Thursday, August 19, 2010

Game Over

Kate and Stefano come into the rumpus room as preparations for the wedding are in progress. EJ follows. "What is all this," asks Stefano. EJ tells them this is all for the pending nuptials.

Birthday girl Chloe sleeps. A rose comes into the picture. Chloe wakes and goes into an uncontrollable sneezing fit due to her severe allergy to rose pollen. Daniel wishes her a happy birthday. Smooching ensues.

Stephanie and Nathan jog and stop at the pier. Melanie comes up to them and completely freaks out, "This is a nightmare! I just found out Phillip is the father of Chloe's baby!"

Stephanie is asleep on the couch. She wakes from the nightmare and pries herself off the ceiling. She calls in and asks if Nathan is up. He says he's up. Stephanie calls Ian and says Nathan is leaving and asks him to come over and work his computer magic. She gets off the phone as Nathan comes out and announces he doesn't have to go to work today. Oh, the drama!

Phillip comes down and reminds Melanie they made plans to go to Chicago. She says they have to go to Chloe's birthday party instead. "Bad idea," says Phillip.

Kate and Stefano are astonished that Sami and EJ are getting married today.

Upstairs, Sami has selected a tarnished beige outfit to wear. She inspects it as she flashes back to seeing Rafe and Nicole fused together the day before, "I'm doing the right thing. I know I am... and if I keep saying it over and over, I might even convince myself it's true."

Nicole wakes. Rafe is across the room. Nicole asks, "So I guess our night of snuggling is over?" Rafe just sits there "what is it," asks Nicole, "The suspense is killing me." Elliott Mess holds up the incriminating CD.

Daniel and Chloe smooch. He promises the best birthday ever. Chloe flashes back to her conversation with Carly and remembers they agreed to meet. Daniel realizes she's zoned out and asks what's gong on.

Rafe drones, "You are busted, Nicole. Game over. What, no witty comeback?" Nicole leaps out of the bed like she's shot from a cannon, rushes over and flings herself at Rafe and the CD, "You SOB!"

Chloe says she's just feeling a bit queasy. Daniel announces he's taken the day off, "You're stuck with me. That is the first of a few big surprises I have planned." Smoke pours from Chloe's ears as she tries to think of something. She says she wants to open a present. Daniel agrees. He leaves to get it. Chloe panics and looks for her phone.

Stefano asks why EJ is dong this so suddenly. Kate jumps in, "Is Sami pregnant?" EJ says no and Kate wonders why the big rush. "Actually," says EJ, "If there really were a rush we'd move things on a bit. Instead, this whole episode will be a bunch of filler to get us to some big Friday-ending and if we're lucky things will pick up next week."

Will is with Sami. He lectures, "When were you gonna tell me, Mom?" Sami says they just decided to rush into things last night. Will wonders what the big hurry is. Sami says there is no hurry but there is also no reason to wait.

Rafe and Nicole struggle. Rafe finally shoos her off and Nicole rants about his lies the night before. Rafe says he talked to her mother and that's when he figured the CD was important. Another one of J. Edgar Loser's brilliant deductions. He holds up a recorder, "You're going to tell me everything you know. Right now, on tape. Even though this is a digital recorder."

Stephanie thinks Nathan should go get an x-ray. Nathan objects, says he's feeling better and also says he's just glad Melanie didn't get hurt in the attack. Stephanie won't let it go. She practically pushes Nathan out the door. As he leaves Stephanie says, "Love you." Nathan speaks volumes with his silence.

Stephanie sits alone and ponders, "Yeah, Melanie didn't get hurt yesterday but she will if this baby is Phillip's. And you will (say it with her) be there for her to pick up the pieces won't you, Nathan?"

Melanie suggests going to the party and then to Chicago. Phillip don' wanna. He thinks there is something she's not telling him. Melanie says Daniel finally convinced Chloe to tell people she's pregnant and she doesn't even seem excited, "You know why, don't you?"

"Yeah," says Phillip, "I do."

Carly arrives and asks what happened to Chloe, "We're supposed to be at St. Mary's. I thought you were anxious to do this."

Daniel picks the perfect moment to walk in, "Anxious to do what?"

Will wonders if other family members know. Sami says she's not telling them until after it's a done deal because doesn't want people trying to talk her out of marrying EJ. She asks Will to be there and walk her down the aisle and give her away. "Give you away," asks Will, "That's your father's job, but you don't want to tell him because he might try to talk you out of it. People usually get married because they love each other. But I guess you and EJ have your own definition of love."

