Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How To Stuff An Ostrich

Phillip pours a bit of the bubbly as Belle comes up and sees the spread. "What's all this," she asks.

"Dinner," says Phillip, "The room service menu wasn't all that bad."

"What's for dessert," asks Belle.

"I'm glad you asked," says Phillip.

Belle has called and left a message for Shawn. It's Chicken Piccata – Her favorite. Phillip says after the dinner they will watch 'The Notebook.' She asks if he noticed the room only has one bed.

Shawn comes up to the door outside in the hall. He holds Claire and says, "When Mom sees you come in the door she'll fall on the floor."

This time Stephanie claims she really saw a bear, "It's huge!" Davey Crockett goes bear hunting.

Lucas comes into Sami's room and makes a toast to the end of the DiMera dynasty. It's milk, of course. Sami isn't in the mood. Lucas says he has a surprise for her. Sami wants to know what. Lucas isn't telling. He leaves to get the surprise. Sami immediately flashes back to EJ's kiss. A knock at the door interrupts her fantasy. A clown comes in and dances around the room.

Are you Lucas surprise," asks Sami. The clown continues to dance around the room in silence. He pulls a bouquet of flowers out of his sleeve and hands it to her. Sami smiles and cringes.

Instead of knocking, Shawn decides to go to the store and get Belle flowers. Inside, we learn the hotel was full because of a taxidermist's convention and only the bridal suite was available. Belle wonders how she would feel if Shawn were spending the night with his ex.

"If I wanted to sweep you off your feet," says Phillip, "We'd be in Paris, not Tulsa." Belle wonders how many ex-husbands become such good friends with their former wives. "We've beaten the odds before says Phillip." They dig in. "If this gets too awkward," says Phillip, "I will leave you in the room to yourself. I'll head down to the bar and see if I can learn how to stuff and ostrich."

Max sneaks up on Stephanie with a bunny, "Boo! I found the bear." Stephanie jumps out of her skin. She chastises Max for scaring her. The bunny grabs her attention. She thinks it's sooooo cute. Max cautions her not to fall in love with it. It might be dinner.

"Did you hear what he said about you, Buster," coos Stephanie.

"Not a good thing," says Max, "Never name your next meal." Max relents and lets Buster go. Stephanie thinks Max has a big heart, but is clueless about hers. Max thinks they should talk. Stephanie smirks. Talk is cheap, but not as cheap as Stephanie.

The clown continues to dance around Sami's room. "Clowns creep me out," says Sami, "Except for Lucas, that is. Look, I'll tell Lucas what a great job you did." She takes out her wallet to give him a tip. He don' wan' no stinkin' tip.

"What kind of clown are you," stammers Sami.

"The kind that finishes with a bang," says Andre the clown.


"If you make another sound, it will be your last," he says. He gets in bed with her and tells her not to be alarmed, "All the world loves a clown."

Phillip picks at his food. Belle assures him the baby is OK and they will find him. She decides it's time to make up the couch. Phillip looks for bedding in the closet.

"Are we about to get intimate with our clothes on," asks Stephanie. Max just thought they would talk. He says he doesn't want to hurt her again. She asks if he is afraid of getting hurt himself.

"Only if Jeremy finds out about this," says Max, "Actually, I have no interest in playing second string." Stephanie says she thought she was in love with Jeremy but after Max' kiss, that's all she can think about. She kisses him.

Max stops things, "Jeremy is still in the picture."

Sexfanny asks, "So what if Jeremy were out of the picture.

Max says, "If Jeremy were out of the picture the picture would be X-rated."

Belle brings the bedding out from the next room. It's all wadded up around her because it fell down on her from the top of the closet. She gets stuck in it, trips into Phillip and they fall on the couch giggling. A knock at the door interrupts the frivolity. "That must be dessert," says Phillip, "Wait till you see what I ordered." He answers the door.

Apparently dessert is Shawn a la Claire, "SURPRISE!" The baby babbles. So does Claire.

