Monday, September 17, 2007

Six Feet Under

Chelsea meets Stephanie in the pub. Chelsea pressures her about what happened after Rawlings took her and Max. Stephanie launches into the story, but Chelsea wants to know about the little caving adventure. Stephanie starts with the preliminaries, but Chelsea does what we all would like to do with this show, "OK, blah-blah-blah... Fast-forward... get to the juicy part. Was it hot?"

"Very hot," says Stephanie, "But we took care of that by ripping our clothes off."

Stephanie flashes back to talking with Max. She tells him Jeremy helped her escape a family situation that was out of control. After a while, though, his putdowns got to her.

Stephanie asks why Chelsea is assuming something happened between her and Max, "I have a boyfriend."

"That treats you like dirt," says Chelsea. Stephanie thinks she is kicking Jeremy when he is down. "He's a criminal," says the brat.

Stephanie retaliates, "So are you."

"I can't believe you just said that," says Chelsea, "Ill never be over what happened to Zack." She runs off.

Max comes up to Stephanie and sits down, "We need to talk. It's important."

Bo tells Shawn they say he'll recover. The audience lets out a groan. Shawn feels bad about what happened to the freezer. He thinks OMB will be upset. "He'll get over it," says Bo, "He's known for years his grandson is an idiot." Bo gives him his badge for the SPD police academy. Shawn says he feels like he's joining the family business.

Lexie comes in to visit as Bo leaves. She asks where Belle is. Shawn says Belle has classes to attend and is helping out at the pub. He says Belle wasn't too happy about the police academy at first. He shows Lexie his new badge. Lexie asks about Tulsa. Shawn thinks Phillip is doing what he can to win Belle back. "Don't tell me you are worried," says Lexie.

"I am," says Shawn, "He's taking too long to get her away from me."

Belle works at the pub. Phillip comes in. Phillip invites Belle to dinner this evening – with Claire, of course. Belle reminds him Shawn is in the hospital. Phillip claims it isn't a date. He asks if Belle feels guilty because they almost kissed.

Lexie says Shawn doesn't have anything to worry about. He says she hasn't seen the way Phillip and Belle are together. He thinks Belle is lying to herself, "I have two options... Continue acting like a jealous fool or let the chips fall where they may."

Belle claims they didn't almost kiss. Phillip reminds her he told her to go back to Salem with Shawn, but Belle stayed in Tulsa. Belle flashes back to talking about Lauren and telling Phillip he has to find Tyler. Phillip calls her his best friend. Belle says, "You know I will always be there for you." Poor Phillip.

They argue about why Belle stayed. Phillip claims their relationship isn't over, "Whatever we had, it's still there between us. It's always there."

"I know," says Belle, "Its name is Shawn."

Claire stares at the contract. "The decision is in your hands now," says Mr. Ringling.

Claire signs, "It's the right decision. I've always wanted to join the circus."

Max tells Stephanie there is a lean on his garage and his bank account has been frozen. He's going to lose everything, "All I want is to get my hands on Jeremy." Stephanie defends him. Max says, "I thought Jeremy was out of the picture. He called you, didn't he? You're right back in his pocket again!"

Nick comes in with the kids. He sends them to play chess. They accuse him of wanting to get rid of them. They're right. Nick goes over to Chelsea and asks about school and Jett. Chelsea says Jett is still in the hospital, but will recover. Nick says Bo told him what happened.

Bo and Steve meet up at the funeral parlor. Patch brought pocket, "We might need some backup."

Bo tells Patch about Roman's message, "He said he's going to bring Andre down. We have to find him right now. Andre is more violent than ever. He isn't clowning around any more."

Bo gets a call. He tells Patch he has to go to the pub. Bo leaves. Pocket starts to cry. Patch leans down and checks him out, "Oh sweet boy, what is it? GASP! You're burning up. We're out of here. Kayla will know what to do."

Shawn claims he and Belle are good but Phillip won't stop chasing her, "Belle will help Phillip find his kid no matter what, but Phillip has the money to hire an army of private detectives."

Lexie asks, "You are not going to give up on her are you?"

Shawn says, "I'm not that smart. I love her. I love her like crazy... or is it because I'm crazy..."

Lexie says, "You just don't trust her."

Shawn says, "Maybe I don't."

Phillip claims Belle wanted to kiss him. Belle wastes her breath, "I was emotional."

Phillip thinks it's not over. Belle thinks they aren't being honest with Shawn. Belle admits part of her still loves Phillip, but she's with Shawn now. Phillip thinks all this is coming from Shawn, "What if I won't stay away."

