Friday, September 14, 2007

Games... Always Games

Sami is upset that Andre has half of Salem held captive and he can do all this but nobody sees him. Actually, she's probably not torn apart that Andre has Kate. Lucas tries to reassure her. He says they will catch Andre. "In time to save Shawn and Belle," asks Sami.

Bo tells Hope about Belle's call. He has no idea where to look for Shawn and Belle, but decides the pub is a good place to start, "If we don't find them, I can have a serving of chowdah."

Belle shivers. She can't believe Shawn wants to blow the door off the freezer with the two of them inside. She runs to the door and starts screaming for help. Shawn tells her there is no other way. Belle wonders just how Shawn plans to blow the door off. Absent a big bad wolf to huff and puff, Shawn finds a couple bottles of chilled vodka to make a Molotov cocktail. Belle thinks he'll get them both killed.

Kate tells Roman Andre is outside the pub and she is terrified. Roman to the rescue. He tells her he is taking Andre down tonight, "Don't move until you hear from me." Kate hangs up and looks at the funeral scene on TV.

Andre snatches the phone from her, "Good work, my dear. You baited the trap perfectly."

The minister conducts Stefano's funeral. He reads from, "For Whom The Bell Tolls." He invites audience members to come up and say a final goodbye. Benjy volunteers. He wheels up to Stefano's coffin, stands up, pulls out his gun and fills him full of lead.

Sami has one of her patented conniptions, "What if we don't put and end to this vendetta in time to save Shawn and Belle?" Lucas asks her to calm down, but he might as well be talking to the wall. EJ comes into her room. He tells Lucas he had nothing to do with Andre seizing Belle and Shawn. Lucas wants to toss EJ out but Sami thinks he can help. She wants him to stay. Lucas argues. He thinks she is obsessed with the vendetta. Lucas has had it. He thinks EJ is using the vendetta to get close to her. EJ tries to calm him down.

Lucas goes berserk. "You want me to jack you in the jaw," he screams, "Quick! Somebody get me a stepladder." Lucas takes a poke at EJ, just misses his kneecap, and a guard comes in and restrains him.

Belle is worried they will die if they start a fire. "Not if we blow the door off," says Shawn, "There is no other way, Belle. It's either this, or we freeze to death."

"Freezing to death might not be so bad," says Belle, "At least we wouldn't have to worry about brain-freeze."

Roman rushes into the pub and finds Kate standing on her tiptoes on a chair. She is gagged and has a noose around her neck. "Don't move, Kate," he says, "Stand very still."

Kate mumbles through the gag, "Mf – Just – fmp - where – fmop - do – mf - you – think-fm - I'mf going – Fmp?"

Roman runs and pulls a knife out of a drawer, crawls up onto the chair and slashes the rope. They both come crashing to the ground. He rips the duct-tape gag off her mouth as Kate screams, "Watch out!" Andre whacks him from behind and down goes Roman. Kate gives Andre a pouty look.

Chaos reigns at Stefano's funeral. Black – John Black rushes Benjy. He whirls, twirls and pulls the gun out of Benjy's hand. Tony forces Benjy to sit down in his wheelchair as Agent double-0-zero walks off with his trophy and hands it to Abe. "Where the hell is Roman," asks Abe.

From somewhere in the background, Anna snorts, "HE LEFT!"

Marlena and Tony check Stefano out. Marlena can't believe he still has a pulse. "That's not possible," says Tony.

"Find his doctor," says Abe.

"Wait," says Marlena, "He's coming around."

Stefano opens his eyes and looks confused, "Where am I?"

"You were shot, Father," says Tony.

"No," says Stefano, "I was stabbed... Steve Johnson..."

"You were shot," says Marlena, "But there is no sign of blood."

"I don't have a heart," says Stefano, "So I don't bleed."

Tony discovers a bulletproof vest, "Roman and Bo don't take any chances."

"What the hell is going on here," asks Stefano, "Where am I? Where is Rolf?"

Abe tells Stefano he is in custody. He says it's a sting to try to flush Andre out. Stefano looks around, "Waitaminute. Where am I? What is this for God's sake? What the hell is going on here? AM I IN A COFFIN? WHAT CRAZY BASTARD PUT ME IN HERE?"

"And you're going to stay right there," says Abe, "Until I say otherwise, you are still a dead man."

Suddenly, the lights go out. Someone in the background yells, "What now?"

Abe and John inspect the building. John says it wasn't a fuse. Someone rigged a timer. Getting the lights back on will be a big job. He wonders if they should shut down the operation. Abe says, "No. Andre could still show."

Lexie is going to take Benjy back to the hospital and hustle him into a psych ward. Marlena will drive.

