Monday, September 24, 2007

Lipstick Jungle

Stephanie comes to see Patch in the hospital. Don't worry, folks, she's left Pocket in good hands. Mad Dog Nagerski has been paroled and needed a job, so Stephanie hired him to watch the little tyke. But she was sooooo worried about Patch she had to drop everything and run over there to see him. Patch buys her line of caca del toro. He asks if she has heard from Jerko.

"No," says Stephanie, "He's probably halfway to Seat..."

Patch catches on, "...tle?" She begs him not to tell the cops.

"The Salem PD and I are strictly on a need to know basis," says Patch, "I think this is something they don't need to know. If he had robbed a donut shop before he left, that would cause a shortage. I'd have to tell them. So, are you going to be able to forget about Jeremy?"

Jeremy plays cards with Artemis and DeMarquette. Mean ole Nick sends them to brush their teeth. Nick has to keep reminding Jeremy of the rules. He says he thinks he should go, but Jeremy talks him into staying one night. Chelsea shows up at the door.

Sami is her usual basket case. She calls Lucas and leaves a message. She tells him what Andre said, and wants Lucas to call her back and tell her Andre was bluffing. Bo comes in and confirms that Lucas and EJ are being held hostage. Sami flashes back to Andre's instructions. Sami tries to rush out to find them, but Bo stops her.

Stephanie can't answer Patch's question, "What do you want me to say, Papa?"

"Anything," says Patch, "JUST DON'T CALL ME PAPA!" He wants the jerk to leave his baby girl alone, "You still love him?"

"I guess I do."

Poor Max stands outside the door and listens.

Chelsea pounds at the door and Nick finally lets her in. We have the perfunctory argument about why he took so long. He claims he was getting the kids to brush their teeth. Chelsea just came over to hang out. She brought comic books. She brought a few things for the kids, too. He thanks her and starts to chase her out. She figures he's mad because she broke up with him.

Sami throws a fit. The twins soak it all in and surreptitiously start packing their bags to leave. Sami goes off the scale and Beauregard Brady, crack Salem police officer caves in and decides it would be OK to have the crazy woman ride with him. Sami turns him down. She says she's just going to the church to pray instead. Even Bo, with the IQ of a sand flea, sees through that one. He shows her the folio and says he thinks that might change her mind.

Sami screams, "Well, did you read it? Do you have an answer for how we can end the ven..."

Bo stops her, "Yes, I read it. You're not gonna like what's in this."

Poor Chelsea has so many regrets about what she said to Nick when they broke up. Nick practically throws her out the door and tells her he will see her tomorrow, but the brat won't have any of it, "This is exactly what I didn't want to happen. I didn't want things to be weird between us." She asks for a do-over.

"You changed your mind about us," asks Nick.

The politician answers, "I just wish I had handled things better." She wants Nick to love her the way she loves him. Nick asks if that means to love her like a brother. "Boyfriends come and go," says the brat, "Brothers are always there."

"I'd rather be the boyfriend that comes and goes," says Nick. One of the kids interrupts and yells for Nick to come in and read them a story. Chelsea volunteers. Nick isn't sure, "I think they're a little young for 'Lipstick Jungle,' don't you."

She offers to read them the comic books and then plays her trump card, "Afterward, we can maybe order a pizza and talk – about us." Nick thinks that's a bad idea. "You're hiding something, aren't you," asks the brat.

"No," says Nick, "I'm not hiding anyone... uh... anything."

Chelsea gets it, "YOU HAVE A GIRL HERE, DON'T YOU?" Nick denies. "Shall I invite her to join us, or will you," asks Chelsea.

Sami hyperventilates, "This is impossible!"

"I realize that," says Bo, "That's why I wanted you to read it. So that you can see you don't have to carry this burden on your own."

"Are you kidding," wails Sami, "Now it appears more than ever I am the only one that can end this nightmare."

"Absolutely not," yells Bo, "Even if you leave, DOOL will go on. The nightmare will continue."

"If I don't," blithers Sami, "the DiMeras will haunt our family forever!" Bo tries to calm her down. A raging bull storms into the room and goes wild, knocking over tables and chairs, braking things and creating havoc. Bo has a lot easier time calming the raging bull.

Bo has her sit down and makes her promise she will stay there while he goes to get her some toast and ginger ale. And a dump truck full of Prozac.

After Bo leaves Sami gets a call from Andre, who reams her out for being late. She says she is on her way. Andre says he will be sure to tell that to Lucas and EJ after he disposes of them. He hangs up. Sami panics and runs out. Bo comes out, finds her gone and the chase is on.

Max remembers Stephanie waffling and telling him she thought she was in love with Jeremy until they kissed. He comes into Patch's room. Kayla rushes in with clothes. She sees her faithful babysitter standing there and asks where Pocket is. Stephanie tells her not to worry, "He's perfectly happy. I left him in the bathtub playing with my electric hair dryer."

