Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Gilmore Girls

Pensive Jett lets out a deep sigh and paces around his room and packs to leave. Nick comes in to see him. He says Chelsea filled him in on what happened in Vegas. Jett asks why he is there. Nick says he owes him an apology starting with the night they met, "I thought we could take a stab at being friends.

"Great," says Jett, "I'll get my knife."

Nick sticks out his hand, "I'm Nick Fallon. Nice to meet you."

Billie and Chelsea come into the pub. Billie is proud of Chelsea for knuckling down and going to college, "And I'll be even more proud of you when you graduate next week."

Chelsea tells her she and Stephanie are rushing sororities, "Membership is down, so sororities have really lowered their standards." In order to remain the cool, hot chick on campus she is, Chelsea doesn't want anyone to know her mom runs security. Billie reminds her she gets free tickets to concerts with her job.

"Well," says Chelsea, "It's a good thing I can be bought."

"That makes two of us," says Billie. So... we're OK?"

Chelsea says, "I kinda need some help, though." She wants Billie to hire Jett.

Kayla and Stephanie argue over Max, Jeremy and incidents in caves. Stephanie reminds Kayla she took off with Patch when she was her age.

Patch contemplates the markings on Stefano's front door. Bo walks up and asks about it. Bo tells him Roman dropped off the face of the earth, literally. He rages about Andre. Patch pulls him back from the brink and talks about the markings on the door, "Look at that. I think it's a message to Andre and I think it might lead us to him. And maybe even to Roman."

Jett isn't interested in getting blindsided again the next time Nick gets together with Chelsea. Nick says that won't happen. They decide they are buds and give each other the big bud-bro-fist-slam. Nick asks his new bud how things are going with the ISA. Jett closes the door and tells him he got fired. What a coincidence, Nick got fired from the hospital. Jett says he has a job in the pipeline. He tells his new best friend about the job Chelsea is trying to arrange with Billie. Nick's look tells us there might be a few things to work out with this new lifelong friendship.

Billie asks why she should hire Jett. Chelsea runs through a litany of Jett's virtues, "He's smart, brave, and he can lose four gallons of blood at a time and not even flinch."

Billie is guarded. She heard things didn't go well in Vegas. Chelsea tells her about Jett being fired. Billie wants to know why she should stick her neck out for him, "My job is important to me."

"More important than me," asks the brat.

"Nothing is more important than you," says Billie, "That's what I've learned from you, anyway. But I kind of like it when you come to me. Even for the little things like gas in the car and money for school."

"I think you're confusing us with the Gilmore Girls," says Chelsea.

"How important is this to you," asks Billie.

"You mean how important is Jett to me," asks Chelsea.

Kayla reminds Stephanie Jeremy is guilty. Stephanie wants to be there for him.

"Fine," snorts Kayla, "Visit him in jail." Argue, bicker, bicker, argue.

"I get Jeremy and he gets me," yells Stephanie.

"He gets to use you," says Kayla, "And what about Max." Stephanie doesn't want to talk about Max. Kayla wonders why she is so afraid to talk about a guy who respects her. She lectures her on love, I have loved your father through all kinds of heartache and he has never consciously put me at risk, of course, he's unconscious a lot." She tells her she has to make smart choices.

"Don't you have to be smart to do that," says Stephanie, "I love Jeremy."

Kayla can't believe it, "You love him?"

"Unless I'm in a cave," says Stephanie.

Bo and Patch go inside the mansion to check things out. The instant they enter the front room a light flashes on. The hotshots crouch. Bo aims his gun into the lighted void.

Nick is amused, "So you're going from federal agent to busting kids at keg parties? What if Billie says no?"

"I wanted to go with the SPD," says Jett, "But Abe wants me to wait until I can prove I'm dumb enough. So, are you here to find out what Chelsea wants?"

Chelsea tells Billie she just wants to help Jett. Billie thinks Jett is very lucky Chelsea was in Vegas.

Chelsea is modest, "I guess I helped. I had no idea blithering and screaming would stop bleeding better than a tourniquet."

Billie says, "I want to help but..."

Chelsea presses, "Just say yes or no. Grandma Kate would do it."

"Yeah," says Billie, "But she would remind you about it every single day. Have Jett come by and see me. I have an opening on staff."

Jeremy starts to leave. Stephanie says he will make a rotten fugitive. She offers to give him some money she has saved up. Kayla says if she does that, it will make her an accessory. Jeremy says he will wait there, while Stephanie goes for the loot. Stephanie starts to go to the ATM, but Kayla stops her. She tells Jeremy, "Don't ruin her life too."

