Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Does The Whole Police Force Have The Same Last Name?

The aftermath of Sami's wedding disaster plays out in the DiMera rumpus room. Frustrated Sami tells Rafe she hopes he's happy for ruining her wedding. "I'm anything but happy," says Rafe, "Or the life of the party." Sami goes into high gear and lectures. Rafe says he thinks EJ is trying to figure out what he has on him.

Sami grits her teeth, "In my soul I am sick to death of this thing you have about EJ."

"Well it's over," says Rafe. He turns to EJ, "I've been chasing dead leads but now I have proof."

"Proof," asks EJ.

"For a long time we both knew what you did," says Rafe, "but I knew I needed proof because Sami wouldn’t believe it. Guess what? I've got it. It's over."

Roman and Bo come into the courtroom as Roman tells him what happened at the wedding. Baker comes in. Bo and Roman stare. Bo growls, "Hope didn't know what she was doing but this scum did."

Vivian and Victor are at the pub going through pictures of sarcophagi. "You are what the Greeks call... crazy," says Victor, "but what led you to believe we need one of these?"

"Divine inspiration," chirps Vivian. More like divine comedy. Maggie walks in. Divine coincidence?

Nicole rushes into the Kiriakis mansion den and says Henderson let her in. before Brady can throw her out, Nicole blurts, "This is a matter of life and death!"

EJ claims Rafe has recruited his bureau friends and manufactured evidence. Rafe says he didn't manufacture anything. Pushy-shovey-slappy ensues.

Bo asks, "Did Baker know he drew Davis as a judge? Davis thinks Attila the Hun should be given leniency because he had a bad childhood."

Baker turns and says, "I thought police commissioners were supposed to be impartial. But I guess I understand your anger. You must be drowning in the insecurity of your life. Does the word clueless mean anything to you?"

"I hear it a lot," says Bo. Purshy-shovey-slappy ensues.

Nicole tells Brady EJ is going to kill her.

Sami separates the boys. Rafe drops the bomb, "It was him Sami. EJ ordered Anna to kidnap Sydney!"

Carly joins Bo and Roman. Roman thinks Baker taunted Bo and Bo Bo took the bait, "One more screw-up like that and Baker could walk. Think of Hope."

"Hope is all I think of," says Bo. Carly turns to the want-ads and starts looking for an apartment.

Victor sees Maggie, "Why don't you come over here and look at the pictures of these beautiful sarcophagi?"

"I'll be you say to all the girls," says Maggie.

Maggie takes a look at the pictures and expresses her approval. "That means a lot to me," says Vivian.

Stunned Sami stammers, "What did you say?"

EJ answers, "He said I told Anna to take Sydney."

"That's right," says Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, "In fact he paid her handsomely to torment you."

"This is delusional," says EJ.

Sami says Rafe hates EJ so he made this up. Rafe insists, "He did it. To you."

"No," says Sami, "We're waiting until we're married."

EJ asks, "If I did all these rotten things to Samanther, why would I ask her to marry me?"

"I can give you two reasons..." says Rafe. He runs through the events leading up to EJ bringing Sydney back, "How did he know where she was? He never told us that."

Sami turns, "EJ, you wouldn't do that to me."

EJ stammers, "I didn't. I went through that with you." He turns to Rafe, "I've had enough of you. Enough!"

The Ejamis in the audience yell, "US, TOO!" The Safes retaliate with thousands of flying Jujubes.

"Either leave or I will throw you out," says EJ.

"I'll go," says Rafe. He pulls out the recorder, "but not until Samantha listens to this."

Judge William Davis comes into the courtroom and announces the case of the people vs. Richard Baker. Baker's attorney moves to dismiss. The state claims Baker's attorney is grandstanding. Davis wants to hear the attorney for the defense.

Bo growls, "If the judge doesn't do his job, I will. I'll make sure that SOB pays for what he did."

Brady is skeptical. Nicole says EJ could lose everything because of what she did, "I gave Rafe the proof he needs to put him away."

EJ insists Rafe has rigged something up. "You listen," says Rafe, "You decide." Rafe starts the recording. Sami listens. EJ paces. Nicole gives the preamble and talks about hiding while Stefano and EJ talked that night in the mansion.

Prosecutor Jenkins completes her examination of Roman. The counsel for the defense asks what Roman's relationship is to Hope. "Sister-in-law," says Roman, proud that he could remember.

