Monday, March 24, 2008

Venom In Her Veins

Kate comes into Chelsea's room and admires her flowers. Chelsea tells her they are from the sisters at Alpha Chi Theta. Kate gives us the perfunctory rundown on Billie just to establish that she cares so much about her daughter. Then she asks where Dr. Jonas is, just as he walks in. Kate wastes no time skewering him. She lectures him for taking care of his other patients and then asks when Chelsea can be released. Basically, Kate has done to Daniel's groin what he did to Chelsea's pancreas. He stands there for a second and then asks, "Miss Roberts, are you unhappy with me." Not just a brilliant doctor, but perceptive, too.

Dr. Johnson selects a fresh leech from her jar and bleeds Bo. Bo wakes and Kayla tells him to go back to sleep. He tells her it's hard to breathe the way she's suffocating him. Bo insists he's fine. Kayla lectures him for giving them a scare. Bo goes on the counterattack by telling Kayla she shouldn't be working in her delicate condition. Kayla hovers. Bo hovers.

Outside, Hope is on the phone, "Are you sure it's OK for you to keep what's her name for a little while longer while I go shopping?" Hope talks. Ava stalks. Ava slams a rag full of chloroform over Hope's mouth. Hope gurgles and gasps.

Chelsea tells Kate to be nicer to Dr. Jonas. Kate releases him from the hammerlock. Daniel says Chelsea may be able to go home tomorrow and leaves to check on Bo. Chelsea gets tongue tied as Daniel walks out. Kate wonders why Chelsea doesn’t seem enthusiastic about leaving the hospital.

Kayla and Bo talk about Shawn's trip. Bo is disappointed he couldn't check out Shawn's boat before he left. "You can do that later," says Kayla, "as long as your scuba gear is in working condition."

Bo misses sailing, "It gives me a sense of freedom. Most of the time, that is. Sometimes I have to take Hope along."

"Belle and Shawn will be fine," says Kayla, "You learn from the best."

"Thank you."

"I was referring to Pop," says Kayla.

Patch comes in to take Kayla home. Patch hovers. Kayla hovers. Bo hovers. Kayla don' wanna go home. Bo and Patch gang up on her, but they're outnumbered.

Ava drags Hope off as she remembers meeting her, and Hope telling her she loves Steve. Downstairs, Fred Frump, chief of hospital security, sits in front of several TV screens monitoring all activity in the bustling hospital. He wakes from his mid-morning nap and shifts position so he can begin his pre-lunch nap.

Kayla asks if there is anything of OMB's Bo would like to have. Bo says he would like OMB's fishing poles. He remembers fishing with OMB as a boy in their leaky boat. Kayla has already taken the poles for peanut, who may or may not want to go fishing sometime, but Bo can keep his grubby little mitts off them. Bo decides he wants his own fishing pole if Kayla has it. He tells her his pole has his initials carved in the handle. Bo decides if the fishing poles aren't available, he'll take OMB's Pocket watch. "Roman took that," says Kayla. They reminisce about OMB.

"It's weird," says Patch, "Remembering some things makes you happy and remembering some make you sad." I hope the next edition of Bartlett's Quotations hasn't gone to press yet. They wouldn't want to miss including a profound quote like that.

Kate thinks Chelsea has a crush on Daniel. Chelsea grins, "For the umpteenth time I do not have a crush on him."

Kate says, "Come on, Chelsea, you dissolved into a giggly little schoolgirl the minute he walked into the door."

"I don't giggle," giggles Chelsea, "I admire Dr. Jonas. He saved my dad's life but that's it. We're friends."

Daniel comes into Bo's room. Patch gets on his case, wondering where he has been. He tells Daniel about the medication incident. Kayla throws a few adjectives around describing Dr. Evil, who nearly killed Bo. Patch and Kayla leave.

Ava drags hope to the car. Angelo thinks Ava has gone too far. Hope comes around. Ava says, "We have so much to discuss, Kayla." Apparently, Angelo has forgiven Ava for stealing his car, and somehow caught up with her.

Kayla putters and Patch scolds her for breathing. She says she's doing charity work. Patch offers to help. Kayla says she told some of the other people on the committee to get off their butts and do some work, so she thinks she might need a bodyguard. As Patch tells her to relax, she begins making a few notes for the book she's going to write on how to win friends and influence people. The smooching starts. Since kissing Kayla instantly brings other women to mind, Patch remembers telling Stephanie about Ava.

