in your power to keep her away from me, didn’t you?”

“All right,” screams Nicole, “It’s true. I did know Chloe was alive.”

Hope tells Bo, “You are right. It is up to Belle to choose.”

“I just want our son to get what he wants,” says Bo, “He’s just going about it wrong.”

“You really think Belle’s going to stay with Phillip?”

“She married the guy,” says Bo, “She’s gotta love him. Let’s not fight anymore. I almost think we’ve lost sight of why we’re together.”

“Why don’t you remind me,” says Hope. They kiss as Zach ruins the furniture with his monster truck in the background.

“Chloe wouldn’t let me tell you she was alive,” cries Nicole.

“Chloe wouldn’t do that to me,” says Brady, “She loves me too much. I don’t know how you got Nancy to go along with this – OMG, the fake memorial service!”

“Nancy hates me,” says Nicole, “How can you blame me for this?”

“I don’t blame you,” says Brady, “I blame myself for thinking you had changed. The truth is you’re still the same lying, conniving, manipulative person you’ve always been.” Nicole cries. Chloe cries.

Belle cries. Shawn tells her she’s too upset to make this decision. Belle tells him she has made her decision and will stand firm.

“Belle,” says Phillip, “are you sure?” I wouldn’t press it too much, soldier. “If you are going to change your mind, this is the time. We can consider this a second set of wedding vows. I know they meant a lot the first time, what with the flying motorcycles and everything, but considering everything that’s happened, they may mean more now. Are you ready to commit to me now? Because the decision you make – the three of us will have to live with for the rest of our lives.”

“I have made the right decision,” says Belle, “Please go home Shawn.”

As he leaves, Shawn turns and says, “I love you. I always will.” Belle turns on the waterworks.

“I think Shawn’s stuck in second gear,” says John, “He keeps making the same mistakes over and over again with Belle, like flying over here. I don’t know if he thinks she is going to dump Phillip but it would surprise the hell out of me if she did. I will call as soon as I find out when we are leaving.” He hangs up and bumps into the crazed Shawn. “Hey, easy boy.”

“Back off,” says Shawn, “Unless you’re looking for a fight.”

Ho and Dope smooch. Hope says, “Two years ago, this would have been Zach’s bedtime. And ours two.”

“Thing is,” says Bo, “if we went to bed now, you’d miss my surprise.”

“Surprise,” she smiles. Bo runs out the front door.

John backs off, “Hheeeyyyy, I’m not looking for a fight. Why... OMG! She dumped your ass, didn’t she? She chose Phillip!”

“It shouldn’t be this way,” says Belle, “You shouldn’t be comforting me. Let’s not talk about Shawn. Can I do anything for you?”

“You just did it,” says Phillip, “I have said prayer after prayer that I could come home to you. I want you to be honest with me. Living with a husband without a leg isn’t going to be easy. You need a husband who can dance with you. It seems like everyone remembers you and Shawn dancing at the last blast.”

“That was a lifetime ago. We were kids. We need to get you to bed. I’ll call a nurse. Can I stay and watch? I want to know how to do things when we get home.” Belle wheels him over to the bed. She turns and stares at Shawn’s vapor trail.

Nicole begs Chloe to tell Brady the truth. Chloe hoods her face and says, “Everything was my decision, Brady, my fault. I forced my mother and Nicole to go along with my plan.” Brady grimaces.

Bo runs back in. Hope asks, “Is that blue paint on your shirt?”

“Yeah,” says Bo, “It’s part of the surprise.”

“You’re not gonna tell me, are you,” says Hope. Bo picks up Zach and uses him as a shield, “Protect me. Always keep ‘em guessing. It’s the secret to a happy marriage.”

“Chloe would never do that to me unless she was forced,” says Brady, “for once, take responsibility for your own actions.”

“Everything that’s happened,” says Chloe, “I am responsible for.”

“Now do you believe me,” asks Nicole.

“I believe Chloe is a generous, innocent and honest person who was tricked into going along with your scheme.” We’ll take that as a ‘no.’ “Things didn’t work out with you and my grandfather, so I was your next logical victim. Did you really love my grandfather?”

“What does that have to do with this,” asks Nicole.

“Because a woman who marries a man for his money will stop at nothing to get what she wants. You forced Nancy and Chloe into all of this.”

John tells Shawn he brought this on himself, “When you were gone last summer, Belle had a chance to see if she could fall for a different kind of guy.” An adult.

“I loved her with all my heart.”

“I believe you,” says John, “That’s why it’s going to be hard for you to let her go, but she’s married to Phillip.”

“She married him on the rebound,” says Shawn, “She’s playing on his sympathy.”

“Don’t you dare,” says John, “underestimate my daughter’s intelligence.” Impossible. “What my daughter needs is a man, not someone who flies off the handle or flies through stained glass windows when they don’t get what they want. She needs a man with true courage, quiet strength. She needs Phillip. Hard to accept? Oh, yeah. But you gotta do it.”