A dead horse lies in the middle of the rumpus room. EJ and Stefano continue to beat it as they argue about EJ and Sami's big rush to get married.

Nicole snorts, "You want me to go on tape and tell you where to stick that thing?"

"You can say nothing," says Rafe, "It's your choice. I will listen to the CD. And all in all if there is proof of a crime you will be an accessory and you will go back to prison. If you help me I will do what I can to keep you from going back there."

Nicole whines, "Don't you see, this isn't just about prison. It's something much worse."

Daniel tells Carly he has a day off. Carly reminds him she and Chloe have arranged for facials. Daniel gets a call and leaves. Chloe asks Carly to go get the results. Carly leaves. Daniel comes back and hands Chloe the bracelet. Chloe opens it and gushes about it. Daniel kisses her and tells her it is the first of many presents. Chloe says she has a birthday wish and only Daniel can make it come true.

Sami says, "I hope someday you will understand. I want this. EJ loves me and he needs me. And I want to stick it to Rafe for throwing himself at Nicole." Will says he hopes they are happy together and agrees to walk her down the aisle. Hugs. Will leaves. Sami bawls.

Stefano can't let it go. He continues to badger EJ about the big rush as EJ wonders where judge Fitzpatrick is. Stefano goes to give her a call. EJ seethes, "Nicole, you'd better not screw this up for me this time."

Rafe wants to know what's worse than going to prison. Nicole says she's terrified of what EJ and his family might do to her and asks him to protect her. Rafe says he'll try. Nicole also asks for immunity. "I'll try," says Rafe.

Nicole falls apart, "Trying isn't enough." Her phone rings, "OMG, it's EJ." Rafe orders her to answer. Nicole does. EJ tells her he wants to make sure she's OK. "No," says Nicole, "I'm not."

Phillip says he's sure Chloe is a little worried about the baby. Melanie says Chloe has to stop being so pessimistic. Phillip agrees. He also agrees to bag the trip to Chicago and go over to Daniel and Chloe's apartment to help celebrate the big birthday.

Ian arrives. He and Stephanie discuss their little caper as Nathan comes back, "Ian, what's going on?"

Chloe says her wish is for Daniel always to remember this moment, "Remember it tomorrow, a week from now, a year... for all the Days Of Our Lives. I want to do right by you and be worthy of you. About the baby... I want us always to be a happy family and would give anything for us to be that so you have to promise to know this is exactly what I want."

"I promise," says Daniel.

"Then I can't ask for anything more," says Chloe, "Except maybe to catch a break with the test results." Hugs.

Nicole says she knows EJ has heard about her and Brady breaking up. EJ has and says he just doesn't want her going off the deep end. Nicole and the deep end parted ways long ago.

"I have five million," says Nicole, "How could I not be fine. And how are you?"

"I'm good," says EJ, "We will talk soon. And maybe next time it will be a conversation that holds the viewer's interest."

Nicole hangs up and turns to Rafe, "Let's make a deal."

Stephanie says Ian left his flashlight there and came over to pick it up. Nathan says he forgot his phone. He digs in the couch, finds it and leaves.

Ian asks, "So, do you think he's the father?"

"No," says Stephanie, "Not him. He' wouldn't do that. He's loyal and honest... not like someone else I used to trust who is about to ruin my life."

Phillip and Melanie arrive at Daniel and Chloe's place. Phillip takes Chloe aside and she tells him Carly will call any minute with the results. The viewers sit on pins and needles. The pain is the only thing keeping them awake.

Carly arrives at St. Mary’s. She introduces herself to a nurse and asks for Sister Anne.

Lexie arrives with Johnny and Allie.

Meanwhile, Lucas wanders the streets of Hong Kong trying to figure out where Allie went.

EJ tells Will he's glad he's a part of this. Stefano and Judge Fitzpatrick walk in. Fitz asks EJ, "So where is your bride?"

"I'm here." Sami stands at the door in her gown looking as if someone poured her into it and she forgot to say 'when.'

