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Reverse Psychology

Nicole begs EJ not to go see Sami. EJ is defiant.

Dr. Daniel showers. We get some rippling muscle shots and then his Chloe fantasy kicks in. Hot. Steamy. What do you expect? It's a shower. Heavy breathing. Love... well, lust, really. High water bill for sure.

Daniel finishes his shower and his fantasy, "This has got to stop." Well, you have to turn the water off, or it won't.

Will defies Lucas and tells him he won't give Mia up. Mia watches.

Sami panics and calls an ambulance for Grace.

Nicole says she's not threatening EJ but knows she is being unreasonable and insecure. She tells him to go see Sami. EJ senses something is wrong. Observant, ain't he? He thinks nothing he ever does for her is enough. "Only because of Sami," says Nicole. She wonders if things will ever change.

Rafe's foreman barks orders and bans cell phones. Rafe turns his phone off just as Sami tries to call him. Sirens wail in the background. Odysseus ignores them.

Nicole decides EJ doesn't need her to be needy and insecure. Then she proceeds to be needy and insecure. EJ tells her she is the most important thing in the world to him. He decides it would have been presumptuous of him to go over there and confront Sami about Rafe's pending adoption, so he decides to stay there and focus on ruining his own family.

Daniel gets out of the shower. He turns and sees Chloe in there. Guys everywhere curse steam. She opens the door and invites him back in. Daniel's fantasy balloon bursts again.

Will defends Mia. Lucas tells him carrying that baggage will bring him down, "As many times as I have been married, I've had more than a few old bags bring me down." Will walks away and Lucas has a conniption.

EJ continues to suck up to Nicole. The show continues to just plain suck. He gets a call. He hangs up and tells Nicole they found Owen and Stephanie, "Phillip was with them in the morgue."

Nicole asks, "Is everyone OK?"

"Owen won't be when I get my hands on him," says EJ as he heads out.

They wheel Grace into the hospital. Dr. Daniel intercepts the paramedics. Sami intercepts Daniel. "Make it stop," she sobs.

Will goes back in and apologizes for what Lucas said to her when he and Mia were inside the pub alone. Mia tells him she heard what Lucas said outside. She tells him goodbye, but Will stops her. Mia says she has a friend in Minneapolis and will have a place to live there. Will vows to get her help in Salem.

Chloe visits Nicole and Sydney. Nicole tells her there has been a breakthrough with EJ. She thinks EJ will try to prove from now on that she and Sydney come first, "I am finally getting my happily ever after, without the happily or the ever after." Nicole talks about how lucky Chloe is to have Lucas in her life. Chloe gives Nicole that look that same look she reserves for whenever she finds out her next mammogram is due.

Arianna finds Rafe on the construction site. He's been there five minutes and is on a break already. Arianna says she is concerned about him. He doesn't think insulting the woman he loves shows much concern. Arianna thinks the thing with Sami is "just like before."

Dr. Daniel works on Grace as Sami snivels and panics. Nurse Vivian can't take it any more and escorts her out. Outside, Sami falls apart.

EJ is at the hospital to see Stefano, who is out for tests. Instead, he sees Sami out in the hallway blithering. She tells him Grace is sick.

Maggie has joined Will and Mia at the pub. Will gives her Mia's sob story. Never missing a chance to butt in, Maggie offers to have Mia move in with her.

Chloe gets off the phone with Lucas. Evidently, it's the third time Mr. Buttinski has called since she has been there. Chloe assures Nicole clinging Lucas doesn't bother her much, "Now all I have to do is erase a certain doctor from my mind and everything will be perfect."

"That's good news," says Nicole, "Erasing your mind never seems to be a problem."

Daniel calls for five gallons of Phenobarbital. The nurse thinks that might be a bit much. Dr. Miracle assures her he knows what he's doing.

Instead of working, dedicated Rafe continues to stand around with Arianna. They argue about the fact that he gave up his dreams, and wound up on a second rate, low budget soap opera instead. He says he's only in this dead end job so social services will allow him to adopt Grace. Rafe thinks Arianna feels abandoned now that he has found Sami.

Sami says Grace was fine and happy one second and then had a fever the next. Except for the fevers she's had for the past two weeks. Sami goes back into panic mode and EJ promises to stay with her and, of course, (say it with him) be there for her. An usher passes out smelling salts in the Ejami section of the audience as viewers swoon one after the other.

Will thinks Maggie's offer is a great idea. Mia can't believe how great Maggie is being. She accepts the offer under one condition. She insists on paying rent. She says she'll get a job and stay clean and sober to boot.

Arianna just wants Rafe to be happy. Rafe thinks she isn't happy and asks when her last date was. She tells him it was last night. He tells her his relationship with Sami is good and real and honest. He forgot to mention tedious.

Chloe tells Nicole she's not having much luck forgetting about Daniel. Chloe thinks Nicole seems comfortable being a Stepfor... uh, DiMera wife. Nicole says she could do without the 'DiMera' part.

