Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Terrible Beauty

Shawn hauls a beer keg up to the bar at the pub. Hope sees him and asks if maybe things didn't work out very well in Tulsa. She asks what the problem is. "Two words," says Shawn, "Phillip Kiriakis."

"I thought you were going to say, "Bad writing," says Hope.

Phillip twirls Claire as Belle walks up. Belle's manic-depressive dial is set to 'manic.' She is sooooo thrilled to see how happy Phillip is with Claire.

EJ recalls his conversation with Roman when he told him he knows the Salem PD faked Stefano's death. Out in the hall at the hospital, he asks to speak to Sami. The guard sticks his head in the door and asks Sami if it's OK. Sami OK's it. EJ walks in and Sami tells him he ought to be at Stefano's funeral. EJ tells her his sources say Stefano is not dead. He asks Sami where he is.

Roman tells Bo Stefano is at the funeral home. Bo asks, "Couldn't we just bury him alive... just for 20 years or so?" Roman doesn't think that would be the thing to do. Bo says if Andre makes his move they will bury him instead.

SHAMELESS PROMOTION ALERT! In a scene completely unrelated to the story line, Kate is with Bob from the Biggest Loser. Let me check... WHAT A COINCIDENCE! THE BIGGEST LOSER IS ON NBC! Oh, Kate is just a mess. She feels like such a wreck. Bob tells her she needs to attend one of his yoga classes. Andre watches.

Phillip tells Belle he got a message from Lauren and she is willing to talk. B'gosh, this time Phillip is wiling to compromise.

Shawn gives Hope the news that Phillip and Belle are sharing a hotel room. He says he kept his cool and Belle lost it when he told her about the police academy. With all the insight of a sand flea, Hope says, "And when she lost her cool, I'll bet you lost yours. I think you have an attitude problem."

Bob... let's see... what show is he from again... oh, yes, The Biggest Loser, which is on..., uh... NBC (which, of course, stands for Nothin' But Commercialism). Anyway, Bob and Kate talk as Andre listens. Kate tells Bob someone very evil is after her. Bob... you know, the guy from The Biggest Loser, which is on NBC suggests she fly out for his refresher course in self-defense. Kate says she can't go because of Myth-Ick and all the other problems in her life. "Well," says Bob, "I'll be in touch as soon as I finish taping The Biggest Loser, which, of course, is on NBC, the biggest loser of all the networks."

Big Loser Bob walks off and Roman comes out. He tells Kate keeping her close is the only way he can keep her out of trouble.

Sami accuses EJ of tricking her and kicks him out. He starts to go but, as usual, conflicted Sami changes her mind. She tells him he has to keep quiet about this and blabs about Stefano. She tells him they are using Stefano's fake death to lure Andre. EJ doesn't think it will work. Sami doesn't either. She has a bad feeling about it, "So until we know what happens, I'll just read Santo and Colleen's letters."

EJ invites himself to read with her. Sami thinks he should go to his father's funeral. Since Stefano isn't dead, EJ would rather stay there with Sami and read, "Although, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't throw breakables at me this time. It took me forever to dig the glass out of my hair." Sami takes the John Black defense and claims the painkillers made her do it. She also claims she remained objective while reading the letters and wasn't affected by them. "In that case," says EJ, "Since you weren't affected you'll have no problem reading on."

Sami accuses him of trying to take advantage of her while she was drugged.

"You were affected," says EJ.

"Maybe," says Sami.

"It took you a little while to break away from my kiss," says EJ, "One would think you enjoyed it." He scoots back to the wall to keep a safe distance and reminds her it was her choice he could stay.

Blithering Belle Blubbers. Phillip walks into very dangerous territory by asking what is the matter. Belle claims she's happy for Phillip, now that he may be on the road to finding Tyler. He asks if they are just tears of happiness. "Of course," insists Belle as she collapses into one of her patented total breakdowns, "That – gurgle – and the –blub – fact that – wah – Shawn – sob – doesn't – bawl – trust me." She says she's fed up with talking about her feelings. Not as much as the audience is, that's for sure. She doesn't know what kind of a future she and Shawn can have if she has to keep defending her feelings.

