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Stefano finds Kate and Chad at the beach. He tells Chad to take a hike and notes that Kate didn't say goodbye. "Do I get a demerit," asks Kate. He ignores that and asks what she's doing talking to Chad. Kate blows her stack. Stefano says he doesn't want her to talk to him like that. Kate explodes, "I am tired of the lies!"

Nicole and Chloe hug. Nicole is overjoyed at the news about Chloe's pending bundle of joy. Chloe tells her Daniel is the father. She also says Carly has been great about it and won't say a word to Daniel.

"I guess dreams really do come true," says Nicole, "but not mine."

Rafe and Sami stand in the pub and hug. Now that that's over, Sami can fall apart appropriately, "EJ turned me against you by making me doubt you. I will be ashamed of that for all the Days Of Our Lives. You brought my baby back to me and never gave up. Why?"

"I'm as hard headed as they come," says Rafe, "and I never felt like we had the truth. Now we do. It's finally over."

Arianna can't believe EJ masterminded the Sydnapping. EJ screams. "It was a mistake, all right? I realize that."

Daniel is with Victor in the Kiriakis den. He says he'll try to keep Chloe away from Victor. Vivian walks in as Daniel walks out.

Chloe wants Nicole to be positive about her life. Nicole is positive all right — that her life is in the toilet. She says she wants to change the subject and asks Chloe to open the present. Chloe opens it and it's... a... thingie.

Suddenly, Chloe is tired. Nicole suggests Chloe go take a nap and Nicole will hang out there. George knocks and Nicole tells him all is OK. She tells Chloe George is her FBI bodyguard.

EJ says he's going to see that justice is served.

"How," asks Arianna, "Sami?"

"No," says EJ, "I'm going to see your friend Nicole."

Arianna forbids it, "Absolutely not."

Stefano reminds Kate he has always had secrets. Kate says she is talking about lies, not secrets. Stefano reminds her he suffered with the Sydney thing too.

Chloe asks why Nicole has an FBI guy following her around. "I need protection," says Nicole.

"I get that," says Chloe, "Protection sure would have come in handy that night I was with Phillip."

Nicole explains why she needs it, "But I need more... I can't afford to pay for my apartment any more and I don't have anywhere to go and Brady won't look at me." Even Chloe is bright enough to get that hint. She invites Nicole to stay at her apartment.

EJ runs through a litany of Nicole's sins for Arianna. Arianna says if he goes after Nicole he will be throwing his life away, "All we have is our future."

"So the past doesn't matter," asks EJ.

"Right," says Arianna, "The past is in the past and the future is in the future."

"So why am I in so much trouble for what I've done in the past," asks EJ.

"I'll have to think that through and get back with you," says Arianna.

Sami says she realizes she would be better off alone than with EJ. Rafe can't believe what the DiMeras put her through. Sami reminds him she's not an innocent victim, "I'm sorry, Rafe. I'm blubberblubberblubber..."

Vic growls, "Once again you have displayed your top tier knack for perfect timing." Vivian wants to update him on the re-interment.

Back with Chloe and Nicole, it's huggie-wuggies all around. Nicole just happens to have her stuff out in the hall and she starts to leave to get it. As she opens the door...


Danny boy says, "Let me guess... George, the big burly guy I just met who's lurking out here with the luggage... it's your luggage." Chloe says she told Nicole she could stay.

Stefano defends his actions. He tells Kate not to come on like this because she would have done the same thing. Kate runs off the rails. Stefano says he couldn't disown his son and grandchildren. Kate says if she loses Will, she doesn't know how she will live with herself, "Or with you."

EJ paces, sighs and sits. Arianna sits beside him. She says hurting Nicole won't bring his children back. She takes his hand, "I'm sorry."

Stefano settles down. He asks Kate to look at him, "I promise you will not lose William. WE will not lose him."

Kate gets sarcastic, "What will you do, bribe him? Buy him a Maserati?"

Stefano consults the Guy Manual, "It's all about her."

Finally Stefano pays some attention to the most valuable resource a guy can own, "What is it that you need, Katherine?"

The Guy Manual... Gets more guys back in the saddle than Joe's Western Supply and Blacksmith Shop.®

Stefano reminds her, "Sometimes secrets are a way of protecting the people we love."