"That would prove you lost your brain along with your face."

Chelsea asks how Nick's first day of teaching went. It was just peachy. He loves it because he gets to talk about science all day long. Nick says he got the kids into a great private school, "It was really tough finding a private school that takes Monopoly money." China Lee has been paroled and should be there any minute. He hopes she will let them stay in the private school. Chelsea thinks he's really attached to them. "They are really great kids," says Nick.

Nick asks Chelsea to stay while he deals with China Lee. Chelsea agrees.

Stephanie insists she isn't back in Jeremy's pocket. Max wonders what happened. "He was here," says Stephanie, "He was gonna turn himself in, but my mom scared him off so he took off."

Max asks, "So all that stuff we said in the cave is erased? Whatever Jeremy said to you was a lie."

Stephanie huffs off, "Because he's a criminal or because he's my boyfriend?"

Belle says she needs to spend time with her family. Phillip thought he was family. She says he is because he's Claire's second father, but now she's a student working as a waitress and she can't be available to him the way she has been. Phillip thinks she's afraid to be alone with him. Belle says she has to go. She wants him to respect her wishes. After she leaves, Phillip gets a call from Billie, "That's fantastic news. I'll see you in ten minutes."

China Lee says, "Nick, I want to thank you and Shelly here for taking care of the kids." Shelly bares her teeth and hisses. China Lee sends the kids off again and tells Chelsea and Nick she has to leave the country. Chelsea thinks it's a scam. China insists she is on the level.

"Cut to the chase," says the brat, "How much do you want?"

Stephanie calls Adrian and tells her Steve and Kayla want her to spend the night in their place, "They want to know all about my first day at Salem U, and about my little cave adventure." She hangs up and there is a knock at the door. Stephanie peers through the peephole. Oh! The angst! She opens the door. Jeremy comes in and locks it. He says he followed her from the pub. He asks why Patch stabbed Stefano. Stephanie is indignant. She wonders if he even cares about what Rawlings did to her. Of course he does, but he says he's not cut out to run. He can't do this alone. He loves her, "Tell me you love me."

Lexie advises Shawn on love. After all, her love life has worked out so well, "Love without trust can make things difficult. I will never forget how lucky I ma that Abe loved me enough to give me another chance. And another... And another... And... If you love Belle enough... Why are you waiting for her to slip up? Belle knows how you feel."

Shawn says he's not going to beg. Lexie thinks Shawn should talk to a therapist. Shawn says he is through talking. We should be so lucky. He says Belle has to prove herself to him. Lexie thinks that's a mistake.

Belle comes in. Smooches. She asks how he is doing. "I'm better now that you are here," says Shawn.

Lexie tells Shawn to get some rest. He thanks her for everything. Lexie leaves. Belle tells Shawn about her first day at school.

Belle says she talked to Phillip, "He asked me to dinner. I turned him down to be with you. I've been thinking..."

Shawn grimaces, "You promised you would stop doing that without supervision."

Belle flashes back to her near-kiss with Phillip. She says she hasn't been completely fair to Shawn, "You have every reason to be jealous."

Patch bumps into Lexie in the hospital. He says he just rushed pocket to the emergency room. They kicked Patch out so they could run some tests, "He's spitting up. Kayla is with a patient. I don't know how this happened." Lexie comforts him and says nobody is blaming him. He says he and Kayla sure love that little boy.

China Lee says this isn't about money. Chelsea calls her on it. Nick steps in and says he did his part. China says she will do her part as soon as she can straighten things out.

Stephanie and Jeremy argue. She says she loves him but he treats her like garbage. Jeremy says she doesn't know what she's talking about. He wants her to marry him.

"Oh great, a wanted man and you are proposing," says Stephanie. She picks up the phone and he asks what she is doing. "Let's see," says Stephanie, "I'm turning you in."

Jeremy grabs the phone. He says he will turn himself in on his own terms. She tells him to save the sweet talk. It isn't working. He asks if something happened. "You mean other than my little skydiving adventure," asks Stephanie.

"Yeah," says Jeremy, "Like, what happened in the cave?"

"Max stood by me."

"Were you standing the whole time," asks Jeremy. They argue and start pushing each other around the room. Things get physical. "I'm not leaving you ever again," says Jeremy. Hot kiss.

Belle tells Shawn she just told Phillip she can't help him any more, "I'm with you now. I'm committed."

"I've felt you ought to be committed for a long time," says Shawn. She asks his forgiveness for giving him reason to doubt her. Kiss.

