Friday, August 20, 2010


Judge Fitzpatrick tries to convince Sami and EJ that marriage is a sacred institution. Once they stop laughing they both say they understand.

Rafe works with the CD which has stopped playing. He gets it working and listens to Stefano talk about EJ kidnapping Sydney. "Finally," he says, "That's everything I need." Nicole asks what he will do with the CD.

The birthday party at Daniel and Chloe's apartment continues. Melanie and Daniel go to get sparkling cider to make a toast. Chloe tells Phillip the results are due any minute. The group gets back together with the cider and they all sparkle together.

Carly is at St. Mary's. Sister Anne comes back and tells her the results are in.

Ian computes and shows Stephanie the results. Stephanie gasps, "OH MY GOD!"

"That bad," asks Ian. Stephanie zones out. Ian asks her to do something no man has ever asked, "Stephanie, talk to me."

"This is a total nightmare," cries Stephanie.

Judge Fitzpatrick hits the gathered crowd with the standard question, "If anyone here objects to this couple getting married, speak now or forever hold your peace." We wait... Haley's comet passes by the earth. Twice. Suddenly there is pounding at the front door. Everyone exchanges nervous glances.

Stephanie cries. Ian questions. Stephanie breaks down, "When the truth comes out I will lose Nathan and other people I care about will lose everything."

"Any chance you'll also lose your voice," asks Nathan.

Sister Anne tells Carly there is a problem. Isn't there always?

Stefano says the servants will answer the door. Will snickers and says he thinks it's cool the pounding started just when the judge asked the fateful question. Kate gives up on hoping the servants will answer and goes to get it herself, thinking it's a delivery. She opens the door to find the father of the bride, "Are you here for the ceremony?"

"I'm here to make an arrest," says Roman, "Excuse me." He busts into the rumpus room.

Stephanie asks if Ian is positive about the results. He shows her. Stephanie becomes a one-girl catastrophe, "Melanie Will divorce Phillip in a heartbeat and Nathan will (say it with her) be there for her with open arms."

"I don't get it," says Ian, "These results are for Dana Scott."

Stephanie explains that Dana is Chloe, "I've lost him." She rushes out. Ian takes the silverware.

Daniel tells Chloe this moment can't last forever. The blood drains from Chloe's face. Daniel clarifies and says it can't last forever because things are changing, "The way I see it things can only get better. Starting today." Phillip stares at Chloe's phone as Daniel rambles on.

Finally Phillip can't take it any more, "That's it! We gotta go."

Sister Anne says, "It seems Dana didn't sign a HIPA form and I can't show you the test results."

"HIPA," repeats Carly, "Over at Salem Hospital we make paper airplanes out of HIPA forms." Sister Anne offers to call Dana and give her the results over the phone, but Carly stops her.

Nicole asks, "Are you going to confront EJ."

"No," says Rafe, "Before I do that I want all my I's dotted and T's crossed."

"There are no I's or T's in your name," says Nicole.

"There are... the way I spell it," says Rafe.

Stefano rants at Roman for barging in. Roman says he's not there to arrest EJ, Stefano or Kate, "I'm here to arrest Sami. I'll do anything to keep her from making the biggest mistake of her life." He cuffs Sami and starts to haul her off.

"What are the charges," asks EJ.

"For starters," says Roman, "Wearing a dress that's one size too small."

Fitz goes out into the garden while the fun continues inside. Sami says she loves EJ and he has changed, so she wants a life together with him. Roman purses his lips like the Church Lady eating persimmons, "OK, I won't stand in the way. If you are convinced this is the right thing to do, go for it. I apologize. I shouldn't have interfered."

All the people in the crowd shake their heads in unison. Either that or they are looking around for barf bags.

Nicole rants about Sami but Rafe shuts her up and tells her she doesn't have the right to badmouth anyone. "I handed you this case on a silver... CD player," whines Nicole, "You should thank me. And if EJ or Stefano find out what I did, I'm dead."

Rafe hands her a pen and paper to write her will, "What do you want me to do?"


"I do," says Rafe, "Just not about you."

Sami chases Roman out into the foyer and asks him to stay, "It would mean a lot to me."

"What about Rafe," asks Roman. Killjoy.

Lexie apologizes for telling bigmouth Abe about the wedding because he turned around and told Roman, "Once Roman realizes how much EJ loves Sami, he'll change his mind." She leaves to check on Judge Fitzpatrick.

