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Cain and Abel

Detective Morgan paces outside the safe house in the dark. Phillip walks up and introduces Belle and himself. Detective Morgan thinks the name Kiriakis must pull a lot of weight. Apparently, Victor has pulled some strings to arrange this meeting. Phillip gives Morgan the rundown on Lauren and the surrogate pregnancy. They want Morgan to go in and talk some sense into Lauren. Morgan knocks. April answers and lets him in. Belle reassures Phillip.

Nick clowns around with Artemis and DeMarquette. Jeremy leaves a message for Stephanie. He tells her he's trying to contact Patch, but either no one answers or he gets Kayla instead. He hangs up and walks over to Nick. Nick looks up and asks Jeremy, "What do you want?"

Jeremy asks, "How would you like to do me a favor, Nick my man?"

Chelsea twirls the straw in her drink as Bo and Kayla run up. She says she was at the hospital with Jett, but couldn't take it. They tell her Jett made it. Oh, the relief! She fills them in on what happened. Kayla wonders where Stephanie is. Chelsea tells them about her leaving and Jeremy taking off. Kayla worries what happens if Rawlings goes after Max.

Max seems to be doing fairly well for himself at the moment. Stephanie strokes his arm as Max sleeps. Stephanie rambles, "I don't know how we're going to get through this. You've always made me feel safe and special. That's why it was so hard when you broke up with me, but I've grown up since then and so have you. I can tell by the way you kiss me. Flashback to the hot time in the hot tub. Stephanie smiles, "Max? Wake up, sleepy head." She shakes him, "What are you – hibernating? Wake up!" Max doesn't budge, so Stephanie goes to Plan B, "SCREAM! I saw a bear!"

Phillip and Belle wait outside. Phillip is sure his son is in there. Belle tries to encourage him. Phillip says he can't describe how he feels. Belle knows he loves Tyler. Phillip can imagine the two of them playing ball together, camping, messing up people's lives... When Tyler grows up, Phillip will tell him about Belle and how much he once loved her and how after the divorce they became the best of friends. He still wants to be a part of Claire's life, too. Belle says Shawn will eventually get used to that. Phillip says Tyler will make Victor dad happy, now that he has someone to carry on the Kiriakis name.

Phillip decides Morgan has been inside long enough and heads for the door.

Max asks if it might have been a raccoon. Stephanie says it was too big to be a raccoon. Max gets up to investigate, but Stephanie stops him, "What if he's hungry?"

"We'll order him a pizza," Max goes to check things out.

Stephanie pouts, "Guys are so clueless." She fixes her hair. Max comes back with the news bulletin that there are no bears around. He lies back down. Plan C kicks in. Stephanie says her ankle hurts. She shows it to him. Max rips off his shirt to wrap it. Stephanie drools.

Max tends to her ankle and asks, "Is that any better?"


Kayla is happy Stephanie is with Max instead of Jeremy. She sees blood on Chelsea's shoulder and asks if she was hurt. Chelsea explains it's Jett's blood on her shoulder, "He really thought he was gonna die. So... When people are in that state... their way of thinking... do they mean what they say? He told me he loved me."

"He must have been totally delirious," says Kayla.

Belle holds Phillip back. Phillip worries Lauren might be sneaking out the back, "I wonder what kind of damage Lauren may have done to Tyler."

Morgan comes out, "OK, I talked to most of the women in there and they all agree – there is no baby." They obviously didn't know Belle was outside.

Nick introduces the kids to Jeremy, "This is Artemis, and this is DeMarquette."

"Doesn't anyone name their kids Tom and John any more," asks Jeremy.

Nick completes the introductions, "This is Jeremy. He's missing the sensitivity gene." Nick reels off a list of the video games the kids can go over and play. They decide to play chess.

"Those are a couple of weird kids," says Jeremy. He gests to the point, "Nick, I need your help." Nick resists. Jeremy knows he hasn't been too kind to Nick in the past, "But... we're family, right?"

"Yeah," says Nick, "Cain and Abel." Jeremy tells Nick he thinks if he could get a hold of Patch, he might be able to help him out. "Are you serious," asks Nick.

Chelsea tells Kayla what Jett said after he was shot, "I might be getting my hopes up for nothing... not that I'm getting my hopes up." She can't believe she's discussing her love life considering everything that's going on. Kayla asks how she feels about Jett. Chelsea says, "He's nice, sweet and mature. I guess it's true – opposite's attract. If we had lost him I'd have felt like part of me died with him."

