Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wolf In Pinstripes

The newspaper headline screams, "STEFANO DIMERA LAID TO REST."

Jett puts down the paper, "Great news. Too bad it's not true."

"Pretty much the general consensus," says Abe.

Jett asks where Stefano is now. Abe says he is in custody but probably won't be much longer.

And there is still no sign of Roman. Jett tells Abe he will help with the investigation until the ISA puts him back on duty. "I wouldn't count on that," says Abe."

Stephanie and Chelsea have come from visiting Shawn. Stephanie thinks Chelsea should model a candy striper outfit for Jett and maybe shorten the skirt a little bit.

"He's sick enough already," says Chelsea, "Besides, I don't want to make a big thing out of Jett."

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," says Stephanie.

Chelsea says there is more. And by God, it's not gonna stay in Vegas. She tells Stephanie Jett told her he loves her in the ambulance.

Jeremy comes out into the living room swilling a can of pop. He slams the can down on a table, but hears Kayla outside in the hall and scoots back into the bedroom. Kayla wheels Pocket in and discovers the cola can. She goes over and knocks, "Stephanie, are you there? Stephanie, don't you have class this morning?"

Jeremy moves away from the door. We don't know about Stephanie going to class, but if Kayla opens the door she'll get an education.

Stefano rants about waking up dead and all the trouble someone went to putting life support functionality into his casket. Rolf tells him to calm down – He is still far from well. Stefano continues to rant at his attorney, Mr. Griffin, "Spit right in their faces. I am going to squeeze Bo and Abe until they bleed through their pensions!"

"Don't forget Roman," says Patch. Stefano says he will add Roman to his list with Patch too. Patch asks, "How you gonna press charges against Roman when he's on ice?"

Stefano says he is busy and tells Patch to go. Patch resists. He points toward Griffin, "I want the wolf in pinstripes here to get the 411." Nobody ever knows what the hell Patch is talking about but it always sounds cool when he says it. Patch wants Griffin to ask Stefano how come Roman disappeared when he went gunning for Andre.

Stefano reminds the attorney Patch is fresh from the mental ward. The lawyer says Stefano has a slam-dunk civil suit against the Salem PD and leaves. Stefano asks for a word with his assassin. Rolf leaves.

Kayla peers into Stephanie's room as Jeremy cowers behind the door. Kayla sees no one and shuts the door. She takes Pocket in for a nap. Jeremy sneaks out and tiptoes toward the front door.


"I didn't break in," says Jeremy, "Stephanie let me in."

Stephanie is delighted Jett said he loves Chelsea. Chelsea thinks she's making too big a deal of this, "I love Nick."

Stephanie wants to go see Jett, "I want to ask Jett what he said and who he said it to."

Abe tells Jett the ISA has fired him. Jett admits he messed up but says he will appeal. Abe tells him not to waste his time. Jett asks Abe if he will put in a good word for him. No can do.

Abe counsels him. He says Jett compromised his cover because he got involved with a girl. They speculate about who tipped off Rawlings. Abe says Jett let Jeremy walk – he put lives at risk and that's the bottom line. Jett wonders what he will do now. Abe says he can come home and live with Lexie and Theo and him, "We need a butler." He says there are other places his skills could be put to use. Jett asks if he could work at the SPD.

"No," says Abe, "You can't. You gotta show you're not getting a free ride. Besides you've shown signs of intelligence."

Chelsea wonders what she will say to Jett. She doesn't want to put him on the spot. Stephanie thinks she should definitely put him on the spot, "You practically have to strangle guys to get them to use the L-word."

"Maybe the losers you hang out with," says Chelsea.

Dale Carnegie looks in on the scene and makes a note to have Chelsea write the forward to his next edition of "How To Win Friends And Influence People."

