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Get the hankies out, folks. It's the biggest downer of an episode in a long time...

Will comes into Grace's room. He takes Grace as Sami cries. He tells Grace it's her big brother. "She needs you," says Sami.

Lexie and EJ bicker, discuss Stefano and talk about Grace.

Will is back out waiting with Mia.

Inside Grace's room, Caroline comforts Rafe and Sami.

Lexie tells EJ they are praying for a miracle for Grace.

Lucas and Chloe talk. Lucas sees the priest come in. He tells Caroline joins him and father Matt tells her he's there to help the family.

Back inside Grace's room, Rafe and Sami talk about the christening. Sami falls apart.

Roman and Caroline wait as Rafe comes out to meet the priest.

Dr. Daniel talks on the phone and watches them go by. He slams down the receiver and buries his face in his hands.

Back inside, Father Matt administers the last rites, "May the Lord Jesus bless you and lead you to eternal life."


EJ talks about how much Sami loves the baby. He tells Lexie to take care as she leaves. Sydney babbles and not surprisingly, EJ understands her. I guess that comes from living with Nicole. He tells Sydney her mother will be home soon.

Sami and Rafe watch Grace. Rafe tells Sami she knows he wanted a family. Things spiral into despair. Sami talks about the love and happiness Grace has brought to them.

Grace's machine flatlines and spews the monotone death note.

Rafe looks at Sami, "Should I get the doctor?"

Silent Sami shakes her head, "No..." They stare into the crib together.

Daniel comes in to the room. He walks over and turns off the machine. The sound stops and the room goes silent. "I'm sorry," says Dr. No-Miracle-This-Time. He walks over and checks out lifeless Grace. He removes all her tubes and gadgets and turns as he leaves the room, "Do you want me to send the family in?"

"No," says Sami.

Outside, Daniel makes the dreadful announcement, "Grace passed quietly about five minutes ago. Silence... Silence... Silence... Tears. Dr. Dan walks off. Roman comforts Caroline, Will comforts Mia.

Down the hall, Daniel walks into the locker room, closes the door and stares.

Back inside Sami sobs and talks about Grace and how sweet she was. Rafe comforts.

Back at the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Sydney everything there revolves around her.

Caroline cries. Roman is her tower of strength. Lucas and Will talk about life and death.

Chloe comes up to Daniel and says she watched him tonight. He is of course a miracle worker, but fell short of a miracle this time. She knows it hurts. Semi-speechless Daniel practically goes comatose.

Nicole stares and broods. She flashes back to the delivery.

Tears flow inside Grace's room.

Will and Mia remember Grace. "I know I wasn't related to her," sobs Mia, "But I still loved her so much."

Brady comes to see Victor so they can continue their ongoing argument. Apparently King Victor has summoned Brady. As Brady walks in, Victor says, "I was hoping you could just forgive me."

Brady says, "Hell no."

"But, you have to," says Victor, "Forgiving people is one of the steps in any 12-step program."

"I know," says Brady, "But I got a discount for taking an 11-step program."

Silence and tears continue to be the order of the day at the hospital. Sami's silent rage begins to go away as her screaming rage make an appearance. Rafe comforts. Sami strokes Grace's lifeless body and cries. She stops, turns and goes into total breakdown.

EJ has come to the hospital. He and Rafe bicker as Nicole watches. Rafe thinks EJ should let Sami have Johnny for a while so the family can be together. Nicole walks up to EJ and says, "Do it for Sami. EJ agrees, turns and leaves. Rafe says he is shocked Nicole stood up for Sami.

Sami, Rafe, Will and Mia are back at Sami's place. Sami holds Allie and Johnny as Mia and Will look on. Rafe announces he has to go do some things.

Victor extends an olive branch to Brady, "Thank you for being a Kiriakis."

"I didn't have much choice."

Rafe wanders outside. Arianna bumps into him and asks if he is OK. Rafe, of course, isn't. He tells her about losing Grace. They hug.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole rubs EJ's shoulders as he sits at his desk. She thanks him for taking Johnny to Sami. EJ gets a call and leaves. Numb Nicole stands and stares. Suddenly, Stefano appears out of nowhere. Nicole jumps out of her socks, "Stefano you scared me. My lunch, like the Phoenix, almost came up again."

Stefano says, "I think we should finish our little conversation."

"This is DOOL," says Nicole, "That will take three months."

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Anonymous Berg said...

Well Nicole finally got something right (thanks to Prevuze) it will take another prolonged, dragged out, cycling forever, storyline for Stefano and Nicole's conversation to end.

Poor Grace. I for one am pretty much up for just about anything to:
a. End this ridculously boring storyline between Rafe and Sami
b. Mia sulking at every turn
c. The baby switching storyline to to be over
d. Nicole to pay and I mean PAY big time
but at the expense of a baby's death? I guess they can't have Mia shacking up with Will if she has a baby anchor around her neck.

To me this is just pure sloppy writing. Well happy Monday everyone - I figure this storyline will be going on all week. At least baby Grace has been put out of her misery and no longer has to watch SAFE anymore. Always a silver lining somewhere.

3:56 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Stefano says, "I think we should finish our little conversation."

"This is DOOL," says Nicole, "That will take three months."