Relieved that Pocket is safe, Kayla asks about Roman. They update her on that and Patch also tells her about the Lucas-EJ hostage situation.

Kayla gasps, "When is this going to end."

Stefano appears in the door, "Perhaps we could end it together." Seeing Stefano, Patch tells Stephanie to leave with Max. On the way out, Max confronts Stefano, "Where is my brother?"

Stefano says, "In DC practicing law."

"You know what the Bible says," asks Max, "'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.'"

Stefano says, "I prefer, 'turn the other cheek." God looks down and wonders where in the world anyone found a Bible in Salem. After Max and Stephanie leave, Stefano tells Patch they both want the same thing, "A peaceful solution."

Bo makes a call back to the cop shop and tells them about letting Sami slip through his fingers. He wants them to look for her even though every available cop is out looking for Roman.

Jugs and Doolie show up and Bo fills them in. Julie worries the DiMeras will hurt Sami. "No," says Bo, "The DiMeras have something else in mind for Sami."

Nick asks, "You think I'm hiding a girl?"

Chelsea says, "Well, it's a little early on in the semester to be having a steamy affair with one of your students, Nick."

Nick reminds her he's taking care of two kids. "Then you won't mind if I take a peek," says Chelsea.

"Actually," says Nick, "I would."

"Do I know her," asks Chelsea.

"There is no girl," says Nick, "You are the only female in this apartment right now." The boys run out begging for Uncle Jeremy to play with them some more. BUSTED! Jeremy comes out. The kids ask if he did something bad.

Sami wanders around yelling for Andre. He comes out and chastises her for being forty minutes late. Sami babbles excuses. He frisks her to make sure she's not carrying a wire and Sami jumps out of her skin. Sami insists no one followed her and demands he tell her where Lucas, EJ and Roman are. "All in good time, my dear," says Andre, "All in good time."

Roman gasps for air.

Sami panics, "Just tell me where they are! I will do whatever you want!"

"That's rather tempting," says Andre, "Although I never got what EJ saw in you."

"You've got to be kidding," gasps Sami. Andre assures her he isn't going to play interloper between Sami and EJ. Sami ramps up the hysteria and runs around screaming for EJ and Lucas.

Andre says he is confused about Sami's relationship with EJ since he shot her stepfather, "And I understand made unreasonable demands on you several months ago. You don't have feelings for Elvis, do you?"

Pocket has stolen a Harley and picked up Claire. He pulls wheelies on Main streets and says, "Hey, let's go pick up Ciara and have a really good time."

Stefano assures Patch he wants the violence between their families to end just as much as he does. "You can go to hell, DiMera," snorts Patch.

Nick bribes the kids with comic books in order to get rid of them. They squeal with excitement, "Oh boy! 'Captain America' and 'The Four Musketeers Rescuing Phillip in Iraq!'" They run into the bedroom, ditch the comic books, jump out the window and go join Pocket, Claire and Ciara.

Jeremy is mad because the brat blew his cover, "What did I ever do to you?"

Chelsea runs through the litany of Jerko's sins, including treating Stephanie like dirt, costing Max his garage and everything he did to Jett. She asks Nick now he thinks aiding and abetting a criminal is OK. Nick insists he is leaving in the morning and they launch World War III. Jeremy decides to solve the whole problem by leaving but the old standard, a knock at the door stops him. Jeremy hides and Nick opens the door.

And there he is... an evil character wearing tan shoes, pink shoelaces and a Panama hat with a purple hatband, "Muma Abuhd... I’m here about the boys."

Nick and Chelsea stammer around and claim the boys aren't there and haven't been in quite a while. Mr. Abuhd says he knows the boys are there. He also knows who Nick and Chelsea are. He says he knows they were told someone would come looking for the boys. Chelsea asks how they know he isn't there to hurt the boys. "I'm afraid you don't," he says, "But perhaps I can convince you to trust me."

Max and Stephanie have a useless conversation about the hostages. Stephanie says she only came back from Dayton to help her parents and now all they have done is fight. Max tells her he overheard what she said about loving Jeremy. Stephanie says she feels like she led Max on. He insists he enjoyed every second of it. Stephanie thinks she blew it and flashes back to their argument after Kayla discovered Jeremy. Stephanie knows she should hate him, but just can't explain it, other than the fact that she is a tramp and an idiot, "I always pictured myself with a guy like my dad... honest, decent, will do anything for his friends, and takes trips to never-never land every once in a while. And he loves my mom. He'd jump out of a plane without a parachute for her."

"That's because he loves her," says Max.

"No," says Stephanie, "It's because he's nuttier than a fruitcake. You know, sometimes you remind me of my dad."