Andre asks Sami about Stefano's stabbing, "Who was there when it happened? Was your father there?"

Sami tells him the police were protecting Stefano because he had been released from the hospital, and says that's why her dad was there. Andre wonders why Patch would have cracked and killed Stefano. Sami cowers and insists she isn't a psychiatrist, so she has no idea why he did it. Andre pulls out a razor and asks, "Does your father think I'm a fool? This plan was beyond the intelligence of the SPD. I think they must've called in an outside consultant." Sami says she doesn't know what he's talking about. Andre thinks Stefano is alive. He brings the razor to Sami's throat, "If they are trying to trap me, the next corpse will be a Brady."

Belle stammers about the bedding and takes Claire. Shawn surveys the spread. "I know how this looks," says Belle. She takes Claire to look at the pretty flowers.

Phillip tells Shawn about seeing Lauren. Shawn says he thought they would be in separate rooms. Phillip tells him the hotel is full and assures him there is nothing going on. Shawn picks up the champagne, "Yeah, I can see everything is perfectly innocent."

Max thinks Stephanie needs to work things out with Jeremy before he is officially out of the picture. Stephanie says he took off and he's already out. She attacks.

Sami whimpers and tells Andre Lucas saw the body. Andre thinks maybe he should wait and talk to Lucas. Sami thinks that's a bad idea. Andre wonders where Steve is. Sami tells him she has no idea, but he is probably in jail. "If I am a target," says Andre, "you and Roman will pay." Sami begs him to leave them alone.

Lucas busts into the room and sees the bizarre scene, "Who sent in the clown?"

Shawn asks Phillip to take Claire downstairs to see the aquarium. Phillip and Claire leave. "I'm sorry I spoiled the party," sneers Shawn.

"There is no party," snaps Belle. She asks why he brought Claire. He says they both missed her. She accuses him of not trusting her.

Max and Stephanie have removed several layers of cumbersome clothing and have gotten down to business. Max stops things and reminisces about seeing her at Sami's wedding. He says he couldn't take his eyes off her. She wishes he had told her that sooner so she hadn't wasted all that time with Jeremy. So much for conversation. They turn to other things.

Meanwhile, Bo and Kayla trek through the mountains searching... searching...

Lucas asks, "When did the circus roll into town?" Andre dances around him, hands him a balloon and leaves.

Sami blithers, "LUCAS! THAT WAS ANDRE!" Lucas chases. Sami picks up her phone and calls Roman. She tells him Andre was just there. Lucas comes back. He didn't find Andre, but has called security. Sami says Roman is sending a cop to guard her room.

Ask and ye shall receive: The cop comes into Sami's room. Conveniently, he was right down the hall. He tells them he'll be right outside and closes the door. Sami panics. She says they have to get to Andre before they all wind up dead, "Admit I am the only one who can end this insanity."

Speaking of insanity, Belle and Shawn argue about the living arrangements in the hotel. Shawn asks if they found Lauren, why they can't just let the cops handle things from there. Belle says the cops can't do anything because Phillip gave up his parental rights. She owes him a chance to find his son because she walked out on him and took Claire. That made Phillip go wacko, reenlist and get hurt, "If I can help him find his son, that will get his mind off Claire."

"So what you are saying is you are doing this for us," asks Shawn.

"That's right," says Belle, "And you don't care about us or Claire would be at home right now."

Max and Stephanie go at it like a couple of hormone-crazed teenagers.

The Sandia Mountains are 1,200 square miles of treacherous terrain. Virtually impassible on foot, they are a formidable obstacle for even the most experienced climbers. To our intrepid adventurers Bo and Kayla, however, the trip has been a walk in the park. Without more than a light jacket to protect them from the night cold at high altitudes, our heroes have made the journey to the most remote area of the Sandias, on foot, by the light of a small flashlight. Many small caves dot the landscape in this barren land. Quite coincidentally, however, Bo and Kayla walk straight into the one cave which offers, shall we say, entertainment.