"And who was the lead detective on the case for the muggings," asks the attorney.

Roman says, "Hope was in charge of the muggings." In more ways than one.

The attorney continues, "And she is in custody for the crimes my client is accused of." Judge Davis calls the lawyers into his chambers. Roman tells Bo he has to go back to the station. Carly goes to check messages.

Baker and Bo. Together again for the first time. "I'll think of something to do," says disgusted Bo as he leaves.

Maggie sits with Victor and Vivian at the pub. They talk about sarcophagi. Victor suggests not everyone shares Vivian's enthusiasm for that subject. Vivian gets a call from the designer and gushes about the beauty of her creation.

Nicole tells Brady about breaking in to the DiMera mansion. Brady presses for details. He seethes and accuses Nicole of planting evidence about Arianna. Nicole stops him and says she heard them say EJ paid Anna to kidnap Sydney. Brady doesn't believe it. Nicole says she recorded it and blackmailed EJ, "Upon reflection, not my best move."

"You are unbelievable," says Brady, "Did you stop to think you might owe Sami after everything you put her through?"

"Rafe is going to stop the wedding," whines Nicole.

"What wedding," asks Brady.

"Rafe is going to play the CD there and EJ's going to figure out I'm the one who gave Rafe the CD and he's going to kill me."

EJ says, "Putting Nicole on tape doesn't mean she's not a liar." Putting Nicole on tape usually saves the lies for posterity.

Rafe asks, "Look, if I was going to make something up, don't you think I would have done it earlier? I wanted you to know what a sick bastard he is because I love you."


Bo tells Baker he should have stayed dead. Baker turns, "Guard, aren't you supposed to protect me." The guard goes back to his nap.

Bo sneers, "If the judge lets you free I will make sure you pay."

"Hope was already off the rails before she met me," says Baker. Bo accuses him of seeing the condition she was in and taking advantage of that. "I saw your house," says Baker, "You had everything. I have to live with what I did and so do you, jerk."

Nicole says she is scared. Brady says she should be. He advises her to call the cops. Nicole says she can't because she would implicate herself. Brady says prison might be the safest place for her. Nicole refuses to turn herself in. "Maybe I should do it for you," says Brady.

EJ invites Rafe to leave. Rafe invites EJ to shove it. Sami says Nicole may have convinced Rafe, but not her. Rafe insists he has never lied to her but that's all EJ does. He reminds her EJ said he would stop at nothing to get his children back, "Who are you going to believe?"

Davis says the motion to dismiss is denied. Jenkins calls Bo Brady to the stand. Baker asks, "Does the whole police force have the same last name?"

Bo takes the stand. Jenkins asks his relationship to Hope. Bo says she's his wife and is now in custody. Jenkins asks if Hope tried to take his life. "Yes," says Bo, "And Baker is the doctor who tried to convince my wife to kill me."

Baker's attorney leaps up, "Objection! Hearsay!"

Gus joins Vivian in the crypt.

Brady says he should turn Nicole in. He kisses her forehead, "I'm done with you."

As Brady leaves the room, Victor stands there and applauds, "Nicole, you look devastating. I think I'll have a drink to celebrate."

EJ says Rafe is right about him, or at least the man he used to be, "I'm not that person anymore. You know that."

"I know," whimpers Sami.

Rafe taunts, "He's changed right?"

Sami blows her stack, "Oh shut up! The last time I saw you, you were naked in bed with Nicole. I listened. You asked me to listen and I stopped my wedding and I did. But I will never take Nicole at her word. She's a liar and a bitch. Just go. Before EJ has to throw you out."

"Sorry," says Dudley Doright, "I can't do that. Because there is more."

The defense attorney says Bo is trying to assuage his guilt. The prosecutor objects, but Bo insists on addressing that. Bo apparently has a vacancy on the top floor. "There is nothing I or anyone else could do to assuage my guilt." He stares at Baker, "I hope you never find out what it's like to love someone and admire them and then have them slip into hell and realize you are responsible. Hope was a wonderful mother. She loved me, but in the end she was very lost. And I wasn't (say it with him) there for her." Baker squirms. Bo wraps it up, "You manipulated her. You are a parasite. You will pay for what you did to my wife." They escort Bo from the stand before he hits critical mass.