Kate flashes back to the birth certificate, "Ah yes... I know."

Daniel isn't really happy about Nicole as a house guest. She promises it will be just a few days and deflects things by talking about the baby, "Pretty soon for you life will be one big bowl of cherries."

And one big diaper full of... DOOL scripts.

Arianna comforts EJ as he rambles about the recent chain of events, "I think you should go."

Sami also rambles about recent events, "You can say I told you so."

Rafe comes off the wall and out of left field in one fell swoop, "Of course I forgive you. I should go. I'll let you spend some time with your family and try to find the kids." He starts to go.

Sami stops him, "Please don't go. Please wait. You saved me today... again. Since the day I met you every action proved what kind of man you are. You are every girl's dream come true, or at least you have the mentality of that pony every girl dreams about having. You're my dream come true."

Nicole sells herself to Daniel, "I am very quiet, when I'm asleep." Chloe sends her to check out the guest bedroom.

Daniel asks how this happened. He says he wishes Chloe had asked him first, before deciding to invite Nicole to stay with them. Chloe says she doesn't know what's going on, "But I do know Nicole needs us and is terrified. It has something to do with EJ."

Will finds Stef'n Ho at the beach.

EJ picks up the unused wedding ring. He says he can't believe what's happened in just a few hours. Arianna thinks things would have come out eventually and might have been worse. EJ can't buy that it could be any worse.

"I'm trying to help," whines Arianna.

EJ screams, "I don't need help! I need hope!"

Arianna backs him down a notch him and tells him to accept the fact that it is over.

Sami says she was wrong about everything. She says she would love to blame EJ, but she can't, "It's my fault. I let this happen. I let him come between us. I know I should give you a couple days and if I were sensible I wouldn't do this now but I'm not, and I just can't let you walk out that door without telling you I love you with all my heart."

Daniel relents, "Nicole can stay." Chloe thanks him. Daniel goes for takeout. Nicole comes back out. Chloe tells her Daniel approved her staying there. Chloe wants to know why Nicole needs a guard, "Is EJ trying to come after you?"

Kate tells Will the wedding is off. Will says he isn't surprised, but wonders what happened. "Rafe uncovered something terrible and indefensible that EJ did," says Kate, "EJ was behind Sydney's kidnapping."


"Nobody can figure it out," says Stefano, "I am shocked and appalled beyond words." They all may be beyond words, but somehow they keep talking.

Arianna tells EJ she's sorry all this has happened and leaves.

Rafe says "Through it all there was one thing that stayed true. I never stopped loving you." Hugs and tears. And kisses.

Out in the audience, the Safes sigh as grief counselors pass through the Ejami section.

Nicole promises to tell everything, but not now, "The last 24 hours have been hell for me so now I just want to focus on the good things." That should take about a microsecond.

Chloe can't bear to think what would have happened if Daniel had found out, "Disaster averted."

Daniel walks in, "What disaster?"

"Chloe almost decided to cook dinner for us," says Nicole.

A bedroom. We pan across a bed strewn with presents, flowers and bric-a-brac. EJ walks into the room. EJ broods. He picks up a small box from Sami and opens it.

"Just 99% of all lawyers give the rest a bad name."
—Justin Kiriakis.

Caroline comes in as Rafe and Sami munch around on each other. She says the kids are asleep. She also says Roman has cops there to protect Sami and then she leaves to give them some privacy.

"My place," says Rafe, "So we can talk?" Translation: no translation necessary.

Outside they run into Arianna. She tells them she knows what happened at the wedding. Sami senses Arianna ain' happy.

Nicole says she meant it would be a disaster for her if she couldn't stay there. Chloe is ready to eat. Daniel announces he picked up Chinese food. Chloe goes for plates as Nicole thanks Daniel for letting her stay there. She decides to go pick up some things at her apartment. Daniel decides to go with her. He tells Chloe to get started without them. Nicole says there is no need for Daniel to go with her. "Oh, but there is," says Daniel, "because you and I need to get a few things straight."

Stefano says Elvis' criminal scheme came as a shock to everyone. Kate says she's not sure Sami has all the facts, "She doesn't know about us."