Patch can't stop laughing, "That was a sure a surprised police officer when he found out he had nailed the chief of detectives."

"Yeah," says Bo, "I love to whipsaw the viewers like that. But I was sure Andre was going to show up." Suddenly the dynamic duo spots Andre walking around outside. "He's got Willy's uniform on," says Bo, "I think he sees the marks on the door."

Jett asks if Nick minds Chelsea helping him out. "Why would I," asks Nick, "We're still close."

"How close," asks Jett, "Tell me – from one friend to another." A nurse interrupts. She's there to wheel Jett out. He asks for more time. Nick tells him about his science-teaching job at the university. He says he's living in an apartment and still has the boys. Nick isn't sure where things will go from here, "But I'll see you on campus."

"I haven't got the job yet."

"Trust me," says Nick, "Don't bet against Chelsea."

Jeremy says, "Let me have your pin number."

"DON'T YOU DARE," screams Kayla. She tells Jeremy he has a chance to get his life back together. This is his chance to show Stephanie what he is made of, "Do you have the courage to face the consequences of your actions?"

Patch and Bo wait. Bo would like to put a bullet in Andre's brain but he is the only one who can lead them to Roman.

"Andre is all about the pain," says Patch, "If Roman was dead, he would have let us know by now."

"I hope you're right," says Bo.

Andre erases the marks on the door and comes in. Patch and Bo hide and watch.

Billie says she will need more details about what happened in Vegas. Chelsea promises Jett will make her look good, "I will not forget this."

"Yeah you will."

Billie asks what's with Chelsea and Jett. Chelsea claims they are just friends. In walk Nick and the kids.

Stephanie tells Jeremy to take her ATM card and go. Jeremy says Kayla is right. His agenda is to hit the road and never look back, "I need your money and I need you to keep your mouth shut. You asked for this."

Stephanie pleads, "You love me."

"I love a good time," says Jeremy, "The good time is over and so are we. Your dad had me pegged from day one. Listen to him the next time you bring a guy around." He gives Kayla the ATM card, "This is too easy to trace anyway. All I ask is that you give me a head start before you call the cops."

"She's not calling the cops," bawls Stephanie.

An announcer booms over the loudspeaker, "STEPHANIE'S SELF RESPECT HAS LEFT THE BUILDING."

Andre finds a note and reads, "You may be compromised. Protect yourself, but protect the folio at all costs."

Patch comes out of the woodwork, "Oops! I guess I'm getting clumsy in my middle age." Middle age for a tree.

Billie is impressed that Artemis and DeMarquette are into playing chess. Nick springboards off that and brags on them. As Billie's eyes glaze over, Nick turns to Chelsea and asks if she wants to hang out with him and the kids later.

She smiles that precious little smile of hers that makes you just want to kill her on the spot, "Maybe."

"Call me," she says as she hugs Billie and leaves and tells Nick she'll see him later.

Nick and Billie talk. He asks if Billie is going to hire Jett? Billie says she might. Nick thinks he's overqualified.

Billie asks, "So, since when is being really good at your job a problem?"

"Since they invented the Salem PD," says Nick. Billie tells him she found out nothing in her investigation about the kids. She doesn't think they were born in the US. Nick tells Billie about the powerful family from a foreign country. Nick wonders what his options are.

Billie suggests the cops, "You might get more from them than I did. But, I have to tell you, sometimes the more you know the less you want to know." Nick rejects going to social services. He tells Billie about a place Artemis said he used to like to play – it was in his imagination. Not even DeMarquette knows about it, "He told me all about it. It was interesting. It was a great book waiting to be written."

"Technically," says Billie, "It's like these kids don't exist."

"They do exist," says Nick, "And they amaze me."

Billie says, "When I look up man in the dictionary I want to see a big picture of you."

"There'd better be a cross reference under 'sucker' and 'fall guy,'" says Nick.

Billie leaves. Nick joins the kids and asks if they want to hang out with him some more. The kids jump for joy.

Stephanie tells Kayla she will withdraw the money herself. Kayla says she is making herself an accessory. Kayla says she could lose Pocket if she gets caught up in this. Jeremy doesn't have time for the drama.

"Drama is what my family is all about," says Stephanie, "Bad drama."

Kayla yells, "OK. You can go. Take your attitude and your fugitive boyfriend and get out. I guess it doesn't matter who loves you, or that you are trading your self-respect for a guy who will dump you."