“I can’t turn my feelings on and off just like that,” says Shawn, “She is my life.”

“You’re young, Shawn. You’ll find love again,” says the old sage.

“I’m gonna follow my heart.”

John threatens, “Interfere with my daughter’s life and you will answer to me, kid.”

“Let me ask you something,” says Shawn, “You want your daughter to be happy? Well, she’s not. She’s being noble and self-sacrificing because people like you are telling her staying with Phillip is the right thing to do when, in reality, she does not love him.”

“You are so selfish you can’t even see past your own needs,” says John.

“So am I supposed to put Phillip’s needs ahead of mine?”

“No,” says John, “Belle’s. You have convinced yourself that she needs you to be happy. Well you are wrong!” Shawn stares.

Belle straightens out the covers over the spot where Phillip’s leg is missing, “Did I hurt you when I put you in the bed?”

“No, the nurses drop me on my head all the time, too.”

“I can go if you want me to,” she says.

“Maybe just for a little while,” says Phillip, “I’m going to try to get some sleep.” Besides, this will give you a chance to have a big confrontation with Shawn. Belle leaves. Phillip winces in pain and grabs his phantom leg.

“If you won’t listen to me,” cries Nicole, “then let Chloe tell you why she pretended to be dead. Tell him, Chloe, or are you going to let me take the fall for the choices you made?”

“Get outta here, Nicole,” says Brady, “Take your stuff and get the hell out of the mansion and don’t be there when I get back. If you are there when I get back, I’m going to sell the damn mansion and leave you homeless.” Oh, that’s intelligent. The average IQ in Salem rivals the dog pound. “I am an idiot for taking this long to realize how hateful you are. What part of ‘get outta my life’ did you not understand? Don’t call me, don’t write me, I don’t wanna see you anywhere, ever again, you selfish bitch.”

Nicole runs off blubbering. “Chloe,” says Brady, “You don’t have to be afraid. Nicole doesn’t have power over you any more. I love you very much. Please, just let me hold you.”

“No,” cries Chloe, “I meant it, stay away from me.”

“Why,” asks Brady, “Don’t you want to be with me anymore?” Chloe stares through the bandages.

Bo runs downstairs and tells hope they have to pack Zach’s things. He’s arranged for him to spend the night with Doug and Julie. Hope goes up to get Zach’s things together as Bo and Zach hi-five.

Shawn tells John sooner or later Belle with figure out she loves him and not Phillip and then it will be harder on Phillip, “She is making the biggest mistake of her life.”

“Now you’re getting it,” says John, “HER life. Her biggest mistake, would have been choosing you.”

“Go to hell,” Shawn storms off.

Nicole bawls as she watches Brady and Chloe, “As soon as he sees her hideous scars, he will know she was lying to him and come back to me.”

Brady tells Chloe, “Nicole is gone. She threatened you. That’s one of her specialties. I’m not exactly proud of falling for her and being unfaithful to our love, even though you were dead, I was just so lonely. I thought I would never see you again in this lifetime and it was just so hard to accept. All of that is over now and you’re gonna have to talk to me.”

“You already know the truth,” says Chloe, “Nicole told you the truth. Right now, I was leaving Salem forever.”

Brady cries, it’s the crying Olympics today, “Does that mean you don’t want to be with me?” Chloe stares.

Heather comes in to see Phillip. She’s the amputee who can relate to him. She has a fulfilling life now and he can too. She brought him a leg. It’s hairy, just like his. He’s touched.

Belle stirs her tea. Here it is. The big Shawnfrontation. “You lied to Phillip. You told him you were going to spend the rest of your life with him.”

“I am.”

“Like hell you are,” says Shawn, “You are in love with me.”

FF on Belle.


A public service message from Phillip to join in the effort to eliminate land mines.

Phillip says, “If I had to lose my leg or lose Belle, I would lose my leg without even thinking about it.”

Shawn tells Belle, “I will not accept what has happened here.” Belle says, “Phillip needs me.” Shawn asks, “But for how long, until death do you part?”

Hope is astonished, “Is it – I mean she, really, really ours?” Fancy Face III. Scenes of Bo and Hope rollin’ in the boat.

Chloe tells Brady, “Pretend you never saw me, or that any of this ever happened.” Brady yells, “Do you realize how impossible that is?”

Brady tells Chloe, “Take off your bandages. All of them.”


Anonymous applecheeks said...

It's been a long time since I've said this, but Go John, Go. Finally someone lays it out for Snarly Jr. HA

Once more I'm glad I'm reading this in private. Laughing hysterically at your computer can get you sent away to the rubber room for all the Days of Your Life.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I know! Applecheeks was right - so many good zingers today, all totally deserved. Especially that it's impossible to underestimate Belle's intelligence. HAHAHAHAHA

I also totally agree with what EVERYONE is telling that creepy Jr., GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!

Thanks, Prevuze! Several chuckles to go with breakfast this morning.

I love the pictures, too - especially get a clue dot.com. :}

7:00 AM  

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