"You know what I think," says Phillip, "I think you should go home to Shawn, because you are getting freaking scary and I certainly don't want to be alone with you."

Back in the pub, Bo interrupts Kate and Shawn's conversation and suggests Shawn mix up another stiff martini for Kate, who seems to need one. Hope pulls Bo aside and tells him to concentrate on the funeral and she will concentrate on her tough love program for Shawn, "Because if anyone is tough to love, it's Shawn."

Shawn hands Kate the martini. As Bo leaves, Shawn sarcastically thanks Hope for her support. Ms. Toughlove claims she isn't on Phillip's side.

Bo is over in a booth with Roman and Kate, but says he has to leave to make a call to the funeral home. Kate swills. Roman tells her to take it easy on the booze. Kate rants about her sins and indiscretions, "I slept with Stefano... all the problems I've had with your daughter..." She would go on, but it's only a one hour show.

Just to spice things up, Anna and Tony walk in. Roman invites them over. Bo pulls Tony aside to ask him about the funeral. Anna promises Tony she will behave herself. She sits down and Roman immediately announces Kate is staying in his guest bedroom. "Yes," says Kate, "I saw your picture there. I didn't realize it was taken so long ago."

Tony walks up and joins them as Roman leaves. Anna scoots out, too and tells Tony he can catch up with Kate.

Tony asks Kate when they last saw each other. Kate decides it was in New Orleans at the Mardi Gras. Tony says, "You were such a vision."

"Were," asks Kate.

"Still are," says Tony. Kate reaches across the table and takes his hand.

Anna tells Roman she and Tony are grateful to him, "Our lives are in your hands, and there are no better hands to be in." She looks over and sees Kate holding Tony's hand.

Shawn and Hope argue about Belle and Phillip. Hope lectures, "She wants to stay friends with him, and you need to accept that, because if you don't, you're going to destroy your relationship with Belle all on your own."

"You mean," asks Shawn, "It would be that easy?"

Phillip says he would feel responsible if anything happened to Belle and Shawn's relationship, "I want to start having fun again. You remember fun?"

"No I don't," says Belle, "All I remember is being on the run and rooms above bars. Yes I am angry and, yes, maybe I resent Shawn for turning my life into this. Because nothing could possibly be my fault." Belle blubbers.

Sami reads, "When I ran from your room I knew you'd be hurt and confused, but later I returned."

Colleen stands at Santo's door. Santo says he wasn't certain he would ever see her again. He pulls her in and kisses her.

Sami stops reading. EJ asks what it is. She says at first the letters seemed like a novel, but now she feels like it's all happening to her, "Family matters... maybe this happened half a century and an ocean away but I have been there. I feel like I'm in her shoes."

Santo and Colleen maul each other.

Sami and EJ stand in the room with Santo and Colleen. Santo says there will be no tomorrow. "Don't do it, Colleen," whines Sami. EJ tells Sami to ease up. Santo asks how Colleen feels. Sami begs Colleen, "What does your soul tell you? Think what you are giving up!"

Right now, it isn't exactly Colleen's soul doing the talking. She pulls Santo in and paws him. Santo flings her on the bed and dives in after her. Sami wails, "No! No!"

Back in the hospital room, EJ says it was their fate. Sami lectures him on what fate is. She doubles over in pain and EJ rushes her and asks if she is all right. Sami insists she is fine, "It's just Roman Thomas kicking me."

"Roman Thomas," asks EJ, "You're living your life to please your father."

"Both of our fathers have traditions," says Sami.

Phillip had no idea Belle felt that way.

Belle apologizes, "This may come as a shock to you, but my feelings change from time to time."

