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Death By Celibacy

Bo is on the phone with Abe telling him about Patch's stabbing, "It's pretty bad. I left him to die on his own because I can't stand the sight of blood. An ambulance came for him, but the ambulance guy said Patch took off before they got there."

Abe will check on things. Bo says, "I have no idea where he is. We gotta find him before he bleeds out."

Kayla blocks Stephanie as she tries to leave. They argue for a change. "I'm not staying where I am not respected," screams Stephanie.

"Then you have no place to go," says Kayla. Kayla wants Stephanie to talk to Abe. A knock at the door interrupts their conversation. They answer and find Patch. He collapses into Stephanie's arms. Kayla rushes over. Patch says he needs to call Bo.

Kayla screams, "QUICK! CALL A DOCTOR!"

Sami and Lucas are at the pub with a group of volunteers who will go search for Roman. Sami gives them flyers. Lucas wishes them luck. The search party leaves. Lucas wants Sami to rest instead of helping with the search. Sami says she isn't going home until they find Roman. She wants the vendetta to end. Lucas says the DiMeras are in this forever. He doesn't want her stressed out. Sami says she knows Lucas doesn't want to end the vendetta, but she and EJ do.

EJ walks in. He hopes it isn't too late to volunteer.

Chelsea walks up and sees Max putting the moves on some babe. "Oh, hi," says the brat, "You must be Elizabeth... or is it Karen... or Shelley..." That does it. The bimbo leaves.

"She seemed so nice," says Chelsea.

"Very funny," says Max, "Just what are you doing?"

"I was trying to save you," says Chelsea.

"From what," asks Max, "Certainly not death by celibacy. Monks get more action than I do."

Chelsea runs though the litany of girls Max has gone out with. Things stop when she gets to Stephanie.

Lucas says EJ is not needed. EJ says he cares. Lucas thinks he cares about scoring points with Sami. Sami whines, "Lucas, I just want to find my dad."

Lucas tries to be reassuring, "Don't worry, I'm sure they'll dig him up somewhere." He gets in EJ's face, "You probably know where he is, don't you? What're you waiting for, the right moment so you can step in and be the hero again? Is that it?" Lucas turns and goes over to comfort Sami.

Patch struggles. He says he has to talk to Bo. Kayla asks what happened and tells Stephanie to call 911. Patch begs her not to. Stephanie makes the call. Patch fades into unconsciousness.

Bo wanders. He hears a door close and runs to hide. Andre enters the evil warehouse. Bo flashes his teeth, "Gotcha."

Max claims he and Stephanie are just friends. Chelsea wonders why he is ignoring her. Max claims he's busy. Chelsea asks what he was doing with the bimbo she just chased off. Max says, "There was no risk of getting burned."

Chelsea asks, "And you think there is with Stephanie? You think she'd hurt you?"

Max says, "Not on purpose... but if Jeremy came back, yeah."

Kayla sends Stephanie for blankets. Patch comes to. He writhes in pain. They cover him with the blankets. He insists he has to go. They have a big struggle. Stephanie hands him a phone. Steve makes a call.

Bo calls Abe. He tells him where Andre is, "There is only one way out. I'm goin' inside. Roman might be there." Abe orders Bo to stay put. Bo says he will stay outside, but tells Abe to get backup there yesterday. He asks if there is any news about Patch.

Abe says he is outside Patch and Kayla's apartment now, "Don't move."

EJ says he will do whatever they need. Sami wants this town covered in flyers. Lucas wants EJ out of there. EJ claims he knows how a DiMera thinks, so he can help. Sami gives him a pile of flyers and says Lucas can go with him to distribute them.

Lucas don' wanna. "All right, then," says Sami, "I'll go with him instead." Gee, Lucas decides to go. Sami begs them to find Roman.

Chelsea and Max hand out flyers as they talk about Stephanie. She reminds him Jeremy is gone. She wants Max to tell her how he feels. He says he feels like Stephanie is his buddy.

"Your buddy whom you just happen to make out with in hot tubs? I think it's obvious something is going on. Love may be a pain but it's all we've got."

Max tries a new tactic, "What happened to Nick or Jett?"

"We aren't talking about me," says the brat.

"That does it," says Max, "We're done. I'm outta here." He walks off.

Sami doubles over in pain. Lucas offers to stay with her. Sami wants him to go. EJ promises they will find Roman. Lucas says if she needs anything at all to call and he will come back. They kiss as EJ stares.