Kayla leads the expedition into the lloooovvveee cave, "GASP!"

Bo takes in the scene and nearly breaks his neck turning back toward the entrance, "HO BOY!"

Stephanie hears the ruckus, "MOM!"

Kayla mumbles, mutters and stammers, "Uh... We'll be outside." She and Bo break world records backtracking.

Stephanie and Max struggle to get their clothes on. "What are the odds," asks Stephanie.

"On this show," says Max, "it was almost a virtual certainty. We'll explain."

"What," says Stephanie, "That I'm easy?"

"No need... The whole world knows that," says Max. He hands her a crystal he found while he was bear hunting, "I was saving it for when we were rescued... which, I guess, is now." Stephanie loves it. Max offers to talk to Kayla about the uncomfortable situation they are in. Stephanie thinks she can handle it. "We could tell them the truth," says Max.

"What would that be?"

"We have a thing for each other and it's been going on for a long time," says Max. Kiss.

Mother Kayla yells from outside, "Stephanie! Hurry up in there!"

Lucas wants Sami to let him take care of the DiMeras for her. She asks about Stefano's body. Lucas says the stabbing was pretty bad. Roman busts in. He announces they haven't found Andre, but they found the clown costume in a closet. If it doesn't move, the Salem PD can find it... Usually.

Sami tells him Andre thinks Stefano's stabbing was a setup. She asks if Stefano is really dead.

Shawn says, "I do believe in us." Belle insists she loves him. Shawn wants to take the next flight back to Salem. Belle wants to stay. Shawn tells her about the police academy and the garage. Belle is peeved, and when Belle is peeved the earth stops turning on its axis. She thinks they should have talked about it. Belle reminds him the 50's are over, "I do more than wear white gloves and an apron and cook for you, you know." Feel the love.

Bo asks if they are ready to go. "They were obviously ready to go before we got here," says Kayla, "But I don't think Stephanie's ankle will make it."

Bo and Max go for a stretcher, "We won't be long," says Bo, "I think we passed a 'Stretchers R Us' store about a mile back."

Alone with Mother and having been caught red-handed, not to mention red-faced, Stephanie resorts to the old standard, "I can explain..." Kayla says there are more important things to talk about. She tells her about Patch's predicament.

Sami wants to know what's going on, "Stefano isn't dead, is he?"

Now that the entire town of Salem has figured it out, Roman comes clean, "What I am about to tell you does not leave this room." He drops the fake-death bomb. Roman thinks Andre didn't really figure it out, "He's just being cautious."

Sami blubbers, "Andre said if this is a trap, he'll kill us."

Roman says, "Thank God we're too stupid to set a trap."

Meanwhile, out on the street, Joe and Fred, the town winos bump into each other. "Hey, Joe," says Fred, "Did you hear? Stefano DiMera isn't really dead."

Shawn reminds Belle he supported her when she wanted to become a nurse. Belle says this is different because nurses don't get hurt or killed in the line of duty. Patients do if Belle is the nurse, though.

"Salem isn't exactly the crime capital of the world," says Shawn.

"Sometimes it seems like it is," says Belle.

"You're exaggerating," says Shawn, "We only have one or two serial killers a year." He goes on, "So my decision to help our family is wrong, but you taking off with Phillip is no problem?"

Belle says, "Only if you make it one. Of course, even if you don't, I'm sure I can find a way to interpret it that way."

Phillip returns. Shawn says he and Claire will take the next flight out. They ask him to stay. No dice. Belle asks him to leave Claire. He tells her he loves her, leaves Claire and takes off, "I hoe you find what you're looking for. See you in Salem."

Kayla has told Stephanie about the scheme to fake Stefano's murder. Kayla swears her to secrecy and asks how Jeremy fits into all this. "He doesn't," says Stephanie. Kayla tells her he's back in Salem.

"He'll just have to find another stupid girl to date," says Stephanie.

