Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dead Suits Him

The group stands in front of Stefano's coffin. Everyone wants to know what the card says that came with Roman's sympathy wreath. Roman hands the card to Bo, "Read for yourself."

Bo reads, "So sad to hear of your untimely death... Andre."

Anna asks if Roman is wearing a bulletproof vest. Roman says he doesn't care about Andre's threats. Anna asks him not to go anywhere alone. The crowd discusses Andre. "Something isn't right," says Roman. Can't put anything over on Roman, can you>

Kate yells for Shawn to help as the doorknob jiggles. Andre finally busts into the pub. "I'm not alone," says Kate, "Shawn is here."

Colleen says she is thinking about changing her life and needs more time. Sami and EJ watch form across the room. "What if I can't choose tonight," asks Colleen.

"Then we-a say goodbye," says Santo, "I'm-a desperate. This is destroying-a me."

Colleen insists she would never want to destroy him. He asks her forgiveness for implying she would, but says he would never recover if he lost her love. She says she won't be rushed into a decision.

Sami jumps to conclusions, "So that's it. She walks away and he kills her."

"He couldn't have," says EJ, "That expression in his eyes is love – the kind of love that will change your life forever."

Andre wants Kate to call Roman and get him to come to the pub. Kate backs away and says Roman won't come if she calls him. Andre gets nasty and tells Kate she is underestimating his intelligence, "You tired to trap me. Bring me Roman."

"No," says Kate, "I won't help you hurt him. I've done a good enough job of that myself."

"What a pity," sneers Andre, "After a lifetime of stupid mistakes you just made your last one." He grabs her throat.

SuperShawn to the rescue! The twenty-something guy in the best shape of his life swoops down on the sixty-something man who has had a few too many cabernets and, of course, Andre pounds the stuffing out of him. Kate goes for her cell phone.

Anna is mighty concerned about Roman. She asks him not to take any chances.

Lucas, John and Marlena arrive. John looks at Stefano lying in his coffin, "Dead suits him. Too bad it won't last." Bo walks over and tells them about the wreath and card Roman received from Andre, but Roman seems to have shrugged it off.

"You know the Brady boys," says Hope, "Nothing excites them more than a dangerous criminal."

Marlena takes Roman aside and asks if he is OK with this. Roman says he's fine, because it's taking the pressure off Sami.

Hope greets Lexie and Abe as they walk in. Lexie is worried Andre will hurt Benjy, who wheels in behind them. Benjy's nurse wheels him up to the coffin. He stands, looks in, turns to Lexie and signs. "Yes," says Lexie, "He's really dead." Benjy breaks down and cries.

Lucas asks why Benjy is so upset. Tony says Benjy always hoped he would obtain Stefano's love even though he couldn't.

Sami insists Santo killed Colleen. EJ insists he didn't. Sami thinks EJ is just like Santo, "You are both pigheaded maniacs who will do anything to get what they want."

Santo rages because he thinks Colleen is going to decide on the church over him. He says if she leaves she will never see him again.

EJ and Sami stand in the same room. EJ turns to Sami and says, "He gets mad at her just like you get mad at me."

"You wish," says Sami.

Colleen says it hasn't been easy for her. In the background, Sami eggs her on.

EJ says, "Colleen is brave just like you. You say I'm just like Santo. Maybe I am, but where does that leave us if you are just like Colleen?"

Sami insists she isn't like Colleen, "Colleen isn't stupid enough to run around with a guy she thinks raped her."

Lexie tells Benjy people who don't know Stefano didn't know that he was capable of love, but Benjy shouldn't forget he was capable of destroying their family also.

Benjy signs, "I didn't come for love. I came for revenge. I hate the old man."

Anna tells Hope Roman didn't flinch at the threat, "I find bravery so sexy."

Hope asks, "So now you have standards?"

"I think I'll cook Roman a nice dinner when this is all over," says Anna.

"Or not," says Hope.

Bo, Roman and Williams plan the coffin-switcheroo getaway. John comes up and says it's time to start the ceremony. They all join the crowd (I use the term loosely) inside.

As they go in, Tony and Lucas come out. Lucas says when they talked inside, Tony hinted EJ is with Sami, "If he is, just say it."

"You just did," says Tony as he walks off. Marlena comes out. Lucas tells her he has to leave and he rushes out.

Sami says she's trying to find a way to end the vendetta while EJ is just drawing comparisons. EJ tells her she's refusing to give in to her heart.

