Friday, September 28, 2007

Bad Hair Day

Bo crosses the yellow tape and joins Abe at the scene of Benjy's demise. Abe barks orders to the cops around him, "Watch those footprints."

"We know whose they are," says Bo.

"Yeah," says Abe, "First Sasquatch sighting in Salem since 1998."

Bo checks out Benjy's body and utters an expletive. He asks about the time of death. Abe says it was sometime within the last 24 hours. Bo wonders if Benjy was already dead when they put him in there. "What does it matter, though," me mumbles, "Dead is dead. I never get used to this stuff."

"Would you want to," asks Abe.

"I never lost sleep cutting someone a parking ticket," says Bo, "Of course, I wouldn't know a parking ticket if it came with a blinking neon sign." Bo rages. Abe says he can't let his anger control him. He also says Patch took off like a bat out of hell and Stefano is back in the hospital. Abe has posted a guard.

"When Steve is angry he is hard to stop," says Bo. He wonders about Roman. That's EJ's cue. He steps up and says, "I think I may have the fast track to finding Roman."

Bo says, "That would have been great about two or three days ago."

Lucas thinks this is insane. Lucas is right. Sami reminds him what show they are on and convinces him this is just another normal day in Salem. She says she is divorcing him to end the vendetta. Lucas argues, "What about your family? What about 'till death do us part?'"

"Details, details," says Sami.

Lucas gets in her face, "Are you marrying EJ to end this vendetta, or is ending this vendetta just an excuse to marry EJ? Do you love the guy or what?"

"You have to understand," she bawls, "I haven't added to my wedding dress collection in months."

Bo tells Abe he will handle EJ and promises to play it by the book. If Bo could read, EJ would be in trouble. Bo goes over and talks to Elvis. He shows him Benjy's body. Bo thinks Andre did it. He plays his toughcop role. He wants EJ to send his condolences in person so Benjy's widow can spit in his face. EJ claims he had no idea about this. He pulls out the folio and takes out the rings. He knows the terms for ending the vendetta, "The rings hold the key to ending the vendetta and finding Roman alive."

Stefano tells Kate Andre is out of control and he doesn't know anything about Roman's disappearance. He says he has something that will please Kate. She decides to pass and starts to leave. Stefano plays his trump card, "It concerns Lucas and his marriage to Samantha." Kate turns. "Aha! I have your attention, eh?"

Sami can't believe Lucas asked if she loves EJ. She says she loves Lucas more than anything. The only thing she feels for EJ is loathing. She wants to save Roman and protect her family. That is the only reason she is marrying EJ. Lucas wonders why they are letting two people control them from their graves. Apparently his hearing has gone bad so Sami tells him again she is doing this because she wants to save Roman.

Lucas doesn't want the vendetta to end if it means losing her. Sami insists he will never lose her, "This is temporary." Lucas thinks it will be a disaster. Sami says this will not be a real marriage. Things degenerate. If that is possible. Lucas steams. Sami bawls. The queen of bad choices thinks she doesn't have another choice.

Lucas turns into a sniveling, groveling mass. He says they will figure out another plan. Sami insists there is no other way. Sami thinks this will give her family hope and save Roman. I believe she may have already said that. She thinks she was meant to do this. Lucas thinks she was meant to be with him. Sami decides she was meant to be with Lucas AND meant to do this. Lucas brain explodes. Fortunately it's a very small explosion.

Stefano asks, "What if I were to say I could arrange Samantha divorcing Lucas and marrying my son Elvis?" Kate beams.

Officer Catsworth is on the phone. Patch strolls in behind him and almost makes it into Stefano's room, but Catsworth stops him.

Bo says Sami won't marry EJ. EJ says she has already agreed. Bo is skeptical, "Lucas won't let her and neither will I." EJ smirks. "You're enjoying this aren't you," asks Bo, "You're sick. What about Sami's happiness and my dad's happiness? You know... Santo seduced Colleen. He was married."

