Thursday, June 23, 2005

It's Not A Threat – It's A Promise

The big Salem 500 pre-race festivities are in full swing.

“Patrick Lockhart is no friend,” says Jack. He pulls Patrick aside, “After I warned you, you show up here.”

“Pure coincidence,” says Patrick, “You’re starting to sound a little paranoid.”

“You stay away from my wife, you stay away from my family,” says Jack.

“Or what,” asks Patrick.

“Or I kill you,” says Jack.

Phillip asks, “Is that why you are here, to steal my wife?”

“You gotta be kidding me,” says Shawn, “I came because of Belle.”

“Finally the truth comes out,” says Phillip.

Chloe and Nicole are on the plane. Chloe worries Brady will find out she is alive. Nicole reassures her.

Brady grills Nancy. Nancy says, “Brady, you know where Chloe is, you saw her ashes.”

Brady says, “I don’t know whose ashes those were but they sure weren’t Chloe’s. She’s alive isn’t she? You have to tell me where she is.”

Patrick says he ran into Abby and Chelsea on the way to his seat. Jack suggests he could have just told them he wanted to sit in his own seat. So Patrick goes over and says he’s going to his seat rather than sit with the group. They all insist. Jennifer tells Jack, “I know how you feel about Patrick. But the girls look at him as an uncle.”

“I don’t trust him,” says Jack.

“But I do.”

“The fact is,” says Jack, “he was working for Tony and he probably still is.”

Jennifer reminds him, “He delivered our son on that island while I was prisoner.”

“He was there to make you gratified to him while he was still working for Tony,” says Jack.

Jennifer says, “I believe people can change. I almost lost you twice.” And somehow, she works in, “What about your kidney transplant with Steve?”

Jack says, “It’s been so many years since Steve has been gone.” Well, heck, he should be back any minute, then.

“Jack,” says Jennifer, “all I’m saying is it’s our turn to be happy. I will never take our time together for granted.” What does this have to do with Patrick?

“All right,” says Jack, “he can stay.”

Jennifer asks Patrick to join them at the race and the tailgate party. Patrick says, “All right, you wore me down.”

Patrick thanks Max for the ticket. Max says Patrick looks familiar, “Have we met?”

Belle tells Phillip Shawn is their friend and wants to be there for him. Phillip doesn’t want Shawn to leave.

“Good,” says Shawn, “This has gone on long enough. You need to know the truth.”

Phillip asks, “Why are you here?”

“For the same reason we went on the rescue mission – for Belle.”

Nicole asks the pilot why they are still there. He thought they were waiting for another passenger. “Where the hell is your mother,” asks Nicole.

Nancy remembers her promise to Chloe, “Why are you doing this Brady?”

Brady says, “If I’m wrong, I am deeply sorry, but if Chloe isn’t alive why are you here?” He finds Chloe’s bag. Inside he finds the locket he gave to her. He turns to Nancy, “Tell me the truth.”

Patrick says Max has a hell of a memory. Patrick talked to his sponsors about investing in Max’ midget car. He didn’t do it, but he used to drive, “The only thing that comes close to that thrill is...”

“Yea, don’t I know it,” says Max. He has to go. A couple kisses might insure the win. The girls both kiss his cheek and squeal.

The girls talk about Max and Patrick’s killer bods.

Nancy comes up with excuses. The clothes are for donations to a less fortunate patient who conveniently is off having tests.

Brady says, “The patient is Chloe. Why won’t you tell me the truth? She needs me now more than ever.”

“She’s not here,” says Nancy.

Brady says, “I helped her through leukemia. I can sure help her with whatever she’s going through now. My life is nothing without her. Please tell me where she is.”

“Brady, I can’t,” Nancy’s phone rings. It’s Chloe. Chloe wants to know what’s keeping her.

Brady grabs the phone, “Chloe, tell me where you are.”

Shawn says Belle was a mess. WAS? She was scared to death.

Phillip tells him, “What you did was crazy Shawn. Why not let the pros handle it?”

“They tried once and failed,” Says Shawn.

“I’m grateful for that,” says Phillip, “Before I shipped out you still loved Belle. Why risk your life to save me? I’d also like to know why you had her arms around you when I wheeled in here?” Shawn stares.

Chloe hangs up. Brady asks, “That was Chloe wasn’t it?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” says Nancy, “That was Craig.”

“That was not a New York area code,” says Brady, “I know that number from somewhere.”

Nicole and Chloe argue. Chloe says Nancy will keep the secret.

Nicole says, “Your mother will have to find her own ride.” She tells the pilot to take off and calls Brady.

Brady tells her, “I know what is going on, Nicole. Put Chloe on the phone.”

Nicole asks, “Brady, have you been drinking?”

“Put Chloe on the phone, NOW!

The big Salem 500 is underway. The crowd is on its feet. BIG WRECK. Jennifer screams, “Ohmygosh, Max, NO!”

Well, the race is over. The Salem 500 must be 500 feet, not miles. Jennifer says, “My heart is beating a mile a minute after that.” It was a spin-and-win for Max. The crowd cheers as he comes up. Max says, “Getting the fans excited is half the fun right?”

Jennifer says she felt like she was in the car herself. Patrick congratulates him. They start for the BBQ tailgate as thunder rolls.

The nurse comes in to measure Phillip for his prosthesis. He doesn’t want to go. She bellows, “I’m not just a nurse, I’m a Captain and this is an order.”

“Yes ma’am,” says the private. She wheels him out.

Belle asks Shawn if he is out of his mind. Actually, Shawn and his mind have been separated for years.

