Monday, August 30, 2010

A Nasty Little Habit Of Screwing Up Lives

Rafe and Arianna stand outside the pub and argue. Rafe wants to know if Arianna is defending EJ. Arianna says Sami isn't blameless in all this. Sami overhears and wants to know what about it is her fault. Sami must have the memory of a lobotomized mayfly.

EJ paces in the bedroom. He remembers his big argument with Sami, staggers and sits on the bench at the foot of the bed.

Stephanie flops onto the couch in her apartment, remembers Ian showing her the paternity test results and saying someone changed them already. She gets up and starts out, but finds Ian at the door. "What I want to know," she tells him, "is why someone changed those test results."

"It's just a wild guess," says Ian, "but I think that person didn't want it to get out that Daniel isn't the father."

Phillip accompanies Melanie to her job at the hospital and they put on a disgusting PDA in front of Nathan.

Kate, Will and Stefano are at the beach. Kate tells Will she had no idea of what EJ was up to. Stefano watches. Will says he believes Kate. He turns to Stefano and asks him if he knew.

Rafe pushes ranting, raging Sami away and tells Arianna to go comfort EJ. Arianna leaves. Rafe turns back to Sami, "She's not thinking clearly. She's a Hernandez — muddled thinking runs in the family." Rafe says he won't let Arianna judge Sami after what EJ did to her, "Let's go be alone." Translation: "Let's go be alone, and naked."

Lexie walks in and berates EJ for what he did. Then she changes her tune, "You must be devastated."

"Homicidal, actually."

Melanie and Phillip continue to help themselves to the Phelanie buffet. They finally come up for air, turn and run into Nathan. Melanie announces he's just about to do his first solo surgery since killing off Mrs. Haskins. She also tells Phillip about Nathan stopping the attack. Phillip takes her off and asks what's with the secrets.

Stephanie tells Ian this is good for everyone because Daniel wants the baby more than anything.

Rafe and Sami want something else more than anything. The heaving and panting gets pretty intense, but as usual Sami the tease stops things, "I can't do this. I almost married EJ today. Don't you even want to know why?"

At this point Rafe probably doesn't give a flying leap why, but says, "I know why. He's manipulative."

"No," says Sami, "It's because I saw you kissing Nicole. That's the kind of stupid thing I do all the time. I thought I had matured. I should know better."

Rafe whoas her up. Realizing he has to tread carefully here, he consults the Guy Manual, "Tell her you did it for her."

Rafe goes into action, "I love you and the only reason I was with Nicole was to get information. I did it for you." He says after living in the safe house (no pun intended) he knows what kind of person she is, "I love that person. I realized I was trying to change you but if I did you wouldn't be the person I love. These molecule brains deserve each other. Down they go.

Melanie insists she's not keeping things from Phillip, but says her near-attack is just something she is trying to forget. Phillip decides he overreacted and apologizes. Nathan interrupts and says they should go to the OR as Stephanie walks up. Melanie tells Stephanie about Chloe's pregnancy. Stephanie fakes excitement. Phillip fakes intelligence.

Daniel walks Nicole home. They stop at the dock and Nicole dismisses George. Daniel says he knows Nicole needs help but he has to protect Chloe and the baby. He wants to know what's going on with her or he won't let her stay in his house. Nicole don' wanna talk about it in public. Daniel tells her she hasn't been a great influence on Chloe and he won't let her screw things up. Nicole explodes, "If things get screwed up between you and Chloe it won't be because of me."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean," asks Daniel.

Stefano tells Will he was shocked when he heard about EJ masterminding the Sydnapping. He says no one other than Elvis knew EJ paid Anna to kidnap Sydney."

Lexie hugs EJ and tells him she doesn't want him talking like that. EJ stammers, "I lost Samantha. Forever... because of her."

"Who," asks Lexie.

"Who do you think it is," screams EJ, "The one person who has squandered all of my dreams... one after the other!"


"Right... Nicole!"

Nathan and Melanie leave to scrub. Phillip and Stephanie stare. Phillip wants to know what she has to say. Stephanie insists nothing. Phillip leaves. DOOL... where the commercials are more interesting than the show.®

Nicole says she meant she knows how much Chloe loves Daniel, "As someone who has shared that kind of dream I wouldn't want that dream destroyed for my friend." Daniel wants to make sure Nicole staying with them wouldn't endanger Chloe or the baby. Nicole says she understands and it won't be for long, "I need to be with good people who care for me. But since those kind of people don't exist, I'll settle for you and Chloe."

