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A Less Fiery Seat In Hell

Patch signs his release papers as blood oozes from his still-fresh knife wound. Patch says he's ready for action. Bo reminds him he's recovering, "They only removed the knife fifteen minutes ago. Pain hits Patch and he decides maybe a day off wouldn't hurt, "And I would take one off if I had a job. So, do you think Stefano is ready to end the vendetta?"


Lucas limps up and interrupts, "You haven't seen Sami, have you? She said she was going to meet me here and she never showed up."

EJ thinks it's a wonder Sure-Shot-Sami didn't accidentally shoot herself. A cop is there taking Sami's statement, "I know you did not shoot your husband on purpose. You obviously couldn't hit a barn at point-blank range." The cop leaves. EJ presses Sami for details on ending the vendetta. Sami hauls out the folio.

EJ asks, "That's the leather folio?"

Sami says, "Well, actually it's Naugahyde, but my uncle Bo got it back form Andre."

EJ beams, "Well that's fantastic. You should be thrilled, right?"

Sami says, "Not exactly." She hands it to EJ. He opens it and finds two wedding bands.

Hope has the final two letters – One from Santo and one from Colleen.

OMB wanders in the cemetery. He wishes he had never met Stefano. Stefano steps up behind him, "The feeling, I assure you, is mutual."

OMB turns, "We have nothing to say to each other. But we will no doubt stand here and hurl verbal diarrhea at each other anyway."

Stefano snorts, "Just like a Brady – Sweep the past under the rug." OMB asks where Roman is. Stefano dunno. He says he feels like telling the truth tonight. OMB wishes Stefano was buried down there. Stefano knows he will be someday and thinks that may account for his mood tonight. He reminds OMB they have known each other for a half-century. OMB says he isn't in the mood for reminiscing. He starts to leave but Stefano rants on. Stefano thinks the Bradys have become strong and the DiMeras weak, "It is possible that we could help each other."

Hope reads Santo's letter, "Tell me this is a nightmare from which I'll awaken. Tell me I can go back to that rocky cliff and prevent that moment from happening. I will never forget the look on your face when you ran from me. I tried to see you but father Mallory is a fierce protector."

Santo begs to see Colleen. Father Mallory says she is somewhere he can never hurt her again.

Hope reads on, "I needed to see you one more time to force you to see the truth."

Lucas pumps Bo and Patch. Bo says there is something in the folio about Sami and Elvis.

EJ also finds a marriage license for Santo and Colleen in the folio, as well as a handwritten note from Santo, two tickets to the World Cup and an unpaid dry cleaning bill.

Bo tells Lucas that Santo and Colleen were set to run off, "There is a note in the folio from Santo. It says, when their soles are finally united..."

EJ reads, "...then peace will be granted to the Brady family."

Sami reminds him they all look alike, "It's you and me EJ. Stefano sees this as the end. In his twisted mind if we get married his father's soul will be at peace."

The poor sap Lucas can't believe it, "Sami won't divorce me to end the vendetta."

Sami tells EJ, "There is no other way. I'll do it. I'll marry you."

Sami says she won't let her family suffer when she can stop it. EJ reminds her she had this opportunity before. Sami says a lot has happened since then. She must be watching another soap opera. Andre still has her father. EJ tells her he knows Roman is alive. Sami talks about the DiMeras taking Roman when she as a little girl. Last week. "Nothing has changed," she says, "I will never love you. I love Lucas and I always will." EJ asks if Lucas would understand if she left him to end the vendetta.

Sami dodges, "I think I have to save my father's life, and end the terror from the DiMeras."

Hope reads more of Santo's letter, "I had to find you, Colleen, but I was a foreigner. Doors were closed on all sides. A wildfire of gossip had swept the town. It was all true, but that's beside the point. No one would help me. There was only one person who I could talk to – The person who separated us.

Stefano says Shawn could help their families. OMB is indignant, "Help you after what you have done to my family? This is just your attempt to save your soul."

"I think it's too late for that," says Stefano, "Perhaps I just want a less fiery seat in hell. It's just you and me here. And we both know the truth... that because of just a few words... that's all... changed our families forever."

Lucas thinks this is a joke, "But not as good as the time I dumped paint all over EJ... or blasted him and Kate with the fire extinguisher." Bo says Sami is considering it if it will save Roman's life. Lucas heads out to stop it.

Bo gets a call, "Are you sure? No. Stay put." He hangs up. He tells Patch Stefano is in the cemetery with OMB. He asks Patch to hang around while he runs to the cemetery, "Abe has found some evidence and is bringing it over."

Stefano reminds OMB of the night at the inn.

Stefano and YOMB play with the lorry. YOMB says he thought Stefano's mom was dead. Stefano insists she is alive and well.

OMB says he remembers all too well. Stefano says he didn't realize he was supposed to lie. If he could only go back and change that moment things would be different, "We could have been raised as brothers!"

YOMB plays by the cliffs as Santo rushes up. He asks where Colleen is. YOMB is silent. Santo tells him they have never had a chance to talk. He says Stefano loves to play with YOMB. Santo says he thinks of all four of them as a family, "Where in the world would you like to go? What would you like to see? The Eiffel Tower... The skyscrapers in New York city... The strip clubs in Vegas..." Nothing appeals to YOMB. Santo tries again, "How would you like to see cowboys and Indians?" AHA! Paydirt! YOMB would like that. Santo says all four of them can go see the Wild West, but in order to do that, he needs Colleen to agree to see him again. He asks YOMB to talk to her.

Hope feels sorry for YOMB. Julie thinks whatever YOMB did he frightened Colleen off.