"My grandmother had died," says EJ.

"There you are wrong," says Bo, "When Colleen found out she had been betrayed she leapt off a cliff and Pop has felt guilty ever since." EJ says he had no idea about Colleen's suicide. He says if he doesn't marry Sami the vendetta lives and Roman dies, "What are you going to do, waste your time vilifying me or save your brother?"

Andre jumps into a car with Roman. Roman is dusty, dirty, has duct tape over his mouth and is about as with it as John Black on a pill binge. "You're going home," says Andre, "But first, you need tidying up. You look like death warmed over." Andre pulls a block of plastic explosive out and says, "It should be quite an explosive homecoming. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "

Bo asks what EJ did to Sami to get her to agree to marry him. EJ says the wedding was her idea. Macho Bo says he won't have it. EJ says it's none of Bo's concern. Bo says Roman would rather die than have his daughter marry a DiMera.

Lucas broods in silence. At least there is something good coming out of this. Sami wants him to talk to her. He says he doesn't want to fight any more. Sami doesn't want him to shut her out. He reminds her he's not the one slamming the door on their future. He also reminds her she has done this before. She insists this time it's different, "I will love you for all the Days Of Our Lives. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"Yeah," snorts Lucas, "How will you manage that lying with EJ in his bed?" She says this is just until Stefano dies.

Patch plays along with the cop. Catsworth asks him to leave. "On who's authority are you asking me to go," asks Patch.

"On the authority of commissioner Carver."

Kate thinks Stefano is imagining things. He asks if she has ever known him to make false claims. Kate agrees she hasn't, "Still, Sami and Lucas are hopelessly in love."

Abe shows Bo something of Roman's they found it in the grave. He thinks they moved Roman to make room for Benjy. EJ thinks Roman may have already been released because Stefano may have already told Andre the vendetta is over, "Samantha is marrying me."

Patch thinks the cop has the wrong guy. Catsworth leafs through the papers on a clipboard and comes up with a page that has Patch's mug shot on it. Patch takes a look at his own picture, "Ooh. Bad hair day."

Kate says, "Sami and Lucas are completely besotted with each other."

"Money and sex make the world go round," says Stefano. He tells her about the terms to end the vendetta – Sami has to marry EJ. Kate asks if Sami has agreed. "Yes," says Stefano, "Elvis too."

Suddenly, Kate has a new attitude, "You my dear are a wonderful man."

Stefano gets frisky, "I knew you would be grateful. God knows I could use some gratitude."

Sami says given Stefano's ill health he could die at any moment. She tells Lucas she and EJ will be in separate beds, and after Stefano croaks she will be back with him. Lucas reminds Sami Stefano always comes back. He thinks Stefano might dance at their wedding and even move in with them so he can gloat, "I'm not gonna let that happen." Lucas walks off.

Patch tells the cop Bo Brady himself just asked him to go talk to Stefano. Chatsworth says he will believe that when he gets a direct order from Bo. Patch threatens to call Bo and walks off. Catsworth calls Abe and tells him what's going on.

"Most people get 30 days to pay their debts," says Kate.

"We are not most people," says Stefano.

"I thought you might give me a grace period to savor this. I will be obliging but only after I see the divorce decree."

Abe tells Bo Patch went in to see Stefano and said he was there on Bo's orders, but Catsworth sent him packing.

Bo is amazed, "A cop who can follow orders. I'll have him fired immediately." Bo thinks Steve will try again.

Sami says Lucas will never lose her. She hates hurting him like this. He asks her just to back out of the deal. Sami asks, "What if it were you? What if you had the chance to make everything right? Wouldn't you grab it?"

Lucas shoots her down, "No. I couldn't stand to hurt you. What you are asking is way beyond my strength. I'm not coming along for the ride. I'm not giving you the divorce. That would mean the end of us. There is no turning back from that." On his way out he tells her to stay at the pub where it is safe. Translation: Most dangerous place in Salem. Lucas leaves. Sami bawls.