"There is so much more to a woman than her boobs. Unfortunately." -Dr. Daniel Jonas

Brady orders a scotch at the pub. Maggie calls him on it.

"It's not fair to have a sponsor who hangs out in bars," says Brady, "Maybe you should dump me. I'm not the guy you thought I was. Like they say in the movies, 'No more Mr. Nice Guy.'"

"They don't say that in the movies," says Maggie, "They only say it in bad soap operas."

Victor says he is delighted he heard Brady tell Nicole to kiss off, "My day is just turning into lollipops and rainbows. Did I hear EJ will kill you? I suppose that means agent Hernandez was successful. I delivered you up to him."

EJ insists this is over. Rafe asks, "What if you heard this from EJ himself? Would you believe that?"

EJ makes the Big Bang look like a wet firecracker, "YOU SON OF A..." Sami stops him. Rafe pulls out the CD.

Davis tells Bo he came close to contempt. I think Bo went way past contempt a long time ago. Davis orders Prosecutor Jenkins to keep her witnesses under control.

Bo wonders if he screwed up the case. Carly thinks he made a valid point. Jenkins checks her notes and announces that the state rests.

"I guess she thinks she has enough to nail him," says Bo.

"Then why is she waving a white flag," asks Carly. The defense calls Hope to the stand.

Vivian lies on the floor of the crypt, "How do I look?"

"Dead," says Gus.

"Sometimes I think I have a mean streak," says Vivian, "I ordered a pink pillow. Maggie will lie in eternity with her red hair clashing with that pillow — Tacky in perpetuity."

Brady changes to a club soda, "Happy?"

"What do you want," asks Maggie, "a dog yummy? I saw you were upset when you came in. You're not supposed to go to the nearest bar when you have a rough patch."

"I was not doing coke," says Brady.

"Am I supposed to be impressed," asks Maggie.

"You are one tough cookie," says Brady.

"That's the way we serve them at Chez Rouge," says Maggie, "I think we need to go to a meeting."

"Fine," says Brady, "It's not like I have a date." Maggie asks what he's upset about. Brady says he found out Victor was right and he was wrong, "I hate that."

Vic tells Nicole about his conversation with Rafe, "What do you think EJ has in store for you? Cement shoes? Or a garrotte? How can I kill thee... let me count the ways. Call Vivian. she'll help you pick out your coffin."

EJ insists this is manufactured. Sami wants to hear it, "Play it, Rafe."

And the Emmy for dragging out drama ad infinitum goes to... another soap opera.

And the Emmy for dragging out crap ad infinitum goes to... Days Of Our Lives

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Anonymous Frustrated in Salem said...

It hurts to just read it, never mind WATCH it. I've got nothing else to say.

3:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, Maggie, Victor and Vivian are all given the best lines for Wednesday, lol.... I can't wait to see it.

Thanks so much.

5:40 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Bo growls, "Hope didn't know what she was doing but this scum did."

I knew it. Dr. Baker was going to have to take the fall for Hope, and, once again, the terrific John Callahan will be exiting stage right. Of course, Bo doesn’t realize that Dr. Baker attempted to be Hopeless’ moral compass, and the smarmy doctor even fell in love with her. Love? I knew there was a little something off about Dr. B but I digress. If Bo hadn’t – ahem – reconnected with Carly, Hope wouldn’t have been taking sleeping pills, and her alter ego wouldn’t have attempted to flame broil Bo’s cheating butt.

"Divine inspiration," chirps Vivian. More like divine comedy. Maggie walks in. Divine coincidence?

Divine internment – DOOL is heading for a buried alive part deux storyline.

Nicole tells Brady EJ is going to kill her.

Really? You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger, and you don't mess around with the DiMeras. Nicole should have been fish food long ago.

“Samanther, why would I ask her to marry me?"

"I can give you two reasons..." says Rafe.

I’ve got to hand it to you Prevuze. I didn’t think I would find anything funny about the Synapping reveal but you made me laugh.

Prosecutor Jenkins completes her examination of Roman.

I hope she wasn’t playing doctor, because that’s too frightening to contemplate. In fact, I will probably need a prescription for something to purge those conjured up images from my subconscious.

"I saw your house," says Baker, "You had everything. I have to live with what I did and so do you, jerk."

You tell him Dr. Baker!!!!