Stefano stands outside his coffin, stares and coughs. He tells Abe he meant what he said – Abe is going to pay for this. Abe reminds him his shiny new liver came from Benjy. Stefano denies it. Abe tells him he will recover at a private clinic with an armed guard. Stefano asks what the charges are. "Don't worry," says Abe, "I'll do you proud."

The guard lets Lucas go. Lucas asks what's the matter with Sami. Sami asks EJ to excuse them. "No," says EJ, "I won't be leaving. I shouldn't have to go just because Lucas acted like a child. If that were the case, I'd never get to see you."

Shawn has a fire extinguisher just in case there is a fire. Like, for example the one he's about to set. "Whatever happens," says Belle, "I love you."

Shawn finishes inserting a rag into a bottle of vodka. "I love you too. This will work, it has too." He lights his concoction.

Bo and Hope come into the pub. Hope says, "OMG, Shawn?"

Bo yells, "Belle?"

Hope yells, "Belle? Shawn?"

Bo says, "Call Abe. Have him send backup. I'm gonna take a look around." Hope dials.


Bo hears the explosion and runs to the back of the pub.

Shawn lies on top of Belle on the floor. Fire burns inside the freezer. Shawn rolls off of Belle. They look over at the door and see it's still there. "You used too much vermouth," says Belle. They struggle to get up and Belle extinguishes the fire.

Bo and Hope yell from outside, and then break into the freezer. Belle tells them Shawn is burned really badly. Bo helps him out.

Sami tells EJ to go, "Let me deal with Lucas."

Lucas shouts, "DEAL WITH ME? Why not take my side for a change?"

EJ says he doesn't want to stress Sami out. He's tired of Lucas' threats. He reminds them he's saved Lucas' life twice and come to Sami's aid countless times. He asks Sami for permission to visit her whenever it suits him. Lucas freaks, "Admit it! You're in love with my wife!"

"Very well," says EJ, "The truth, Samantha, is that I do love you with all my heart and soul and will for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Williams stands in the dark doorway of the church as Abe asks him if he knows the route to the cemetery. Williams mumbles, "Yeah." He turns and walks away. As he goes by, he tips his cap... ANDRE!

Bo goes to call Roman. Hope tends to Shawn. Belle brings a wet cloth. She tells Shawn he was so brave in there, "You threw yourself on me and saved my life."

"But we'll forgive you," says Hope.

Belle puts the cloth on Shawn's charred back. Shawn grimaces, "Will you do this for me when we are married?"

Bo comes back, "Neither Roman nor Kate are answering. We're in serious trouble."

Abe comes up to OMB sitting alone in the dark sanctuary and asks him if there is something he wants to talk about. OMB drones, "He had this beautiful lorry. He asked me to play. I wish I had said no."

Abe's cell rings. Bo asks about Roman. Abe says he took off, "If Andre is going to strike it will be at the cemetery." Bo tells him about Shawn, Belle and the flaming vodka caper. He also tells him Roman and Kate are missing. Bo says after the ambulance shows up, he'll be on his way. Abe tells him his father seems to be in bad shape.

"What's wrong with Victor," asks Bo.

EJ reiterates the fact that he loves Sami. Lucas steams. Sami calls the officer back in and tells Lucas EJ is baiting him. Things seem to settle down a little and the officer leaves. Lucas gets a call. Kate tells him she is in trouble and needs his help.

Lucas says he is on his way. He hangs up and says Kate told him to bring clothes. He grabs Sami's clothes and heads out. EJ stops him and says, "Lucas, I'll come with you and watch your back."

Lucas sneers, "I'd rather have Andre stick a knife in it." Lucas leaves. Sami tells EJ to follow him, "And never say you love me again."

EJ turns, "I was joking. Couldn't you tell?"

Lexie and Marlena are at the hospital and have successfully gotten Benjy secured in the psych ward. Lexie thanks Marlena for being there for her. Marlena says she is happy to do it. She goes to see Sami.

Marlena walks into Sami's room and finds her bawling. Sami looks up and says, "My life is a mess."

Back at the pub, the EMTs haul Shawn out.

The minister rambles at Stefano's graveside ceremony. Abe, Tony, Anna, John Lexie and Bo mill around after the minister finishes. "That's it," says Abe, "The funeral is over."

"Still no Roman," says John. Anna worries and wonders where Roman might be. Abe dunno. John thinks he'll show up any minute. Abe concludes, "This funeral is a bust. Andre isn't going to show."

The sound of cackling comes from nowhere. John squints so hard gray matter spurts out of his ears.

Sami cries, "I can't explain it." Unfortunately, she tires anyway. "I love Lucas but he doesn't' understand why I'm spending time with EJ. He doesn't understand how important it is to find out how the vendetta started. The only reason I am reading the letters with EJ is we both know how important they are. Why else would I want to spend time with EJ?"

Marlena says, "I remember one time when I tried to deny my feelings for someone else. And another time... And another... And another... I broke my daughter's heart. I know you can have feelings for someone else."