Jeremy shows Kayla the key to the suite Stephanie gave him. Kayla rages. Jeremy defends Stephanie. Kayla lectures and tells him it was a mistake coming there, "Stephanie is now committing a crime – harboring a fugitive, not to mention aiding and abetting in the production of a bad drama." Jeremy starts to leave. Kayla stops him, "You're not going anywhere without a police escort!"

Patch tells Stefano, "I haven't seen you since I stabbed you to death." Stefano warns Patch the same kind of thing could happen to Roman.

"You mean he's not dead," asks Patch.

Stefano grumbles, "I don't know where he is."

Patch puts on a show. He says Roman isn't exactly his favorite person. He's thrown Patch in jail too many times. Patch imitates Roman's arrogant walk. He gestures, flails and snorts, "You're going down, Pard! Down!"

Stefano applauds, "Bravo. A brilliant performance. Too bad there is not enough time for an encore, but I am tired of pitying you. So it's time for Judas to go to his final curtain call."

"And you want me to round up this Judas dude for you, right," asks Patch.

Chelsea tells Stephanie she realizes that was an insensitive thing to say. Stephanie admits when it comes to Jeremy, Chelsea is right. Chelsea wonders where Jeremy is. Stephanie lies and says she wonders about that, too. They go into Jett's room. Chelsea asks to talk to Abe outside. As they leave, She whispers to Stephanie, "Not a word about me when I'm gone."

Outside, the brat tells Abe she feels bad about messing up Jett's case. Abe says she can't take credit for that, but she can for saving Jett's life. He's proud of her for that.

Inside, Stephanie says it was a shock to learn jet is ISA. He asks if she has seen Jeremy. "He dumped me," says Stephanie, "Didn't you hear?" Jett thinks Jeremy put her and Max into danger. "I guess you're right," she says, "At least now I can take skydiving off my 'to do' list."

Jett says he's sorry about what happened to her. Stephanie says she's sorry she wasn't smarter about Jeremy. Jett vows to track him down when he gets out, "If you see him, tell him I said that."

Patch says they threatened him if he didn't play Stefano's assassin. But he knew if he played the part, he could ensure Stefano would come out OK.

Stefano asks, "How would you feel waking up in a coffin?"

"I've been there," says Steve, "You know that."

Stefano stands up and goes off the deep end, "Stop joking! You made a mistake siding with the cops against me! You will live to regret it!"

Jeremy tells Kayla he plans to turn himself in when the time is right.

Kayla yells, "How stupid do you think I am?" Jeremy swears on Stephanie's life that he is going to go straight. Kayla lectures. Kayla pumps up the volume, "I hope you remember what happened to Stephanie on that plane the next time you swear on her life. Everyone else has had to pay for your mistakes. As far as Stephanie goes, the best thing that ever happened to you has walked out of your life." Kayla picks up the phone to call the cops.

Jeremy grabs her hand, "You don't wanna do that, Mrs. J."

Rolf tells Stefano to back off because of his condition. The cop standing there tells him to stop threatening people.

Patch calms down. He says he was disrespectful. He apologizes, walks over to the cop, puts his arm around his shoulder and tells him to put the gun away. He leans toward the cop and whispers in his ear loud enough so it can be heard in the next county, "Call Bo Brady." Patch struts back to Stefano and tells him he wants to deal, "I know the routine... One hand washes the other."

Stefano wants to know why he should be interested in a deal. Patch says, "There is news on the street that information about Andre could draw some major coin." Nobody ever knows what the hell Patch is talking about but it always sounds cool when he says it. Patch starts to leave. Stefano stops him.

Jett tells the girls he is a former ISA agent. Chelsea blames herself. She didn't mean to blow his cover. Stephanie asks if he remembers anything after he got shot. Jett says he remembers talking to Chelsea in the casino and then the medevac flight, "I guess I missed all the exciting stuff."

Don' be messin' with Kayla, "GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!" Jeremy backs off and reminds her Stephanie will be an accessory if she calls the cops. Kayla says Stephanie will have to answer for whatever she has done. Jeremy slips his phone out of his back Pocket and hits speed dial.