Rafe talks into the recorder and announces this is a statement by Nicole Walker who has agreed to do this in return for immunity, which Rafe, of course has no authority whatsoever to grant. Nicole blabs. "I was afraid EJ was framing me and I got into the DiMera mansion without being detected. I was trying to find something to prove I had nothing to do with the muggings. That's when EJ and Stefano came in, so I hid. I taped their conversation and you can listen for yourself." Rafe inserts the CD.

Ian computes, "So this isn't about Nathan?"

"It doesn't matter," says Stephanie, "I just need the results."

"It does matter," says Ian, "This is a felony." He gets cold feet.

Stephanie begs him to do it anyway, "It's complicated and if the test results come back negative there will be serious trouble."

"With Nathan," asks Ian.

"No, with Wayne Newton," says Miss Sarcasm, "YES... with Nathan."

"OK," says Ian, "I'll do it. I like you, I owe you and have nothing better to do today." In Salem, a day without committing a serious crime is like a day without sunshine.

Ian sits and computes. He tells Stephanie there is a problem getting on the site as Stephanie gets a call from Nathan. Just as Stephanie picks up Ian announces, "I'm in!"

Nathan asks, "Is that guy Ian still there?"

Victor said I was gasping for breath in my sleep last night. Every time he lifted the pillow. - Vivian Alamain

Chloe blows out her single candle (representing her mental age, not physical), then they all go over so she can open her gifts. She opens the gift from Melanie. It's some kind of a thingie and Chloe just adores it. Melanie says Phillip helped with the funding, "I want us to be friends, Chloe... not just friends but I want all of us to be a family. A real family. Completely dysfunctional, but real." Chloe cries.

Apparently Sydney has a fever and won't be attending the ceremony, but Johnny wants her there. Sami says she does too. The Fitzeroo calls for the ceremony to start.

Rafe listens to the CD and hears EJ say, "If Samantha ever finds out I lose everything."

Chloe bawls. Phillip declares, "Those are tears of joy."

"Yeah," says Chloe, "I'm just really happy and want us to always be like this."

Carly asks if the nurse spoke with Sister Anne and if she knows whether Sister Anne has the test results. The nurse says she did talk to her and the results are in.

Stephanie says Ian is still there helping with her computer. She asks to call Nathan back and gets off the phone. "I have the results," announces Nathan. He turns the computer screen so Stephanie can see.

Stephanie covers her mouth and gasps...


Rafe listens. Suddenly, the CD stops. Nicole says, "It must've stalled. It's broken."

"The hell it is," says Rafe.

Sami marches down the aisle. Will gives her away. Fitz starts the ceremony.

Mr. Fixit has gotten the CD working again. He listens as Stefano talks about Anna, "She knows what would happen if anyone ever found out that you paid her to kidnap Sydney."

"That's all I need," says Rafe.

"And then you get Sami back," says Nicole, "That's what you've been working towards, right? You did this all for her."

"Yeah. I did," says Rafe, "It's all for Sami."

And how's that workin' out for ya, Rafe?

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Anonymous Berg said...

Test Dummy I mean Rafe, really? The most unbelieveable writing in decades is that they want us to believe this guy can put two and two together (it's 4, Rafe not 22).

Just get this secret out already before it's time for me to join AARP.

Last nitpick, really? It's that easy to change a baby's paternity test? If that were the case none of us would probably know who our daddy was. I am not sure I can stomach yet another who da baby daddy storyline....again.....

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Rafe is not even a tiny bit suspicious about Nicole and the know the case where HIS SISTER was FRAMED and WAS PUT IN JAIL..i don't know the fact that Nicole came on the Dimansion seems a bit suspicious no ? Even more when you are a smart FBI agent who can always put 2 and 2 together...humm..ok just lol with this writing regime and their is just hysterical but boring hysterical.
They think they will improve their ratings with that ? Think again guys !

4:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's that easy to change a baby's paternity test?

Who changed a paternity test? They just looked up the results.

4:56 AM  
Anonymous Luci said...

Ugh, what a mess.

Hilarious when you think all of this transpired in 2 DAYS!

Ready for the truth to finally come out, the spoiler to happen, and then we can all start over.

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Kate and Stefano are astonished that Sami and EJ are getting married today.

I’m astonished that Kate and Stefano didn’t know about the wedding. Wouldn’t they have bumped into a florist or a caterer or two?

Elliott Mess holds up the incriminating CD.

Since he hasn’t heard the CD, how can Agent 00zero know what’s on the disc? It could be a selection of Nicole’s favorite tunes butchered by American Idol contestants.