Phillip says, "Sometimes things are so out of balance for me I don't know what day it is."

"That's understandable," says Belle, "If you had two legs, you'd be better balanced. But I am sure you will find your son."

"I do believe that," says Phillip.

The tedium is broken by a knock at the door. Phillip answers to find April Hudson standing there. "Something is wrong," says April.

Shawn says he doesn't know what to do any more. Hope tells him things aren't important. This is a new beginning for him and Belle and he should enjoy it.

Kate says, "You and Roman were pretty cozy."

"Yes," says Anna, "Our relationship was based on something more than pity." Once again Bo comes and gets Tony.

Anna says, "My moment with Roman was..."

Kate fills in, "Meaningless."

Anna smiles, "I understand you had a meaningless summer affair with Roman."

"We were married," says Kate.

"Ever so briefly," says Anna.

"Yes," says Kate, "But it was bloody good while it lasted. More bloody than good, actually."

Roman paces in front of Stefano's coffin. He raises the lid, "For 20 years I believed the vendetta was about me. I thought it was your revenge for me bringing down the drug ring. I thought Hope and Steve missing was my fault. Well, we all had years missing from the Days Of Our Lives. I told you we would settle that score. That day is here." Roman pulls out a gun and points it at Stefano, "It would be so easy. Just pull the trigger and you get what you deserve. I won't stoop to your level, but the score will be settled."

Willy delivers a huge wreath of flowers with a ribbon, which says, "Sympathy." He tells Roman the safehouse is set and an empty coffin is in the hearse. He also tells Roman the wreath is for him, not Stefano.

Anna and Kate exchange wisecracks. Anna says she heard about Kate and Stefano getting together, "There's a word for that, Isn't there?"

April tells Phillip and Belle Lauren is gone. She gives Phillip a note Lauren left. Phillip reads, "Look all you want, but you'll never find me or your son again."

EJ says both he and Sami know what it is to live up to the high expectation of fathers. He reads, "My dear Santo... The days for me were endless. Kind of like that Touch The Sky storyline on DOOL..."

Santo and Colleen lie in bed and read a poem, "Easter, 1916." She says her world is transformed when she looks at him. "So eet ees when-a someone is overpowered-a by love-a," says Santo.

William Butler Yeats looks on, "I knew some day my poetry would stand beside great literature like DOOL."

Over in the corner, Sami encourages Colleen go back off. Santo asks how she knows it is true love. Colleen says she just knows. She asks if he is sure about her, knowing love as he does. He says love has many faces. But true love is inevitable.

Sami and EJ watch as they kiss. EJ says it's fated to be. Sami says the vendetta is fated too.

Santo slides out of bed and goes down on his knees, "Colleen Brady weel you-a marry me?" Colleen stares.

Sami rages, "How could he pressure her like that? EJ again insists it was fated.

Colleen turns him down, "I've swarn ta say no to all me desires." At the moment, however, she's not doing a very good job of it. "My martal soul rests on this." Colleen says she can't make the decision under pressure. She says he will have his answer soon.

EJ is familiar with the poem they were reading, "It's Yeates. At the end, it says, "All is changed and changed utterly. A terrible beauty is born. Colleen tried to resist her fate... and a terrible beauty was born."

Belle comforts Phillip. He wonders why Lauren turned down a quarter million. Belle says Tyler is innocent. He deserves a great father, so he has to find him. He still won't have a great father, but he will have Phillip. Phillip wonders how he would ever get through a day without her as his best friend.

Belle looks him in the eyes. Say it with me, folks, "I will always be there for you."

Shawn says he doesn't understand Kate, "You're sexy, rich successful..."

"Two out of three isn't bad," says Kate, "My accounts are frozen. And I'll tell you this about my son Phillip – he gets what he wants in the end."

"I hope you both do," says Shawn, as he walks off.