"You got your wish," sneers Stephanie, "As soon as I get him that money, I'm coming back here, packing and leaving."

"You've got me backed into a corner," says Kayla, "I won't call the authorities... Jeremy will." She turns to him, "Steve and I will help you."

Patch tells Andre he's alone, "My entourage couldn't make it today. The Bradys just want Roman's body." Andre asks where Stefano is. Patch says the cops have him on a short leash but he told Stefano he will give him a heads up if the cops get too close to Andre. Andre asks why Patch would do that.

Kayla tells Jeremy she and Patch will do what they can to help him, "Steve has had his share of second and third chances. But he earned them." Stephanie asks what she is supposed to do if Jeremy turns himself in. Kayla says Stephanie stays out of it until Jeremy is free of legal problems. Jeremy turns to Stephanie and asks if he can trust Kayla.

"Never doubt my mother's word," says Stephanie, "She'll help."

"Nice speech," says Jerko, "Thanks but no thanks. If it's jail or the road, the road wins. Sorry Stephanie."

Bo trains a gun on Andre as Andre and Patch banter. Andre wants to know how Patch knew he was there. Patch says he didn't – he just had a hunch. All Patch wants is for Stefano to leave Benjy alone, "You let me walk out of here and we're even."

"We both have trust issues," says Andre.

Patch opens his jacket, "I'm not carrying. What about you?"

"Come any closer and you'll find out what I have," says Andre.

"If you use it on me you'd better finish the job," says Patch, "You can't afford any more enemies."

Kayla calls Jeremy a coward. "A free coward," says Jeremy. He turns to Stephanie, "I wish it could have worked for us." He kisses her and goes out the door. Just when you thought she couldn't sink any lower, Stephanie chases him.

Kayla yells, "Let him go!"

Stephanie screams, "Stay out of my life!"

Out in the hall, Stephanie asks Jeremy where he is going. He says he isn't sure but he might head for the northwest, maybe Seattle. He has some friends there.

"How will I now if you're OK," whines Stephanie.

"You won't."

He leaves. Stephanie goes back inside and turns her rage on Kayla, "You blew it for me! I had him ready to turn himself in. I gave him 48 hours and he was going to Dad. Go ahead, turn him in!"

"I already did."

Chelsea comes into Jett's room. She tells him the job is his if he wants it. She says Billie still has to talk to him, but she knows everything. Billie resisted but she was OK that Chelsea asked her for the favor. "Cool," says Jett, "Thanks Chelse. I don't know your mom but I like her already."

"All my boyfriends do," says Chelsea.

Jeremy comes up to Nick outside the pub. He wants Nick to put him up. Nick says he can't do it, "You're a fugitive... you gotta get off the street."

No problem," says Jeremy. He grabs Nick's keys and runs for the car. Nick and the boys chase him.

Steve and Andre trade barbs. Steve told Stefano he'd keep Andre safe as a part of the deal they made. Patch wants a promise from Andre that he won't hurt Benjy, "In return, I can tell you what Bo is up to."

Andre thinks that's great. He walks up to Patch and hugs him. STAB! Andre runs out. Bo runs up to Patch, who shows him the note Andre had. He assures Bo he will be OK. Bo tells him to call an ambulance as he runs after Andre.

Patch's tongue hits the floor and he writhes in pain.


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Blogger Deb said...

I think I have figured out why they didn't leave Stephanie a redhead.

We redheads aren't stupid enough to put up with Jeremy's CRAP! (and trust me that is NOT the word I want ot use!)

Why why why are the writers making her a pathetic doormat? What a wonderful message to send to all the younger viewers.
It's okay to let your boyfriend use you, take your money, and be verbally, mentally, and possibly physically abusive. As long as they tell you they "LOVE" you.

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

4:50 AM  
Blogger boxlady said...

"Cool," says Jett, "Thanks Chelse. I don't know your mom but I like her already."

I think this is a hint for the future. Who wants to bet Billie and Jett hookup?

6:35 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I love the fact that in typical DOOL fashion Jett, who almost died of a gunshot wound, is out of the hospital in two days.

Sami, on the other hand, is still lolling around in a hospital bed after a mild case of hypothermia. I can see where the doctors might have insisted on bed rest given her high blood pressure. What I can't see is any insurance company in the world allowing her to stay in the hospital more than one night for observation.

All the pics were great as usualy. I especially LOL at the one of the guy choosing a tasering over watching DOOL.