"He'll have to look pretty hard to find one as stupid as you," says Kayla, "What if he's there waiting for you?" Max returns. He picks Stephanie up and helps her walk over to the stretcher. Kayla rolls her eyes.

Roman tells Sami not to panic. Sami insists trouble follows her. Roman begs her to give the plan a chance, "Look at me. Tell me you'll be a good little girl and do what I ask for a change."


Roman repeats the order to tell nobody. Sami and Lucas agree. Roman leaves.

Sami explodes, "A good little girl? That's what he thinks of me? Like I'm some infant?"

Lucas says this has noting to do with Andre or the curse. This is about the twins, "The next time you have a craving we'll call for take out."

Roman stops outside and talks to the guard, "Don't let Andre sneak under the radar." Behind them, a nurse walks up to the counter. Above her head is a large blinking neon sign, "Andre... Andre..." Oh, those Salem cops.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Applecheeks said...

Talk is cheap, but not as cheap as Stephanie. Sexfanny Prevuze has really nailed this storyline. HAHAHA

All the Prevuisms about the incompetence of the SPD were perfect. I was chuckling about the incompetence of the cops not being able to find a clown running around the hospital when I came across the Prevuism about the SPD "usually" being able to find something if it stands still. How true, how true.

Bo & Kayla walking straight to the cave Maxfannie are in? Don't even get me started on that one.

Thanks, Prevuze. Great job again.

5:16 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

First, because I can't help myself, SOME SPOILERS!!!!

Andre locks Shawn and Belle in a freezer!

In the past, Santo proposes to Colleen!

Roman is buried alive, and it's a race to save him!

China Lee confesses the truth to Nick about "her boys."

Pocket falls ill and it turns out he's been poisoned!

Phillip learns Lauren is in San Antonio, so he and Belle head there.

These always sound much more interesting than they are, but what cha gonna do? Watch another soap? ROFLMAO

You know Andre's disguises are never really that good that you can't tell it's him like a mile away, why does he manage to fool everyone??
Missed Prevuism of the day:
Andre says: "Does your father think I'm a fool?"
Well you ARE dressed like a clown.

DOOLism of the day:
Lucas asks, "When did the circus roll into town?" Andre dances around him, hands him a balloon and leaves.

Sami blithers, "LUCAS! THAT WAS ANDRE!"

Ummm Sami? You couldn't scream that while Andre was IN the room? Not that Lucas is able to subdue anyone bigger than say Pocket, but at least he could have tried!

Someone yesterday mentioned the cave looking familiar.
You know what it also looks suspiciously like the one from the Cruise of Deception storyline.
Where Earnesto made Hope "dissapear".
In case you need a refersher:
Cruise Of Deception

But hey, when did DOOL ever worry about details like sets looking the same or characters rising from the dead.....yeah.

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

5:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andre's disguises are a classic DAYS thing. It runes in the family. Or doesn´t anybody remember how many times "dead" Stephano spend weeks lurking along hospital or Brady Pub with some stupid wig and glasses yet nobody recognized him? Of course being written by Reilly he not only had to spend weeks in the same disguise, but also mutter some ridiculously long exposition out loud for himself at the end of every segment while nobody noticed.

So, this is an improve.

6:30 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I'm sorry, I have to do a bit of self promotion here.
I really think I outdid myself today, and, anonymous, you gave me the inspiration.

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

6:56 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

"The Sandia Mountains are 1,200 square miles of treacherous terrain. Virtually impassible on foot, they are a formidable obstacle for even the most experienced climbers. To our intrepid adventurers Bo and Kayla, however, the trip has been a walk in the park. Without more than a light jacket to protect them from the night cold at high altitudes, our heroes have made the journey to the most remote area of the Sandias, on foot, by the light of a small flashlight. "

Right now, Steve Fossett is wondering why the authorities didn't send Bo and Kayla to search for him ...