"You and Stefano," asks Will.

"We just want to make things clear to you," says Kate. Translation: "We just want to make our version of things clear to you."

"No," says Will, "I'm going to go talk to my mom." He leaves.

Arianna says she's happy for them as Sami gets a call from Will. He says he's heard about the wedding. He says he knows Sami was doing what was best for her kids. She tells him she's with Rafe at the pub. Will says he'll see her later but needs to do something first.

Arianna insists she's glad Rafe knows the truth, "I was with EJ earlier. He's a mess."

"He should be a mess," says Rafe, "He should be in prison. Are you defending him."

"It's not like Sami is blameless," says Arianna.

Sami re-joins the party, "What were you going to say about me? How is all of this my fault?"

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Blogger Applecheeks said...

And one big diaper full of... DOOL scripts.

Wow, Prevuze has that one right!

"You are every girl's dream come true, or at least you have the mentality of that pony every girl dreams about having. You're my dream come true."

Totally spit-worthy (and barf bag worthy).

Sami senses Arianna ain' happy.

The only good thing that could come out of EJ hooking up with Arianna would be seeing Sami seething with jealousy over it. LOL

Have a good weekend everyone.

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Kate explodes, "I am tired of the lies!"

This is a prime example of the pot calling the kettle black.

“I never felt like we had the truth. Now we do. It's finally over."

Translation: It’s only just begun. I think I’ll skip the white lace and promises part, because it’s going to get ugly. Actually, that probably should be uglier.

Chloe opens it and it's... a... thingie.

Is it the hot pink number Nicole was wearing when she struck out with Rafe?

"I'm sorry, Rafe. I'm blubberblubberblubber..."

Sami’s back with Rafe, so her inner damsel in distress has reappeared. Strap yourselves in everyone, because once again we’re in for all blubber all the time. Sigh.

"Pretty soon for you life will be one big bowl of cherries."

And one big diaper full of... DOOL scripts.


“You are every girl's dream come true, or at least you have the mentality of that pony every girl dreams about having.”

Since they can be very clever little beasts, Prevuze has just insulted every pony that ever trotted the face of the earth. LOL!!!

Rafe says "Through it all there was one thing that stayed true. I never stopped loving you."

I seem to recall Rafe saying something about love not being enough. Apparently, now it is or maybe it’s the sex part but I digress. Since he’s got flip flopping down to an art, Rafe ought to run for congress.

Daniel announces he picked up Chinese food.

The good doctor picks up a dinner oozing with MSG for his pregnant girlfriend. Chloe’s ankles should be sloshing in no time. Daniel must have missed Nutrition 101.

Sami re-joins the party, "What were you going to say about me? How is all of this my fault?"

I want Sami to pass over whatever drugs she’s taking because they have to be powerful stuff. Sami’s brain cells must be dripping into her tear ducts. The more she cries the more stupid she gets.

TGIF and TGFP!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

5:39 AM  
Anonymous Luci said...

We all know what happens when Sami thinks a guy is her "dream come true" they either fake loving her while pining for her sister or try to kill her.

If that isn't a red herring, I don't know what is!

Oh Arianna, I am really liking you. You're like the Hurley (LOST) of Days, you say what we're all thinking!

TGIF, everyone!

6:13 AM  
Anonymous bGirl said...

I sense we are about to be pimped Arianna for EJ - I feel certain Ken Corday is actually a Hernandez. I would hope that Dr Dan would forbid Nicole near Chloe and the baby while she is in so much danger that she requires a 24/7 bodyguard. For that matter Chloe as well - someone's protective instinct should kick in. Nicole had all that money - far be it from her to have not spent any of it prior to the freezing of her account - I mean at least another month's rent! Jeez!

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

"Out in the audience, the Safes sigh as grief counselors pass through the Ejami section"...I'm booking my counseling sessions today! What a bunch of malarkey! I think I'll skip the Safe-crap-fest too. Just reading about the show today gave me the heaves. Excuse me while I vomit my guts out! All I can say is that I feel sorry for you Prevuze, having to report this crap! Don't worry, we'll be here for support, but we'll have to replenish our barf-bags as we pass them out to one another if we have to read this junk! It's a good thing they sell BB's in bulk!