Lucas promises, "I'll be back with your dad. Or his body."

Bo waits. Patch calls him and says he's at home. Patch asks about Andre. Bo tells him where he is. Patch figures it's the old shoe factory, "I'll lay money he has Roman there. I'll be there in ten." Patch hangs up.

Bo yells, "Steve don't... dammit!" Bo waits and seethes.

The police backup unit decides to pick up and extra batch of donuts since this might be a long siege.

Patch struggles to get up as Kayla holds him down. Abe arrives. He tells Patch backup is on the way to Bo. Patch settles down, "That's what I needed to hear." Kayla gets impatient and runs out to flag down any ambulance that happens to be passing by.

Abe tells Stephanie he wants to talk about Jeremy, and the fact that she was harboring a fugitive. Stephanie wants to talk when Patch isn't bleeding to death. Abe gets a call. He says he has to go check on Bo, "We will be talking."

Max comes back and sees Chelsea is still there. The brat keeps it up, "Do you like Stephanie?"

"Everyone likes Stephanie," says Max."

"Everyone on what planet," asks Chelsea, "What I mean is do you like like Stephanie?"

"What," asks Max, "Are we nine?"

"No," says Chelsea, "But we'll be that mature someday. Just answer the question. She really likes you."

Bo decides he has waited long enough. He figures it's time to storm the warehouse. Lucas and EJ walk up and interrupt his plan to go inside. At the same time, Andre comes out. Bo points his gun at Andre. Andre grabs Lucas and holds his gun to his head. He asks Lucas and EJ, "Are you sharing the divine Samantha?"

Bo orders Andre to let Lucas go. Andre orders Bo to put the gun down. Bo freezes.

Sami calls admissions at the hospital. She says she's looking for Roman and asks if he has been checked in. They tell her he is not there. She asks if maybe he checked in under a false name, "Look to see if you have a Chris Kostichek..." They assure her Roman is not there. Sami falls apart. OMB comes in with a thermos. Sami asks what he's up to. He says he's going to help look for Roman. Sami tells him there is a way he can help even more, "You don't get to keep your secret any longer." She begs him to tell.

Stephanie comforts Patch. He says what would make him feel better would be hearing the truth from her. He asks if he really heard Abe say she was harboring a fugitive, and also tells her about finding Jeremy's ID. Stephanie says she doesn't need another lecture. Jail yes... lecture no. Patch fades out again. Kayla rushes in with the EMT's. They check him out, "He has a strong pulse, but no brain activity."

Andre tells Bo to put the gun down. Bo refuses, "It's only Lucas. Besides, backup is on the way."

"Since the neighborhood isn't crawling with cops I'm still in charge," says Andre. EJ jumps in and tells Bo to put the gun down. Andre says, "I could keep Roman alive but shooting me is like shooting Roman. Do I have to resort to the cliché of counting? One... two..." Bo isn't sure what number comes next, but he puts down the gun and kicks it over to Andre.

Andre taunts, "Well, Lucas. You have a chance to breathe a little longer thanks to Bo."

Max asks if Stephanie said something about liking him. Chelsea says Stephanie likes him a lot, maybe even enough to forget Jeremy. Max thinks Chelsea should start a love life blog, "You could call it, 'Butting Into Other People's Business.'" Chelsea leaves. Max remembers the cave.

Sami begs OMB to tell her what happened. OMB says nothing. Finally, they get the cue cards set up and OMB breaks the silence. He says he has been holding his tongue because of shame. Sami says, "You have nothing to be ashamed of. Except this family. You have to tell us. Daddy's life is at stake."

They wheel Patch out. Kayla runs around in a panic looking for her keys. She tells Stephanie to pack up some things for Pocket so she can take him to the hospital. Stephanie finds the keys and offers to stay there and take care of Pocket. Kayla about faints, "YOU?"

"Unless you don't trust me," says Stephanie.

Pocket yells from the next room, "I sure as hell don't." He takes out his cell phone and calls Claire, "Hurry. We've gotta get out of here now!"

Bo wants Andre to tell them where Roman is. Andre refuses, "Push, I'm afraid, has come to shove. And I have a hostage."

Bo says, "You won't get away with this, Andre."

Lucas hasn't heard the sound of his own voice for a while, so he chimes in, "Do you think we will let you get away with this?"