"I wish you wouldn't have said that."

"Why," says Stephanie, "Because it puts you in the 'nuttier than a fruitcake' category? "

"No," says Max, "Because I was just about to kiss you."

Stefano says if Elvis dies any possibility of the war ending dies with him. Kayla is indignant. She tells Stephanie no one believes that. Patch tells her about Bo finding the folio. Kayla wants to know what was in it, but Patch tells her it doesn't matter because Bo says the terms are impossible to meet. Stefano disagrees. He thinks the terms are quite possible to meet and not difficult. He tells Kayla he will leave someone else the honor of telling her what the terms are, but if the terms are met, he will see to it that Andre is permanently diffused.

Jugs and Doolie have the last batch of letters. Bo is going to find OMB and squeeze the truth out of him, but, in case he can't, he wants them to call a family confab to read the letters. If OMB keeps his mouth shut, the letters may be their only chance.

Sami tells Andre she has feelings for EJ – hatred. She ramps up the screamfest again, calling for Lucas and EJ. Andre points out the inconsistency in what she just said, since she is screaming for EJ as well as Lucas, "Does it disturb you that Elvis has eluded punishment for his crimes?"

"Of course it does but there is nothing I can do about it."

"Yes, you had no choice in the matter, did you," asks Andre, "Well, my dear, that's about to change."

Stephanie puts the breaks on Max. She thinks she has to get Jeremy out of her system before she can start bed hopping. Max wants someone just like Stephanie wants. "Just like my dad," asks Stephanie.

"No," says Max, "I want someone who is easy to be with. Of course, I'd settle for just easy." Stephanie wonders how she and Max will do the whole 'friends without benefits' thing. Max agrees it won't be easy.

The man in the Panama hat with the purple hatband tells Chelsea and Nick China Lee was employed by a very powerful Sudanese politician. Before he died he arranged for her to bring his sons to America, away from danger. He says the boys' lives are in danger.

Stefano says if the terms for ending the vendetta are not met, he will not take the blame for the intolerable hell they will have to endure. DOOL will go to two hours. Stefano makes his grand exit.

Sami rages. Andre suggests a compromise. He takes her in to show her Lucas and EJ, "In exchange for sparing your father's life, my dear, one of these two will have to die. And that is the choice you have to make."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Warning: I am about to throw a full blown Sami Brady conniption fit. I aplogize in advance to those who may be annoyed by it.




Pant pant.......Okay rant over.

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

5:25 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

Yes please tell us already what this feud is all about. It is driving me crazy too and it seems to be going around in circles. - Grey's Anatomy Season Premier This week

5:38 AM  
Anonymous Tripp said...

Actually I'm very much interested in the Nick/China Lee storyline. And in Nick's defense, he didn't fight Rawlings, that was stupid agent man.

I do love prevuze and the snark, but I do enjoy the show almost totally now.

5:56 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

As usual with DAYS, the elements of several intriguing storylines are there. However the writing and execution has been, in the words of Prevuze, caca del toro. LOLOL

Loved the thought of Mad Dog Nagerski as Pocket's babysitter.

At least the end seems to be in sight. Can't be more than a couple of weeks before this "day" ends and we have some answers.

And, I don't know about anyone else, but if I'd been Sami and OMB had continued to stand there and dither about being "ashamed" of something from 50 years ago, I'd have taken that thermos he was holding and swung it upside his head!

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

It must be too early in the morning for me. Just about the time I was going to write and ask WTH the Prevuism "He's in DC practicing law" meant I remembered poor old Frankie. How soon we forget!! HAHAHAHAHA

Don't worry, folks. Instead of continuing this v-word storyline so we can get it over with I have a sinking feeling we're going to have a couple of weeks with Jr/Belle and Phil looking for the kid in Texas. AARGH!

LOL over Kayla's trophy and Sami's twins starting to pack their bags. Thanks, Prevuze, for forcing me to wake up and get the brain going this morning! :\

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that people die and come back from the dead a lot on Daze otherwise poor Roman would be a goner. How long has he been buried? What's is been, a week now?

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the prevuisms and completely agree with Deb's rant. Get on with it already!!

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

The evil character’s clothing choice sounds like something right out of a Jimmy Buffet song. Was he also wearing a white sport coat and a pink crustacean?

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I've been gone for a month, off the continent, and haven't watched Days or read prevuze, and I read today's synopsis and it was like I hadn't even left. The SL have barely progressed at all. Well maybe the stupid airline/Vegas one but I'm fine with that one going on without me. Crazy. But I'm glad to see that Prevuze hasn't lost their dry wit and perfectly inserted sarcasm that makes my mornings shine. Thanks Prevuze!

8:52 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

The evil character’s clothing choice sounds like something right out of a Jimmy Buffet song. Was he also wearing a white sport coat and a pink crustacean?

