Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sami is upset because the Grace's obituary doesn't say Rafe is the father. Rafe tries to get her to eat something. "You haven't eaten since..."

"Say it," says Sami, "since Grace DIED."

EJ broods in the rumpus room. Stefano and Nicole stand in the foyer. Stefano asks if Nicole should be with EJ. She says he only wants to be with Sydney.

Mia is at the Java Café where she has snagged a job. Even though that's a nice trick in this tough economy, Mia tells her boss she has to have time off even though she hasn't started yet. Will comes in and says she doesn't have to go to the funeral for his sake. "I'm doing it for me," says Mia.

Nicole frets that EJ will find out the truth. Stefano grabs her and says he will never find out the truth, "Let him grieve for Grace or there will be more grief for everybody."

Melanie comes into Maggie's kitchen and thinks she sees Mia walk. She says, "Hi, Mia," as Nathan comes in half nekkid. She does a double-take when she sees him and the contrived tension between them starts, "You're from the hospital, aren't you. You're an intern but you ought to be a patient from the rubber rooms."

Nathan gives her his snappy comeback, "You're pretty but you're an idiot."

Stephanie looks at the paper and reads about Grace. She closes it and sees the screaming headline about Owen, "ACCUSED KIDNAPPER ESCAPES FROM JAIL, GRABS A CHAINSAW AND HEADS OUT TO FIND STEPHANIE JOHNSON! "

Sami says she will take care of herself later but can't do it right now. Rafe volunteers to tell EJ not to be there. Sami says EJ has every right to be there. She asks Rafe not to go behind her back either.

Nicole tries to comfort the inconsolable EJ, "Why did she tell you?"

EJ moans, "Whether she told me or not doesn't change the fact my daughter is dead." Nicole says he has to back off with the grief, "Grace wasn't..."

EJ looks up, "Wasn't what. What are you trying to tell me?"

Hope looks at a picture of Sami, Rafe and Grace, says she misses Zack and Bo comes up to console her.

"Wow," says Nathan, "This place has everything. Even a built in candy striper." He snatches her phone and plays with it, "Nice phone. Hey, why don't we go up to my room? You can demo a few functions."

Melanie gasps, "PERVERT!"

Rafe says, "I have to keep telling myself Grace is gone. I keep waiting to hear her voice, even though she never talked in the first place."

Evan, Mia's boss, gives her the time off. He leaves. Mia asks where Will's tie is. He says he will wait until his mom leaves to get it and says he still hasn't talked to her. Mia tells him to talk to her, "She needs you right now."

Will says, "OK, look you don't... know her. You don't know my mom at all.""


Sami tries to call Will and gets voicemail. Rafe offers to find him but the doorbell rings. Rafe answers to find Roman. Roman rushes past Rafe without saying anything and hugs Sami.

EJ asks again, "Grace wasn't what?"

Nicole stammers, "She... you never bonded with her."

"Because I was denied the chance," snorts EJ, "Does that mean I shouldn't grieve? Does that mean she didn't matter? Be careful what you say to me right now."

Nicole continues to work damage control, but EJ won't have it, "That woman lied to her child's father. Samantha is going to be sorry. Very sorry."

Melanie and Nathan continue to kibitz. Nathan asks, "If I were a perv, would I shower before perving?" He grabs a donut off a plate on the table and gobbles. Melanie has a conniption, "Those are for the hospital charity luncheon."

Maggie walks in and finds him eating the donut, "You should share that one with Melanie."

Nathan whines, "Aw, Grandma, do I gotta?"

Melanie's eyes widen, "Grandma?"

Caroline is at the Kiriakis mansion with Stephanie. Stephanie tells her Phillip is in Chicago. Caroline really tees off on that and says she thinks Phillip should be there to protect her with Mad Dog Owen on the loose. Stephanie tells her to cool her jets.

Hope rambles about Zack's funeral, "I remember how it was and so I know we need to (say it with her) be there for Sami."

Johnny cries. Sami heads in to check him out but on the way she tells Roman not to be mad at Rafe. Rafe wants to talk, "I'm worried about today... about EJ."

"You're right," says Nicole, "Sami's life is going to be a living hell. She has a week's worth of DOOL episodes to catch up on."

Kinzie walks up to Mia, "Guess who I saw... I bumped into..."


Will walks up and asks what's going on.

Stephanie assures Caroline Owen can't get to her. Caroline suggests Stephanie not go to the service, "What happens when Sami sees you face EJ?"

Stephanie considers that, "Uh... there would be a rare moment of drama on this show?"