Tony and Anna bicker as they walk into Stefano's funeral. Bo arrives with Hope. Roman tells Bo the huge wreath of flowers is for him. They all ask who sent it. Roman says there was no card, so he doesn't know. Hope goes over to the wreath and digs around. She finds a card and hands it to Roman. Roman reads the card and everyone standing around badgers him to say who sent it. Inquiring minds want to know.

"You know what I think we both need," asks Phillip.

"A shower," says Belle, "I'll go first." She heads for the shower and Phillip sits alone and sighs.

Sami skips ahead to see what Colleen decides. She finds the answer four letters later. Thank God we didn't have to read them all.

Colleen and Santo are in his room, "I am corrupted," says Colleen.

Santo says, "You choose a life-a with me, or a life-a with the church-a, but you make a decision tonight-a. Right here – tonight-a!"

Colleen gasps, "Tonight?"

Roman hands the card to Bo. Bo reads, "So sad to hear of your untimely death... Andre."

Kate bangs on the bar, "I NEED A REFILL! SHAWN!" As Kate bangs on the bar, someone else bangs on the door. Kate screams, "I'M NOT THE DOORMAN! SHAWN!" Kate turns and yells for the guy at the door to go away. He jiggles the door. Kate heads toward it, "OMG! OMG, NO! SHAWN! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! "


Due to a network misfeed, we did not get the video portion of the previews today. Instead, later today, we will post the previews dialogue on the PREVUZE II website, along with a special spoiler clip.


Blogger Brendamouse said...

Special spoiler clip, I can't wait.

Ooooh, who's at the door? Is it Shawn all beat up and bloody are what?

5:31 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Prevuze, I think you missed an opportunity.

“Big Loser Bob walks off and Roman comes out. He tells Kate keeping her close is the only way he can keep her out of trouble.” Since Roman wants to become the Biggest Winner, he offers Kate some stress relief. He will show her how to combine yoga, self-defense, and handcuffs with the bed springs mambo.

The Belle/Shawn/Phillip story line is beyond ridiculous. Only the Prevuisms make it hilarious. Keep up the great work!

5:38 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

So Bo is back from finding Stephanie and Max doing the nasty and isn't saying a word to Hope or anyone else about it???

And, I'm sorry, Door? What door?
Where is Kate that someone would have to answer a door? I thought she was in the pub drowning her sorrows.

I hate it when episodes skip around like that.

So EJ is just going to sit around and read letters with Sami.
Nothing suspicious there. He is skipping his beloved father's funeral to hang out and read letters. And where is Lucas again?? Didn't he issue one of his famous "leave Sami alone" ultimatums to EJ just a few days ago? Not that his warnings do any good or anything.

Anna and Kate sparring over Roman.
I was almost hoping they would launch into an "Alexis/Kristen Carringtion" knock down drag-em-out bitch slap fest.
Now THAT would be good!

It's not so farfetched that NBC is hawking Biggest Loser on DOOL.
Allison Sweeney takes over hosting the show this season, so why wouldn't TPTB indulge in a little cross promotion?
DOOL needs all the new blood it can get after all!!

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

5:40 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Did any of you see Ali on "The Biggest Loser" last night? She did a great job and she looked beautiful! I only watched because of Ali.

5:51 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Loved the picture of the kids in the cave. Prevuze always makes these bare-ly bear-able shows a hoot.

Bulldog, LOL at Shawn's M&M goof.

And, the picture of Jett's bloody contribution to Niagra Falls will keep me laughing all day.

Great prevuisms. Looking forward to the Katanna Kat-fights.

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Shameless promotion is right! Is anyone else as sick as I am of them running that cartoon fat-to-skinny woman promoting the Biggest Loser three times during every scene? I find it distracting and irritating.

And speaking of irritating...that Belle. What a nutjob! I used to think she and Jr. deserved each other but now I don't think anyone should be subjected to her. HA

I also look forward to the Katanna scenes.

I LOL over Yates observing the whole sorry scene. Prevuze, excellent job today!

