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Embrace The Lunacy Boredom

It certainly has been a frustrating week on DOOL. And just as an aside, there once was a time when "boring" and "frustrating" didn't go hand-in-hand. It was hard for me to keep up with the comments over the past few days since many readers chose to vent those frustrations. And a lot of those frustrations come in the form of complaints that fans who follow specific couples never get any relief from the unending instability of the relationships. And this lead to discussion of the fact that TPTB believe happy couples are boring couples, so they have to keep the love triangles and "musical partners" we see on DOOL continuously churning.

Happy couples are boring couples?

Oh, really?

With the understanding that no couple walks around very long in a state of bliss and total happiness without some bumps along the way, it brought a few couples to mind that might contradict that. For example I guess I'd ask were these "happy" couples boring...

Characters played by Tracy and Hepburn?
Lucy and Ricky?
Fred & Wilma?
The Huxtables?
Bonnie & Clyde?
Mr. & Mrs. Smith?
To get more contemporary, how about that couple in Date Night? Happy? Boring? I don't know myself... haven't seen the movie.

How about Doug and Julie?

I suppose we could debate if any of those couples were really happy or really boring, but I left out one pair that, as far as I can tell, were very happy and very non-boring, and it relates to something I read about DOOL years ago.

At that time Sami was with Lucas. The headwriter back then (Reilly, maybe?) said he was going to take them in a new direction. Best I can remember he said he was going to turn them into a modern day Nick and Nora Charles.

If you are unfamiliar with Nick and Nora, they were a married couple in the Thin Man series from the '30s and '40s who ran around solving crimes and trading wisecracks. William Powell played Nick and Myrna Loy was Nora. The movies are dated and may not be your cup of tea, but generally the films are considered classics and are highly rated. Not boring.

When I read they were going to do that with Lucas and Sami, I kind of panicked. I remember thinking, "OMG! If DOOL gets really good, it will kill Prevuze. What will I have to poke fun at?"

Here's a little Nick and Nora just for fun:

No need to be concerned, though. Sami and Lucas a.k.a. Nick and Nora never materialized. Instead we get the same-o same-o (Sami-o Sami-o) recycled story lines with unstable couples who never can get together and be happy.

Now that's boring.

The writers could do better than this. A good old fashioned love triangle / baby switch / buried alive plot now and then would be great, but it sure would be nice if they would branch out and do something they haven't done before. Until such time I guess we'll just have to embrace the lunacy boredom.

Make sure your weekend isn't... boring that is.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze, you nailed it. Thanks so much,we are all sick of the same ole story lines. wish they would give us something new. Happy Saturday!!!!!!

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for stating this truth. DOOL has been boring since oh, March/April this year - and I say this as an EJAMI fan. I HATE HATE HATE the direction the writers are taking, specific to Sami's character alone. I wrote a similar article for about the overuse of triangles on this show. I recently started watching Y&R, and I have to say - DOOL has some serious work ahead of them to compete with other soaps if they want to continue to be aired. Something MUST be done - what about every day life stories? Again, I reference Y&R, as they have more believable storylines for a soap opera that is. DOOL has been so over the top with its storylines - I'd like to see them be more grounded and a little more realistic, considering it is the soap genre.

5:59 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Let's all stand and give Prevuze a rousing AMEN!

Loved the Script Recyclotron. Another DOOL script-writing secret revealed.

Unfortunately, the Nick & Nora clip wouldn't run for me. I'll have to try it again later. Thanks for the great little Saturday post, Prevuze.

6:01 AM  
Anonymous Berg said...

Pretty soon we will be recycling the passions scripts which means a midget & talking dolls should soon appear (sorry little people).

At this point I would take over Sami:

1. Talking doll
2. Midget
3. Talking doll midget
4. Mr. Ed

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

It was many moons ago but I do remember reading in TV Guide that DOOL was going to go all Nick and Nora with Lucas and Sami. All they ended up with is Asta - a real dog. That is harsh so I apologize to dogs everywhere.