Chloe panics and looks for her phone.

Leslie panics and looks for batteries for her poor overused zapper. Grrrrr! I’m typing in third person, and I watch DOOL. That means I’ll be in therapy for the rest of my life!

"You're going to tell me everything you know. Right now, on tape. Even though this is a digital recorder."

Nicole should tell Rafe that she knows he’s a jerk, and that he can’t make her do anything. After that, she ought to pick up her phone and call her attorney.

Daniel picks the perfect moment to walk in, "Anxious to do what?"

Anxious to get this stupid storyline over – that’s what!

Nicole says she's terrified of what EJ and his family might do to her and asks him to protect her.

How’s Rafe going to manage that little feat? Lock her up in witness protection and keep her safe? Wait a second. With Nicole, Rafe would be keeping her Racole. The clever minds at DOOL would certainly want to continue using that retch-worthy play on words. Since it was so entertaining the first time around, I’m sure the writers can hardly wait to recycle all that scintillating dialogue. Here’s an idea. For all those Prevuze lurking DOOL interns, I wouldn’t dream of expecting a writing credit so here’s a terrific idea for free. Nicole can send Rafe on a mission to purchase puking pandas or gagging geckos or defecating dingoes.

It does matter," says Ian, "This is a felony."

Bravo!!! Isn’t it interesting that Ian is more concerned about breaking the law than Rafe?

"Yeah. I did," says Rafe, "It's all for Sami."

And how's that workin' out for ya, Rafe?

…and how’s that workin’ out for Rafe’s employer? I believe that would be the good ole U S of A. It’s kinda nice to be able to carry out your own personal vendetta and get paid for it too. Atta boy Rafe!

The Bears always can use another tackling dummy! Word verification - “chesee”. Thanks Prevuze for recapping another chesee episode of Daze!!

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am monumentally frustrated at not knowing who the daddy is and wether or not EJ & Sami continue the ceremony after being interrupted.

And 'cheese'? I get 'words' like froogle & today's 'phayoect' which I can never - oh, well, OK I could probably use phayocet in a sentence - so which I can rarely make head or tails of wether it's even a noun or a verb! Cheese, maybe one day I'll get an easy one like cheese.

Other than that I wish I had your luck, good comments Leslie and I hope you find batteries.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

This morning's HUH?! moment:
EJ seethes, "Nicole, you'd better not screw this up for me this time."

Why would EJ think Nicole would be doing something to screw things up for him? Had she threatened to lately? No. Does she even know he & Sami are rushing into wedded bliss? No.

It would have made more sense if he’d just seethed, “I hope nothing screws this up for me this time.” Sense. DOOL. Uh, pardon me while I wipe egg off my face for suggesting it.

The viewers sit on pins and needles. The pain is the only thing keeping them awake.

Best Prevuism yet! Prevuze should have warned us at the beginning of this post to get a few thumbtacks ready, we’d need them just reading all this tedious time-killing.

”…you can listen for yourself." Rafe inserts the CD.

I’m with Leslie, wouldn’t it have been a hoot if, instead of the Dimeras, something like Barry Manilow’s greatest hits came pouring out?

Just as Stephanie picks up Ian announces, "I'm in!"

Oh my, I half expected a censored link comment following that line. I’m sure we Prevuze Preverts can supply our own however. LOL

Lovely pictures like -The Re-Virginization of Samantha Brady. (Wasn’t there a movie with that name?)

Great Prevuisms like - Nicole and the deep end parted ways long ago.

All around great almost-Friday Prevuze.

Word Verification: haint As in "I haint seen such crappy storylines since the 'Touch My Guys' summer snoozer."

PS: Sorry, Anon. Sometimes they just fall in your lap. ;-)