EJ says Nicole must pay and storms out.

Arianna calls EJ and leaves a message as Caroline overhears, "You can't be serious, you're leaving a friendly message for that evil SOB? Your loyalty is to your family and nowhere else."

Sami... Rafe... Degarmentification... Huffing... Puffing... Grabbing...

Nathan and Melanie prepare for surgery. A nurse helps with the preparations. "You realize you're only getting to operate solo so soon because you are a Horton," says Nurse Snarko. She walks out.

Melanie gasps, "Oh, that snarky little bitch! I'm glad you're getting this opportunity."

The patient looks up at them, "I'm not sure I share her enthusiasm."

Nathan thanks Melanie and flashes back to the conversation when Chloe asked if he had changed his mind about telling Daniel. He tells Melanie he's thinking about how excited she must be about Chloe's pregnancy.

Stefano and Kate are back at the DiMera mansion. Kate thinks when Will finds the truth they will never see him again, "If I lose him I will walk out that door and never look back."

Sami... Rafe... afterglow... smoochies. Rafe sighs, "We're together now. That's all that matters."

"Right," says Sami, "And you know, you won't always be right. Just this time."

Nicole promises she'll explain everything when they get back to the apartment. She tells Daniel she's going to pick up a few things at her place wand will come back later. Daniel leaves. Nicole calls out, "George... we're done."

EJ walks up, "It's just you and me."

Dr. Nathan begins the operation. He flinches as he dives in with the scalpel and Nurse Snarko asks if everything is OK. Snarko gets a page and leaves. Melanie asks if Nathan is OK. "I don't know," says the crippled surgeon.

Phillip shows up at Chloe's place. He tells her how relieved he is about the paternity test results. He sees luggage and Chloe tells him it's Nicole's. Phillip doesn't get it. Chloe says Nicole has a body guard and the DiMeras are after her. "Perfect timing," says Phillip, "Leave it to Nicole."

Ian finds Stephanie outside the pub. She wants him to make sure whoever changed the results covered the tracks. She asks him if he can find out if it was Phillip.

Ian asks, "If I could?"

"If you could," says Stephanie, "I will help Phillip keep his secret."

Rafe sleeps. Sami whimpers and remembers EJ telling her Sydney is dead. She cries out, "SYDNEY!"

EJ gives Nicole the look of death as he unties his tie, "I get the impression you've been avoiding me."

Nathan trembles and grunts. He tells Melanie he has elbow pain and spasms. Melanie gasps, "OMG! this is all my fault."

The patient looks up at them, "Y'know... I just remembered an important phone call I have to make..."

Phillip wonders if Chloe has confided in Nicole. Chloe claims not. Phillip reminds her, "Nicole may be your friend but she has a nasty little habit of screwing up lives."

Will talks to Lucas on the phone, "If Rafe could convince Mom he must have some kind of proof. Listen Dad, Stefano had nothing to do with this."

Today is Caroline day to eavesdrop, "Come on Will, you can't buy that!"

"What," asks Will, "That Stefano didn't know about this?"

"No," says Caroline, "That Lucas has figured out how to use a telephone."

Stefano rants and wonders if he should reveal Kate's transgressions to Will. He insists he will take care of things and Will won't be alienated from either of them.

Kate snaps, "When you do you better make sure Will knows I had nothing to do with it!"

Sami cries out, "Sydney..." Rafe comforts. Sami wakes. Rafe tells her it was a dream, "You're with me. We're safe." No pun intended.

EJ says. "I have a message from your girlfriend George..." He puts his hands to his throat and indicates he may have strangled poor George, "I had a bit of a bad day today." Nicole panics and runs. EJ chases her around the park bench and cackles. Nicole continues to run from him. "There was an unexpected guest at my wedding today — someone with a CD. I am a very dangerous man right now."

"Because you think I betrayed you," whimpers Nicole.

"No," says EJ, "Because I haven't gotten laid since we broke up."