Sami calls the station to talk to Bo. He isn't there, but she asks for word on Roman. They tell her there is no word. She thanks them and hangs up. EJ comes in.

Sami gives him a cold stare, "We're closed."

"How are you doing," asks EJ.

"My dad is still missing," says Sami, "He could be dead. You and Stefano are not holding up your end of the agreement. If you don't find him this marriage is off."

Andre ushers Roman into the pub, "Evening all!" Roman staggers and zones.

Sami rushes up and hugs him, "Daddy!"

Kate says she will make Stefano a deal, "If Lucas tells me face to face, I will come to the mansion and we will take a long trip down memory lane. Until then you have to suffer with your sentimental self." She kisses him.

Lucas rages and tries to bust into Stefano's room. Catsworth tries to hold him back, but Stefano says to let him in. Lucas wonders what Kate is doing there. Stefano says, "We're having a little stroll down memory lane."

Lucas grumbles, "I shoulda known you two were in on this."

Kate says, "It isn't a conspiracy."

"What is it," snaps Lucas, "a celebration? Sami jus dropped the divorce bomb on me. What are you gonna do with your spare time now, Mom, now that you don't have to keep trying to pull us apart?"

Kate says, "I know you loved Sami..."

"Not 'loved,'" yells Lucas, "LOVE – still do."

Stefano says this is the only way to end the vendetta. Lucas wonders when Stefano and Kate cooked this up, "Over cocktails or pillow talk?" BULLETIN! STOP THE PRESSES! LUCAS DISOWNS KATE! Kate swears she knew nothing about this. Stefano backs her up. Lucas insists he will kidnap Sami before there is a divorce. He leaves and Kate chases.

Patch sneaks back. Catsworth asks what he is up to. "I'm about to make you one sorry dude," says Patch. The cop calls his bluff. Patch calls Bo as Catsworth listens in. Bo asks where he is. "I'm at the hospital," says Patch, "Under your orders." Patch hands the phone to Chumpworth, who puts it up to his ear.


Catsworth can't move fast enough. He hands Patch the phone and heads for the cemetery.

Patch puts the phone to his ear. Bo says, "I'm serious, Steve. Get down here now!"

Patch smiles, "I'm on my way." When Bo finds out Patch outsmarted Catsworth, he'll probably promote him.

Patch saunters into Stefano's room, "Look who's back in the hospital... Stefano DiMera." He points a gun at him, "This time you won't be going home."

Sami asks what Andre has done to her dad. Roman zones. EJ also wants to know what he has done to Roman. "I'm afraid your father is a bit of a bloody bore," says Andre, "I'm giving him back to you as a present. I'm sorry the wrapping isn't much. Open it." Sami moves toward Roman, but EJ pushes her aside and walks up to him. He opens Roman's trench coat. Explosives!

"Surprise," chuckles Andre, "I hope you don't already have one."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Why are Lucas, Bo and Patch all getting so worked up over Sami marrying EJ?

Since when has a Sami Brady wedding EVER happened without a huge disaster? For that matter how many times has she managed to actually make it down the aisle?

Wouldn't it be about right if Stefano made all this "end the vendetta" stuff up just to get Kate into the sack?
I still say Colleen is alive, or at least that she survived the fall and had a baby.

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Great Prevuze!!!

Lucas brain explodes. Fortunately it's a very small explosion.

Thank the Lard that I get into the office early. No one heard me laughing hysterically at that keen Prevuze observation. Oh, goodie, we’re all being treated to some more Kate/Stefano tonsil hockey. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

5:59 AM  
Blogger cfish said...


ITA that Stefano manipulated the contents of the folio to get what he wanted -- Kate's undying gratitude, and Sami for EJ. I think that's what TPTB were hinting at when they said there was another "twist" to the Colleen/Santo saga.