Nick comes in to see Chelsea. Kate leaves to give them some privacy. She tells him she might get out tomorrow. "Good," says Nick, "Life can get back to normal. No one's tried to hide a dead body around here in weeks." Nick doesn't think Chelsea seems to excited about getting out, "Is something wrong?"

Hope asks, "Did you just call me Kayla?"

"So you're Patch's wife," asks Ava. Hope remembers Ava. She says she knows Patch was involved with her.

That gets Ava's attention, "He mentioned me? Did he tell you we were in love."

"He told me," says Hope. Ava thinks Patch will love her again once she takes care of this "situation." She says she knows Hope/Kayla is pregnant with Patch's baby.

Ava has decided she needs a solution to her "little problem." She needs to take Hope/Kayla out of the picture. Hope asks if Ava's going to kill her. Ava says she likes to keep things friendly. She reaches out and Hope snaps at her, "Don't touch me!"

"That wasn't friendly," says Ava.

Chelsea thinks her life or death experience is catching up with her. She's not sure she wants things to go back to the way they were. She thinks this is an opportunity to be a better person. Nick says he likes her just the way she is. Chelsea wants to be the "new" Chelsea, not the old one. Nick wonders if her new path includes him. She tells him it does. The thought of living without her is impossible for Nick. He says a small part of him was angry when she decided to be Bo's donor. He thought she was sacrificing their future together, but he knows why she had to do it. Mostly, he felt proud of her, "I love you, Chelsea."

"I love you, too."

Daniel tells Bo Chelsea is special. Bo reminds him he didn't want her to make that sacrifice. "You'd be dead if she hadn't," says Daniel.

"Don't confuse me with facts," says Bo. He says the thought of losing Chelsea is unbearable.

"Good," says Daniel, "If you're thinking is that messed up I can tell the drugs have kicked in." Bo wishes Hope would not have made the decision she did. But he knows it was a difficult decision for her. Daniel says losing Bo would be unbearable for Hope, too, "She'd have to find an actual dog to live in her doghouse." Bo realizes he's a lucky man, even though he's still married to Hope. he asks what if his body rejects Chelsea's pancreas. Daniel says he's more likely to reject Chelsea.

Bo wants to go see Chelsea and thank her. Daniel vetoes that. He wants to give Bo a sedative. Bo protests. "Come on man," says Daniel, "This is the goooood stuff."

John Black sticks his head in the door, "If he doesn't want it, I'll take it." Bo agrees to take the drugs.

Hope remembers talking to Patch about Ava and decides to play along, "We do need to talk. After all, I am Steve's wife."

Chelsea and Kate chat about her visit with Nick. Chelsea wants to see Bo. Kate will arrange it. She talks about starting her new company. She loves a challenge and loves her new product line. However, she hasn't chosen an ad agency, "I'd prefer to go with Tony rather than that obnoxious blonde Anna, but she has come up with some good ideas." Chelsea will help, but she doesn't want to get caught in the middle of the ad agency selection, since her friend Stephanie works for Anna and her friend Morgan works for Tony.

Kayla is on the phone with Daniel. He says Bo is fine, "He's in his room burning incense and playing Itchykoo Park on the guitar." Daniel gets a page. Kayla hangs up. Patch brings her a steamin' cup of hot chocolate. He has decided he wants to come up with a real baby name instead of something out of a wardrobe or a farm. Kayla suggests Josephine or Caroline, "Or maybe a combination of the two, like Jo-Oline." Patch decides next time not to put so much rum in the hot chocolate.

They decide to work on boy names, "We can't name him after OMB," says Patch, "Bo and Hope already did that. And we certainly can't name him after my jerk of a father or Stephanie's jerk of a father. How about Benjamin? I talked to Sonya, who feels better with Stefano in a coma." Suddenly, Patch zones and remembers the time Ava beat him up.

Angelo wants to talk to Ava alone. As they leave the room, Ava turns to Hope/Kayla, "Try not to steal anything else from me while I'm gone."

Outside, Angelo says he thinks this is a bad idea. Ava assures him nothing bad will happen. She's sick of hurting every single day. She needs closure and would rather die if she doesn't get it. Angelo hugs the sobbing mess.