7:41 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

And, I'm sorry, Door? What door?
Where is Kate that someone would have to answer a door? I thought she was in the pub drowning her sorrows.

Kate is alone in the pub during this scene and apparently the pub is closed.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

I saw Ali in the biggest looser, I agree she looks great!!! =)

Great Prevuze again.....;-) Thanks cus I can't watch since I'm working so this helps me every day.

sOAPNIGHTS.COM - Grey's Anatomy and more, check it out!

8:23 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I just watched the spoiler, looks exciting.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

What the heck was Shawn doing leaving Claire with Phelle????? What a nincunpoop!

I would be willing to put a 10 dollar bill on Benji daydreaming. Any takers???

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So is Shawn, Jr. running the bar, or are the Katawn scenes with OMB? I was so confused... I guess I'll actually have to watch the show and not just read Prevuze.

BTW, I did see Ali on Biggest Loser... thought she was great! Very sensitive and beautiful.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Prevuze Previews said...

So is Shawn, Jr. running the bar, or are the Katawn scenes with OMB? I was so confused...

I didn't realize we were being so unclear about all this. Shawn is running the bar at the pub the entire episode.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Prevuze Previews said...

I would be willing to put a 10 dollar bill on Benji daydreaming. Any takers???

Prevuze will see your $10 and raise you $1,000,000.

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Prevuze cheats.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous theresa said...

Prevuze will see your $10 and raise you $1,000,000. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Prevuze cheats.


With all this betting I had the strangest feeling I just disembarked from Brain Fried Airlines and teleported to the casino with Nick and all his worldly possessions.

I really don't understand why everyone is so surprised DOOL is associated with Biggest Loser. Where else on earth can you find so damn many but Salem???

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

I'm late seeing the special spoiler clip but that was great.

Another new Prevuze tradition perhaps? MWHAAAAHHAAAAA...

8:05 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I've been stuck in an unbelievably awful Council meeting for the past four hours. At least I had the Prevuze comments made after I last posted to help me get through it.

Thank God for Prevuze and the Prevuzettes.

9:06 PM  
Blogger dazed & confused said...

And since we are on the subject of the spoiler, where is Kate in that? What you sleep with someone, but can't go to their funeral, fake or not?

By the way, loved the new coupleism: "Phelle" Soooooooo funny!!!! If I were Phillip, I would run as far as possible to the nearest psych ward.

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon1: I am so mad at Belle I could scream. One minute it's ok for her to fly off to another state to hang out in a bridal suite with her ex husband and totally dismiss her fiance and child.....again. Then, she turns on him cause he didn't consult her when he got news the garage was going under. Did she consult him when she was packing for the triste to Tulsa? Did she call and say, " Shawn, there's only one bed. What should I do?" I could just shake her. But, what's left upstairs may fall out of her ears. And, then Sami. Oh dear Sami. Can't keep a secret for five minutes. Soon as EJ comes strolling in the room, BLAH BLAH BLAB BLAB BLAH BLAH BLAH. And Kayla too. was all a fake death. Why not just put it on CNN? They keep the endless Santo and Colleen drill going on and on and on and on but they can't have the fake death make it for one week without getting blabbed? Know what the problem is? The writers aren't consulting with Belle to plot the next move. She has to make all the decisions.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

Whoa Benji -- awesome clip TY!!

Great Prevuze too: esp loved the "Blithering Belle Blubbers" and will keep along side the bungling brady boys =}

Sounds like it will be a great show; the funeral set up, EJ and Sami. All good and make up for the slower start to the week (and hopefully will get the Andre-Clown image out of my head!)


11:38 PM  
Anonymous em said...

I'm watching this one now . . .

Ummmm, what is a strong martini, as ordered for Kate? A martini is ALL booze! (plus the olive, of course) And both Bo AND Jr. used that term.

Are the writers 12?

12:28 PM  

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