Phillip barges in, "Billie tracked Lauren to San Antonio." Belle is tickled pink.

Jerko and Sexfanny. She pushes him away. Jeremy insists he is through running. He was hoping he could crash with her.

Bo says he got Caroline's message. She asks if there were any leads on Roman, "Why did you two have to be cops?"

"Because we couldn't pass the test to be garbage men," says Bo.

Caroline says she has spent half her life being worried sick. OMB comes up. Caroline tells him Roman is missing. Bo says he needs a way to end the vendetta. OMB starts to go. Carline says, "Tell Bo what he needs to know – Now!"

Patch rants. He wonders why Kayla hasn't called. Dr. Davidoff comes up and introduces herself. She asks if pocket had anything out of the ordinary to eat."

"No," says Patch, "But maybe the flaming wild wings we had at the Cheatin' Heart didn't set well with him."

Dr. Davidoff asks, "Was his formula exposed to poison? He has ingested a highly toxic substance. They had to pump his stomach. He will be all right, though." Dr. Davidoff leaves. Patch stares and says with a straight face, "Something's not right."

Stephanie scoffs. She says there isn't room at Adrian's. Jeremy suggests moving in there. Stephanie insists she can't hide him there. A knock at the door interrupts their conversation. Max yells through the door. He says he doesn't like how they left things.

Jeremy whispers, "The way you left things?" Max says he isn't leaving until they talk.

Phillip says he has a PI watching Lauren until he gets there. Belle asks what he is going to do, since he signed away his parental rights. He says he'll figure it out. She asks if Billie is going with him. "She can't get away," says Phillip. He leaves. Belle stares.

"Go with him," says Shawn.

Mr. Ringling tells Claire, "We like to start new recruits out slowly on their first day. So why don't you just go up onto that high wire and drive the motorcycle up there over to the other side..."

Patch and Lexie speculate about what might have happened to Pocket. "I know," says Patch, "Kayla's a Brady. Yes... I think the DiMeras would poison an innocent baby." Lexie suggests waiting for the toxicology report.

Patch zones, "I shoulda killed Stefano when I had the chance."

Nick asks China Lee why the boys won't talk about themselves. China thinks they are just shy. She says she can't take them, "I have to leave them with you – for good."

Bo pressures OMB to tell him how the vendetta started – how Colleen died. Caroline piles on. OMB stares.

There is a fresh grave in Salem cemetery, with a nice bouquet of flowers sitting on top. We slowly zoom into the grave. We pan down... down... dark... dark... Six feet under, Roman lies in a coffin and groans. He comes to, and feels his way around. He pulls his handy-dandy flashlight out of his breast pocket and turns it on, revealing the inside of the coffin, "Oh, no!" He pushes up, and tries to kick out the end. Nothing works. He gasps, "OMG! HEY! HEY! HEAR ME! HELP! "


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Blogger Deb said...

I can't believe you missed this one:
Shawn says he feels like he's joining the family business.
What business would that be?
Town idiot?
Keyston Cop?
Crash Test Dummy?
Cartoon character?

OMG these just write themselves!

Wait? Did I read that right, BELLE? WENT TO CLASS?
She's actually going to go to class for once? Wow.
And she's WORKING???

Okay now, time to get serious.
I know, I know there's really no point in doing that when it comes to DOOL, but Roman being buried alive really proves the point that DOOL isn't even trying to make itself a better soap.

In the first place, been there done that. Bulldog, time for another recycled script! Anyone (or everyone) remember Carly???
Buried alive, yeah that's original.

Second, if Roman truly were buried alive, he would last an hour tops.
The Discover Channel show The Mythbusters did this experiment last season to see if someone actually could survive being buried alive. In their attempt the casket caved in from the weight of the dirt. Proving the need for a vault, which would insure Roman would die, since removing a vault from a grave takes well over 2-3 hours.

In fact just putting a casket into a vault, sealing it, and buring the vault takes an hour.
(I know this for a fact because my husband used to do just that. He was a "vault setter". He buried people.) Roman would have been dead before the last shovel full of dirt.

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

4:57 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

I just wanted to say GREAT PREVUZE as usual TODAY. I'll try to comment more later.'s Anatomy

5:24 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Wait? Did I read that right, BELLE? WENT TO CLASS?
She's actually going to go to class for once? Wow.
And she's WORKING???

Not only that, she did both in the same day. I guess she wanted to get it all out of the way for the rest of the year.

5:46 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I'm sorry, here's TLT again, but ...

If China Lee has been PAROLED, how can she be in Salem? I thought when you were paroled you couldn't leave your town, let alone the state?