Stephanie answers and listens as Jeremy begs, "Mrs. Johnson, please don't sic the cops on me."

"OMG," gasps Stephanie.

That's too juicy for Chelsea to ignore. She rushes up to Stephanie, "What?"

Stephanie listens. The blood drains from her face. She hyperventilates. Chelsea practically falls all over herself trying to get an earful. Stephanie has a cow and hangs up. Chelsea can't wait to hear what that was all about. "Oh," says Stephanie, "Nothing really. It's just... something is up with Pocket. I have to go." She leaves. Jett thinks it was Jeremy.

Jett says he is glad Stephanie is gone, "This gives us a chance to talk."

Chelsea asks, "About?"

Jett says, "About what happened the night I got shot."

Jeremy yanks the phone away from Kayla and pulls the cord out of the wall. Kayla wonders what has happened to him, "You're a HORTON."

"I know," says Jeremy, "But I thought I might make something of my life anyway. Everyone in my family was out making a significant contribution to the world but no one ever asked about me..
At least the black sheep gets noticed."

"You know what," says Kayla, "I think you want to go home but you don't know how."

"At least at home," says Jeremy, "We don't have to listen to smarmy dialogue like that."

Kayla tells him he can keep running or grow up, "It's your choice."

Stefano wants to know about this news of Andre that's worth so much on the street. Patch says Salem PD knows where his hideout is. They would go pick him up right now but the key is the folio. They want to get Andre without losing it. "So," says Stefano, "That's their plan? And why would they tell you? Is there a fake knifing involved in all this intrigue?"

"You heard me tell the cop to call Bo, didn't you," asks Patch.

Stefano chuckles, "You mean that silly little stage whisper for my benefit? How could I miss it?"

"Nothing gets past you, does it dude," asks Patch, "Yeah, Bo knows I'm here, but it doesn't cancel me out with you." Nobody ever knows what the hell Patch is talking about but it always sounds cool when he says it.

Stefano asks, "Even in your right mind, why would you help me?"

"I don't know," says Patch, "I've never been in my right mind. But you do have something I want. I want you to promise not to hurt Benjy. You stay way from Benjy and I'll make sure Andre is two steps ahead of the cops. Deal?"

Stefano rubs his hands together, "Steven Johnson, what a pleasure it is to finally meet the real you."

Patch says he's just trying to protect his kids. Benjy is just like a son to him. He tells Stefano to stay away from his kids, including his foster kids, "Imagine a little boy like Pocket having his stomach pumped." Stefano says he would never hurt a child. He also says they have an agreement.

Patch says the cops know where Andre's hideout is from an anonymous tip. All Stefano has to do is alert Andre without the cops knowing. Patch turns to leave and gives a parting shot, "Oh, and that lawsuit, you'd best drop all that."

Jeremy wonders how Kayla knew he was there just from finding a pop can. Kayla says Steve found the his ID in the apartment so they knew Stephanie had talked to him, "You remind me a lot of your dad – The charmer and lovable wise guy."

Stephanie busts in. Kayla says, "You have some serious explaining to do."

Jett says he remembers nothing after he got shot. He just knows Chelsea saved his life. He wants her to fill in the blanks. She says she'd rather not relive it, "So, what's the next big thing?"

Jett says he was thinking about joining the SPD but Abe wouldn't cooperate. He has to prove himself. Chelsea says he doesn't have to prove himself to her. Jett thinks there might be something for him in another town. Chelsea says, "I have the perfect job for you, and you wouldn't have to leave town at all."

She tells him Billie is the head of security at Salem U. Being a former ISA agent herself, Billie's goal is to turn the Salem U security department into a haven for ISA washouts. Jett says, "Oh, yeah, running down a hallway chasing kids with a flashlight has always been my dream."

He takes a Kleenex and says he sees something on her face. He wipes it and says, "There it is... That beautiful smile." The guy in the bed next to Jett hurls.