And the Emmy for dragging out crap ad infinitum goes to... Days Of Our Lives.

It’s more like Weeks of Days of Our Lives. By the time the wedding day is finally over, Sami’s dress will have gone out of style. To get through the rest of the reveal, I think I'm going to need to meet Brady at the Pub to pound a dozen or so brewskies. This could take days, weeks, months, years, etc.

5:41 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

"You are what the Greeks call... crazy,"...Got that right! The Greeks sure have a lot of wisdom...

"Nicole tells Brady EJ is going to kill her."...WHEN???

"Hope is all I think of, says Bo."...and then I have a flashback of that extra-marrital Carbo romping, and I forget all about her!

Rafe insists, "He did it. To you." "No," says Sami, "We're waiting until we're married."...LOL! St. Sami has a point!

"I'll go," says Rafe...."but not until Samantha listens to this."...The Rafester gets 2 points on his report card for remembering the use of her proper name...He's a genius, I tell ya!

"SLAP!"...I was wondering if that was comming. Sami always delivers!

"And Baker is the doctor who tried to convince my wife to kill me."...and the problem is??? It was damm sound advice he gave her!

OMG Prevuze!...Loved the Dr. Jonas quote! So true...

"EJ makes the Big Bang look like a wet firecracker"...EJ the "volcano" and Sami the "tsunami"...No wonder they can't get it together. Talk about a natural disaster ready to occur!

"Vic tells Nicole about his conversation with Rafe, What do you think EJ has in store for you? Cement shoes? Or a garrotte? How can I kill thee... let me count the ways. Call Vivian. she'll help you pick out your coffin."...Boy, that Victor sure has 'em lined up and comming! I'm loving his snark!

Sami wants to hear it, "Play it, Rafe."...and so starts the demise of EJ & Sami! Don't worry EJ, you're much better off! Let's see, Gizele Bundchen got married last year...but I hear Jennifer Aniston's still single! Well, there's that Gerard Butler guy... but surely a hot Brit can outdo an Aussie in the romance department(England being the land of Shakespeare & all :) Plus, you'd be working with your father-in-law....Just one big happy family!

Only jesting!...I know, the children would NOT be happy...

Happy Tuesday everyone!

6:18 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

So, the first five minutes of the show is a repeat of the last five minutes of yesterday's episode. They've been doing that a lot recently. I guess it does cut down the amount of "original" {used sarcastically} material they have to write every day.

“Does the word clueless mean anything to you?"

Love that Dr. Baker. He’s the modern-day “fool” in this kingdom of DAYS, tweaking the noses of Brady royalty when no one else dares. LOL

"Sometimes I think I have a mean streak," says Vivian,…

Ya think? LOL

"I ordered a pink pillow. Maggie will lie in eternity with her red hair clashing with that pillow — Tacky in perpetuity."

Being a red-head myself I can vouch for that. Priceless!

Loved Will's text message and the witness make-sure-you-use-protection program.

Only Prevuze makes this drivel worth reading.

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

Let me get this straight. Rafe loves Sami so much that he was willing to let her marry EJ unless he got proof he was behind the sydnapping. And if Nicole hadn't gotten conveniently stupid, and he didn't snoop thru her purse, he would have let the marriage happen?I'm sure to Rafe, there's a logic but I can't wrap my head around it.

Whatever, sick and tired of Corday kissing one Galen Gerhings butt.

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I had to chuckle with the SLAP! In a lack of sleep induced haze I was trying to decide if Sami slapped EJ, Rafe or that actually went with the next paragraph and Bo slapped Baker. Which brings me to.....

Yay!! So glad to see Dr. Baker back. If there are any soap gods reading this please have Pard's warning come true - - that Bo loses what little self control he has and in one big tooth-gritting-snarlfest gets not only the case against Baker dismissed but a contempt of court charge for himself. Please please please!! At the very least I hope Baker's lawyer brings up he's the one who saved the dummy with the 911 call. I wish Baker would be on permanenely. Especially with Victor-like dialogue such as the police force all having the same last name.

Speaking of Victor, LOL over his best line:"Call Vivian. She'll help you pick out your coffin."

Loved the Sergeant Preston and Dudley Doright references and pictures today. Dudley I know, the other was before my time. HAHAHA Thanks, Prevuze! :D

8:42 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

So, the first five minutes of the show is a repeat of the last five minutes of yesterday's episode. They've been doing that a lot recently. I guess it does cut down the amount of "original" {used sarcastically} material they have to write every day.