EJ says he wants to take Sydney to the funeral but Nicole tires to convince him that wouldn't be a good idea.

Roman guarantees EJ won't bother Sami. Sami comes out and says Johnny wanted to know where Grace was. Rafe heads out to take care of things. Sami defends Rafe to Roman. Roman understands why Sami didn't tell EJ but not why she didn't tell him. Sami is, to say the least, undiplomatic, "I don't have a lot of faith in the legal system. I know EJ will come after me. I'm scared about what he's going to do.

Nathan comes back avec shirt and tells Maggie about the rocky start to his and Melanie's relationship. Melanie drops the bomb that she's leaving for London.

Will tells Kinzie to knock off her harassment

Stephanie insists she's going to the service and look EJ in the eye and let him know she's not scared, and then run like a scared bunny.

Sami vows she can do this as it closes in on time to go to the funeral.

Nicole suggests EJ leave Sydney at the mansion, "After the funeral it will just be the three of us. Sami will be out of the picture for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Maggie says she will miss Melanie. Melanie halfway breaks down as she and Nathan continue to bicker. Maggie says she hopes Melanie is going to something and not just running away.

The Java Café manager breaks things up with the teens. Mia wants Will to go home. Will gives Kinzie a parting shot, "You're a real bottom feeder Kinzie." He leaves.

Kinzie turns to Mia and asks, "Why do you freak when I mention..."


Sami says Will has a right to be angry. Rafe says, "No one can say you didn't always put him at the babysitter's first. Right on cue, Will comes in.

Bo goes to check security since the DiMeras will be there. Rafe comes in and Hope tells him about losing Zack, "Sami will need you for the next few months, until she moves on to her next boytoy." She can see Rafe loved Grace just as much as Sami did.

Stefano announces he's not going to the funeral.

We discover Nathan lived in France, and suddenly he and Melanie have something in common. They banter in French and Melanie raves about how much she liked it there. Nathan says he had an apartment in Paris, "Americans can't get into med school there so I came back." As he leaves Nathan says, "Enjoy London. I Hope you don't have too much trouble with the language. "

Maggie asks, "When are you going?"

It seems Melanie has had a change of heart, "I don't know. I mean there is no rush, right?"

Rafe is in the sanctuary. He rages in front of a picture of Grace. Father Matt walks in. Rafe says he can't believe God let Grace die and he doesn't know if he can forgive him for that.

Mia says, "I'm not sure I remember a guy named..."


Will stomps through the apartment. Roman calls out to him but Will ignores it and goes into the other room.

Stefano says he just couldn't cope with Grace's funeral so soon after losing Tony. He picks up Sydney and says he prefers to concentrate on the future.

Johnny follows Sami out and hugs her. Roman reminds Sami it's time to go. Sami tells Johnny he and Allie and her will play together when she gets back.

Melanie has arrived at the hospital. She asks her old boss, "How can I unquit my job? It was your compassion that made me change my mind about quitting."

Her boss asks, "What was it really, or WHO?"

Caroline says, "Stephanie, you have to minimize your feelings."

"I have pills to do that," says Stephanie. She shows Caroline out.

EJ and Nicole arrive at the church. They walk into the vestibule and EJ turns to her, "She's gonna pay."

Sami walks in. She and EJ exchange cold stares.

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Anonymous Leslie said...

Sami is upset because the Grace's obituary doesn't say Rafe is the father.

That is so many different layers of stupid. Rafe isn’t the father. He faked Grace’s birth certificate and tried to adopt the baby by ignoring the legal rights of the biological father. If Daze is looking for drama in this situation, it should be the SPD dragging Rafe’s sorry butt off to the cooler, and Sami trying to get him released before the funeral/wake. This should be a no brainer for EJ. It would give him an excellent opportunity to flex his legal muscles and get back at Rafe through the legal system. Instead we are treated to some more of Sami’s delusional ravings.


Here’s hoping that Owen is a better trapper than he is a kidnapper, and that the next screaming headline is “SALEM CHAINSAW MASSACRE!”

Nicole continues to work damage control, but EJ won't have it, "That woman lied to her child's father. Samantha is going to be sorry. Very sorry."

If Nicole had any sense at all, she would be on line checking out for the cheapest one way ticket to fly to Switzerland. She's smart enough to know she had better get out of Dodge before the proverbial poop hits the fan.

Maggie says she hopes Melanie is going to something and not just running away.

As long as she’s gone, who gives a flying fig?

Stefano announces he's not going to the funeral.

Kudos to Stefano! At least he’s thinking coherently.