Sami flashes back to EJ telling her they are two of a kind, and THE KISS. Sami bawls. Marlena says, "You have turned into the kind of woman I knew you would be... Strong... confident... stable as a house of cards on a windy day... I know you had a sense of betrayal when I left Roman for John. Or was it when I left Don... Or Alex... Or John... Or Whatshisname..." Sami insists she loves John and has come to terms with that. Marlena knows that, but she thinks the situation made Sami know love is undependable.

"Lucas will never fail me," says Sami.

Marlena sees through it, "Is that how you feel deep down?"

Sami sounds unconvinced, "Yeah."

"Good," says Marlena, "I'm glad to hear that."

"You don't believe me," says Sami.

"I just think we have motivations we can't explain to ourselves," says Marlena.

Sami claims Marlena is off base. Hope interrupts. She asks if Sami has heard from Roman. "No, I haven't," she says. Strong, confident, unstable Sami falls apart, "Tell me he's all right!"

Lucas walks through the seedy side of Salem. EJ follows. Kate calls, "Lucas! Over here!" Kate cowers behind a dumpster, "Andre took all my clothes and left me stark naked!"

John challenges Andre to show himself. Andre cackles.

"Games... Always games," says Abe.

Bo comes up. They discover the cackling is coming from a recorder. Bo is worried about Roman and Kate.

Kate says Andre took her clothes and cell phone. She says Roman is in danger. Lucas can't look. EJ hands Kate her clothes.

"Avert your eyes," says Kate.

"It's nothing I haven't seen before," says EJ. He soaks in the view, "I must say, you look fabulous."

EJ volunteers to go fill Sami in. Lucas says, "Stay away from my wife... and my mother!"

Sami panics. She gets out of bed and says she's going to go find Roman. Marlena tells her to get some rest. She assures her someone will find him. Sami blithers. Hope says she is going back to talk to OMB. Sami throws a fit, "Tell him he was a coward because he wouldn't reveal what started the vendetta!" Hope leaves. Sami says someone needs to tell OMB to get over it and spill the beans.

OMB sits in the dark and remembers playing with the lorry. YOMB tells Stefano he wishes he had a truck. Stefano says he got it form his mother and father. "But your mother is dead and was really sick before that," says YOMB.

"No," says Stefano, "My mother is alive and happy." Colleen and Santo come back. Colleen tells Shawn they have to go. She whispers to Santo that she will see him again soon. Santo asks Shawn if he would like a truck just like Stefano's.

Back in the chapel, OMB hangs his head in the dark.

YOMB says he doesn't want a truck and runs out the door. Colleen says he is just tired, wishes them goodbye and follows him. As they leave, Stefano smiles and says, "Goodbye."

OMB gets up and wanders in the dark. He staggers out into the narthex, blows out a candle, goes to the door leaves the church.

Andre stands in a crummy section of Salem with Willy's body lying beside him. He looks at his cell phone collection, "Shawn... Belle... Kate..." He tosses them all in the trash and picks up another, "Roman Brady... Now this one's for keeps..."

Abe thinks Andre struck everywhere except where they expected. Par for the course for the Salem cops. Kate runs up and tells them what happened to her.

Bo gets a call. He thinks it's Roman. Andre plays a recording of Roman's voice, "I'm taking Andre down tonight. Don't move until you hear from me."

Andre looks down at the corpse, "The poor Bradys... they will never know the truth, will they, Willy boy?"

Bo tells everyone, "Roman sounded OK and he said he's taking Andre down tonight.

Anna says, "Well, that doesn't tell us much. Where is he?"

Abe turns to leave, "I'm calling in an APB."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Leslie said...

OMG…this sounds like a really wild episode.

Televised funerals are usually reserved for presidents, popes, and Princess Diana. Actually, in Chicago, Harry Caray’s funeral mass was televised. Maybe Stephano deserved all the attention because he also sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. Stephano is sitting up in the coffin, the whole mess is on television, and Abe still thinks that Andre will show…as if!

The Salem police have an officer assigned to keep watch on Sami and break up fights between Lucas and EJ. This is the guy that should be assigned to all the message boards to keep the LUMIs and EJAMIs from killing each other.

PREVUZE…when Roman tore the duct tape off of Kate’s mouth, did her lips come with it? As usual, PREVUZE is the best!

5:50 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Televised funerals are usually reserved for presidents, popes, and Princess Diana.

I got the impression that the scenes we were seeing on TV were a closed-circuit thing Andre had set up, not a telecast.

when Roman tore the duct tape off of Kate’s mouth, did her lips come with it?

Not only that, but so much collagen spewed out, creating such an excess that the price of collagen on the open market plummeted.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Just too many DOOLisms today!!
Where to start, where to start.....

"Find his doctor," says Abe.
Doctor, doctor...Lexi? Marlena? OH you mean a REAL doctor!