6:39 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Actually, I think all Stefano really wanted was to secure Sami for Elvis -- Kate's undying gratitude is just a "perk".

6:42 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Leslie beat me to the punch on Lucas's exploding brain. That still has me laughing.

"Lard, the Fodder" picture is truly an inspiring spiritual work. LOL

And, a day without the tweens is a DAZE to be treasured. Great Prevuze!

7:18 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I am a little confused about one thing:

Steffy told YOMB that his mother was alive.

In the cemetary Stefano told OMB he didn't know he was supposed to lie. And he and OMB could have been raised as brothers.

Then EJ said "my grandmother was dead".

THEN later in the pub OMB said something like "because of my lie..."

So was Mrs. Santo alive or dead?
Was Santo going to be a bigamist or was he going to divorce his wife? And if it was a divorce how would he be able to get re-married in the church?
Or does anyone really know?
Or care?

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I gave up trying to analyze the whole thing a long time ago!

I'm glad nobody was around when I got to the lard and fodder, too. HAHAHAHAHA

Lucas' brain exploding makes me think of 'Mars Attacks'. ACK! ACK!

If they get many more people coming after Stef maybe someone will shoot him and we can have a "Who shot JR" type of thing. Lucas, Patch, Sami, everyone else in Salem....

Great Prevuze and pictures on a Friday!

7:44 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Men in drag, storylines that drag, Kate the she-dragon. Sounds like a drag.

So we still don't know for sure what happened to Colleen? As it has been said so many times before, TPTB must be waiting for a Prevuze fan to come up with an ending.

I have been off my Prevuze for the last few days and have been actually trying to watch DOOL and it all feels like random action, not a cohesive whole.

I'm more confused then ever.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Rosanna said...

I think that a great twist to the story would be that Colleen never died and moved away to have a baby she concieved with Santo and started her life all over again. She only comes back to Salem when she hears that Stefano has died for real so it is then "safe to come back into her brother's life" Or if her or her childs life depended on it like needed a bone marrow transplant or kidney or something so they find OMB ( because they can't find a match because the man Colleen married was never really the father of that child and he nor his family are matches). It would be neat to introduce an entire family to the clan. Colleen and OMB can try to rebuild a relationship. Colleen will have to explain to the man she married the baby he raised was never his etc. Colleen and her child she concieved with Santo can go through some drama with the lies Colleen told her child about her father and not being raised with other family around and being told he/she never had any other family etc. Maybe this child will have a vendetta of their own and make everyone's lives in salem miserable so Stefano can finally die for real, because Colleen's child will be the new threat. That would really eat up at the Brady's because this child is half them and half Dimera. This child will be like a new troubled Sami wanting to always do the right thing the wrong way. I should be writing for this show.

8:35 AM  
Blogger jeremy said...

i so want kate to be the love child lol

lokk at how many incest stories there would be
kate and stefano
kate and roman
lucas and sami
lucas and carrie
austin and sami
austin and carrie
billie and bo well name only

it will trully meen no matter who the bradys sleep with it always turn out to be family members lol

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...


It is my impression that EJ is finding about his grandparents the same we are…through the letters. Obviously, Stefano has not filled him in on all the finer details. At this point, I think the only Stefano and OMB know that Santo was still married when he proposed to Colleen. The rest of us know because we read all the spoilers.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Colin Murphy tie into the Coleen story line?

1:44 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

TY - Fantastic and very funny!! Love the Stefano stuff and EJ too; will be sure to take excedrin ahead of time to help with lucas being himself. UG =(

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I think Prevuze is hysterical. Keep them coming!!
I hope me dah can forgive me, I wanta hav Santo's babe.

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First i want to say how much i enjoy reading prevuze-its halarious!!

On another comment board, someone left an interesting comment which i would like to pass on:

Most of the following is speculation but it may also be spoilerish as well so be forwarned.