"Part of you dying would at least be a start," says Kayla.

Stephanie is distant. Max asks if she has heard a word he has said. She tells Dr. Brady he's pretty impressive for helping her ankle. She tells him about the last time she twisted her it. She and Jeremy were going to a party, she was in 4" heels and wiped out, "I guess you shouldn't run in 4" heels."

"I never do," says Max. Max asks why she got mixed up with Jeremy, since he treats her so badly. Max thinks she should have dumped him. Stephanie thinks she doesn't give up on people as fast as Max does.

Phillip shows Morgan the DNA test proving he is the father. He wants Morgan to threaten to throw Lauren into jail. "I can't search this place without a warrant," says Morgan. Belle thinks maybe Lauren would agree to talk to them out there. Morgan goes back inside to see if she will come out.

Max tells Stephanie good night. She grumbles, "You're just going to go to sleep?"

"Oh, that's right," says Max, "My prayers – thanks for reminding me. Hey God, long time no talk. Not much to pray about but the usual... family, health, a Maserati MC-12. Look, I got this friend over here... she's got this guy... treats her like dirt... sleeps around. I think you should give her a little guidance..."

Stephanie interrupts, "Wait. I'm the one who heeds help? You were involved in the same illegal stuff Jeremy was. And how many girls have you been with during the past year?"

That got his attention, "You are upset because of the way we ended things!"

"Let's get something straight here," says Stephanie, "We didn't end things – you did. And you waited until the worst possible moment, when I was in the hospital, for God's sake."

"So we should have stayed together because I felt sorry for you?"

"No," snorts Stephanie," We should have stayed together because I was the best damn thing that ever happened to you!"

Jeremy says he just needs Nick to help him get Patch's phone number, "No more nerd jokes, OK?" Nick agrees.

The brat wants Kayla to keep quiet about their conversation, "I just don't want to lose Jett... I kind of feel like an bumbling idiot."

"Don't feel that way about yourself," says Kayla, "You don't bumble. Love does that to a person. What is it – is it Nick? Do you still have feelings for him?"

Nick calls Kayla. He asks for Steve's cell phone for Jeremy. Kayla asks if Jeremy is there with Nick. "Sort of," says Nick. Jeremy flails around trying to make Nick keep his mouth shut. Kayla asks Nick to put Jeremy on the line.

Nick hands Jeremy the phone. Jeremy turns on the charm, "Hey! Mrs. J! How ya doing?" Kayla asks where Stephanie is. Jeremy says he thought she was in Vegas. Kayla says she isn't. Jeremy says he hasn't heard from her. Nick gets back on the phone. Kayla asks him to call Roman and tell him there is a warrant for Jeremy's arrest. Nick agrees and hangs up. Jeremy gets up to leave, "She asked you to call the cops didn't she?" He snatches Nick's phone, "I'm taking this so you won't be tempted." He asks Nick for money. Nick asks for his phone back. Jeremy wants Nick to give him a ten-minute head start before he calls the cops. Nick offers five.

Bo comes up to Kayla and Chelsea. He tells them he found out Rawlings' plane just landed in Juarez, Mexico. Stephanie and Max weren't on board and Rawlings slipped away.

Stephanie and Max continue to argue about Jeremy as well as the fact that Max dumped her. Max thinks she was a little too much into their relationship. "Oh yeah," yells Stephanie, "Why get together with a girl who has feelings rather than hook up with a one night wonder? When did you last have feelings for a girl – above the belt?"

Lauren comes out. She claims she doesn't know anything about Phillip's son but then changes her story and says Tyler is with someone she trusts. She hauls out a piece of paper and gives it to Morgan to read. It's a document saying Phillip gave up all legal rights to the kid. Phillip makes excuses for signing it and then rushes Lauren. Morgan stops him, "You'd better haul your butt out of here or I will do it for you."

Phillip offers Lauren money, "How much do you want? $250,000? $300,000? I'll write you a check right now." Lauren looks interested but Morgan tells her Phillip is accusing her of extortion and if she takes the money he will have to arrest her on the spot. Lauren backs off, "I wouldn't tell you where my son is if you put a gun to my head."

Phillip rages, "Dammit! Where is he?" Morgan restrains him as he rushes toward her.