Andre screams, "YOU DON'T HAVE A CHOICE!" Andre accomplishes something all of Salem has been trying to do for years, he leaves Lucas speechless.

Andre holds up a grenade, "I got this at the Army Surplus store. It has a very short fuse. Your brother is inside tied and gagged. You'd better hurry. You don't have much time." Andre rolls the grenade into the warehouse. Bo screams and dives in after it.


Andre heads the other direction with Lucas and EJ as his hostages.

Stephanie says she can handle Pocket. Kayla asks, "Does this mean you forgive me?"

"For narking on Jeremy," asks Stephanie, "No. But every once in a while family comes first."

"You are a beautiful soul," says Kayla, "For a tramp guilty of aiding and abetting a fugitive, anyway." Kayla gushes. Actually, she still thinks Stephanie is a real stinker but baby sitters are hard to get.

Kayla loves Stephanie. Stephanie loves Kayla. We all join hands and sing Kum Ba Yah. Get out the Kleenex. Kayla leaves.

Stephanie wanders around the apartment, "How easy is this? He'll probably sleep the whole time. Now is a good time to crack open the books... or not." She calls Jeremy and leaves a message asking if he is still on the road, "Stop ignoring my messages and call me."

Abe and the cops enter the burning building. Bo comes out choking. He tells Abe EJ and Lucas are hostage, and there is no sign of Roman, "But I did find this in the warehouse." Bo shows Abe the folio. He thinks if it can help them end the vendetta maybe it will help find Roman.

OMB hammers down a shot of Johnnie Walker as Sami riles. OMB says he can't change what happened. He walks out as Sami blithers and bawls. Andre comes in and apologizes for arriving unannounced.

"Tony," asks Sami.


"What have you done with my father," asks Sami.

"Your father isn't my main concern right now," says Andre, "My other two hostages have taken precedence. I have to decide. It's a difficult choice. I want you to help me choose who's going to live and who's going to die. But only one can be the grand prize. And you know both of them intimately."


"And Elvis," says Tony, "They are doing very well. But who dies? So that's the bargain I'm offering. You have a chance to save one of them. Don't be greedy." He hands her a paper. It contains directions to a secluded spot where he wants Sami to come alone tonight at 9 and give him her answer, "Who will die? Will it be your husband, or the man you claim to hate? By the way, if you bring cops you'll never see your father again in this lifetime... Charmed." Andre walks out.

Sami chases and screams. Outside the pub, she doubles over in pain and cries.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

"I'm not staying where I am not respected," screams Stephanie.
I'm going with Jeremy so I can be used, abused and tossed away like a used kleenex.

Oh boy DRAMA EJ and Lucas trapped in a burning warehouse, Steve bleeding to death in his wife's arms, Roman buried alive, Sami faced with a terrible decision....
Why does it all sound so much more exiciting than it really is??

Only DOOL could make all these stories as dull as a Presidential press conference.

That said, I have my own Colleen theory to offer today.

YOMB believed Stephy when he told him his mother was alive.

Either Santo didn't tell him she had died to spare him the pain, or Stephy lied because (like any child who is grieving the loss of a parent) he didn't want to see his dad marry someone else and become his step mother.

YOMB ran to Pete and told him everything about Colleen and Santo, including that Mrs. Santo was alive and well.

Pete freaked out and went to find Colleen. He finds her with Santo and lets loose on them.
He tells Colleen she disgraced the family by breaking her vows to be with a married man.
Colleen, who takes news about as well as her great-niece Sami promptly throws a coniption fit and runs off before Santo can explain Stephy lied.

As Santo and Pete fight, Colleen runs to the cliff and thows herself off. She'd rather die than face what she's done to her family.

YOMB witnesses this and blames himself.

Since there is no greater sin in the Catholic religion than committing suicide, Colleen's act has so shamed the Brady family they leave Ireland and come to Salem.

The folio contains proof that Stephy lied, (maybe Mrs. Santo's death certificate?) that Santo was a man of honor, and Stephy was a liar.
The vendetta will end when Stefano (now) admits he lied to OMB, who then will have to admit that he is the reason for Colleen's suicide.

It (the folio) will also contain Colleen's autopsy report saying she was pregnant when she died.

The birth of a Dimera/Brady child would replace the one that Colleen was carrying and unite the families the way they should have been from the beginning.