Santo says he won't let Colleen go until she makes a choice. Colleen says, "I gave you my virtue... Give me one more day."

Andre beats Shawn to a pulp as Kate tries to call the cops. Andre leaves Shawn in a pile and takes the phone from Kate, "Help me move him into the freezer."

"He'll die," gasps Kate.

"Very slowly and painfully, if all goes well," says Andre.

Belle comes up to the pub door and finds it locked. She rummages around in her purse for the key.

Andre cackles, "Oh, I'd love to see the look his grandfather's face when he finds Shawn on ice."

One more day is all Colleen asks. Colleen says she will be heartbroken if he does not wait, but she will survive. She loves the life she has as much as she loves him.

Santo says, "You can choose-a love with the duty-a, what other people-a expect of you-a, not what you want-a for yourself-a."

Colleen says he is wrong. "I dan't need a savior. I alreeady have one."

Santo asks why the decision is difficult. Colleen says she believes in service to God. If she leaves she has to know it is the right choice. He grants one more day, "They say God hears the prayers of a condemned man waiting for a reprieve."

"Tomorrow," says Colleen.

EJ claims Colleen has to choose Santo. Sami thinks she chose the church, "And maybe that's why he killed her."

EJ insists, "He did not kill her."

Sami says, "Give me one good reason why he didn't."

EJ says, "I couldn't kill you if my life depended on it."

Lexie tells Benjy not to give in to the hatred. She isn't asking him to forgive Stefano. She wants him to fight it or he will become like him.

Minister DeWitt comes up to Hope and says he's noticed the crowd is pretty small. He wonders if anyone else is coming. "He wasn't exactly popular," says Hope, "I doubt if anyone else will be coming, so you can get started."

That, of course is OMB's cue. He stands at the door and stares.

Belle comes into the pub. Kate cowers. Belle asks if Kate is OK. Andre comes up and grabs Belle. "Don't hurt her," begs Kate, "She hasn't done anything to you." Andre shrugs it off and starts to haul Belle off. Kate picks up a bottle and bashes him over the head. Andre falls. Belle scoots away, pulls out her phone and calls Bo, "Bo! Shawn is in trouble!"

"Where are you," asks Bo.

Andre has recovered. He grabs Kate and puts a knife to her throat. His stare shuts Belle up. If only everyone could have that effect on Belle. Andre reaches out his hand. Belle hands him the phone.

Bo repeats, "Where are you."

"Several steps ahead of you," says Andre. He tells Bo he has Shawn, Belle and Kate, "I'll hurt them unless you do exactly as I say."

Bo hesitates. "Well," asks Andre.

"I'm thinking," says Bo, "I'm thinking."

Sami is confused about EJ saying Santo would not kill Colleen because EJ could never kill Sami, "Puhleeeease."

EJ says, "I think the idea we may be in the grip of something you can't control scares you." They argue. Sami thinks Santo is filling all the DiMeras with hatred, "He is in the DiMeras and he is in you."

"You're right," says EJ, "Santo is in me and that is how I know he couldn't hurt Colleen."

Lucas rolls into the room and says, "EJ, I got a message for you. It's from your dead father."

Andre tells Bo, "Shawn is somewhere cold. And EJ is somewhere building an alibi."

"Why would EJ need an alibi," asks Bo. Andre hangs up. He drags Belle and Kate back to the freezer.

Bo starts to rush out but Hope stops him and asks where he is going. He says he has to go check on the guys positioned outside. Hope recalls he positioned them himself, so he should already know things are OK with them. She wants the truth. Bo is hush-hush, "Keep your game face on, OK?" He tells her about the call he just got from Andre. He says he's going to go check on things. Hope blithers. Bo leaves.

DeWitt tells Benjy and Lexie it's time to get started. Benjy agonizes. Lexie begs, "Benjy, please don't do this – for my sake."

Benjy sits. Lexie tells Abe Benjy is so angry she doesn't know what he'll do when he finds Stefano isn't dead. "He'll be speechless," says Abe.

Marlena wonders where Belle is. She says to John, "She should have arrived from Tulsa about an hour ago." John goes to call the airlines.

Lucas says Stefano wants EJ at the funeral. EJ says, "I guess he might have actually said that since he is still alive." Lucas kicks him out.

Once EJ is gone, Lucas snorts, "You told him!"

"He guessed," says Sami.

Lucas growls, "I thought you weren't going to meet with him any more."