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job Prevuze! Have you ever wondered if the slobs who write DOOL set around and watch cartoons all day? Roman sounds & looks like Popeye,Hope looks like Olive Oyl,Bo looks & acts like Bluto,Victor has Squidwards personality, Sami has Donald Ducks temper & sounds like him.Can anyone else think of DOOL characters who have cartoon counterparts?

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the spoilers I've seen, EJ will be shot (again)...this time by Sami! Does this mean that we'll have a repeat of the s/l where Hope was on trial for attempted murder of Bo. Maybe she and Hope can share a cell. Also, wasn't Sami convicted and almost executed for Franco's murder? Yeah, I know she was set up then, but Days could sure use some new material.

I really don't care about any s/l's except Sami & EJ, but have to admit I almost teared up yesterday watching Bo and Hope after Dr. Baker's trial ended. You could see the love is still there. Carly better watch out!

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Anonymous - I almost teared up during the Bope scenes, too, but only because Dr. Baker was taking the abuse and bull**** from Snarly Bo and taking the rap for St. Hope. That was a crock!

I did love the scenes yesterday with Victor zinging Nicole and Vivian. I bet John Aniston relished those.

EJianna. Now there's a puzzlement. I wonder if her heels were blistered from running over there to say it with me be there for him?

Oh for Pete's sake, people! Get over it already. It's not going to be very long before Rafe or Sami or both do something to tick the other one off and she will be running back to EJ - right after he gets involved with Arianna. Just sit back and know the DOOL plots are as predictable as the tides.

LOL over the blubbering-to-English dictionary and EJ needing a Hope conjugal visit. Great Friday edition and have a nice weekend everyone. :D

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this EJami fan is going to need more than just a grief counselor to get over this one. What a bunch of bull! Sami used to be my favorite character and now they've turned her into a naive blubbering mess! What happend to the girl what altered paternity tests and stopped at nothing to get what she wanted? Now that was the REAL Sami Brady, not this whiny mess who doesn't know what she wants out of life! Sami and EJ were perfect for each other!

Thanks Days for ruining one of the only good couples left in Salem! So much for 26 years of faithful viewership!

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear God, I can't take any more of Sami. She used to be my all-time favorite, but she has been ruined. Poor, pitiful, victimized Sami. She's never done anything to anyone, has she? She didn't lie about being pregnant, and only tell EJ when Grace was dead, did she? What a bunch of BS. And don't even get me started on Rafe.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

hahahaha, you seriously write some hilarious stuff!

Aww, I totally want Arianna and EJ together :) They're the only couple worth rooting for right now for me. And Ari better tell off Sami. It is Sami's fault. Of course with LH leaving, doesn't look like it'll be a long Ejanna 'friendship/romance'...

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I am conflicted. I did not like Arianna after she dished Hope so bad at her hearing. But gosh darn it she made up for it with Sami. Someone needs to get Sami and Rafe's'heads out of the clouds. It was their fault all this happened too. Sami hides the fact she's preggers. Rafe boinks ( I mean backs her up). He was going to illegally adopt Grace. They tell Ej about Grace after she is dead. He should have been told from the beginning or at least when she was dying. Safe were cruel and inhuman to keep EJ from his dying child. But SAFE fans love them)"How could EJ hurt her than?" But Safe fans love them. They take EJ's kids away from a stable home and go to the Brady pub put them to bed and boink. But Safe fans love them. GMAFB. Ej showed remorse heartbreak guilt over the Sydnapping while Safe celebrate their taking the kids away by boinking. Gotta love Safe (sarcasm here).

I am an Ejami fan but (spoiler here) if Sami shoots him in cold blood leaves him for dead and Rafe quits the FBI to cover for her, I am done. Let's describe their life. No income. Living over the Brady pub. The kids going through emotional turmoil without their dad. Being put with babysitters so SAFE can boink 24/7. They can both rot in h$#*!!

From what I read (spoiler) Arianna is on Ej's side. He stood by her when no one else would. She is his friend.It's a shame they kill her off.

Done ranting. have a good evening.