Belle says, “Phillip cannot know the truth yet. He’s not ready. We have to keep up this lie.”

Shawn says, “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

“It looks like it’s going to be a monsoon,” says Jack. They decide to go home and tailgate in the garage. They invite Max and he accepts. Chelsea invites Patrick. Jack stares. Jennifer invites him too. Jack yields.

“One beer, one burger and you’re gone,” says Jack as they leave.

Brady says he thinks Chloe is with Nicole right now. Nicole protests.

Brady says, “You have been lying to me, Nicole. I will never forgive you.”

Nicole asks, “How can you let your dead girlfriend come between us? I’m in my car on the way home. Let’s talk later.”

“No. Now.”

Nicole says, “I can’t talk while I’m driving.” She hangs up.

Chloe frets, “We will never get away with this.”

Nicole picks up the phone, “Jackson, get this plane in the air now.”

Nancy asks Brady why Chloe would reveal herself only to Nicole.

“Nancy,” says Brady, “none of this makes sense, so tell me right now.” Nancy says she has a plane to catch.

“I knew I recognized that phone number. It’s from the Titan jet,” says Brady.

The Devereaux group gets home. Patrick asks Max if his team is looking for more backers. Max says he is just the driver.

Chelsea unrolls a poster, “You’re not just the driver.”

Max offers to run out and get some ice cream for dessert. He asks if anyone wants to go with him and Abby and Chelsea volunteer. Conveniently, his car is a two-seater, so Chelsea goes with him and Abby gets left in the dust. Patrick says he won’t be staying for dessert. Max and Chelsea leave. Patrick offers to help. “We don’t need no stinkin' help,” says Jack.

Belle tells Shawn Phillip isn’t strong enough to hear the truth.

Shawn says, “The longer it takes the more it will hurt when he finds out.”

“If you can’t respect my feelings then go home,” says Belle.

Shawn says, “Lying to him is not gonna help him. I don’t want to hurt Phillip, I want you back. You said we had to wait to tell him in person for all these months. I have respected that and now I want to be back with you like we’ve always dreamed.”

“We can’t do that now. I can’t think about myself right now,” says Belle.

Shawn says, “I think you have to. Who do you love more? Who do you want to be with?”

“You,” she whines, “I love you.” They hug.

Patrick keeps trying to help, Jack keeps resisting. Jennifer goes into the kitchen. Jack tells Patrick to leave after he has had his lunch,” Leave my family alone or it will be the biggest mistake you ever made.”

“I don’t like threats.”

“It’s not a threat – it’s a promise.”

Chelsea says, “I’ve never driven that fast before.”

Max tells her, “It’s nothing compared to being on the track.”

“Why did we stop here,” asks the naïve little twit.

“It’s a great view,” says Max.

“You know,” says Chelsea, “This is a place where everyone comes to fool around.”

Max says, “Sounds like you’ve been here before.”

Chelsea says, “I don’t date much. Guys are so immature, not as hot as you.”

“How hot,” asks Max.

“Very hot.”

“Coincidence,” he says, “I thought the same thing about you. We should do something about it.”

“We should,” says Chelsea, “Definitely.” Max makes his move.

Shawn says, “I am not asking you to do anything until your divorce is final. I am asking you to acknowledge the bond between us.”

“I know you love me,” says Belle, “and I love you too. This is bigger than us. We have to put our needs aside. Phillip needs time to recover.”

Shawn says, “He is my friend – was my friend. We’re not doing him any favors by lying to him. What’s cruel is trying to protect him.”

“His leg is gone,” Says Belle.

“And so is his marriage,” Says Shawn.

Belle asks, “If a child was injured in a car crash and her parents died, would the doctors tell her? No.”

“We both know he suspects it,” says Shawn.

“Maybe,” says Belle, “but you can’t do this.”

“I have to.”

The plane slows. Nicole asks the pilot what is going on. “We’ve been ordered to return to the hangar,” says the pilot, “and I’m not going to disobey a direct FAA order.”

Chloe runs to the window and screams, “OMG, Nicole, Brady’s out there. He’s going to find me. There’s no place for me to hide.”

“This can’t be happening,” says Nicole.

Over and over Brady shouts, “CHLOE!” Fade to Brando yelling “STELLA!

Triple FF – Brady, Chloe, Nicole.


As Mimi faints, Bonnie yells, “You can’t do that! My daughter’s innocent.” Mickey catches Mimi as the judge yells, “Order in the court.”

Phillip tells Shawn, “I’d like you to stay. I have some questions about you and my wife.”

Marlena tells Jack, “The longer you keep this from your family, the harder it will be to tell them.”

Max asks Chelsea, “Are you sure you want to do this?” Chelsea says, “Don’t I look sure?”


Anonymous applecheeks said...

The Salem 500....feet! Who knew? However, it goes with the attention span of the Salemites. Of course, given time's strange properties there, it could just as well been the Salem 500...DAZE. HAHAHAHA

That picture of Jen was hilarious. I almost expected the caption to be "I like my races with some fava beans and a nice keee-an-ti. fuph fuph fuph fuph". (Hmmmmm, how DO you recreate Hannibal Lector's speech off-screen?)

6:35 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

The plane is supposed to be coming back to the hanger, but I have visions of Nicole ordering the pilot to take off and Brady running and grabbing the wing. He'll scream Chloe's name and hang on all the way across the Atlantic - just like Indiana Jones on the submarine! HAHAHAHHA

Great Prevuze! Like Applecheeks, I had to laugh at Jennifer's picture.

7:27 AM  

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