"That was before we knew Stefano's murder was faked," says Sami.

Lucas accuses her of sneaking around with EJ. Sami claims she's trying to end the vendetta. "You sure are spending a lot of time with the man who raped you," says Lucas, "I think you are keeping secrets from me. Do you have something to hide?"

Abe tells Benjy he doesn't have to stick around for this.

John comes back to his seat and tells Marlena Belle's plane was on time. Marlena thinks maybe Belle might have stopped to work things out with Shawn.

Belle checks Shawn out in the freezer. She rouses him. They discover they are locked inside. Belle tells Shawn Claire is with Phillip. For once, he's glad. "Shawn," says Belle, "I just want you to know Phillip slept on the couch in Tulsa."

Andre asks Kate, "Did you know I'm a member of Mensa?"

"I'm thrilled," says Kate, "But you can get into the Salem chapter of Mensa as long as your IQ is double digits."

Andre shows her the scene at the funeral on TV, "I can't wait to go after your favorite ex-husband."

"Why can't you leave Roman alone," asks Kate.

"I can't do that," says Andre, "I have something special planned for him."

Marlena asks Hope if she has heard from Shawn or Belle. She hasn't. Marlena says she hasn't either. Hope says, "That explains why Bo just lied to me." She rushes out.

OMB stands frozen looking into Stefano's coffin. The minister takes his place and tells OMB the viewing is over – it's time to start. OMB continues to stare at Stefano. He remembers Colleen telling him Mrs. Fitzpatrick will be watching him while she and Santo are out together. Colleen tells him he'll have a grand time with Stefano and his shiny new lorrie. Santo and Colleen leave as Stefano comes up to YOMB and says, "Gioco," which is Italian for, "We're stuck here while they go out and romp."

Roman asks OMB to sit down. They turn and take their seats as Andre watches. "Perfect," says Andre. He wants Kate to call Roman.

Sami tells Lucas this isn't about them – it's about the right thing to do. She's pregnant and worried about the family. Lucas insists he will protect them. "What are we going to do," asks Sami, "Send them off to Switzerland like we did Will?" She says they can't keep doing that – She needs to end the vendetta.

Bo rushes up to EJ outside Sami's room and asks where Shawn and Belle are.

Sami comes out and asks what's wrong. Bo says Andre said EJ knows where they are. He turns and asks EJ why Andre said he is out building an alibi. EJ claims innocence. "You'd better be telling me the truth," says Bo, as he leaves.

Sami tells EJ to go, "I can't think when you are around."

"I must be around more than I realized," says EJ, "Maybe I'll pray. You know, God hears the last words of a condemned man."

Hope rushes up and tells Bo she wants the truth. Bo comes clean, "Andre has Shawn and Belle and I have no idea where."

Shawn says Belle doesn't owe him an apology. He owes her one, "I told myself I was coming to Tulsa to surprise you, but I couldn't stop imagining Phillip putting the moves on you."

Belle says she was helping Phillip because it was the right thing to do. She loves Shawn, "Your lips are turning blue," says Shawn.

"Oh, no," says Belle, "Blue isn't my color."

Shawn gets woozy. Belle tells him to wake up. Shawn decides he's going to blow the door open.

Andre asks why Kate has stopped dialing. He tells her this is not the time to be stupid. "I'm begging you," pleads Kate, "As a friend of the family."

"That's what you are calling me," asks Andre, "My father's whore? That's quaint. You know, Roman never remarried. You could be the beneficiary on his life insurance policy."

Kate huffs, "I'm not interested in his money."

"Stop lying and start dialing," says Andre.

The minister reads a passage from "For Whom The Belle Tolls." Roman stands outside. Benjy cradles a gun.

Roman's phone vibrates and he answers. Andre holds a recorder in front of Kate as she says, "I am at the pub and Andre is outside the window. I'm scared. Please help me."

Andre smirks.


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Blogger Deb said...

The first DOOLism of the day today isn't a line but an action:
SuperShawn to the rescue! The twenty-something guy in the best shape of his life swoops down on the sixty-something man who has had a few too many cabernets and, of course, Andre pounds the stuffing out of him. Kate goes for her cell phone

. . . . . . . . . . . . ROFLMAO!!!!

"You know the Brady boys," says Hope, "Nothing excites them more than a dangerous criminal."
Unless of course it's a poorly thought out, last minute plan that involves dashing halfway across the country/world to "rescue" someone

Of course no one is at Stefano's funeral, they're all running around trying to either kill or rescue each other.
This show hasn't had this many unresolved loose ends since.....well last week.