Melanie blames herself as Nathan struggles to operate. Nurse Snarko comes back and asks if something is wrong. Nathan says it's a small cramp.

Melanie whispers, "I believe in you."

The patient looks up, "Then why don't we have him operate on you instead of me?"

Chloe says Nicole will be supportive. Phillip is skeptical. He backs off and decides they dodged a bullet.

Caroline tells Will nothing goes on in the DiMera mansion that Stefano doesn't know about, "He's being nice to you because he knows it drives your mother crazy."

"You mean more crazy," says Will, "Besides, he stood up for her in front of me."

Caroline is exasperated, "So you're telling me Stefano is a great guy? It's time to grow up."

Kate issues an ultimatum, "You'd better make it clear to Will I had nothing to do with this or else. Will is Lucas' son. So he'll buy anything. He's my family. If you screw that up you will pay dearly."

"I will take care of it," vows Stefano.

"The same way you took care of Rafe?"

Sami can't believe she almost married EJ. Rafe insists EJ will pay. Sami doesn't think so, "He'll get off scott free." No pun intended.

Melanie wanders into the nurses area. Nathan pours coffee and says the elbow is better. He thanks her for doing what she did in there, "I've never seen a student nurse jump on the operating table and plug a carotid artery spewing blood like that before."

Sami rants about how EJ will get around the law. "Not this time," says Rafe.

Sami falls apart, "I wouldn’t marry him and I embarrassed him and he will do everything he can to get back at me. He made me think Sydney was dead. He won't stop."

Nicole backs up and begs. Obsessed EJ grits his teeth, "You went too far this time, Nicky. You betrayed me. You gave that stuff to Rafe."

"You don't care about your children," snorts Nicole, "You amaze me how you can fake being human. I think you fool yourself. I see what you've done to Sami. You go after people because you are dead inside." If Nicole doesn't back off she'll be dead inside and outside.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, suddenly Rafe loves Sami "just as she is" and he doesn't want to change her. Can anyone say WHIPLASH??????????

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Berg said...

We're safe." No pun intended. UGH. All of sudden we are to believe that sex cures all ills. I can't watch today's grabfest. It was bad enough I had to read about it.

Sure hope EJ doesn't try to kill Nicky or else this show has spiraled out of control with the Hate EJ club.

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Luci said...

Agreed, Anonymous! All of a sudden Rafe is completely accepting of who Sami is?

Well, as long as she hates EJ of course.

They deserve each other.

5:31 AM  
Blogger 83leesy1 said...

I am so disgusted by the "safe" sex I'm reading about here. Even fans of this pairing have to see how tacky this is.
I will have to wait and see, but from reading this, Rafe comes across as willing to say anything to end his perfect day with getting some from Sami.
Anyone with a brain can see Sami is an emotional wreck. She was not having a nightmare. She would need to sleep in order for that to happen. Never mind the fact that her life is a nightmare. Clueless Rafe was probably snoozing like a baby after finishing what he felt was another job well done. Puh-leeze.

5:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's official-Sami Brady is "deadtome" and I am officially a former EJami fan. EJ is way too good for Sami! Sami and Rafe deserve each other-they can make up lullabyes, collect penguins and do Advanced Algebra problems to their hearts content. I don't want to see them around EJ at all-they should have to carry their own story and if they can't they should be off the show. GO EJ!

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Aaah....good ol' Stan the Man! Prevuze, you amaze me with your library of past characters that pop up now and then. Including Lucas. He's a buffoon from thousands of miles away. HAHAHA

Good or bad elbow, do interns get to do solo surgeries?
I'm kind of with Nurse Snark on this point.

Great new term for the Prevuze dictionary: Degarmentification.

And I LOL every time Caroline eavesdropped and dispensed her unasked-for advice. Where does the woman find the time? She's supposedly running a pub and has four little kids to babysit. (I'm counting Sami's while she's off boinking Rafe and probably Ciara.)

Thanks for the Monday chuckles to get us going this week.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Sami overhears and wants to know what about it is her fault. Sami must have the memory of a lobotomized mayfly.

Preach it Prevuze preach it!!!! Good gravy! What ever happened to the concept of original sin?

"What I want to know," she tells him, "is why someone changed those test results."