Nick gives Jeremy money. Jeremy asks, "I is this all you've got? It won't even cover a train ticket." Nick reminds him he's out of work, broke and raising two kids. He suggests Jeremy go to Mickey for help, but Jeremy says he's hoping to avoid jail, "I'm outta here." He hands Nick an envelope, "Give this to Stephanie for me. Don't forget – five minutes, Nick."

Kayla frets. Bo says the Mexican authorities and FBI are all over this. Kayla says, "You know, we can't tell Steve anything about this. Not until we know what's going on." Bo agrees. He gets a call from the feds and he leaves to take it.

Stephanie asks why guys are never interested in girls that are available. She says he had zero interest in her until he found out she was interested in Jeremy, "It must be if a guy hooks up with a girl in a relationship there are no strings attached." Max is silent. Stephanie squeals, "OMG! I am so right!"

Max gets huffy, "OK, so I'm in it for the sex. Is that what you want to hear? Now can I get some sleep?"

Bo comes back and tells Kayla they found the women who were with Rawlings. They had thousands of dollars of stolen goods. The women are cooperating. They said Stephanie and Max were on the flight but Rawlings made them jump. Kayla blithers and babbles. Bo says the feds think they must be somewhere in the Sandia mountains in New Mexico. That does it. Kayla is heading for the mountains. Bo tells her he will make some calls and hook up a trip to New Mexico. Try to score some Prozac while you're at it, Bo.

Max says the two of them were different when they were together. He says he didn't think they connected. She was a kid. After Dayton she had changed. She came beck as a woman he can see himself with.

Stephanie asks, "What if I said you could have me?"

Morgan restrains Phillip. Belle defends him and tells Morgan about his tours in Iraq. "I was over there twice," says Phillip, "Two tours, one face, one leg." Morgan says he was in Desert Storm. This, of course, practically makes him and Phillip blood brothers. Morgan says Phillip has no right to the child technically, "I'm going to go call a black and white. I suggest you be out of here before it arrives."

Morgan leaves. Phillip says, "I was so close, Belle."

"We're not giving up," says Belle, "Let's go back to the hotel, watch a movie and start fresh in the morning. I think Lauren wants the money, and will be in touch." Phillip calms down. They head for the hotel arm in arm.

Max asks, "Are you suggesting that we – like... you and I..."

Stephanie says, "I think you know what I'm suggesting."

"Not to be a buzz killer," says Max, "but what about Jeremy?"

"Jeremy made his choice," says Stephanie.

Max thinks Jeremy will be back and Stephanie will be the first person he contacts, "You can't have both of us. It's either Jeremy or me. If it's me... we'll talk but first you need to be honest with yourself." He lies back down. Stephanie stares.

Bo says they can catch a redeye. He and Kayla leave. Chelsea calls Nick. She tells him about Jett's shooting and says she just wanted to hear a friendly voice. That's it. She hangs up.

Nick sighs. The kids come back, "It's OK, Dad, don't be sad."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Well you have to admire the DOOL staff, they outdid themselves on this one.

Stephanie has gone beyond ho, and is just pathetic now. She used to be so strong and independent, now she's just a whiney mess.
Sad really.

So Nick has no idea that Steve "killed" Stefano??
It's not front page news, blasting on every TV and radio? There isn't some street urchin in short pants standing outside the Brady pub yelling "EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! MAD DOG JOHNSON RUBS OUT SALEM CRIME BOSS!!"
You'd think at least Maggie would called and told him...oh that's right this isn't really considered gossip is it?

Totally missed Prevueism:
Stephanie asks, "What if I said you could have me?"
Max pulls a number tab out of his pocket, "Wow my turn already?"

And of course, Kayla and Bo were so lucky that a "redeye" flight to the "Middle of Nowhere, Mexico" is leaving Salem airport in an hour.

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

4:51 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

Prevuze as usual was great! :-)

I have to agree with Deb, I think Stephanie has out done her self on this one. She really needs to get back to how she was.

And yes why doesn't Nick know about Steve "killing" Stefano? - Grey's Anatomy Spoilers & More

5:29 AM  
Anonymous tom1978 said...

Isn�t this still the same day? Maybe the news about Stephano didn´t make the news yet. And Nick is probably too depressed and overoccupied with the children to watch TV.