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Yup, Deb, I definitely remember Carly being buried alive. I remember at the time we wondered how Vivian managed to get a coffin complete with a sound system, water and inflowing air without whoever did that custom desig for her being just a wee bit curious. Maybe Pard is OK because they got him the same Cadillac of coffins! HAHAHAHAHA

Now that they have Jr. in the hospital maybe they can get Sami out of it. I love how much bed rest she's getting in there.

LOL over a private school taking Monopoly money, Pocket's flaming wild wings and Patch stating the obvious. Thanks, Prevuze, for waking me up on a Monday! :D

7:25 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Loved the picture of Bo reciting Shawn's quals to be a cop with the SPD. And Bo just hands him a badge? Yikes.

Chelsea does what we all would like to do with this show, "OK, blah-blah-blah... Fast-forward... The DOOL writers must definitely read Prevuze. Perhaps that's why we are getting so many more DOOLisms lately - they want to provide us with fodder for Prevuze. LOL

Phil ...asks if Belle feels guilty because they almost kissed. and Chelsea asks how Nick's first day of teaching went. This is probably what I get for zapping through most of the Bellip and tweeny scenes, but when did Bellip almost kiss and what kind of teaching job does Nick have?

Now that Belle has gone to A CLASS she'll be ready to graduate any day now. Well, unless she runs off to San Antonio with Phil again. That may delay graduation for a week or two.

The old "buried alive" plot. [Groan] Worked out OK for Carly, but not so well for one of the evil-dooers on AMC lately. I hope they don't drag this SL out until the November sweeps.

Great Monday Prevuze.

7:33 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Yes, I remember the high tech set up Vivian had for Carly.
But if memory serves she didn't want to kill her. Not right away anyway.

She wanted to torture her, hence the sound system/video etc.

If I am not mistaken, Andre is trying to kill our dear Pard.

But...have no fear. Something tells me "just in time" they will find him, rescue him, and he'll be in the hospital all of 45 min.

Sami is probably still in the hospital because TPTB probably got tired of getting calls and letters about letting her run around being Wonder Woman while carrying twins.

Any woman who has been pregnant with even one child will tell you in those last few weeks you are lucky to be able to waddle around your house, much less the crap that Sami does.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

OH and for Applecheeks, Bulldog and Brendamouse:
Check out what's going on with our "alternate storyline"

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AMEN- I am the mother of twins carried to 38.5 weeks, ( It looks like shes that far along, at least) and I was lucky to be able to get out of bed, I did and I did all the stuff I had to do, BUT getting out of bed too FOREVER and getting from room to room, well my husband sent out search parties more than once for me!!

And what about the preview- first Belle wants to be able to go with Philly to help, then shawn tells her to go and she has a fit, my husband is a pharma rep and he sells drugs for that condition..........

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Roman needs to do a Uma Thurman in Kill Bill 2. Punch his way out. That scene ROCKED!

11:52 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Since a good portion of Salem's young people seem to be in the hospital do you thing somebody could take the time to visit Jett? Or is he getting professional care in Las Vegas?

That treats you like dirt," says Chelsea. Stephanie thinks she is kicking Jeremy when he is down. "He's a criminal," says the brat.

Stephanie retaliates, "So are you."

"I can't believe you just said that," says Chelsea, "Ill never be over what happened to Zack." She runs off.

Wow, low blow from Stephanie. Didn't seem like she had a boyfriend back in the cave.She pushed Chelsea into Jett, but can't take it when her own actions are called out. This chick is wishy washy.

Belle wanted Shawn when she was with Phillip and now wants Phillip when she's with Shawn. Have them both drop her like a bipolar potatoe. Maybe get fresh women on the show that aren't prostitutes, psychoes or somebody's forgotten "mistake"

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

"A bipolar potato". HAHAHAHA LOL

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO at the Max/Sexphanie spelunking pic!! Now that, is genius. :) It's dyno-stalag-mite! (Cue 70's porn music....)

4:52 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

When did Nick get a job? Where is he working?

Did Nick get his annulment from CL?

Sami is to give birth in October and two of the following people will marry: Phil, Belle, Shawn, EJ, Sami.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I totally remember Carly and Vivian. That was genius. I don't think Andre put the planning into this that Viv did. Plus, he's a one-man show. Viv had Ivan.

12:33 PM  
Anonymous em said...

I'm watching this one now, and it makes me want to scream.

Jerkemy and Sexfanny kissing. In love? Are you flipping kidding me?

Thank goodness I can come to Prevuze for some entertainment!

12:47 PM  

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