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I’m only going to write this once so please read this very carefully. This is more of a response to Anonymous @ 1.02 am’s comment in prevuze’s Wednesday (“The victimizer”) entry. Granted, EJ raped Sami but this happened almost 4 years ago & the show, characters & actors all moved past that, so I think it’s time for you to let it go as well. Besides, this soap opera, not real life : anything & everything is possible. If a non-couple is VERY compatible & have so much potential together, despite having this horrific deed in their past, I don’t think they should be kept apart solely for this reason. In addition, it HAS been done before, TWICE: Luke & Laura in GH AND Bill & Laura in DOOL. So I really don’t understand what the big deal is. And don’t tell me that what Luke did to Laura is somehow MORE acceptable because he was drunk & had immediate remorse, wanting to turn himself in. Frankly, I find that argument insulting & hypocritical. Rape=rape, regardless of the circumstances. Also, Luke & Laura became a very popular pairing with the GA (if Wikipedia is to be believed) & I am sure that there were A LOT of rape victims in the ‘80s as well. True, the Luke & Laura have a more romantic story than EJami, who have always been written in a dysfunctional way. Yet, despite this, they STILL have so much support & that is very exceptional. I like EJ & Sami as a possible pairing because, imo they are a prime example of how true love can redeem & forgive. They have so much garbage in their history & yet they keep coming back to each other. It’s not realistic, but that is what makes them entertaining for me.
Another thing that has been mentioned is that EJ is evil & a villain. Yes, EJ is not a hero BUT then again, neither is Sami, not the REAL Sami at any rate. Sami used to be a SOCIOPATH & okay, she may have grown older & (not necessarily) “wiser” BUT to become the complete opposite of whom she used to be seems to be too much of a stretch. Besides, a lot of the things EJ has done, SHE has done herself: e.g. she RAPED Austin (and she was paired THREE times with him at least); she KIDNAPPED her baby sister & planned to sell her on the black market. She’s also very reactionary & doesn’t really think things through: most recent example, saying “ILY” to EJ & moving up the wedding. EJ was in the same frame of mind when he put the whole Sydnapping in motion-he let his emotions (in his case, rage & hurt) completely blind him. Simply put, Sami & EJ are each other’s mirror images & that is WHY we believe these 2 belong together.
As for the villain NEVER getting the girl-well I don’t really see EJ as this dark, evil guy, more of a gray character & as I said previously, Sami isn’t a “good girl” herself, not really. I believe she still has a dark side to her, which will probably rise to the surface once she finds out what EJ has done (per the spoilers she seeks revenge). Riff-Raff (aka “Rafe”) may be a “better” man than EJ but he isn’t the RIGHT man for her: he doesn’t love ALL of her; hell, he doesn’t even know the REAL her. And I think that Days should be ORIGINAL for once instead of the cliché writing of good vs bad; hero vs villain. That is another reason WHY we want Sami with EJ. I think the writers know deep down that Sami & the Cro-Magnon (aka “Rafe”) just don’t work- they have to destroy the character EVEN MORE than they already have: making her a user & a cheater to sell this run-of-the-mill dinosaur diarrhea couple (Safe, that is) as “endgame”.
To make a long story short, I’m so tired of people being so short-sighted & only thinking in black & white. There are many different shades of grey, which EJami has in abundance.
Sorry for the long post & I really don’t mean to cause any offense in voicing my opinion-so please don’t take any!

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, the uber-god (i.e. Rafe) did all this for Sami, did he? Really?! Then why r constantly walking away & saying "love isn't enough"? Puh-lease he just wants to be proven RIGHT & to stick it to EJ! He's a user, abuser & a JERK-I meant the caveman (i.e. Rafe)if that wasn't clear...

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Berg said...

Sorry Anon - Who changed a paternity test? They just looked up the results. if I runied it for you but it's the only place this story has to go. By tomorrow's Prevuze the results will be changed - why else show Step on me have a friend over to "look up" the results. I am making a leap but trust me, it couldn't be more obvious like the puns intended in Prevuze daily write ups.

I haven't had a great verification word in such a long time. Rafe is "astupled" by Nicole and her CD.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Frustrated in Salem said...

Oh Anon, I couldn't agree more but now we are supposed to be nice to characters/actors and have some respect-so here goes.
Rafe's (formerly known as Brillo-Brow) character is poorly written, AND therefor it appears that he has no brain. But SOMEHOW he has deduced exactly what happen and knows that Nicole made several tape, which of course he must seduce her to obtain.
Poor EJ (formerly known as "my man") has done some terrible deeds in the past-as has his fiancee, the ever-lovable Samantha. So therefor it is fine that she now wants to marry EJ though she really loves her soul mate of 3 months-the aforementioned poorly-written-for Rafe. So their chemistry is what?? It is the writing. And the fact that MOST people love Ejami-so what?? It is all about Rafe and his fantastic FBI mind, and the wonderful fact that he is doing it "all for Sami".
I really, really can't wait to see a Safe reunion, it will be full of deep meaning, hot sex, slamming up against walls.....sooooo exciting!!!