Jett says he wants to see more of her smile, "Maybe we will run into each other on campus."

"Gee," says Chelsea, "I hadn't thought of that."

Stephanie stops the arguing. She tells Jeremy he has nowhere to go. She asks him to stop and think about this. He says coming back was a mistake and storms off.

Kayla asks to borrow Stephanie's phone. Stephanie resists. "He's a wanted fugitive," says Kayla.

"He's also the guy I love," whines Stephanie.

Rolf asks if Steve is telling the truth. Stefano thinks it's unlikely but they have to warn Andre. Rolf goes out and asks the cop to help Stefano to his car. The cop wheels Stefano away.

Rolf closes the door and takes out a piece of chalk. He draws on the door...

Rolf walks off. Patch steps out of the bushes and looks at the symbols.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Chelsea finally remembers she's in college? Labor day was what, three weeks ago? She's missed a few classes hasn't she?
Rumor mill says DOOL is casting for a new hunk/hottie college guy.
I wonder who they will hook him up with? And who he will be related to?

Of course Abe won't let Jett into the SPD! He has an IQ above 50 and actual law enforcement experience. He might actually solve crimes, and we can't have that!

Totally missed Prevuism:
Rolf closes the door and takes out a piece of chalk. He draws on the door...
Rolf walks off. Patch steps out of the bushes and looks at the symbols.
"OMG The D's totally tagged our crib! I gotta get the 411 to the 5-0 in a hot second, before the Honcho gets a clue that I'm dissin' his posse by bein' on the down low wit the Salacompton PD!" Nobody ever knows what the hell Patch is talking about but it always sounds cool when he says it.

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

5:02 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

LOL Deb about Chelsea forgetting or in this case, now remembering she is in college.

Did Jeremy really think that he can hide from Kayla....hello it was obvious he was there. - Grey's Anatomy

5:17 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Chelsea loves Nick…again. She flip flops so often she should be running for public office.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:32 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Another Prevuism addition:
Abe says he can come home and live with Lexie and Theo and him, "We need a butler."....and Lexi hasn't had a relative of mine she can have an affair with since his brother died and Brandon left town.

What I want to know is since when is sitting by a gunshot victim, uselessly dithering over his bleeding body doing absolutely nothing to stanch the blood flow considered "saving his life"??? If he hadn't been standing there arguing with her and trying to get her to leave he probably wouldn't have gotten shot in the first place.

Loved seeing the latest edition of the Salem Sleezebucket and all the comments on Patch's inarticulate "coolness".

Even Stephano got in a good one, "I am going to squeeze Bo and Abe until they bleed through their pensions!" LOL

Prevuze Rocks!

6:35 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

"Nobody ever knows what the hell Patch is talking about but it always sounds cool when he says it."

When I got to the third time this showed up, I tried so hard to stifle my laughs that I started a five-minute coughing fit!!! OMG! They were the best! And I love Deb's elaboration on Patch's "street talk".

Reading PREVUZE always makes my day!

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

My latest soap mag said a Pete Brady shows up soon. Don't know how he's related but maybe he's the new college hunk.

I can't wait to see Patch imitating Pard!

I'm glad I was at home when I saw the Salem Sleazebucket. (I wonder if OJ got to Vegas via Touch This or Die Airlines?)

I also loved Patch's coolisms and the picture of Claire's wish because it's probably most of the viewers' wishes, too. HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze today! :D

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would Jett or Nick think that Chelsea is such a hottie? She has all the warmth and personality of an ice road truckers mudflap and a face that could break up dogfights.

8:23 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Pete Brady, hmm -- isn't Pete the name of Colleen's "da"? I wonder if that refers to this Pete showing up in the letter flashbacks (I still think he had something to do with Colleen's death) or if it's a "misplaced" descendent?

8:26 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Why bother with the newspaper headline lie when everyone involved knows he's alive? Who is this headline for? The extras that don't give a hoot about the Dimeras?