Now we have the latest version of Ken Corday speaks, and he's claiming that we will be seeing more romance. When? What's romantic about the whole praternity test switch? It's just more of the same - plot driven story telling. Kenny C also spoiled we're going to see more of the incredibly romantic quadrangle of EJ/Sami/Rafe/Nicole. Since poor EJ's about to take a bullet to the head, I'm just trying to imagine how this little scenario would play out on the big screen with the likes of Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Matthew McConaughey, and Gerard Butler. Gerard Butler - hmmmmmmmm - 300. Now that's more like it, and let's get Mel Gibson to direct.

How appropriate. My word verification is reduo. DOOL's motto - let's reduo the duos until the viewers are ready to puke. I've got barf bags to spare, and I will share.

Have a great weekend everyone. By the way Berg, you've gone too far insulting Mr. Ed. My horse is very sensitive and is going to be shattered.

6:44 AM  
Blogger vera said...

John and Marlena, Doug and Julie, Steve and Kayla, Shane and Kimberly were never boring. Good story lines back then.

6:53 AM  
Anonymous judy said...

I agree with you , Prevuze, and with all the comments that followed. Soap operas (yes, even DOOL) used to depend on an emotional, romantic pay-off following weeks of scheming by "baddies." True love always won out. Now that never happens. For example, this whole artificial separation of Bo and Hope makes their romantic union -- which used to be fundamentally unshakeable -- highy questionable. When Bo's plans with regards to Ciara's kidnapping worked out, Hope should have been proud of him, not angry because he was right and she was wrong.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous NeeNee said...

So . . . do you think Ken Corday's minions check in here, Prevuze? Or at any other fan site for that matter?

Your Recyclatron list was superb. Except you omitted the "Marlena Possessed" storyline. However, I understand that one is locked in a glass case, next to an axe/next to a sign "break only in event of imminent cancellation."

As a 30-year choir director, music is a big part of my life. And if we look back over the early years of DOOL, it too relied on music to tell the character stories. Doug's Place with chanteuses Trish & Jerri, Liz Chandler belting out "Friends & Lovers" (Kim & Shawn's signature song) and most of all---Bill Hayes serenading his Fair Lady Julie. More recently, they attempted to redo this with Chloe & old Brady.

I remember fondly the storylines that unfolded around a hospital charity show. We got to see Maggie dance (Suzanne Rogers is a former Rockette), and even Dr. Tom performed as a ringmaster.

Now, THOSE were the Days!

8:48 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

So . . . do you think Ken Corday's minions check in here, Prevuze? Or at any other fan site for that matter?

All I can say to that is Prevuze is aimed at DOOL viewers with a higher level of intelligence and I really believe that is what we get in our readers. You may draw your own conclusions.

As far as Corday's minions checking other sites, I really wouldn't know. However, if they are truly interested in viewers opinions and don't check related sites and forums, they're stuipd. You may draw your own conclusions.

I remember fondly the storylines that unfolded around a hospital charity show. We got to see Maggie dance (Suzanne Rogers is a former Rockette), and even Dr. Tom performed as a ringmaster.

Now, THOSE were the Days!

In a way, you could say it's still kind of a circus.

9:37 AM  
Blogger JenH said...

Prevuze, you completely nailed it. I was thinking this all week, but you crystallized it more clearly.

How fun would it be if EJ and Sami would team up for some interesting adventures! Remember when he was confident, charming, and irresistible? Sami was still Sami, of course, but why can't we have them head of to Italy for some mysterious DiMera family something-or-other, rather than the 18 hours of marriage before disaster? I still remember Lucas getting home from prison and finding EJami and thinking to myself, "Really? Not even one damn night?"

But no, the Recylotron must be honored and worshipped.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Prevuze for the Saturday prevue.

As always you come through.

Now to DOOL. Disasters of our Lives

Noone can be happy on this soap. Why?

To many secrets, mistrust deception and interference. Whatever happened to love romance adventure. Oh dummy me the writers.

No creativity no sense of direction no honest loving couples. Ejami could be one heck of a force to reckon with. The Ejami family against darn near all of Salem. Proving that true love can conquer all. A family sticking together against the odds. Can you just imagine the stories adventures they could have. Two families Brady/DiMera enemies for years joined together by the love between Sami and Ej. A mother and father who would give their lives to protect their kids from the evils of the world. Raising them good and honest. Like normal people. Yes Ejami have done horrible things to each other and others but their love for their kids changed both of them. Sami told Will and I quote "EJ GAVE ME" two beautiful children and I love him for it. The writers could do soo much with this couple. AS and JS chemistry is off the charts. I have not seen this much on screen chemistry in years. Not since KA and PR along with MBE and SN. The possiblies are endless.