Y'know, today was so close I even wondered if they were replaying yesterday's ending.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with a comment from yesterday's Prevuze about Sami's red lipstick, hair and dress. Were the wardrobe people intentionly trying to make her look less than beautiful? I certainly have seen her look prettier.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous tess said...

Thanks prevuze for giving me a place to check up on the show. This epi once again confirms the reason I stopped watching 6 months ago, its a big pile of steaming 'sh*t', it couldn't possibily stink any worse. Sadly by the looks of it nothing is improving. Rafe is still the lamest selfrighteous superhero that makes everyone nauseous. Anna who brought a brief flare of life to the show is again mia. No sign of Tony or lost veterans. Just the same old triangles that revolve round and round. Sami never grows up. Nicole is as pathetic as ever since DH took over the writing. What a shame this show used to be so entertaining and had me on the edge of my seat.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Prevuze - let me contribute a Prevuism for tomorrow's episode. I just watched Prevuze II. After Bo yells "You gotta stop! She's suffered enough!" please add but not as much as the audience.

You're welcome.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just can't believe ( among so many other things) That Sami has forgotten that EJ Raped Her!!!

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also love dr. Baker-I hope he stays on DOOL.. He has a personality about him..

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea and EJ shot John Black too!! Her stepfather!!!Unbelievable what we are expected to buy!!Bring back John and Marlena!!

2:09 PM  
Anonymous NeeNee said...

Bulldog, it was a 50's show, "Sgt. Preston of the Yukon." He tromped around in the Canadian wilds, bringing villains to justice. Often seen at the helm of a dogsled with his trusty canine, King (as I recall).

What I remember most about this show is that it was sponsored by Quaker Oats cereals. At one point, they actually offered ONE.SQUARE.INCH of Yukon Territory if you mailed in so many boxtops.

Deeds were numbered consecutively following a master plan that made its "point of beginning" the northwest corner of the 19 acres. If you wanted to find a certain lot number, theoretically you would start at the northwest corner, go X number of inches east, then go X number of inches south, and there it would be. Theoretically.

Twenty-one million deeds were printed, and the ad campaign was launched on the Sergeant Preston radio show on January 27, 1955. Ads ("You'll actually own one square inch of Yukon land in the famous gold country!") appeared in 93 newspapers.

The campaign was a sensational success. The specially-marked ("Get Free Gold Rush Land Today!") boxes of Quaker Oats cereal fairly flew off of grocers' shelves. Before long, they were all gone.
Meanwhile, letters poured in to Quaker Oats offices. New landowners wanted to know where their land was located, how much it was worth, and "is there gold there?" One kid sent in four toothpicks and some string, requesting his inch be fenced.

In Buffalo, NY, newspapers carried a story about a man being tried for murdering his wife with an ice pick. On the third day of trial, the defense attorney made a motion to be removed from the case. Turned out the attorney had been promised to be paid with "land in the Yukon," only to learn this "land" consisted of his client's collection of 1,000 "Big Inch" deeds.

Unfortunately, no one paid taxes on the 19 acres, and in 1965 it was sold by the Canadian government for an arrearage of $37.20. According to an August 2000 article in the Whitehorse Star newspaper, "a Quaker Oats spokesman in Chicago claims the company never received a tax bill." Maybe "Yukon King" ate it.

Meanwhile, the "Klondike Big Inch Land Co." was quietly dissolved in 1966.

To this day, inquiries still come to Quaker Oats (now a division of Pepsico), and the Canadian government, about "Big Inch" deeds. According to Steven Horn, Chief Legislative Counsel for the Department of Justice in the Yukon, inquiries typically come from lawyers representing estates with assets including one or more of the deeds, and they always get the same answer: The deeds are and always were "unregisterable."

UPDATE: A "Big Inch" deed now fetches up to $40 on the collectible market, and they are suitable for framing.

So whatcha think? Could be the next DOOL plot!

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Gerri said...