Lucas shouts, "DEAL WITH ME? Why not take my side for a change?"
Well maybe is you weren't such a psychotic idiot with a Napoleon complex, she might!

Sami looks up and says, "My life is a mess."
DUH! You wouldn't know what to do with a normal life if it smacked you up side the head!

Abe turns to leave, "I'm calling in an APB."
Abe gets to say another nifty neato cop lingo line



Please tell me the line where Bo asks "What's wrong with Victor" was supposed to be a Prevuism.
He didn't really say that did he??

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

7:06 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Please tell me the line where Bo asks "What's wrong with Victor" was supposed to be a Prevuism.
He didn't really say that did he??

Sorry. We've made the correction.

Things like this always take me back to the good old days when there were no italics in Prevuze. Things were a lot more fun back then - we like to keep 'em guessing.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Oh, Prevuze, you crack me up! "Kate gives Andre a pouty look." With her lip injections she gives EVERYONE a pouty look! HAHAHAHAHA

Does Andre own a costume shop or something? A clown outfit, a Salem PD uniform (OK, pretty much the same thing), a nurse and womens' clothes, etc.

I think Sami said what the whole town of Salem should've said to OMB long ago, just spill it you old fool!

Great Prevuze and pictures today, especially Jr.'s big escape idea. HAHAHAHA :D

7:16 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

People have already made most of the comments I was going to say. Let me add:

Lucas goes berserk. "You want me to jack you in the jaw," he screams, "Quick! Somebody get me a stepladder." Lucas takes a poke at EJ, just misses his kneecap, and a guard comes in and restrains him.

The sound of cackling comes from nowhere. John squints so hard gray matter spurts out of his ears.

Those along with all the great Prevuisms and pictures spelled a funny, funny Prevuze today.

7:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this was my favorite part of prevuze today....Lucas goes berserk. "You want me to jack you in the jaw," he screams, {"Quick! Somebody get me a stepladder."} Lucas takes a poke at EJ, {just misses his kneecap,} and a guard comes in and restrains him....ROFLMAO! I absolutely love LUMI and can't wait until this situation with the "vendetta" is resolved. That way Lucas and Sami can move on with their lives and EJ can go on his merry way...although he IS a nice piece of eye candy for this show! It would be nice to see TPTB take him in a different direction, not get rid of him. I usually don't get a chance to watch Days due to running around...picking up kids from school and all, but I think this is one episode I'll make time to see.

LOVED the picture of Roman cutting Kate down and how she loves it when Roman gets kinky! Too funny!

Well, for all of us "old timers" who have been watching this show for "all the days of our lives", it will be nice to finally find out why the DiMera's and Brady's have been feuding for so many years...unless it turns out to be like a "hatfield & mccoy" type thing.

Have a great weekend everyone!

7:35 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Sami is supposed to be relaxing for her babies' health, yet everyone keeps running in and out with more upsetting updates about Andre.

Hmmm, Santos' wife is alive and well? YOMB loses his mind again. And I agree with Sami--give it up OMB

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure this has already been speculated but it just occurred to me that Colleen probably committed suicide after she learned that Santo lied to her...just guessing.

And Deb, your two censoredn links were HILARIOUS!!!!!! Loved them!

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Oh my, Deb, those censored links are just so wicked! Keep it up!

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

…so the funeral was being broadcast closed circuit. You would have thought it would have had a network feed on NBC because it is MUST SEE TV!!!!

I also loved PREVUZE’s description of the EJ/Lucas spat in Sami’s room. Lucas is quite the little pugilist…the operative word, of course, being “little”.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Collen may have killed herself after YOMB told her that Santo's wife was still alive. But, I think that young Stephano lied to YOMB when he told him that his mom still was alive. That would mean that both a DiMera and a Brady were responsible for her death.

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just went to the Prevuze II website and can't believe what I saw. It was GREAT!! You work absolute magic, Prevuze!! How do you slip by the copyright laws?????


12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG - best line ever!

The sound of cackling comes from nowhere. John squints so hard gray matter spurts out of his ears.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

How do you slip by the copyright laws?????

Well, lets consider what we are actually doing over there on Prevuze II. We are showing an advertisement for the next episode. For free! Heck, we ought to be charging NBC for doing it. The executives at NBC would have to be a bunch of bumbling nincompoops not to want us to show it.

Uh-oh. Come to think of it, maybe we are in trouble. I guess we'd better hide behind that pesky little cornerstone of free speech, the Fair Use Doctrine.

3:50 PM  
Blogger g brown said...

Hmm... loved all the prevuze-isms today! I don't think Colleen committed suicide; no good Catholic nun-to-be-or-not-to-be would do that. I think it still has something to do with YOMB and the truck, and the ledge where she met Santo.

9:42 PM  

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