Stefano tells EJ he thought Roman was going to say something about EJ kidnapping Sydney, "There is no chance of anyone finding out, right?"

"Not a chance," says EJ, "As long as they don't happen to live on this planet."

Rafe has no sympathy for Nicole, "Your round-the clock protection starts now."

"The FBI is no match for the DiMeras," says Nicole

"Take it or leave it," says Dudley Doright.

"Leave it," screams Nicole. She bolts out the door.

Phillip says he suddenly remembers a conference call he has to make. Melanie reminds him he said he had the day off. Phillip apologizes for his faulty memory. He and Melanie leave. Daniel says he thinks Phillip's exit was strange. He also says Chloe looks tense.

"It's just birthday pressure," says Chloe.

"I know about pressure," says Daniel, "Both our lives are about to change. It's scary and exciting. Do you feel OK about things?" Chloe says it's all good. Daniel moves in to make it better.

Ian finds Stephanie bawling at the dock. He tries to be upbeat and says maybe Nathan will stick with her in spite of the fact that he is halfway sane. "Nice try," blubbers Stephanie, "But I know what will happen... unless... maybe everything can be OK."

Carly says, "Miss Scott isn't reachable." She reminds Sister Anne that wackadoodle Josie was on duty the day she was there with Chlo... uh... Dana, "Perhaps you could check on the release form again just to make sure it wasn't signed." Sister Anne goes to check.

Roman reminds Sami when they were last together Sami said she was going to see Rafe, "How did that go, and why are you all of a sudden rushing into the wedding?"

Sami flashes back to the show Nicole and Rafe were putting on when she got to Nicole's place, "It doesn't matter. I found out Rafe isn't who I thought he is. We're not getting back together. Rafe was right. I've always had feelings for EJ. We're getting married because we will be happy together. I would like you to be a part of that life."

Lexie comes back inside. Stefano says, "This will work out. Samantha isn't the first enemy we've had in our family and won't be the last." Kate does a double take at that.

Finally, the ceremony continues. They decide to skip the critical question about asking if anyone has objections, as we pan in on Roman.

Daniel and Chloe are in bed. Daniel pontificates about his love for her as Chloe sleeps.

Melanie is at the pub. She calls Carly and tells her about the birthday party. "How was Chloe," asks Carly.


Stephanie and Ian get back to her apartment. She turns on the charm and says there is something he can do for her. She wants him to change the test results. Just change one word... Negative to positive."

"Technically, I'd only have to change four letters," says Ian.

Rafe hauls Nicole back into her place, "If you try to outrun me again I'll drag you back by your hair."

"Well everyone accuses you of acting like a caveman," says Nicole.

Rafe rants, "When we are done here you can hide or stay in the witless protection program. It's your choice, but until then you are in my custody."

"Just one question," says Nicole, "You may have all this evidence, but just how do you plan to get Sami back."

"Same way," says Rafe, "I plan to drag her off by her hair."

EJ faces Sami and rambles on about his life with her and their kids, "The children enabled me to love you the way I do."

"Loving me the way you do is how we got them in the first place," says Sami.

"Now we're about to make it permanent," says EJ.

Daniel stirs. He looks at his phone, kisses Chloe and sneaks out of bed.

Phillip comes into the pub. Melanie ends her conversation with Carly.

Sister Anne comes back and tells Carly about the job offer she made to Melanie. Carly says it will be Melanie's decision. It seems Sister Anne has found the confidentiality form and logs in to get the results.

Phillip gets a call. Melanie asks, "Is it good or bad news?"

"Both," says Phillip, "The bad news is I have one more thing I have to do. The good news is once I do it my problems are over and I'm all yours. The parts of me that I have left, anyway."

Sami says, "It's always been my dream to marry someone understanding. But I'll settle for you. You have changed and I know you have respect, honor, love and lust for me. I will trust you for all the Days Of Our Lives. You brought Sydney home to me and are an amazing father, and will be the best husband I could ever want."

Roman wretches.

Rafe has hauled Nicole back to his office. He introduces her to agent Lou "The Slob" Cooper. Lou tells him Gabi called. Rafe goes to his phone to call her back. Gabi answers, "You will not believe the text I got from Will. It's about Sami."

Ian says he can't change the results. "Yes you can," whines Stephanie, "just change negative to positive."

"It's illegal."