Sami calls Will and leaves a message about Grace. Vivian comes out and refuses to tell Sami anything. EJ butts in and demands information. The nurse goes back in to get the dope (information, that is, not Dr. Daniel). Sami has another blitherfest.

Will and Mia arrive at Sami's place. Will says he will talk to Sami to see if she needs a part time nanny. We speculate Sami would only settle for a full time nanny since part time would mean she actually has to spend some time with her kids. Will also tells Mia to forget about what Lucas thinks. She asks if Lucas would hate her if she never had a drug problem.

Chloe finds Lucas and Allie at the pub. Lucas grumbles, "Remind me not to let this one date until she's 30."

"If she's anything like her mother," says Chloe, "she won't even be grown up by then." Lucas suggests Chloe could talk to Will about the nasty teen slut he's hooking up with. Chloe says if Lucas told Will not to see her that is exactly the opposite of what Will the brainless teen will do.

"I get it," says Lucas, "Reverse psychology. My mom used that on me... last week."

"That's standard procedure for a bass-ackward mind," says Chloe. Lucas wonders what he would do without her. She sure as hell knows what (and whom) she would do without him.

Nicole watches as Arianna rants about Sami. Arianna huffs off. Nicole walks up to Rafe, "So you traded in your cable guy disguise for a hard hat?" Nicole tells Rafe she thinks adopting Grace is admirable. She asks if Arianna doesn't approve of the adoption. She says Sami's baby is lucky to have him as a daddy.

Sami leaves another hysterical message for Rafe. Not to worry, EJ is there for support. He assures her Grace will be fine.

Lucas goes to get more paper for Allie to draw on instead of scribbling on the tablecloth. He takes Allie with him. Maggie shows up and immediately noses in. Chloe wonders if she should tell Lucas about her affair with Daniel.

Will tells Mia to stop worrying about Lucas.

Rafe hauls lumber as Nicole comes up with some dog and pony explanation as to why she's down at the construction site. Rafe thinks she has an ulterior motive, "What do you want from me?"

Maggie thinks Chloe should blab, if for no other reason than Kate will someday. She leaves. Chloe twists in the breeze.

Daniel comes out of Grace's room. Sami rushes up and asks how Grace is doing. Daniel gives her the standard DOOL look of death.

Nicole insists she doesn't have an ulterior motive. She says she's sure Rafe will make a wonderful dad. Rafe chuckles and says he thinks she's being creative. Nicole tells him she hopes things work out and she leaves. Rafe starts to break his boss' cell phone rule, but finds out his phone is dead. On DOOL, the only things that don't come back from the dead are cell phones.

Lucas is back. He has dumped Allie on Caroline. Chloe says she is glad they have the time alone. "We can have dinner together... just us," says Luclueless.

"I hope this isn't the last time," says Chloe, "I need to tell you something."

Mia and Will go over what kind of pizza to order. Will gets the message from Sami. He gives Mia that same look of death we just got from Dr. D.

Daniel tells Sami he has stopped Grace's seizures. He thinks they are harmless. Sami thinks that is great news. Daniel says he is going to run some tests, including blood work. Sami gasps when she hears that. Nicole watches.

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Anonymous Bulldog said... afternoon Prevuze to read on my coffee break! May I suggest this should become a regular thing - two Prevuzes a day??

OK, I want everyone who doesn't think Rafe will walk in right when EJ's giving Sami a say it with me "I'm here for you" hug to speak up. Anyone? Bueller?

- - c r i c k e t s - -

If it's dinner time shouldn't Allie be getting ready for bed? Nicole said Johnny was asleep an episode ago. What terrific parents Lumi are. HAHAHAHA

Thank you Prevuze, for diligently reporting the missed episode for us!

12:47 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Sirens wail in the background. Odysseus ignores them.

LOLOL And the daytime Emmy award for the best use of Greek classical literature references in an otherwise schlocky storyline goes to……Prevuze!

An usher passes out smelling salts in the Ejami section of the audience as viewers swoon one after the other.

The EJicole and Lumi sections throw rotten tomatoes at the screen.

Here’s one of the biggest HUH?! moments I’ve had lately:

Daniel tells Sami he has stopped Grace's seizures. He thinks they are harmless.

I don’t know what medical school Dr. McGroupy graduated from, but when are seizures EVER harmless? It’s not like Grace had a little case of the hiccups. Jeez Louise writers. Get a clue!

Along with the Prevuze Prayer this morning, the wonderful pictures and prevuisms like: On DOOL, the only things that don't come back from the dead are cell phones. This has been a great hump day.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

The good news: Norris says the satellite is fixed. The bad news: That's what he said last time... and the time before.

2:18 PM  
Blogger fwickafwee said...

what kind of time traveling powers does Nicole have if she's at Rafe's construction site one minute and lurking around the hospital the next?

Deb's gotta update her map of Salem with the construction site too!

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to read your blog religiously prior to Oct 2007 - then I had a baby and moved in a two week stretch and when I hooked the computer back up, couldn't find the address. :( I found it again today **YAY*** I don't know who you are or how you get the episode one day early, but you are my most favorite person online. Thank you!

7:00 PM  

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