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ejami I loved watching you dance between sanity and fire. I will miss you much.
James and Allison's great acting has made it too hard to watch them anymore.
Well Ken you did it. You took an exciting couple with spark and interest and made them a joke. I am not going watch anymore. What’s the point?? Sami and EJ are far from perfect, but they had that spark. Now its like watching the gravedigger put the body in the ground after the funeral…Hey wait is that Vivian and Gus helping out!!

Prevuse thank you for watching so we can look in once in a while.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I may have misspoke. Ali and James are very talented and we keep talking about them so we know that they are great. But the writing..oy vey..I feel cheated and jerked around. I know it is a soap opera but they usually have a pay off. They go back and forth but eventually xyz happens..It just seems like they are playing with Sami and EJ and we are suppose to accept it.. Does anyone actually look at the scripts and see IF there is some kind of flow??....Heck they NEED Marlena...please bring back MARLENA, JOHN, SHANE, KIMBERLY KAYLA(COMMING FOR A BIT) STEVE..LOVE SEEING DOUG AND JULIE TOO

I have an insane idea for the writers...everyone in Salem looses their LOST for DOOL. EJ and Sami immediatly move in together etc etc. This could take a year, but it would be have to be great writing to make it through. I know they already have the acting..James Scott should try out for James Bond....droool..nite all:)

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the thing. For a shocking revelation that was supposed to change things, the sydnapping reveal was kind of a dud. I'm not so much an Ejami (or Safe) fan, but it just sucked. I felt sorry for EJ, Rafe was a smug wet blanket, and Sami was just pathetic. Maybe it was the wedding and the buildup, that actually, stealthily, made me root for ej/sami. Who knew?
And I really wanted to smack rafe and Pard....there smugness was retched. Its like Days has made them into the same cardboard self-righteous character, both unable to articulate anything but cop jargon and caveman come ons. Thats right,'s your future...enjoy!
At least they're going to let Arianna get in a few deserved licks...she's become the Greek chorus of days... relaying in voice what the writers wont hear and the viewers are to hoarse to scream about anymore...sheesh

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pard and Rafe need to get over themselves. Soo happy they took her away from the only man that truly loved and respoected Sami for what she really is grey. Ej has done horrible things Sami too but Ejami love with a deep deep passion that is why the hurt each other so much. For once I would love to see that passion and love release on screen in a happy true romance. Ej respected Sami wishes to wait for their wedding nite. maybe she wasn't ready to have another kid. (lol) . whereas Rafe gets Sami back and first thing they do boink. He must be shooting blanks as many times they have boinked and Sami never got preggers. Maybe that's why he's so obessed with her kids cause he can't have any. JMO

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love that the farce of EJAMI is over...And as far as Sami and Rafe doing the deed 24/7 (anytime that gorgeous man wanted it I would be willing to oblige).. Go SAFE :)

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here we go again Rafe Rafe Rafe. Come on GMAFB!! He looks good but that's it. Seriously think about this when you go to a movie at the theater you want good acting. I am really sorry but GG cannot act. Even AS cannot bring chemistry with him. JS can act his a&$ off. He and AS acting chemistry together is off the charts. That's is what I think most people want to see acting. Not just good looks. But if acting is not your thing than enjoy the porn. That is about all you will get from Safe. Sex. Gotta love it (sarcasm here).

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Safe boinking 24/7 while Johnnie< Sdy and Allie are in emotional turmoil is just gross. These kids could wake up anytime in the night and want daddy. They will need their mother to comfort them. I know these kids have waken up during the night with a nightmare daddy was always there. So now if they do where is mommy in a hotel somehwere boinking ykw. Kids come first writers

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to blow the bubble for all the EJMI.
Elvis loved Samantha at first sight it is clear!
But Samantha never loved him Back.
She was drawn to him sexually - How can she not...
But when a Sami is really Inlove
She would not stop to get her man
Sami raped Austin and did a lot of nonsense to get Brandon, She jumped out of a cake to get Lucas...

What Sami has ever done to get Elvis?

I think as long as Lucas IS OUT OF DOOL Sami and Elvis need to be together - They make a strong pair

But I, unlike the writers, do not re-write history and say that Sami always loved Elvis...

9:15 PM  

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