"It's just a wild guess," says Ian, "but I think that person didn't want it to get out that Daniel isn't the father."

Since Stephanie is Sami’s cousin, she has the brain power of a lobotomized mayfly.

"Let's go be alone." Translation: "Let's go be alone, and naked.

I think I’m about to lose my breakfast.

"I love that person. I realized I was trying to change you but if I did you wouldn't be the person I love."

Thankfully, I had the foresight to wear my official DOOL neck brace. It’s adorned with an attractive hour glass. Chiropractors everywhere are cursing.

These molecule brains deserve each other. Down they go.

Deserve each other? Indeed they do! This is also official. I lost my breakfast.

He says no one other than Elvis knew EJ paid Anna to kidnap Sydney.

…and just how far did Stefano’s nose grow?

Daniel wants to make sure Nicole staying with them wouldn't endanger Chloe or the baby.

Let’s break this down. Nicole has an FBI bodyguard. Why? Because someone is probably going to try to kill her. What about Nicole living at the Dan cave DOESN’T endanger Chloe and the baby? Geez!

Sami... Rafe... afterglow... smoochies.

…and where are the most important people in the world to Sami? Her kids are with her grandmother. Those same kids that were ripped from a stable environment - a home that Johnny didn’t want to leave. What if they wake up wanting their daddy or - god forbid - their mother? Mommy is no where to be found because the selfish bimbo is after glowing with her stud muffin boyfriend.

Melanie asks if Nathan is OK. "I don't know," says the crippled surgeon.

I hope the malpractice insurance is up to date.

"Come on Will, you can't buy that!"

"What," asks Will, "That Stefano didn't know about this?"

"No," says Caroline, "That Lucas has figured out how to use a telephone."


Rafe tells her it was a dream.

Since Sami is dreaming about Sydney, Rafe should insist that Sami be with her kids, but he won’t. Now that she’s awake he’s probably hoping for seconds.

Degarmentification - another excellent addition to the Prevuze lexicon!! If Sami doesn’t win the delusional mother-of-the-year award, I don’t know who will. The writers should be proud of themselves. They have managed to turn a spunky, resourceful Sami into an incredibly loathsome and ignorant character. Give yourselves a hand guys!! You really deserve it. Bleh!

8:19 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

A nurse helps with the preparations. "You realize you're only getting to operate solo so soon because you are a Horton," says Nurse Snarko.

Well that, and the writers have absolutely no respect for the intelligence level of their audience. My God, Nathan is a first year resident and not even a surgical resident at that. And he's doing a SOLO surgery with a NURSING STUDENT?? Is someone at Salem Hospital trying to set up a malpractice suit big enough to shut the place down?

She asks him if he can find out if it was Phillip. Ian asks, "If I could?" "If you could," says Stephanie, "I will help Phillip keep his secret."

Think how much better you could keep a secret if you kept your nose out of things and just LET IT BE!

Steph was lucky Nathan was busy flirting with someone else's life or death. He could have dropped by the apartment to find Ian, who Stephanie had sworn he'd never see there again.

The SAFE instant bedification - I can't even go there.

Loved all the pictures, especially Stan the Man and Rafe saying it for Sami.

Go, Monday! No, really, go away already.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice "Phelanie"? Is that pronounced like felony?

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think anybody can break down today's show better than Leslie did. Between Daniel wanting to "protect" Chloe and still having a woman with an FBI bodyguard move in and the "safe" sex, today's show isn't even a zapper episode for me. I have no plans of watching it at all.

Thanks Prevuze for taking the bullet for us loyal (but out of luck) EJami fans.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Maggie mae said...

Joining the Sami is deadtome club.

She and Rafe can get naked, screw all the time and let someone else raise her and Lucas' kids.

EJ can raise his own.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami overhears and wants to know what about it is her fault. Sami must have the memory of a lobotomized mayfly.