Now that everybody is going to school they will have to shell out some bucks for a school set. Wait,that means they would have to show people actually attending school and Billie "working" security.

Who is watching Claire while her father is in the hospital and he is encouraging Belle to go with Phillip? Why do I even ask? School? Work? Moving to the Pub? When will Belle fit these in?

Poor Roman.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

cfish and bulldog:
The Pete Brady they are talking about IS Colleen's Da.

He'll most likely be showing up in flashback mode.

The new guy is named "Ford Decker"
Which brings up a chicken/egg question:
Which came first? Soap hunk names or pornstar names?? Does it matter? LOL

Here's the quote from my rumor mill website:
It looks like Days is going to get some more younger leading hunks! They are casting for Ford Decker, who should begin airing sometime in October. Ford is a 20ish hunk, caucasian, said to be a major recurring character. He's in college, the school's star athlete and in the hottest fraternity. He's a ladies man with a bit of mystery and danger about him. (note: the name or other details could possibly change by time the role is cast)

9:52 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

So Jett, a former ISA agent, has to prove himself, while Shawn, a former criminal, gets a fast pass to the police academy forgoing the usual interviews, tests, background check, etc. Yeah, that makes sense.

Glad to hear Chels loves Nick, but when is she going to start showing it?

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So funny about Jett not getting into SPD and Shawn does? At least Abe is concerned about people thinking he's giving a free ride... so much for Bo (with Shawn)...
Is anybody having a hard time following Stephanie's spinning love triangle? When she was in the cave - wasn't she basically dissing Jerkemy? And REALLY hitting on Max? Now she's claiming to Kayla he's the one she loves? That's ALMOST as bad a Chelsea and Nick... Day's should hand out score cards - to keep track of all of the flip-flopping.

I am so sick of the fake storylines, Andre, Stefano, etc... I actually feel sorry for the actors... they probably go home 'cringing' with their scripts for the next day!

And can anybody believe how long this whole Santo and Colleen thing has lasted? Someone just pin OMB down on the ground and make him spill the beans... I don't even care about the vendetta anymore. It's been drawn out too long!

Now that the airline is defunked, and Max's garage is out of business, shouldn't Max be thinking of a new career? Hey, how about racing? Oh and take Stefanie with you!!!!

I wonder how well the whole 'Day's' - 'teen storyline for the sake of summer vacation' watchers went over? Does anyone think that they were able to 'reel in' new viewers? (maybe if it would have been interesting, huh?).

Ok, enough complaining. Would rather watch episodes with Belle, Shawn, Phil, Sami, EJ...

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

Nobody ever knows what the hell Patch is talking about but it always sounds cool when he says it.

Now that was FUNNY!ROFLOL

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Tripp said...

Oh thank God Abe won't let Jett into the SalemPD. Finally they have standards as he was the most useless ISA agent ever and spend all his time investigating while sitting in a hot tub.

I don't think Shawn should have been hired but given the horrendous way Jett screwed this investigation up, I'm glad they are finally claiming characters on sheer stupidity.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Ken said...

Thank god Jett didn't get a job with the SPD. He doesn't deserve to work for the cops. He really screwed up this investigation with the illegal women smuggling, he had to get help from 2 civilians actually 3 if you count Nick, which Jett didn't even know about. Nick found out more in 1 day then Jett did the whole 3 months he was on the case. Jett was to busy sitting in the hot tub or chasing after Chelsea.

Chelsea never said that she didn't love Nick, she does love Nick, she just said that Nick is to good for her and she has ruined his life by asking him to do the things that he did for her.

Now to Chelsea just realizing that it is time for college, just because it is labor day in real time doesn't mean it is labor day in Days of our lives time.

By the way Chelsea is a hottie.

7:29 PM  
Anonymous em said...

Nobody ever knows what the hell Patch is talking about but it always sounds cool when he says it.

Can't this please be a Prevuze story title?

10:02 AM  

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