But no they have to pimp Rafe. He is boring and has no chemistry with Sami. The locker room was disgusting. Rafe was pawing her manhandling her. Almost forcing her to kiss him. IT WAS NOT HOT at all. Some people say you shouldn't bash the actor it's bad writing. I disagree. At least not in the case of GG. Hes nice looking but honestly not the best actor in the world. He wasn't on Passions either. Not comparing the two but basically acting may not be for him. The writing is horrible for everyone on the show but if you are an "actor" you can make up for it. JS does it AS does Az does . JM does Lk does PR does KA does JJ does CC does. I could go on but I think you get my point. But I apologize again GG can't act. The only one he had some not so boring emotions with was LH.

I know my Ejami is ending soon (bad writing) I am disappointed to be gentle about it. But for those who want SAFE happy happy joy joy but boring boring boring.

Perfect example of why SAFE shouldn't be the endgame. I read EJ gets shot and Mr. FBI is quite upset that Sami goes to his bedside to be with him.. For goodness sake she loves him. She wants him in her life. He will always be in her life. EJ has been there for Sami since he came on the show in 2006. He's her rock. No matter how many times they separate they always come back to together. They need each other. Ej and Sami are better people when they are together. Can't you see that Mr. FBI . You are so good at figuring out everything else why not this. I hope she leaves his bed as soon as they are done having sex (thats all he really seems to want. Don't tell me otherwise after his little stint on New Years Eve I knew. Sydney's missing and he buys champagne and wants to boinks Sami.

If my baby was kidnapped and the man who says he loves me only has sex and champagne on his mine a red flag would go up for me. Time out buddy. Geez. I know bad writing again blah blah blah.

Done ranting.

Have a great weekend everyone

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

NeeNee - to this day I cannot hear the song "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" without thinking of Doug and Julie. He's such a good singer and that was their song, which he sang often on DOOL. Good memories of when Daze was really great.

Loved the Nick and Nora clips! I admit I've never seen any of their movies. I think the closest DOOL ever came to anything like that are some of Victor's lines to Vivian. And a few years back I really liked the film noir thing they did in black and white. Now, to me that was pretty clever. Why can't they at least try something like that more often? Is it just budget issues, lazy writers or both?

Thanks for an entertaining Saturday edition, Prevuze. And happy rest of the weekend everyone.

PS: word verification: imiscu as in "good old DOOL days, imiscu."

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you left out "fall down a staircase & die" story line

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EJamie is dead; long live Safe! Enter Lucas stage Right. Long live Lumie! Around and around we go once again! I would think Sami has whiplash by all of the things the writers put her through. Good thing she has a night job to keep her sane.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Anonymous - or the "fall UP the staircase and die" like someone did in ATWT. HA

6:49 PM  
Anonymous CJ said...

Nick and Nora with Lucas and Sami would have worked perfectly. They always traded wisecracks and were always in everybody's business.

Plus, who enjoyed barbs and snitty talk as much as those two. Instead they decided let's have Lucas frown all the time and Sami cry. Let's make sure Lucas never knows what's Sami's upto even though he normally can read her like a comic book.

Great way to ruin an almost 2-decade long connection. It's still not too late, DOOL to fix it.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recognize Arianne Zucker aka Nicole is excellent. I think they have overused her character for the last couple of years. I think the whole story with Hope, etc. is dull and a waste of time, she will probably get no time at all and all her victims love her. The story with Stephanie, Philip, Nathan, Daniel, Carly, Chloe and the whole world is really dull and tiresome, a replay from every soap opera's re-used story book.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Maggie and Victor story line expanding. Vivian Alamain is a good bad guy, maybe she should fall in love with Roman or someone else. If we are lucky, maybe she will do Hope in. I think Gus is a hopeful character to be incorporated more into the story, whether he goes to work for Victor or what, or if it is discovered he is someone's unknown kid. That would kind of add something new to the story.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous NeeNee said...