Good call. I didn't even watch the show today, and I doubt I'll watch tomorrow. How is it all Sami's fault? Hmm, let's see:

1. She slept with EJ, not under duress, but fully aware of everything she was doing.
2. Found out she was pregnant, and miracle of miracles, at least on Days, knew immediately that it must be EJ's baby.
3. Didn't tell EJ about the baby, not because of EJ, but because of Stefano.
4. Tried to pull off some bs story about how she adopted Grace while she was in witness protection.
5. STILL didn't tell EJ about the baby until Grace was dead. And she did that because she wanted to hurt him for being with Nicole.
And now, SHE'S the only victim in this farce? Wow, are these writers stupid. Not interested in watching Sami and Rafe paw at each other. Thank you, Days, for completely ruining my all-time favorite female character and turning her into someone I despise-her mother.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God, this recap is horrible (sorry you had to actually take the hit for the rest of us, Prevuze). Sami gets laid by Rafe w/i 30 minutes of calling off her wedding to EJ??? Pretty sure you guys can save me a seat at the Sami is 'deadtome' table. Boy, Ken Corday really loves his wife. He's sending this show straight to cancellation with SAFE. There is no chemistry between Sami and the Starfish. Do TPTB not see this?
PS-thanks for Stan :-)

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that HATES EJ? Forever and a DAY???? Sami and Rafe really do they will need to amp up the story line or have them move out of town. I still think SAFE should become PI's and do investigations. Then we'd have the bickering we just love from Sami claiming she knows best where this lead goes............

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG. SAFE is worse than I thought. Sami leaving the kids with Caroline so they can boink is disgusting. The pub was empty why couldn't Sami stay there with her kids. Cause with RAFE get on Sami good side and you get some. With Rafe sex comes first. Sami's the monster here not EJ. Any decent mother would want to stay with her kids. Not leave them to go to Raftster's dwelling to boink. Come on KC your wife loves SAFE but it will end days. EJ is a mess but SAFE celebrate by boinking. The Safe Sex stunk. He couldn't even seem real holding Sami when they kissed today.

Spoiler here.

If Sami shoots EJ leaves him for dead and goes back to climb back in Rafe's bed, she deserves to lose her kids. I hope EJ remembers and gives the kids the love they deserve while Sami gives it to Rafe, But you love SAFE. Child negect is a federal offense SAFE but KC's wife and the few Safe fans loves this.

Done ranting. SAFE sucks!!!

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SAFE only equals SEX.

How can anyone condone SAFE sex in a hotel room while your kids are asleep in strange surroundings without their dad to confort them.. SAfe fans child neglect really is a federal offense.

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SAFE fans enjoy. You got what you wanted. SAFE back together boinking while Sami's kids are being neglected. To make it even worse Sami was going to marry EJ about what 1/2 hour before boinking Mr FBI. Confirming your love for one another cannot be an excuse for neglecting your kids. Sorry .One poster said if they had Rafe wanting to boink they would not hesitate in complying. That poster must not have any kids. Go SAFE (NOT)

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice "Phelanie"? Is that pronounced like felony?
Yup! :) Phelanie is my favorite couple name, next to Chill(Chad+Will), which, so far, exists only in my imagination. ;)

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ALL I can say is " THANK GOD IT IS OVER" With the Kidnapping CRAP. Now we have to go threw the B-O-R-I-N-G BURIED ALIVE CRAP AGAIN.

WHY would ANYONE Root for EJ? A man (PUNK) who rapes, kills, Lies, Makes EVERYONES life miserable, but most of ALL USES HIS OWN KIDS AS HIS PAWN. And LIED about his daughter being DEAD. (B carful with the fire U play w/ it just might BURN U AND and the wishes may just come true)...How can U EJami fans Love a man who does the things he does to his kids. DO U ALL HATE KIDS. WHAT WOULD U DO IF IT WERE UR KIDS AND THIS B****** WAS DOING THIS TO U AND UR KIDS. I BET UR TUNES would Change REAL FAST.

I think ALL EJAMI fans should take another look. You think EJ is to Good for Sami???? Put the shoes on your own feet and see what U would do if it were u. if U can still say that then .... Well what can I say...

To the writers PLEASE don't carry this buried ALIVE CRAP out forever U R losing EVERYONE'S intrest. Can't U come up w/anything NEW> Do U have to OVER USE EVERYTHING U HAVE ALREADY DONE A 100 TIMES. GEt some new writers in there or lose ur Fans.


7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umm it's only a soap opera not real life. Some people just don't get it. Rape kill lie get over it. Once again it is only soap opera. I want acting (Ejami)not boring boinking (Safe).

4:30 PM  

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