And especially got a kick out of, An announcer booms over the loudspeaker, "STEPHANIE'S SELF RESPECT HAS LEFT THE BUILDING."

As another redhead, I agree with Deb. This Stephanie is pathetic!

Except for the Patch/Andre scenes this looks like an episode full of zap-ability.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Kayla says to Stephanie "We could lose Pocket over this!" In the meantime, Pocket is in the other room hoping Claire swoops in on her Harley and they stop and pick up Ciara and they all escape together.

Loved them finding Pard's tomb in 2107. The way the Salem PD works that's about right when they'll find him - and there will still be oxygen in there! HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuisms and pictures today. I LOL over Patch being middle aged for a tree and golfing with O.J.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

I agree with Deb I think it's ridiculous that they are making Stephanie look like a doormat, and deal with this Jerk! - Grey's Anatomy Season Premier Thursday 09/27

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot why Sami is in the Hospital anyway???

9:56 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I forgot why Sami is in the Hospital anyway???

Probably because Alison Sweeney needed to tape a bunch of episodes in advance then take a few weeks off to go host Biggest Loser.

The actual SHOW "Biggest Loser" not DOOL which is NBC's OTHER Biggest Loser

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Billie reminds her she gets free tickets to concerts with her job.

OMG not another Clay Aikens moment! Head for da hills!!!

10:44 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

When does Stephanie have time to rush sororities? In between the fugitive jerk and uncle lust drama?
I almost couldn't keep reading Stupidhanie's dialogue. All those crazy declarations of love, I'd run if I was Jerkemy too. Very scary and very desperate. It's almost as if her little cave adventure with Max never happened.

Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention, but when and how did Patch get out of jail for "killing" Stefano? Wasn't his being in jail an important part of making the fake death look real? Have they given up on the charade of Stefano's death?

I hope they wrap up Colleen and Santos soon. The whole thing has lost its charm. Somebody get OMB a cue card so he can tell us what's the deal.

I guess I'm getting frustrated with the story lines not coming to a satisfactory conclusion, or build ups to very anticlimatic endings, dropped story lines or heading in one direction, dropping hints and then the sl takes a 180.

But I am addicted to my DOOL and as we haven't developed a 12 step program I guess I will continue to suffer.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

I totally agree about the Stephanie crap. She needs to pull her head out and find a new guy, somebody unrelated.

And how did Kayla raise such a pathetic daughter???

From the spoilers I've read, the the reason for the ve - ry boring storyline between the Bradys & DiMeras is revealed next week. Pete Brady ("Da") also comes back. So anybody think YOMB spills the beans to his da that Colleen is running around with a "married" man? I'm kind of wondering if young Stef was lying about his mom being alive. And, of course, the lorry has to come into play too.

And we could go waaaaay back in time and bring up Stefano's will and the baby on the boat thing. That'd be cool!

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Mayfield -

Can you explain your last sentence about Stefano's will and the baby and the boat thing??


2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The baby and the boat thing was a storyline a few years back guessed it.. Stephano died. At his memorial or reading of the will, he gave everyone in Salem a gift. Marlena got a pillow with a needle in it, and OMB got a boat with a baby in it. This was when J.E.R was writing, so of course nothing came to be with this storyline.
My theory on Lil Stephy telling YOMB that his mom was alive and happy, was because Santo didn't want to hurt his son by telling him that she had he didn't. I think YOMB takes that conversation with Lil Stephy as truth and goes to "Da". And that makes this whole Colleen Death thing become OMB's fault cos he told his father and that wasn't entirely the truth and Colleen dies in the heat of the argument.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Thanks Anon for answering the question. This happened back in 2002 I think it was.
For instance after Marlena got the pillow with the Gemini constellation on it, we found out she carried Rex & Cassie.

Roman got a gladiator to "keep up the fight". John got a chessboard with the queen missing. All weird stuff.

But OMB got a boat with a baby on it, and it freaked him out. Afterwards, Colin Murphy asked him why OMB looked at him like he did, and OMB told him to mind his own business.

Of course it would make too much sense to delve back in history and make sense of things. That's another storyline we viewers are supposed to forget.

4:35 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Man, you people have great memories! I guess I have blocked out most of the past storylines. It just cracks me up how much I have forgotten, yet things are still pretty much the same in DOOL land!

Great Prevuze today, haven't been able to keep up lately and this was a great post to come back to!

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

OK, I remember that now (sort of) since you described it.

I'm amazed, too! I can barely remember what I did yesterday. HAHAHA

Thanks for the explanation.

7:16 PM  

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