4:36 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Stefano must be under some really heavy sedation to have him appear "dead" -- is anybody but me concerned about the effect of that on a man who just had a "partial liver" transplant? Sorry, there's TLT again.

Deb & Prevuze -- don't be too hard on poor Shawn. After all, Andre has been trained in the martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. All our pal Shawn has had is the "let's go play soldier" adventure with the other stooges when they tried to rescue Philip in the war zone. The lack of pugilistic skills must run in the family -- poor Uncle Max has taken his share of sucker punches, too.

And who thinks that the video spoiler from yesterday is another setup to make EJ and Andre believe Stefano is REALLY dead this time?

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I agree, cfish - I think Benjy's gun has blanks to make EJ/Andre believe he's dead this time. If it's a Brady plan it's bound to fail, too.

OMG, Andre getting the best of Jr. But then Pocket could get the best of that guy! HAHAHAHHA

OK, for the record, I've always been a Lumi fan. My advice to Lucas? DUMP HER. Just do it! Jeez! I'm officially rooting for that now.

Great Prevuze today! I'll be chuckling over lame-o Jr. all day. :P

8:01 AM  
Blogger Your Evilness said...

So now we know where Will is..

8:03 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

I saw a great idea posted yesterday...Sami is being chastized again by Lucas about EJ being her rapist and how can she stand to be anywhere near him and she yells back that it was not rape. WOW that would fix all the EJAMI problems !!!!yaya

8:19 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Aww, Shawn and Belle are making up in the face of death. How nice. Too bad they can't talk or act like normal people any other time.

Belle left Claire with Phillip in Tulsa while he's trying to be forceful and find his son, or is Claire at the Kiriakis mansion?

Freezer trucks and now the walk in freezer, are we seeing a trend much like the bomb in every prop trick that doesn't really hurt anybody?

Boy, EJ is laying it on thick with the comparisons isn't he? I'd have to ask him to leave because if things got any more sugary I'd have to puke. It just seems so heavy handed and not very smooth. I expect EJ to be smooth.

I like Cfish's theory about Benjy and the gun being a setup.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I'm still trying to recover from "SuperShawn". That was hilarious.

Glad to see that Squints & Doc finally pulled themselves out of whatever make-out spot they have been in for the last week in time for the funeral. I wondered where super-ISA agent John was during all this "let's get Andre" stuff.

The description of the funeral reminded me a lot of Sami's next-to-last wedding....people wandering in and out, running off, folks close to Stephano (like Rolf & EJ) not even bothering to show up. HAHAHA

Thanks, Prevuze, for another stellar report.

8:43 AM  
Blogger dazed & confused said...

Maybe a brain freeze is what Belle and Shawn need right now. We could call conservation of brain cells. Andre` actually might have done them a favor.
And why is Kate at the pub, Andre is on the loose and has made several threats, so why isn't she with Roman at the funeral? After all she was the last female that Stefano was with! You would think that it was just another roll in hay for Kate (HAHAHAHA!!!)

9:13 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Will is in Switzerland with Carrie and Austin.

Why are all those people at Stefano's funeral? They hate him! I'm surprised they're not out partying, celebrating.

And does everyone (but Benjy) know the death is fake? Geez....

12:15 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

And who thinks that the video spoiler from yesterday is another setup to make EJ and Andre believe Stefano is REALLY dead this time?

I like Cfish's theory about Benjy and the gun being a setup.

You have Prevuze' word of honor on this. The gun is real; the bullets are real.

And you thought Stefano wasn't capable of being a very holy guy...

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

That expression in his eyes is love
First off, EJ wouldn't know the expression of love if it bit him the butt! Second, how the hell would HE know??? He wasn't around.

I bet ole Colleen killed HERSELF to get away from the constant nagging, nagging, nagging, nagging!

Can't wait to hear what Shawn's big plan is! Did you happen to see his motorcycle in there? Maybe he's planning to bust out!

12:59 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Didn't Shawn Sr say he killed Colleen?

1:26 PM  
Anonymous theresa said...

was it on a cue card? if so he probably said it!

2:30 PM  
Anonymous mudcat said...

When I saw the Benji clip, my first thought was that it would turn out to be a daydream... then I remembered that JER is no longer head writer.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Deb said...


4:22 PM  

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