(P.S. I'm still holding out hope that he's alive somewhere in the mountains of Nevada. Like Roman told Kate, some people just make the world a more interesting place.)

7:22 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

Okay so I heard that Jett was leaving the show, yet he's still here, what's going on with that?

I can't believe Kayla and Bo caught Max and Stephanie doing the deed. Did they actually get to finish or even start though?

Great Prevuze as usual. =)

Soapnights.com Greys Anatomy and more

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

"Stretchers 'R Us". HAHAHAHHAHAHA

I loved Prevuze' informative description of the terrain Bo and Kayla crossed. Did I miss something? How did they even know that's even close to where they jumped out of the plane and would have landed??

I also love how Jr., with no job and supposedly no money, can fly himself and Claire to Tulsa for a five minute conversation.

Thanks, great Prevuze and pictures today!

9:17 AM  
Anonymous em said...

Loved the Davey Crockett prevuzism. Only a pic of moo-moo-eyes Max in a coonskin cap could be better!

This plan was beyond the intelligence of the SPD. I think they must've called in an outside consultant.

Like who? Claire?

Did Andre really say that, considering it only took him 12 minutes to figure out the fake death plan?

10:47 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

his plan was beyond the intelligence of the SPD. I think they must've called in an outside consultant.

Like who? Claire?

Did Andre really say that, considering it only took him 12 minutes to figure out the fake death plan?

Regrettably, Andre beat Prevuze to the punch on that one.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anyone else sick and tired of Belle and Shawn constantly arguing? And they're NOT even married (yet?).
I love the comment Shawn gave Belle about being a nurse... could someone tell me when the heck that girl is even in school? At least with Will, they use to have him coming and going from school. Belle's NOT even in the same TOWN as the college. Must be ONLINE classes, huh?
I really wish this whole Shawn and Belle thing would take a turn, (for the better, soon) like hooking Belle back up with Phillip - would be a good start.
Shawn is such a whiner! He hardly models his ol' man. He does act like a spoiled kid. (But then again, so does Belle - maybe they ARE made for each other).

And Andre getting into Sami's room. Again, Salem hospital's budget must be soooo low - they just can't afford any security personnel or devices. (like I'd want to be taken ther for an emergency!!!! NOT!)

Great work on Prevuze, as usual! Keep up the GREAT work!

11:34 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I named Steph Sexphanie ages ago!

Yes, I too would like to no how no job, no savings Brady is able to fly to see Belle.

It seems like Shawn only wants to be a police officer because he needs a job, has no real skills, and can't think of anything else, not because he truly wants to be in law enforcement. Was Max's the only garage in town? Why doesn't he try to get a job as a mechanic elsewhere?

Why are Sex and Max hooking up again? I thought Hogan said that uncle and niece hookups were over. Why doesn't he recast Abby and have Max and Abs be an item? And get a guy for Billie while he's at it. Hey, Max and Billie. They're not related.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Did you hear that Kirsten Storms (ex-Belle) was busted for a DUI? Guess it's the latest celebrity thang.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Here's more Marcus.

I didn't know he is English!

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!!!!!! Claire is alive....She's alive!!!!! It's about time they put that cookie eating kid that has only been put on the floor to walk once in her life, back in the show. Honestly, They carry her everywhere. Nobody in that cast knows how to hold the kids hand? One show she got to run. That was when they went to find her in a beauty contest and the woman had her dressed as a boy. Other than that, they tote her everywhere. Anyway, good to have Claire back in the picture. Now, where's Will?

4:59 PM  
Blogger Suzi said...

I agree with anon. about Belle and Phillip. They made a better couple and more interesting, too, then Belle and Shawn.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

Awesome Prevuze today! Actually downright freaking funny and the show sounds like it won't be half bad either. Sami thinking of that kiss again -- and Andre in a clown suit; that itself should be worth seeing.

Ouch to Max and Stef being rescued by his brother and sister...or her mother and uncle... or this is a little gross...

4:34 AM  

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