Inside, Hope checks out the window and paces.

Kate decides to go as Daniel comes in. He and Kate spar a bit and she leaves. "That woman sure has venom in her veins," says Daniel. Daniel checks Chelsea out. He tells her she is a hero and should be proud of herself.

Patch makes a call, "My wife is asleep. You can take a break. Any sign of Ava? Good. I'll be in touch."

Bo wiggles and hyperventilates, "HOPE!"

Angelo tires to calm Ava down, "Just promise you won't do anything to yourself again." We pan to the scars on Ava's wrists, "I won't try to slash my wrists again if you don't force me to watch DOOL." Ava decides they need to get Hope/Kayla something to eat.

Inside, Hope snoops. She finds the Brady pictures and remembers Patch telling her someone's gunning for Kayla, "Don't you worry, Brady, I'll find a way out of here."

Back at the hospital, Bo belts out his rendition of "One Toke Over The Line."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Bulldog said...

So Kayla and Pard went in and snatched what loot they could of OMB's without even asking Kimberly or Bo? I wonder if they helped themselves to OWB's stuff, too. HAHAHAHA

Let's see if big cop Hope can save herself or in typical DOOL fashion the men will have to come to the rescue.

Great Prevuisms John Black sticks his head in the door, "If he doesn't want it, I'll take it." and I'm still laughing over Max's cargo!

Thanks for the usual Monday laughs to get us going!

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Or Max and Frankie either!

Yes, a totally awsome Prevuze!

6:50 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Max's containers, OWB's blouse, Hope's lips and Kayla's character - great pictures everyone!!

Yes, indeed. The old writers are back. The tip-offs? An s/l slower than molasses and stuffed with more flashbacks than a Tex-Mex meal has peppers!!

Apparently, Angelo has forgiven Ava for stealing his car, and somehow caught up with her. Those pesky Prevuze continuity police just won't let DOOL get away with anything. LOLOL

Thanks, Prevuze. Once again you've managed to turn pure drek into pure delight.

7:06 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

(Steve) has decided he wants to come up with a real baby name instead of something out of a wardrobe or a farm. Kayla suggests Josephine or Caroline, "Or maybe a combination of the two, like Jo-Oline."

Or maybe Joline! Then they could have Dolly Parton do a special guest spot on the show and sing about the baby.

(Bo) says the thought of losing Chelsea is unbearable.

Almost as unbearable as having her around.

Monday Spoilers Gang!:

For the week of March 31 -

Monday, March 31st
E.J. tells Sami they need to prove to immigration officials their marriage is real; Chelsea recuperates at Victor's mansion; Nick announces that he got his grant; Hope asks Ava why she thinks Patch will take her back; Max tells Ava about Grandpa Shawn.

Tuesday, April 1st
E.J. tells the immigration officer that he has a job; Ava offers to take Steve to see his wife; Kayla asks Bo what is going on with Steve; Kayla experiences pain and Lexie takes her to an exam room; Bo gets out of bed and passes out on the floor.

Wednesday, April 2nd
Sami and E.J. ask John and Marlena for help with the immigration issue; Daniel entertains the dinner guests at the Kiriakis mansion; Victor recalls the scandal about Brady and Chloe; Chelsea is enthralled with Daniel; Nicole walks into the mansion.

Thursday, April 3rd
Ava reunites Steve and the woman she thinks is Kayla; Steve urges Hope to play along; Ava tells Steve he needs to let Kayla go; Victor tries to throw Nicole out; Daniel stops to see Chelsea; Stephanie visits Max, working the night shift at the docks.

Friday, April 4th
Kayla tells Stephanie that she knows Steve is hiding something; Ava tells Hope that Steve is hers now; Bo notices his daughter's crush on Daniel; Chelsea hides the fact that she is not feeling well; Caroline brings Ciara to see her father.

New blog post today too!
These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

9:48 AM  
Blogger Shipper Girl said...

wow only 4 comments!
Just want to say thanks for doing the write up, todays made me laugh enough to make my work day possible!

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze II?

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry... you posted Prevuze II while I was requesting it! Bad timing in my part... sorry, again.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Prevuze! Awesome as usual.

8:31 PM  

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