To use a phrase from Lucas-"are ya catchin the sarcasm??????"

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

"Rafe drones, 'You are busted, Nicole. Game over. What, no witty comeback?'"...Hmmm, Rafie boy, haven't u figured our that Nicole has no wit?? It's not a job requirement in porn! She'd be smart if she left that off her list of skills in the "career summary" section of her resume!

"You're stuck with me. That is the first of a few big surprises I have planned."...Surprise! Surprise! Like being pregnant IN THE SUMMER, with a kid whose father you're not sure of, isn't bad enough. Oh goodie!...the last thing you'd want is for the horniest man on DOOL to be hanging all over you...Men really are from Mars!

"Chloe says she has a birthday wish and only Daniel can make it come true."...what would that wish be? That Daniel NEVER take the day off to be with her while she's pregnant with another man's child??? I hear ya! Just TELL IT to Daniel already and put the viewers OUT of their misery! I am ready to pull my hear out with this S/L...they have beaten, slaughtered, and made minced meat out of that dead horse!!!!!!

"Stefano asks why EJ is doing this so suddenly. Kate jumps in, 'Is Sami pregnant?'"...No Kate! but rushing the wedding definitely gives Sami a chance to get pregnant within 24 hours! Inlaws...not the sharpest tools in the shed!

"Sami stands at the door in her gown looking as if someone poured her into it and she forgot to say 'when.'"...LOL Prevuze!!! I had the same reaction when I saw the clip! My boobs would have a major explosion if they tried to fit me into that kind of dress...Holy crap! No D cup woman should ever be allowed to step into something cut like that...what was the wardrobe department smoking that day???

I hope you all have a better wardrobe day than our dear old Sami will be having tomorrow!

8:21 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks, Leslie, for the American Idol comment. I needed a good chuckle!

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Lemon Grass 1985 said...

The only reason Rafe would care about Arianna's being framed is if he could use it to his advanantage. He was more pissed EJ was helping her than he was pissed that she was in jail.

This show gets worse and worse.

Thanks for taking the hits. I'm not into pain.

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me, but I think I missed something. If Chloe went through all the trouble to change her name to Dana Scott (with Carly's help) and go to a different hospital, wouldn't it stand to reason that the potential father's are not listed as DR. DANIEL or PHILIP KIRIKAS? Wouldn't they be under different names too? If that's the case, how in the heck did Stephanie figure out which name is which for who the father is?

I may be off base though since I've never had to take a paternity test!

- Sunshine (my open ID won't login for some reason)

9:36 AM  
Blogger LeeLeigh said...

Berg --- just wanted to say liked your post at the end of yesterday's posts. Me, too, thinks some folks are taking this show a bit too seriously. I say, if you don't like today's DOOL, wait a week and it will change....

and I'm sorry you don't have the stomach for another who's da baby daddy storyline. me thinks you might have to take stock in some Tums or Zantac, and line your tummy with cast iron... because I think that's where they're headed.... again.....


10:52 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Thanks for the warning LeeLeigh. Looks like I'll be needing new betteries for my remote too...I wanted to respond to Sunshine's post about her open ID not logging in. This happens to me once in a blue moon. It's not this site's error, it's has to do with the internet browser timing out. It lets your comment post but only as Anonymous.

I haven't seen many of the epi's lately, but since I was going back to catch up on the last couple of weeks aired, I wanted to comment about the rough sex portrayed lately on DOOL. WHO the hell thinks hot sex is about needing a visit to the emergency room the next day? I thought hot sex was passionate, more about the "violence of emmotions" not "physical violence". I've never seen such forced sex scenes on a soap as the Nicole/Brady crap. But then again, look at the source. Nicole!...that 'splains it. I don't watch porn for a reason!

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

In Salem, a day without committing a serious crime is like a day without sunshine. So is being unable to get to Prevuze until after noon.

Guess I wasn't the only one wondering what if that had been some musical CD or something from the news station Nicole was working on? (Applecheeks, love the Barry Manilow comment. HAHAHA)

And in the "dense as a box of rocks" department, Daniel picks the perfect moment to walk in, "Anxious to do what?" My memory is as long as a flea's and even I remember they said they were going out for facials you dope!