How often does Days change writers? Does anybody get more than a year before they're replaced? After the network started shrinking the credits down to 4 pt. type (to hype some prime time show)during the endroll, I haven't tried to view the identity of the scribes.

Anyway . . . Either they are given little character history, or they blatantly rewrite Days gone by.
Very frustrating for us long-time, 40+ year viewers!

Lucas & Sammi always seemed to find their way back to each other. AND had steamy, hot love scenes.
I think it would make perfect sense for Sammi to turn to Lucas. EJ deceived her & tortured her by taking Sydney. And Rafe just doesn't seem to have long-term patience like Lucas has.

I'm still two full months behind watching VCR tapes of Days, and am just now watching the aftermath of Alice's funeral. After watching interaction between Mags & NuBill Horton, it occurred to me that here would be a fresh storyline. If Jennifer is returning, Dr. Bill could, too.

I see on a spoiler site that Vivian is plotting to inter Maggie in Isabella's sarcophagus. Wouldn't this be a great storyline to involve Maggie, Victor AND potential suitor, Bill Horton??

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that Mr. Boring goes on bended knee before Sami. If this rumor is true and it is right after EJ gets shot, I will HATE Mr. Boring. That would be the most disgusting vile inhuman thing anyone could do.

I hope it is not true.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

Anonymous, that sounds exactly like something Mr. Sensitive would do.

I would also love to stand up and cheer the other Anonymous post about the awful writing and the destruction of Sami in particular and Ejami in general.

No amount of trashing either of them separately or together will make me think of Safe as anything more than watching paint dry, okay, I'd rather paint walls in the middle of summer than watch Sami boink Rafe, which seems to be their entire relationship.

Wow, my word verification is destures, Corday is determed to destures DAYS.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

P.S. I can't wait to read your summary of "The Event".

That should be a keeper.

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with DOOL is that (from what I heard KC wife loves Safe. That tells it all

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

She married KC so what does that tell ya?

Just saying.

4:13 AM  
Anonymous tws1978 said...

I´m late for this, but I respectfully disagree with most of your points. First, nearly all your examples of happy non-boring couples are from movies. You know, those which takes only 90 to 120 mins to finish and the happy ending is followed by nice gold lettered sign saying "The End." But did you ever tried to imagine if you had to continue with that story because the viewers love the characters and want to know what happens next? There is a reason why almost none romantic movie/comedy has a successfull sequel.

DAYS and GH years ago came with the supercouple concept and it was wonderfull and successfull and many of the couples still have a massive following, but there is a reason why the shows decided to abandon it. Because supercouples are almost like a fairytales. They are destined to end together, they have to face astounding obstacles before their love wins and the writers invests all their creativity to make us believe they are perfect for each other. Finally, there is the big wedding, the newlywed kisses and everything is just screaming for the big "And they lived happily ever after..." finale, except this is not the end, there is another episode tomorrow and next month and next year and now the writers have to somewhat explain these two really aren´t perfect, there will be new troubles and new conflicts and sometime even new people. This is a huge letdown. What´s worse, evenv the best written supercouple story takes max. 2 to 3 years to fullfill, but if the characters are popular and the actors young the show would like to use them 10, 15 maybe even more years. That means they would be locked in a relationship with the same partner for more than 3/4 of their run.

Even Doug/Julie, as the first DAYS supercouple ever, had to face that. Julie divorced and married Doug three times, including one of the most cliché reason ever, because her face was mutilated and she was afraid Doug would not love her anymore, so she ran and started a new life with a new man under a different name. Sounds familiar?

And finally, there is the old "higher stakes make story more interesting" rule. People always say how they would love to see some less outthere, more everyday stories, but they are first who complain how boring the show is if the show even attempts that. Why? Because we want to see the characters risk their life or atleast their love, not if they will be promoted now or year later, or if they finish some "important" contract which will be forgotten soon after the story is over anyway. We want and are frustrated when we don´t know for sure our couple will survive and stay together, but when we know we really don´t care so much. Even the "famous" DAYS adventures are interesting only when there is something real at stake.

5:06 AM  

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