But that's just my opinion.
I could be wrong.

5:15 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

But that's just my opinion.

That was excellent. But you went through the whole thing and never once mentioned Colleen coming back from the dead.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

“From what,” asks Max, “certainly not death by celibacy. Monks get more action that I do.” Max, honey, you’re getting a lot more action than that hunka hunka burnin’ love, EJ. That boy is way over the top on my hunk-o-meter. It’s getting warm in here. I need a fan.

Stefano’s fake death makes the headlines in the Salem paper but Sami is putting out flyers to find the deputy police commissioner.

Deb, I think your theory makes a lot of sense, which means the writers will be going in a completely different direction.

5:52 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Deb's theory does make sense, and so I must agree with Leslie say it probably won't end up that way.

Of course Andre had to interupt just when I thought Sami was going to get OMB to talk. Let's check the contents of the F-word please. I hope it doesn't take all of next week to get OMB to talk or to get somebody to look at the F-word.

Sami must have the twins next week sometime if she's been doubling over in pain. Perhaps she will be in the hospital delivery room at the 9:00 hour appointed by Andre. Hmm.

6:26 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Deb, your SL is pretty much what I expect to happen. On the other hand, it makes sense. So, as Leslie put it, it probably won't fly.

Great Prevuze today. Chock full of Prevuisms. Do I have to resort to the cliché of counting? One... two..." Bo isn't sure what number comes next, but he puts down the gun and kicks it over to Andre. LOLOL

All the pictures were great and I loved the "sadder but still really stupid girl". That was classic!

Sami doubling over in pain a couple of times. Has to go to a secluded spot with just Lucas & EJ & Andre. Some previews I've seen shows Andre supposedly shooting Lucas. Everyone who can see Sami going into labor from the shock and stress and EJ needing to deliver her babies please pin a gold star on your I LOVE DAZE buttons.

6:30 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Of course DOOL will go in a totally different direction with the Colleen/Santo story.

Why would they have any of it make sense?

Don't count your babies before they are born though.
SOD reports Sami won't have her babies until October.

Let's all pick a day and see how close we come!
I am rooting for my birthday: October 3rd.

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

6:39 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Ok, I'll go for Oct. 7, my birthday. 10 months of pregnancy and 2 weeks of labor. Sounds DOOL to me.

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I believe Applecheeks' baby scenario is correct, which means this day (and Roman being buried) will last at least two more weeks.

I also think the Santeen story will play out just as Deb predicts because the writers have been stalling ending it until the viewers gave them the ending!

Can you go into an Army surplus store and buy a live grenade?

Loved the curse of Roman's tomb - altho Prevuze forgot Marlena in the mix. And the Kilroy sign is so cute! HAHAHAHHA

Great Prevuze to take us into the weekend! :D

6:54 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

No, you can't go to ANY store and buy explosives. You have to have a permit that requires a background check. But then again, when have the DOOL writers ever done anything according to the way it really would happen. Army surplus stores sell inert grenades, not live ones. I like Deb's ending, but I agree with others, it's too logical and DOOL writers have no logic. And poor Pard, I sure hope that coffin has a life support system and Pard has his iPod batteries charged up. He's been in it for a few DAYZ now.

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

I want October 5.

Oh, yes, I also believe EJ that will be delivering the babies.

7:13 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Crap, Oct.7 is a Sunday, so I guess I have to go with Oct. 8

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice to see Lucas killed off and EJ and Sami finally coming together. It won't happen but I can always hope.;)

7:52 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I still like the idea of Colleen being alive somewhere and the F-word contains her address. I
know it's far fetched, but when has that stopped anything from happening in Salem.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really dont get why people want sami to be with ej just because they have chemistry. the guy raped her.

i liked the comment when stephanie told kayla she would watch pocket and he said hell no and then called claire and told her they have to get out of there. rotflmao

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the Kilroy was here drawing.

Deb's story makes perfect sense, but it's just too good, so I'll settle for what Days has to offer - no choice right?

Oh, and Abe - Steve's lying there bleeding and you're talking to his daughter about Jeremy instead of helping Steve? Oops forgot this is Days, a conversation about a fugitive takes precedence over someone who has been knifed and bleeding.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am wondering if Sami is having the longest pregnancy in DOOL history??
Have the babies already!!!
On the front of Soap Opera Digest it says the secret is revealed, so do it already !!