Re: Sami's dress. The wardrobe department always seems to have one or two women who just have to wear painted-on clothes. Most of the time it was Hope (although she doesn't do that as often as she used to).

LOL over that poor dead horse in the middle of the rumpus room and Lucas wandering the streets of Hong Kong. I'm glad Prevuze isn't letting us forget Lucas. He's always good for a chuckle or two.

Thanks for the recap.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez, it just gets worse & worse. Brillo-Brow is seriously dumber than a box of rocks. First, he sidles in the bathroom door like it would kill him to open it all the way, then he takes Nicole's purse out of the bathroom (who keeps their purse in the bathroom ewww?), then takes the stupid purse back out into the room Nicole is in. She should have bitch slapped him silly. I've been married for close to 30 years and my husband still won't go in my purse! The writing on this show is absolutely terrible. It's getting harder & harder to keep waiting out that this will get better. The Chloe/Dan/Phil whose the Daddy is so old it's moldy.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved Sami as a teen up to the Colleen/Santos s/l and I had to stop watching, so I love when you remind us of Lucas. I will always be a Lumi fan.


2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok. I have a few things I need to get off my chest. I will be bouncing around a little bit but hey it will help. Here we go again. The rafester gets the CD and saves the day. Give us a break. I am sorry but GG has no acting ability what-so-ever. He can't even hold a woman and look real. Geez. He looked so uncomfortable holding Nicole.Than we get Sami the lying tease. I love you EJ I want to marry you EJ. I despise Sami right now. She is going to hurt EJ real bad I just know it. Forget the past live for the future. Sami could have a loving wonderful caring relationshp with EJ. He worships the ground she walks on he will do anything to make her happy. She would be treated like a queen. He accepts her for who she is. He doesn't demand she change to suit him. Like Rafe. In case it was misunderstotod like Rafe does. He gives her no credit for anything. It's the Rafe way or no way. She is soo happy when she is with him. All smiles.
he brings out the best in her as she does him. He feels awful about the Sydnapping but he is being so sincere right now to Sami. His actions and feelings are not fake they are from his heart. She could make him a wonderful man just by returning his love with all her heart. I am going to say this once he did not rape her. Some people need to get over this for real. Is has been umm what four freaking years ago. This is a soap opera for goodness sake. Why do people hold grudges for years. Stop thinking and living in the past. See what is going on now with Ejami. They are so wonderful together. But as us Ejami fans (a lot I might add)know this wil be short lived because of Mr FBI. I am sure he has skeletons in his closet. I think Emily was in the same situation as Sami pregnant by a guy who has a bad reputation. He tried to save her and failed. Now he's obessed with Sami and more so with her kid not kids. This is soo creepy. All of u Safe fans have to realize this. Take a few minutes and think about this please. He wants to save Sydney so bad why not her other kids. Why? I think he feels he's Syndney's dad since he was with Sami during her pregancy. He falsified adoption papers for Grace. Umm what about Johnnie Allie and Will. It's just creepy. It's always Sydney Sydney Sydney. I think Emily was pregnant when she was killed. So he is now obessed with Sami's Sydney. He really did a number on Nicole. She was really happy that he was being like he was with her. You could see it in her eyes. She was really touched by it. Than she is gonna but let down again. She was happy with EJ but it was a one sided love. She knew he still loved Sami and always would.. He was only with her because of the baby. Now she is being used again by the so called nice guy. How nice was that to do what he did. He won't take Sami back unless she obeys his rules and regulations. She won't be happy I guarantee it. He has never been romatic toward her. He's never given her any credit for anything. Why would you want to stay with someone like that (cause your family wants you too) Grow up Sami be a woman think for yourself not for Rafe or your family. Ok last rant. I think EJ is going to do someting rash. I heard he gets drunk and angry after the reveal. I think he may either goes off driving and crash or tries to commit sucide as his world like just fell apart. He will have nothing to live for. You know Sami will probably take the kids and go where the brady pub? maybe the town house isn't sold yet.

Well now that I have vented hope everyone has a good evening. Love you prevuzes.

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Ok I got to give credit where credit is due. We all should. I read on another board that our man James Scott (AKA) EJ DiMera just won Adonis award four years in a row. I say that is something. Not only is he the most freaking gorgeous tall drink of water I ever saw he can act too. Congrats James. We love you.

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