Well, at least there’s one cheery moment in this episode. Stefano is continuing his emotional water boarding of Nicole. It may take three months but Nicole deserves every minute of it.

Ken Corday had been told that the death of a child should never be included in DOOL. Zack’s death had brought a significant spike in ratings so he felt justified in killing off baby Grace. Obviously, the concept of better writing to bring more viewers does not resonate with Mr. Corday. If the writing had been more consistent and the storylines less insipid, the whole stupid baby switch fiasco wouldn’t have been foisted upon the increasingly weary and dwindling DOOL audience. Unless the characters are evil, this team of writers can’t pen meaningful dialogue for characters over the age of 40 so the characters get shipped off to Switzerland, die a meaningless death, or, worse yet, make totally unexplained exits. Instead of investing screen time into character development, the viewers are left with whip lash trying to figure out the character’s new mind set. It’s a serial so there’s ample opportunity to build the angst by delving into a character’s psyche. Instead we get Ford Decker stuffed in a water heater. Geez!

…so much for my Monday morning rant. Bulldog, your suggestion would make for excellent product placement and so much more entertaining than anything DOOL has done! Prevuze, thanks for the update and tissue alert!

5:37 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Nicole jumps out of her socks, "Stefano you scared me. My lunch, like the Phoenix, almost came up again."

That was just about the only laugh today. Even knowing it’s “just a soap”, getting invested in characters; suspending disbelief to involve yourself in the story; makes any death a little real. The fact that it’s dark, gloomy, stormy, and Monday to boot, really set the tone for Prevuze this morning.

Berg & Leslie are so right. This show gets the Emmy for sloppy writing and going for the easy way out. (BTW, can you believe DOOL is one of the Emmy nominees for best soap of the year??) Grace could have had some illness that DID require genetic testing. It would have revealed Grace wasn’t Sami’s but wouldn’t have immediately led to the reveal that Mia was the mother and Nicole had switched babies.

All kinds of story could have come out of the search for “who is the mommy” and “how did this happen” and “what can we do to save the baby”. Heck, it would even logically involve the police (or Rafe’s ex-FBI friends) in an investigation.

They could spin all that story out for months. And, once the truth came out, still have the story to play of “who gets Grace”? All this without killing off another baby.

Much like the Phoenix, my meals come up just at the thought of all the good storylines this show has squandered in the past few months.

OMG - my word verification is 'pard'. DOOL infiltrates everything. hahahaha

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

BTW, can you believe DOOL is one of the Emmy nominees for best soap of the year?? Applecheeks, that nomination is for the prior year. When they still had Tanna, Payla and Jolena on there so maybe that's why.

I am going to get mighty tired of months of Nicole pleading with Stefano to keep her secret. Maybe he's got things planned for her to do in order for him to keep quiet. Become a DiMera spy, etc. Then it might be worth it.

I hope Brady Brady doesn't eventually accept Victor's invitation to forgive and forget. Have some backbone, dude!

There were some things to be grateful for in this episode - I enjoyed the Daniel/Lexie picture. And no Stephallip to suffer thru.

And, of course, the best thing - it's Monday but thanks to Norris Prevuze is up and running again! :D

7:21 AM  
Blogger Maureen said...

What made my head not connect with Grace's dying was in shots of her in the past two days she is show bright eyed, alert and definitely not sinking into a deeper unaware state as Daniel stated. She looked healthy and to have her die just doesn't compute. They should have put white powder on her face or at least kept with the sleeping shots of her.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very good potential storyline gone to waste.

11:15 AM  
Blogger heather said...

Instead of investing screen time into character development, the viewers are left with whip lash trying to figure out the character’s new mind set. It’s a serial so there’s ample opportunity to build the angst by delving into a character’s psyche. Instead we get Ford Decker stuffed in a water heater. Geez!

Leslie, you are so right. This sums up what's been wrong with DOOL for a long time.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, ia gree kiling off a baby is jsut not smart. especially with all of the potential this storyline had. But this is a soap opera we are talking about, and Days, no less, which means no one is ever really dead. She'll come back and we will end up with the potential story lines, only by then it will have taken so long, the writers will have lost all recollection of her short life and the stories will be filled with total inconsistancy. But really, I'm not bitter....

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Anon - you're probably right. Grace will return in two years, SORAS'd to high school age where she'll get involved with Dr. Gropefeel.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Jessi said...

sad that grace had to die. but i agree with pretty much everyone when this storyline coulda dragged out much longer. and i dont know why sami freakedwhen dr.dan said grace needed blood work cause its very possible that you couldadopt a child and they could have the same blood type as you or one that your children have. its not like no 2 people can have the same blood type. but i do hate that grace died plus corday lied to us cause he said that there were not going to be any more babies killed. but i guess he cares more about ratings than his promises. jerk

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on, Maureen. A child dying of meningitis would hardly be sitting up, moving about and connecting with her parents with alert, expressive eyes. Ridiculous!

5:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but pretty much every story line in DOOL these days is trying to be lamer than the next.

There is not a single character that I feel the least bit of anything any more. They are all either huge idiots, pure evil or just boring as possible.

We watched last night and couldn't stop laughing about the supposedly uber-sick baby laughing and playing and looking healthier than most of the adults.

They really need to put DOOL out of it's misery. Death would be a HUGE improvement at this point!!!!!

11:54 AM  

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