In case anyone cannot actually figured out what is really happening with this storyline then you are not alone. Right from the start this story has not been what it actually appeared to be and that was Hogan Sheffers design. Let's review shall we, this story started with Sami and Lucas finding Santo Dimera's letter to Stefano (the one that told Stefano to continue the vendetta).
The letter and it's discovery were the first two clues as to what is really happening and both clues are important.

When Stefano speaks of Santo he does so with a deep respect and reverence for his love for him. This led me to the question why was the letter left behind at Masion Blanche? Given how much Santo meant to Stefano I cannot see him leaving a letter hand written by Santo behind after selling/donating Masion Blanche. The only answer to why the letter was left was that it was meant to be found by Sami and Lucas. This leads to interesting question about the letter itself, that being is the letter genuine? In other words did Santo really write it? I think the answer is no he didn't write it but Stefano did as part of his plan to unite EJ and Sami. Remember uniting with Sami was part of EJ's schemes when he first arrived in Salem. He failed so Stefano stepped in and helped things along for his son.

Next we have the Colleen and Santo letters, these letters are genuine but Stefano's story about Santo being bitter is a lie. Why? It just seems that Santo would never have let Stefano see him in that way. Another thing about those letters is the fact that Stefano made no attempt to retrieve Santo's letters from The Brady's Why? Because he wanted the Brady's to read them so they would know of the affair between Santo and Colleen.

Now I won't get into the whole Andre side of things suffice to say it has all been done to keep the audience from seeing the truth. There have been a number of interesting things that have happened along the way in this story that at first didn't make sense but now do. First was the return of Lexie she was brought back half crazed professing a hatered for Stefano, Hmmm?
Then at the Dimera family dinner Celeste became the first Salem resident to threaten Stefano hmmm? As things have progressed more people have threatened Stefano. The list includes; Roman, Bo, Steve, Hope, Kayla, Grandpa Shawn, Caroline, John ,Marlena and even Abe. So many threats cannot simply be a coincidence, there has to a be a reason for them.

Next is Benjy trying kill Stefano at the fake funeral, this was a clever bit of forshadowing especially the close ups of the gun. Over and Over I have found myself asking why certain things happened that seemed so odd or unusual. The most unusual thing has been Stefano's preoccupation with his death and his legacy as if he might not be long for this world. Such morose thinking from The Pheonix is not his typical style. So why has he been acting this way? Because Stefano has a secret that when revealed will pull all the pieces together around his neck.

The above brings me to the Secret of The Vendetta and how the story will really end. I wasn't sure until this past Thursday and Friday but now I am certian as to how this will play out. First Colleen's empty habit is a major clue she did not jump off the cliff since the catholic church considers suicide a sin. She either ran off with Santo or she ran off on her own, I think she ran off with Santo. As to the folio the contents are legit except for the part of about a Brady having to marry a Dimera that was created by Stefano.

What will happen: First keep in mind that Sami marrying EJ is a dead end not what the fans want to see. Remember how long Lumi fans waited for the two to be together no way will Hogan Sheffer short change them like this.

Here goes:
It will finally be revealed that Colleen did not die and that she and Santo did marry. As a result Stefano grew bitter over a Brady taking his father away from his mother this is the true reveal and the reason for all of Stefano's acts. Once this is revealed Stefano will face the wrath of most of Salem and pay the price thus leading to who done it for the ages.
Having Colleen and Santo married is the only possible out for Sami.
TJ | 09.29.07 - 11:04 pm | #

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YUCK - I hope that is not why we sat through an entire romance story only to have Sami and Lucas end up back together. Their marriage was the lowest rated weddings on a Soap and they just don't have the chemistry. Alot of what you said does make sense, but I am guessing it will not play out. I think this is literally the end of LUMI and the beginning of EJAMI. Sorry, but that's how I see it. Colleen, if in fact she is alive, would want Sami to go with her heart and not her duty.

4:20 PM  

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