So this thrilling announcement of Mr. FBoreI's is going to drag on for yet a few more days? Oh, joy. The thought of seeing that smirk on his face day after day delights me more than than words can express [yeah, right]. I keep wondering why, oh, why EJ & Stefano haven't had Rafe taken out? I wish someone would before he bores me to death.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG can we let this so called rape go. Sami made a deal to save Lucas. Pleeease let this go. It's not healthy. Umm this was what four years ago. I quote Sami "EJ GAVE ME TWO KIDS" and I love him for it. I repeat she loves EJ for it. Besides it is only a soap opera not real life. Some people take these way to serious.

I like a good love story where the actors have chemistry. SAFE not. Boring.

Ejami chemistry off the charts. They have not once been boring.

The look so great together.

The forbidden love Brady and DiMera such possibilites.

Brady and Hernadez nothing. where's the possibilities????

I guess Mr FBI will have to quit or retire to be a family man . Than what?? What adventure can they have? Ejami tons Italy England anywhere. Stefano and Sami, Kate and Sami good stuff could be made with this.

But us Ejami lovers get shafted again cause Mrs. Corday loves SAFE. BORING .let's see how the ratings drop. But if they go up it will be because me like others want to see what happens with EJ. But the credit will be given to SAFE. Not the ones who deserve it .The SAFE fans will be in heaven. I'll be in h#*%. I will watch to see who shot EJ in cold blood and JS's acting. Which I know will be fantastic. Not because I want to see SAFE. The Ejami viewers are not going to enjoy seeing EJ at death door while Safe boinks and plays house with EJ's his kids (whenever they are not with a baby sitter) I got to give credit where credit is due everytime it was EJ's turn to get the kids they were not with babysitters . He spent more time will all Sami kids than her and Rafe did. Allie loves him, Syd and Johnnie love him. Will at times he seems ok with EJ. Hell Allie and Johnnie barely know RAFE and neither does anyone else. But people love the mysterious non acting macho no respect rafe. He didn't even try to help his own flesh and blood Ari. Who did EJ. Rafe was too busy trying to prove he is Mr Right as usual. Come on SAFE fans how would you feel if your brother didn't give a rat's a** about you just to prove himself the main man so he could get between Sami's U now what.

He did absolutely nothing for his sister when he came back. He said drop EJ I'll help. He didn't did he SAFE fans.

Done ranting.

I will love Ejami until the show ends. But if they keep showing SAFE boinking on the screen I'm done.

Porn can be watched on other channels. That is why I would ff when Brady and Ari were on.

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Berg said...

Just can't believe ( among so many other things) That Sami has forgotten that EJ Raped Her!!! The freaks really do come out at night.

Seriously, didn't Sami pose as a murderer as a man at one point??? And yet somehow we are drawing the line at a bad agreement and arguable at that, rape? Fictional show people, fictional show. Keep moving, nothing to see here.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Nee Nee - Interesting history of Sergeant Preston. Before I got to the bottom I thought "I bet those are worth more as antiques now than they ever were originally" and I was right. HA

Thanks for the back story of it!

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fictional show or not, some will never forget that EJ raped Sami and they have a right to that opinion. No need to be so sensitive about it. Just get over the fact that not everyone loves Ejami or thinks they have chemistry. I'm just glad this ridiculous wedding was stopped. For once on Days, the couple that shouldn't get together actually didn't get married.

different anonymous from above

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Berg said...

different anonymous from above uh yeah sure whatever you say.

I am not sensitive seeing as I realize this is a show and fictional at that. You may need to look that word up in the dictionary next to your picture. You are entitled to your own opinion as am I but my my my I touched a nerve :)

How could I ever forgive Sami for the tale she spun to EJ about his child. Hmmm. No can't forgive her. Oh wait - this is a show. Shows are about redemption and killing that redemption all over again. So whether you are a rapist, baby stealer, murderer, or about as dull as a macaroni statue of a horse (sorry Rafenstein), you get redeemed to only come back and do it again. All the mighty fall on this show at some time or another, just ask Hope. And if you think Rafe is untouchable - think again.

So what if I like EJAMI (though lately I hate Sami so not sure how much longer I will be one)? Since it is a show, I don't take it too seriously like say um others do.

4:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE PREVUZE... THE BEST EVER. And I am SO SO SO GLAD THIS IS ALL COMING TO AN END FINALLY. Was getting ready to quit watching DOOL. so darn boring. I say thank you lord.... THANK YOU..Now lets get on W/the GOOD stuff finally. yeeeaaahhhhh..

6:05 AM  

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