8:42 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

ITA with Deb's storyline, except for one point. I think Steffy was lying, not because he didn't want his mother replaced or that Santo didn't tell him, but just out of sheer meanness. After YOMB spilled the beans and Colleen ended up dead, Steffy denied telling the lie, so he remained blameless for the tragedy in his father's eyes. Everyone thought YOMB made up the story about Steffy telling him Mrs. DiMera was alive and blamed him for the tragedy, and over the years OMB came to believe it himself. That way OMB has guilt and Stefano has guilt. The fol...ded leather document holder probably has the death certificate, but probably also a journal or something in which Stefano admits he lied.

I just don't understand why they keep making such a big thing about this "beautiful lorry" -- is that just a red herring, or is there maybe something more to that?

10:03 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I hate to be a real downer, but...

Now that the previews of Monday's episode indicate that we may finally find out what is in the (you know what), here's a thought. The doggone thing has been in Andre's possession for so long now, how can anyone be sure that the contents haven't been altered?? They could drag this out until NEXT November's sweeps!!

10:07 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

OMG I've got it!!

Colleen isn't dead!
She jumped off the cliff and tried to commit suicide, but some fishermen found her and pulled her out of the water.

The shock of the leap made her lose her memory and she couldn't tell them who she was.

So they took her home with them where she eventually made her way to Salem, married Tom Horton and had a family.

Yes, Colleen is Alice Brady. I know this has been suggested before but the amnesia angle wasn't brought up.

The Fol-ded leather pouch holds a report from a PI who was hired by Santo to find Colleen after he recieved an anonymous letter saying she was alive.
The PI sent this stuff to Santo and he went to Salem to find Colleen.
When he got here he found OMB had gotten there first and instead of telling Colleen who she was, stayed in the town and hoped she'd remember someday.

When Santo showed up OMB told him he'd never let him see his sister and killed him.

As Santo lay dying he made Stefano swear he'd avenge his death by killing all the Bradys.

Hum... I think I may work on this and have it be our weekend feature on Daze.

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

There you go, Deb. Now you’re thinking just like a DOOL writer. They keep us guessing and retching.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Spoiler (Just got it in my SOW email)

Next week:

•EJ and Sami agree to marry to end the feud.
•Steve is devastated when he finds Benjy at death's door.

I can't wait for EJAMI. I just want Sami to realize she loves EJ. Maybe we'll find out that it wasn't rape and Sami participated and that the twins are EJ's. And yes, I'd like to see EJ deliver her babies.

I'm going with October 12. I figure she'll start labor pains as a cliffhanger on October 7 and then it will take 2 or 3 days to deliver the twins. Of course, who knows what day that is in Salem.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

When Sami was preggers with Will, she was pregnant forever. Then she started to deliver naturally, then there were complications so she had a caesarean.

I'm sure whenever Sami wants Will to do something and he whines, she brings out the I was in labor for three weeks having you story.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Sorry Deb, your theory will never fly. As others have said, it's too LOGICAL! LOL

As for Sami having the twins, I'll go for Oct. 11. She's not even close to Hope and her 13-month pregnancy. But you know, twins usually come early.

2:02 PM  
Blogger Suz said...

How about Andre being the granson of Colleen and Santo? That could make it very interesting!

I swear, If Sami marries EJ, I will quit watching!! She needs to stay with Lucas!

Just hope Lucas comes out of this alive.

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a farfetched theory. Colleen got pregnant and her family was so ashamed they hid her away. She had twins and died in childbirth. They hid the twins (probably in a walk-in freezer or refrigerated truck, or maybe buried them alive) but unbeknownst to anyone, they were rescued and adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Evans. Colleen and Santo's kids were Marlena and Samantha, who never knew they were adopted. So Marlena is really a Brady, Roman is her nephew, and everybody on the show is even more inbred than we thought.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suz! You know you won't quit watching. YOu can't. The Days writers have us all hypnotized to watch this crap even though most of it doesn't make any sense at all!
Deb - I love your story. Great stuff. Makes perfect no way will it fly with the Days writers. I swear they are all high in those writing rooms...

I can't wait for an EJami wedding. I hope they skip the ceremony and go straight to Vegas. I can already see Sami being such a bitch...and maybe EJ will grow back some balls and tell her off once in awhile.


4:09 PM  

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