Sami walks in. She and EJ exchange cold stares.

Weddings and funerals always bring the best out in everyone. Geez! It appears that the funeral is going to be just as much of a circus as the EJ/Nicole wedding was. Hopefully, it doesn’t last an entire week.

Thanks for the great hump day update Prevuze!

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Jessi said...

Stefano announces he's not going to the funeral

good for him, glad someone around here makes sense

i hope that the funeral doesnt last a week either Leslie. i hate when things that usually only take hours in real life take weeks in days time.

"Nicole continues to work damage control, but EJ won't have it, "That woman lied to her child's father. Samantha is going to be sorry. Very sorry."

If Nicole had any sense at all, she would be on line checking out for the cheapest one way ticket to fly to Switzerland. She's smart enough to know she had better get out of Dodge before the proverbial poop hits the fan."

if nicole doesnt want to lose sydney then she should not go to the funeral, take sydney away to switzerland and never look back. all she has to say is that shes a dimera and her plane will be booked. but the truth will come out eventually and now its only a matter of time

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This epi hardly looks worth the time to watch it, but I'm hoping it's setting up for tomorrow's to be good.

PS - no matter how bad the epi, it's ALWAYS worth the time to read Prevuze!

6:38 AM  
Blogger Klaus said...

Hello folks, it's been a wonderful dool-free 'vacation.' I don't actually know what's going on, surprisingly something noteworthy appears to have happened. Grace is dead?

The most important question remains, which is; are Chloe and Dan still here?

I guess I'll have to catch up, again.

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Welcome back, Klaus! As for Chloedan - just think back to the last time you suffered thru a scene of theirs (be it a day a week or a month or four) and it's still the same.

I figure we'll have a week of everyone arriving at the funeral, a week at the funeral and a week everyone milling around after the funeral because Salemites don't have any better places to hang out than there or the hospital corridor.

You've all caught onto what I was going to forecast coming up: Sami will want to take the kids and run and Rafe having to either talk her out of it or trying to find her when she does. But with Mickey as her only choice of attorney can you blame her?

LOL over Father Matt's astonishment over Chloe and this: Evan, Mia's boss, gives her the time off even though she hasn't worked there yet. WHY can't I get a job in Salem??!

Great Prevuze and pictures today. Thanks!!

7:47 AM  
Blogger Klaus said...

Thanks, Bulldog.

Now that I've caught up, somewhat.

I guess all the money is working within the funeral home. This town has had more funerals per year than I have been invited to within a lifetime. Or ever expect to be.

Will stomps through the apartment.
Will has been nothing but a whiner since he's been back. He's always so grumpy.

So now that Grace is dead, I suppose this leaves Mia 'free' when the truth is finally revealed. Babies will cramp a young persons style.

I'm also kind of bewildered by EJ's rages. I understand how he can be in grief, but it's like he doesn't realize that he and his family are dangerous, mostly immoral people.

He rages at Sami's decisions and then seemingly threatens Stephanie's life at his child's funeral. Priorities in check.

Still no pregnant Kate though. *sigh*

9:05 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I had all-day meetings scheduled, but they got cancelled after an hour of them. Yippee!

Got back to the office, but the electricity was out all over town, so no computer and no Prevuze. Boooo

Electricity just came back on and I have lights and A/C and a computer so I can read Prevuze. Yippee! And get some work done. Booo.

I'm worried about EJ. He is apparently losing his hearing along with his common sense. He's in the rumpus room. Nicole/Stefano are right outside the room talking about switched babies and EJ doesn't hear anything??

I'm with Anonymous, this episode, even more than most, looks eminently zap-worthy.

I loved Maggie's first comment to Nathan - he should share the donut with Melanie. If MY grandmother would have walked into that scene, her first words would probably have been, "Nathan, march yourself back to your room and put some clothes on. You aren't living in your frat house any longer!" HAHAHA

Great mid-week pick-me-up. Thanks Prevuze!

9:24 AM  
Blogger Sarolite said...

Sami is upset because the Grace's obituary doesn't say Rafe is the father.

Doesn't the obituary say whatever you tell it to say? The death certificate is a legal document, sure, but an obituary is basically a paid advertisement in the paper, unless they do it differently back east.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Sarolite- you are right on the money. Usually a newspaper will print whatever you write and pay for in the obituary.

In my town, if there is no one to write an obit., the paper will publish a death notice as a matter of public interest. Just the basics, like name and date of death and perhaps funeral services. Never more than 2 or 3 lines.

I wouldn't want the writers in charge of writing my obit.!!

11:49 AM  

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