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For months we've all been wondering what happened to 96 year-old Mickey Horton. Well, it seems the Mickster has been working out at a secret spa, slapping on Retin-A, applying the tanning cream, guzzling Geritol and swimming in the fountain of youth. Rumor has it Kevin Dobson, Formerly of Knots Landing, has been cast in the role of good old Mick. Maybe we should say good young Mick, as we are about to witness a rare case of SORYS* on DOOL.

In fact, Prevuze inside sources have discovered Mickey actually has been back on the show for weeks, but there's good reason we haven't seen much of him. In case you missed his first scene, Mickey walked into his house and said, "Hi, Maggie, I'm home." Maggie took one look, hauled him up to the bedroom and hasn't let him out since. We understand Mickey's legal skills haven't improved at all but if we are to believe Maggie, his performances have improved geometrically. We look forward to the Mickster's return. He's one of those DOOL characters who offers us boundless opportunities to have a field day.

Mickey and Maggie were the very first characters I was ever aware of on DOOL, back in the day. I was nothing but a wee child – so much so they actually called me Pweevuze. Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Make it a good weekend, gang. Technically it's the last weekend of winter. Good riddance.

*Soap Opera Rapid Youthing Syndrome


Anonymous Bulldog said...


I, too, am looking forward to the Mickster's return.

This can only mean one thing - coming up in the near future someone is going to be on trial. Let's see...Sami for trying to break Lucas out of the slammer? Jawn for his dastardly dealings with the shipping lanes? Or the entire town for snapping and gagging Hope and running her out of town on a rail?

AAhh, we can only speculate. But I say welcome back, Mick, and great Saturday Prevuze, Pweevuze! :D

6:25 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

It's Saturday, so that can only mean, it's time for:

Monday, March 24th
Kayla worries Bo's body is rejecting Chelsea's pancreas; Steve tells Hope about Ava; Marlena is shocked when she learns of Shawn and Belle's plans to sail around the world.

How is Chelsea living without a pancreas?? Marlena is shocked, I would think relieved would be a better reaction.

Tuesday, March 25th
In the parking lot, Hope is chloroformed and abducted by Ava; Nick visits Chelsea in the hospital; Daniel tells Chelsea she's a hero.

Anyone/everyone see a Chelsea and the doctor SL coming? What is it with this girl and doctors?

Wednesday, March 26th
Stephanie and Morgan's professor tells them they must each have a cameraman document their internships; Anna discovers Kate has picked Tony's ad agency to handle her new product line; Bo worries about Hope when he can't get a hold of her.

They need a cameraman? It's an internship not a reality TV show!
But then worked for Paris and Nichole...LOL

Thursday, March 27th
Bo worries about Hope, but keeps his fears to himself; Steve gets a call from Hope, who is pretending to be Kayla; Chloe returns to Kiriakis after an audition with the local opera.

Everyone write this date down, and remember don't watch it live.
Just in case they show Chloe auditioning, we don't want your hearing ruined.

Friday, March 28th
Hope convinces Ava to call Steve and set up a meeting; Max tries to tell Steph he loves her; Steve tells Bo about his past with Ava and how she has kidnapped Hope; Marlena arrives at Chez Rouge and finds John has set up a romantic table for two.

OK, scorecard here: Steve has told Stephanie, Hope and Bo about Ava...anyone think maybe, just maybe he should have told....KAYLA??

SPECIAL: Steve and Ava backstory rumor (please remember this is just a rumor, and may or may not turn out to be the actual SL):

Ava's father is going to turnout to be a former business partner of Lawrence Alamain with Jencon Oil. For those unfamiliar, Lawrence was running this corrupt foundation and Bo was on his trail back in 1990. Lawrence set a trap for Bo, which Steve stumbled onto and was caught in an explosion. Lawrence then tampered with Steve's i.v. due to him now being a threat and he "died". We will learn that Ava's father agreed to take Steve prisoner to eliminate the threat to the business. However, Steve had amnesia from the explosion and didn't know who he was. Instead of killing him, Ava's father made him a henchman and just referred to him as "Patch". Ava was only a teen when Steve began to work for her father, but she took a liking to him and the two had an affair. Ava's father forbidded this, and turned to another business partner to eliminate Steve from his daughters life, Stefano Dimera. Stefano then brainwashed him to forget his time as "Patch" and made him Nick Stockton. There is also rumor that Ava was pregnant by Steve, but her father forced an abortion, which has lead to her psychological state today.

Everyone check out my Saturday Blog for a special tribute to Mickey Horton.
These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

7:46 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

A lot of goodies packed into a small, but yummy Saturday Prevuze. Loved it!

I read about Dobson in the SOD issue I got last night. Good news for Maggie. She finally got a husband that wasn't (a) old enough to be her father or (b) old enough to be her GRANDFATHER!!

Speaking of fathers...SOD passed on the tidbit that the customs official Jawn is dealing with turns out to be Morgan's dad. Someone may have spilled this info before, I just didn't remember that.

Lovely way to help to deal with working on a Saturday.

(Gosh! I just noticed that my "word verification" for today is almost a real word - kupon. A few more thousand years and maybe it would generate enough words to submit as a DOOL script.)

8:39 AM  
Anonymous em said...

Deb, your "hey Mickey" version is LOL hilarious! thx.

Have there only been three Mickey actors? That last one was such an old coot, it was gross, but it made the Bonnie SL w/him all the funnier, I thought.

Nice Saturday diversion, Prevuze.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope is chloroformed and abducted by Ava

Ok Im starting to really like Ava. first she tried to get rid of not only hope on the plane but also marlena,Belle,kayla and cloey
now shes kidnapping hope

it got me thinking is deb and ava the same person. about the time ava was in ireland Deb was sick and away from the computer for a few days. its not possible to posst daily and fly around the world at the same time unless you live in salem lol

Then i read the Friday, March 7, 2008
What Prevuze Doesn't Know blog

so sense deb/ava released the top secret info about "the Prevuze compound."
then Prevuze keeps Deb/ava locked up. guarded by the same two goons that ciera hired to take max away.
so meanwhile Prevuze leaks some fake info to ava/deb making her think that Hope is married to Steve. so Ava/Deb will kidnap hope

hmmm the mystery is solved so i wonder if the salem kids hired prevuze to set this plan into motion or was it stefano or did prevuze act alone

lol BTW great prevuze today

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the original mickey. He was one of the founders on that show. I remember watching it with my mom when Maggie was in a wheelchair. Oh, and when Laura went crazy..that was good soap stuff back then.

When STeve was first introduced on the show many moons ago, his name was Patch then. Why would they (Alamain) give him the same moniker?

11:46 AM  

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