"Wasn't it illegal when you broke into the system before," she asks, "Please do this. I will never ask for another favor again."

Ian stammers, "It's wrong... I... just..." the poor sap looks into her eyes... "OK."

Stephanie hugs and thanks him. Ian dives in to do his dirtywork.

Chloe wakes up and finds Daniel gone.

Daniel strolls by the pier. He takes out his phone and punches a few keys, "I knew it!"

Phillip is outside talking on his phone, "Is it yes or no? Can you? If you could pull this off it would mean the world to me."

Melanie computes.

Chloe computes.

Sister Anne instructs Carly, "Just click here and you can see the results. She leaves and Carly goes up to the computer.

Ian has a couple problems getting into the system but finally makes it.

Carly clicks, "All right... done!"

Gabi gives Rafe the bad news. Rafe hangs up and heads for the DiMera mansion. Nicole calls after him.

Meanwhile, back in the rumpus room, "I Samantha take you Elvis..." More panning back to Roman.

Ian says, "This is too weird." He shows Stephanie the screen, "Someone got to it before me. The results have already been changed."

"Who would do that," asks Stephanie.

I had a thought, but then it smiled and waved goodbye. -Stephanie Johnson

Daniel stares at his phone, "Done."

Phillip answers his phone, "Thank you. I owe you big time, man."

Melanie clicks, "OK. It's done."

Chloe closes the computer and stares.

Carly comes to Chloe's door and hesitates.

Lou "The Slob" gorges pizza. He answers his phone and Nicole sneaks out. FBI agents always get the criminals. It's hanging onto them that seems to be the problem.

EJ repeats his vows, "I Elvis, take you Samantha..."

When he finishes, Judge Fitzpatrick declares, "And now, by the power vested in me..."


Rafe busts in like a bull in a china shop, "STOP! Don't say another word."

EJ disobeys and says another word. And it starts with 'S'.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

EJ disobeys and says another word. And it starts with 'S'.

My sentiments exactly!!

3:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know about the land of Salem, but in real life Sami and EJ are now married. It will be interesting to see if that comes in to play later on.

And the paternity test - six possible fixers, two who shouldn't know there is an issue.... interesting. My money is on Melanie for the fix - she isn't supposed to know anything is wrong, she wants her Dad to be happy and has no idea Philip is the father.

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

"This is a total nightmare, cries Stephanie."...By Step-on-me's reaction I gather it's bad news for Dr. we go with the "oops, wrong Daddy" s/l.

"Stephanie explains....'I've lost him.'"...ya think? what gave you that idea??? At least you have his baby for a prize...hope you have a nice life!

"Finally Phillip can't take it any more, 'That's it! We gotta go.'"...Poor Phillip! Wait till you find out YOU're the baby' daddy! Joy all around(NOT!)

"Roman says...'I'm here to arrest Sami. I'll do anything to keep her from making the biggest mistake of her life.' He cuffs Sami and starts to haul her off"...OH "S"!!! EJ has my blessing to use the "S" word...

"What do you want me to do?"
"I do," says Rafe, "Just not about you."
...Was it the bright pink robe that offends thee??? Or is it that my "eyes" (wink, wink) are too small for ye??? LOL...OL!!!

"The children enabled me to love you the way I do.", if this is this about the children, there should be no problem...

5:28 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

"This is a total nightmare," cries Stephanie.

Stephanie has to be talking about DOOL.

"I'm here to make an arrest," says Roman.

Damn, EJ should have paid those parking tickets.

"HIPA," repeats Carly, "Over at Salem Hospital we make paper airplanes out of HIPA forms."

Apparently, Carly is familiar with the term “HIPA form” so that’s a good start.

"What are the charges," asks EJ.

"For starters," says Roman, "Wearing a dress that's one size too small."

…so that makes Roman an officer of the fashion police. LOL!!!

"What do you want me to do?"


"I do," says Rafe, "Just not about you."

Bravo!!!! Prevuze gets a standing “O”!!! I must admit that I actually feel sorry for Nicole. Talk about being used and abused by Salem’s resident zero. Pardon me, I meant hero.

"If you try to outrun me again I'll drag you back by your hair."

"Well everyone accuses you of acting like a caveman," says Nicole.

Bravo!!!! Prevuze gets a standing “O” part deux!!!

EJ disobeys and says another word. And it starts with 'S'.