Btw. it will be interesting what will happen now when Jett was reportedly fired and written out of the show. I know Chelsea is stupid and undecensive but I still have a soft spot for her and Nick and think the actors have an amazing chemistry. I never understand why Sheffer decided to destroy them with her sudden Jett obsession.

6:09 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

The writers have just totally trashed Stephanie and have from the minute they had her come back. I got a laugh when she said that she has "grown up" since she and Max broke up. Far as I can see, rather than SORASing she's been regressing daily.

LOL at the "Donut Delivery Only" tape.

Deb, you are so right about the lack of coverage of Stephano's "murder". Any other crisis or news event there are TV cameras covering it instantly. When they had that sewer explosion and Snarly & Jr were doing their rescue thing there was immediate and world wide coverage! Hope & Patrick picked it up on their sailboat in the MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN no less.

Did that 747 jet run out of fuel in Mexico? I thought Rawlings and his girls were going to a remote island somewhere.

And, did anyone else notice that Max & Steph must have parachuted onto a reconstituted Melaswen? That cave they are in is the same one Patrick & Hope huddled in. HA

Great Prevuze today. As always.

6:22 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I have a couple of problems with today's episode (well, more than that, but two really BIG ones).

First, I, too, can't believe the lack of media coverage of the Stephano "murder". I mean, isn't that what the whole "sting" was about -- to have it splashed all over the media in order to smoke Andre out? And true, it may be the same day, but then that leads me to point number two ...

If it's the same day, how the he!! did Chelsea get back to Salem so fast, and, even if she "couldn't stand being at the hospital" with Jett, why didn't she just go back to the hotel suite and wait there? Why fly all the way back to Salem and wait for news? Or did they fly a critically wounded Jett all the way to Salem for his hospital care? Either way, I have MAJOR problems with that little story line ...

7:04 AM  
Anonymous Tripp said...

cfish, I'm pretty confident that Chelsea and Jett are still in LV not Salem.

7:13 AM  
Blogger Prevuze Previews said...

If it's the same day, how the he!! did Chelsea get back to Salem so fast, and, even if she "couldn't stand being at the hospital" with Jett, why didn't she just go back to the hotel suite and wait there?

Sorry if we didn't make that clear. Chelsea is in the hotel bar in Vegas and Bo and Kayla have caught up with her there.

7:25 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Tripp --

Well, if Chelsea and Jett are still in LV, that still bothers me. How the heck did Bo and Kayla get to LV so fast? And why in the world would Bo leave Salem right in the middle of the sting to capture Andre? Of course, I guess that's what he's doing to go find Max and Stephanie ... Oh, forget it, I'm thinking too much again !!!

7:26 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Loved all the pictures today! and tons of great Prevuisms!

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always I love the Prevuze. I must say I wasn't that interested in the teeny bopper story but it is getting interesting since Ed Scott is behind the helm.

However when Rawlings said something like "Okay Angels" two things can to my mind...Charlie's Angels and the Fembots on Austin Powers(I don't know why on the AP part, I guess it was the way they were holding the guns I don't know) I had to do a double take when he said it thought. Too funny!

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Tripp said...


Well I have learned to accept DOOL's teleporting as it suits their needs (Bo arrives immediately in Tinda Lau while it took Kayla over a week to get there). However, in reality (hee to use for Days) Jett's surgery should have taken HOURS to perform so it could be the next day anyway. I find it less believable for Jeremy to be in Salem because didn't he drive?

As for Bo leaving, he wasn't being active in the investigation in the episode earlier simply cause he had time to give job advice to his idiot son.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Yeah, for once some event in insignificant little ol' Salem hasn't been plastered on CNN.

Aren't there any other cops who could've gone to Vegas for this other than Snarly? How about Abe, for one. It's his nephew hanging by a thread so you'd think he'd have gone for that reason alone.

And the whole Bellip thing is such a time waster. We all know he's going to find out the baby was abandoned but not figure out Tyler is Pocket, etc., so just get on with it.

Great Monday Prevuze, I love the Pard and Bellip pictures! :D

10:21 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

How about Abe, for one.

They mentioned in the program that poor Abe just wasn't up to the trip.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Abe isn't there because he wouldn't be able to use nifty neato cop lingo for this.
IE: "I'll go ahead and greenlight the sting."