Gosh, Leslie, apparently you're not familiar with that great Dodie Stevens classic, Pink Shoe Laces:

Now I've got a guy and his name is Dooley
He's my guy and I love him truly
He's not good lookin', heaven knows
But I'm wild about his crazy clothes

He wears tan shoes with pink shoelaces
A polka dot vest and man, oh, man
Tan shoes with pink shoelaces
And a big Panama with a purple hat band

I can't believe you didn't recognize one of the great musical masterpieces of all time. Anyway, I guess it does sound kind of Buffet-esque, doesn't it?

9:54 AM  
Blogger Waterlilly said...

The man in the Panama hat with the purple hatband tells Chelsea and Nick China Lee was employed by a very powerful Sudanese politician. Before he died he arranged for her to bring his sons to America, away from danger. He says the boys' lives are in danger.

Seems the writers have been getting those spam e-mails from Nigeria and Cote D'Ivoire. Next thing Nick and Chelsea will get hooked in the "I got 60 million in my sudanese inheritance but I need your bank account in order to split the money" kind of thing.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Stella said...


I read on another site why there is Brady - Dimera feud:

Bo finds the folio this week and the requirements for ending the vendetta are revealed!

Inside the folio are instructions that Santo and Colleen must be avenged with a wedding!

Sami agrees to marry EJ to end the feud!

Shawn and Stefano have confrontation.

The truth about how Colleen and Santo's affair ended is finally revealed!

A younger Shawn revealed that Santo's wife was still alive!

Colleen, who had agreed to marry Santo, returned to the church.

Later Colleen committed suicide at the cliffs!

I got this from

10:43 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Well Prevuze I guess these young 'ens in here just don't know good music when they hear it.

So here's a link to Dodie Steven's classic song (yeah it's real)
Pink Shoelaces

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't they please come up with something more interesting for Chelsea to do than:
1st-chase after Nick, 2nd spell it out (every time) how they are just friends, and then 3rd act jealous, like she is interested in him?

She has become the most 'neediest' character (besides Stefanie) on Days. She leads Jett on then runs back over to Nicks' just to make sure he is still hurting over her. It is very painful to watch!

And, please Jeremy - go ahead and leave Salem. No one really cares if you stay. It's pretty apparent he needs to turn himself in, but he's such a coward (I'll decide when I do it.) Give us all a break...

Oh, and the Vendetta, 'cmon already! All of these years the Brady's and Dimera's feuding over what? Colleen and Santo... huh?

Ok, sorry, done ranting.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

I knew that clothing description sounded familiar. I quickly ruled out “The Purple People Eater” and Millie Small’s version of “My Boy Lollipop”. However, it did conjure up Jimmy Buffet and “Pencil Thin Mustache.”

Now they make new movies in old black and white
With happy endings, where nobody fights
So if you find yourself in that nostalgic rage
Honey, jump right up and show your age

Prevuze knows oldies but goodies too. Prevuze, you’re the best!!

11:54 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

"caca del toro" I almost fell out of my chair. I will use that phrase from now on. And, yes, the writers for this show have NO CLUE!!!! Deb or Justin should be doing the writing. Their comments and stories are at least fun to read.

I' still chuckling over "caca del toro!!!" LOL!

2:12 PM  
Anonymous T said...


Sami and Lucas break up!
• Steve takes Stefano hostage, prompting Stefano to reveal Shawn’s secret. Also, two DiMera characters die, leaving one Brady near death!
• Adrienne gives Max a job at the Cheatin’ Heart.
• Sami and EJ reconnect, which results in Sami asking Lucas for an annulment. Devastated, Lucas cuts off communication with Kate and changes his last name to Horton.

Fearless prediction: Before dying, Andre does us all a favour and kills Jeremy, Stephanie and Chelsea. Justin returns to win back Adrienne. Forget Colleen and Santo — it’s revealed that Stefano and Shawn fell in love as teenagers! But when Shawn broke up with him to be straight, Stefano vowed no one in his family would ever be happy. Explains a lot, doesn’t it, folks?

4:46 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

"Stefano says if the terms for ending the vendetta are not met, he will not take the blame for the intolerable hell they will have to endure. DOOL will go to two hours"


Also, loved T's "fearless prediction"! Especially the Stefano/Shawn connection. can't believe DrOOL writers have never headed that direction before.

7:16 PM  
Blogger khrystena said...

I have to admit reading about days is a lot more interesting that actually watching it. So thank you for writing it down for us!

The comments are always better than the show!

8:17 AM  
Anonymous em said...

I absolutely agree with bulldog on this point: If this 'feud' storyline ends soon, DOOL will have to focus on (take a breath) the Belle/Phillip/Jr. story. Watch what you wish for!

I'm all for whatever gives EJ screen time.

2:45 PM  

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