I’m with EJ on that one, and it’s sure to get even worse. Sigh.

What do you know? We’ve got a game of paternity switch roulette. In the end, it really doesn’t matter who got there first but why. By the time the writing team is ready to give the viewers some answers, I will be well past caring and will be praying for an end to the mess.

TGIF and TGFP!!! Have a great weekend everybody!!

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok the "you have changed" and "the children blabla mother of my child blablabla" are freaking lame..when you marry someone it is because you love him/her not because of can have children with a freaking ONS so please these lame arguments..anyway this marriage is doomed since the beginning so i guess it doesn't matter

Finally this Chloe/Carly/Daniel ect..paternity test switching story seems a little more interesting FINALLY with these "it is done" from every players..who switch these is, dare i say more refreshing than this uber caricatural story where Dudley do right Rafe saves the day by stopping the marriage from hell, well saves the innocent, pure and virginal Sami Brady from the evil monster Ej Dimera ! Yay ! How exiting !!

6:46 AM  
Blogger jeremy said...

Oh great Chloe shares my birthday this day keeps getting better and better lol

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

OK, I can see (maybe) Carly understanding the paternity test but Steponme and Phillip's goon? How do they know it's not like an election ballot where yes means no and no means yes? They could just be scrambling up each other's switch until nobody can tell if it's even Chloe's kid. HAHAHAHA

I'm going to do my own Prevuism here: Roman wretches. So does the audience. I'm going to have to be like Leslie and make sure my remote has some nice fresh batteries. (Leslie - LOL over Pard being head of the fashion police. Suppose he'll argue over the merits of Sami's dress with Joan and Melissa?)

Rafe must have used that infamous Salem transporter to get to the mansion or else Nicole's crummy apartment is right next to their property.

Look, EJami or Safe, let's all rejoice in the fact they are finally upgrading from Haley's comet pace to a snail's. They finally did SOMETHING.

Great pictures and I loved Steponme's thoughts waving goodbye.

We can finally wave goodbye to a long week and thanks to Prevuze we're finally to Friday! Have a nice one everyone. :D

7:28 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Sister Anne says, "It seems Dana didn't sign a HIPA form and I can't show you the test results."

"HIPA," repeats Carly, "Over at Salem Hospital we make paper airplanes out of HIPA forms.

LOL at the Salem Hospital crack. How true. But my HUH?! moment was Sister A saying Dana didn’t sign a HIPPA form. They don’t even let you sit down in the waiting room until you sign half a dozen of those suckers now-a-days.

And my OFPS! moment was Roman breaking into his 30+ year-old-daughter’s wedding and slapping cuffs on her. I guess they had to come up with something to delay what should have been a 15 minute ceremony.

However, loved Roman’s charges, "Wearing a dress that's one size too small."

By the time the writing team is ready to give the viewers some answers, I will be well past caring and will be praying for an end to the mess.

Leslie, I was beyond caring the minute the writers came up with Chloe’s miracle pregnancy immediately after a contrived one-night fling with Philip…..who’s the daddy, switched paternity results, it’s been done so many times a long-time viewer can spot the upcoming story a mile away. So predictable and so boring.

I can’t even begin to describe how idiotic the whole wedding fiasco was. However, since they showed Sami’s wedding dress BEFORE she was walking down the aisle I knew the Salem Wedding Dress Curse would be striking. Happens every time. LOL

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

OMG, Applecheeks, I forgot about the DOOL wedding curse! You're so right. At least they're holding up that tradition.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous NeeNee said...

Since Sammi has had, what, four previous marriages without much of a job history---I guess we're supposed to believe Elvis bought the wedding finery. Or maybe she consignment-shopped the previous four dresses hanging in the penthouse closet!

And did any of you notice that Ian the computer geek looked quite a bit like Step-on-me?? They could have been fraternal twins!

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Neenee - LOL over the fraternal twins. Also, did anyone else notice the first time Ian showed up his hair was down and the next episode (which was supposed to be the same conversation) it was pulled back in a pony tail? What'd he do, stop mid computer-hacking and change it? Continuity police, please...

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scolly- the computer geek-hair trick; my daughter does it all the time as the screen refreshes. If you blink, you miss it. These kids are so dang fast.


2:02 PM  
Anonymous Gerri said...

Elliott Mess & J.Edgar Loser

OMG, I love it! New names for Mr. FBoreI!!!

5:00 PM  

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