He'd have to say things like "alleged gunman" and "evidence" and "forensic investigation"
When we all know he has no idea what those words mean!!!

11:32 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

So Salem's soaps were preempted with the news of the murder?

Marcus has been fired? I hope Jerk has too. That storyline never took off.

Don't really get why/how Chels is into Jett when it seems like she was so into Nick and Max before that.

Steph needs to take a chill pill and relish her independence and the fact that Jerk is history and treat Max like an uncle.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...


So Salem's soaps weren't preempted with the news of the murder?

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Let’s see. Jett is leaving town and taking his dangling…ahem…participle with him. Jerkemy is possibly going to prison to share a cell with some guy named Bubba, and the airplane is vacationing in Mexico. Does this mean the Touch This Guy’s Thigh story line is finally over? We could only be so lucky.

I live around Chicago, which, of course, is a suburb of Salem so I’m not familiar with the southwest. Can bears and raccoons be found in New Mexico?

Since reality is so under used on Daze, was anyone besides me grossed out by the scenes with Jett gurgling on his blood? Thank goodness for the mute button.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Wow, I couldn't believe I was reading. The crap coming out of Stephanie's mouth blew me away.

"I don't know how we're going to get through this. You've always made me feel safe and special. That's why it was so hard when you broke up with me, but I've grown up since then and so have you.

Max says the two of them were different when they were together. He says he didn't think they connected. She was a kid. After Dayton she had changed. She came beck as a woman he can see himself with.

I think I speak for the majority when I say she seemed much more mature BEFORE her trip to Dayton. It's like she had brain removal surgery while she was there.

Max needs to expand his dating pool. Speaking of dating pool, where is Abby--the Kate Zone?

Love the show and can't wait to see the changes and improvements that are being hyped right now. I know it's only a soap, but come on, they are stretching the suspension of disbelief to the breaking point.

Great Prevuze as usual

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or would you not let Philip be a father to your child, either? As much as he apparently *wants* to be a dad (to any child remotely connected to him apparently), his methods and personality don't make me remotely sympathetic to him. Every once in awhile, he starts to inch up the sympathy path then boom, back to square 1.

My sister works at a battered women's shelter, and I donate all the kids' clothes my kids grow out of and their toys, etc. For a donation, I'm not even allowed to know where the shelter is. The dropoff point for donations is nowhere near the shelter and my sister takes it to that address. No way do Philip and Belle walk into a battered women's shelter in an unknown city and find women in the front room with a "security guard" standing in the back of the room who allows strangers to come in the unlocked door and asks if she can help. My frustration is in looking at the audience of Daze. Given that the majority are women, a no-brainer, how many are in abusive relationships that see this tripe and decide that leaving is a bad idea because their abusers can track them down like this -- they saw it here, no one else will be able to convince them otherwise. I can deal with a lot of the not true to reality that comes with tv and soaps, in particular, but when it is something that harms others, even indirectly as this does, it really burns me. Social responsibility is everyone's responsibility.

Stepping off my soap box now ....

And Belle fell for that whole thing? She thought the shelter was in the wrong for going after Philip after he threatened a resident? *sigh*

1:01 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Whoa! Anonymous you need to stop taking DOOL so seriously!!

Trust me it's much more fun when you don't.

Here, check out my Daze parody blog:
These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

Have fun with it, we do!!

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell happened to this show?? It was supposed to be so much better after Sheffer took over, and what happens? If EJ, Sami (or their alters), or Ton-dre isn't in it, I couldn't care less anymore. They're the only ones who can at least keep their roles interesting and energetic (even when the content stinks).

Write some supernatural happenings into the show and it'd be just like 'Passions' now. Why? Why???!!

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deb -- the issue isn't so much that I take Daze seriously but that there are too many other people out there that I know (and some I'm related to, unfortunately) who believe what they see on tv to be the gospel and once they see it there won't ever believe anything else. Some things on tv -- like safe houses for battered women -- in my mind at least, should be treated accurately to avoid discouraging women (or men) from leaving abusive relationships because they believe they won't be safe in the shelters.

The rest of it, I don't take seriously. I've totally given up on trying to figure out what day it is or if a day or week or month has passed on the show because it hurts my brain.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

LOL I'm with deb; this sure doesn't sound like one of Days best episodes.

TY for the prevuze and love the pics and captions - I think this site will be the highlight for the day!

1:05 AM  

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