Sami says, "We will be married but we won't share a bed." EJ agrees. "It will be an arrangement for the sake of the families," says Sami, "You need to think about this because you will be trapped with a woman who doesn't want you. She will dream of another man and miss being in his arms. I can't imagine a hell worse than that."

"Unless you have to watch this crud on TV," says EJ, "But I'm all for it if it brings peace."

"Good," says Sami, "Lets' go tell Stefano I've made my decision."

Lucas limps up, "And what decision is that?"

Sami panics. Lucas tells her he knows about the folio and the terms. He hopes she will tell the DiMeras to shove it. Lucas is peeved he had to hear it from Bo instead of his wife, "Tell me you're not considering it."

See Sami. See Sami lie. Lie, Sami, lie, "I'm not sure I know what I will do. We're going to go see Stefano and try to work something out."

"Let me know when you come up with a verdict," says snorts Lucas.

Perceptive Sami says, "Lucas, you seem angry."

Lucas gives the cold stare of a man who has just been jilted and lied to, "Angry? I'm way beyond anger." The chump limps off. Sami bawls and chases him, then stops. She cries and tells EJ she will meet him outside. EJ smirks and walks off.

Santo asks YOMB if he will help him by going to Colleen. YOMB is silent. Santo takes off his gold watch and says YOMB can have it if he helps, "You can-a give it to your-a da, or use it to count-a the minutes until-a this stupid-a show-a is over. YOMB throws it down, tells him to leave his sister alone and runs off.

"That's how the letter ends," says Hope. Speculation abounds. They hope there is more in the last letter because they know OMB isn't talking.

Stefano says his father was never the same after Colleen's death. He turned bitter and angry. Every day he invoked the name of the Bradys with bitterness, "When Colleen died Santo died too and left a cold man in his place. I was alone and had to watch my parents in a sham of a marriage."

OMB asks, "Thai's your excuse for all the pain you caused my family? You point a finger at me. It was all your fault. You murdered my sister!"

Patch tells Abe Bo took off. Abe says he found a chauffeur's uniform, just like the one Willie drove the night of Stefano's funeral. Abe thinks the coffin in the hearse wasn't empty. He thinks Roman was in it. They bolt for the cemetery. Patch leaves a trail of blood.

Hope takes the last letter. John wants her to skim it. Hope says, "Colleen says she was destroyed. She gave up everything to find out she had sold her soul to the devil. She thought Santo hurt and betrayed her like no one else could." Hope reads, "Thank God for my little Shawn. He knew the truth and told me before I made the biggest mistake of my life."

Stefano rages. He thinks it was OMB who drove the knife into Colleen's heart, "It was your responsibility! You should have kept your mouth shut!" Things get physical.

Bo rushes up and separates them, "Keep your hands off of my father. I'll see you burn in hell!"

OMB tells Bo to let him go, "It's ancient history." Stefano says he came to make peace but it is impossible. Bo takes OMB off.

Stefano yells, "Remember, I came to make peace. I was willing to end it."

Hope reads, "I shudder to think, without Shawn I would have made a sinful mistake I would regret forever."

Colleen stands in her habit in the sanctuary. Father Mallory asks, "Before you take your final vows, are you sure this is what you truly want?"

Colleen says this is where she belongs, "I failed the Lard, but I'll spend the resta me life makin' oop for it."

Father Mallory asks, "Do ye still loove the Italian. I mean, I'd be willin' ta have ya take anudder shot at it and get anudder ring fer the choorch."

"I feel it," says Colleen, "Feelin's are wrong but I will wipe them cline." Father Mallory takes her in to see the bishop.

Hope reads, "So I will take my vows and be in the service of the Lord, away from the sins of the flesh. If you care for me at all you will stay away from me for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Stefano rolls down the window of his limo. Sami gets in. EJ gets in. EJ says they know the terms required to end the vendetta. Sami says she knows she has to marry EJ. Sami knows Stefano was once obsessed with Marlena. Stefano says he loved her as Santo loved Colleen and he hoped marrying her would give the family peace. But when he saw EJ he knew. He and Santo could not be more alike – not just in looks. He realized the rings were meant for them, "Now Samantha, if you do not love my son..."

"This isn't about love," says Sami, "It's about ending the vendetta. It starts with returning my father. That part is non-negotiable. Do we have a deal?"

Abe digs. The cops dig. Patch digs and with every shovel full opens his knife wound a little more.

Stefano asks if Sami is sure about this, "There will be no turning back." Sami understands. She says she will marry EJ only after Roman is back safe and alive. If Stefano wants the marriage to last, no DiMera will ever hurt a Brady again. Stefano tells her to have Mickey Horton get the divorcee papers together. There is hope for Lucas yet. Mickey is bound to botch it up one way or another.

EJ turns to Sami, "You're dong the right thing."

Sami gets out of the car. Stefano congratulates EJ for ending the feud and securing a future with the woman he loves, "You've won!"

Lucas twirls his ring and remembers their wedding. The poor schmuck says, "There is no way you would do this to us, Sami. No way. I won't let you." He limps off.

The clan sits around trying to figure out where they can find Shawn. John will check out the Cheatin' Heart, "When you're looking for OMB, your best bet is to start with the bars."

Julie will check out Chez Rouge, "We still don't know how Colleen dies."

OMB makes his grand entrance with Bo, "It's time you did. It's time I told you about the night I killed my sister."

Abe struggles to pry open the coffin. He lifts the shroud covering the body.


Abe gasps. Patch nearly collapses, "Who is that? Oh no! Oh!"


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Blogger Deb said...

I only have one comment today:

Good LARD (as Colleen would say)
They drug this thing out so long we all guessed what was going to happen.

Hmmm maybe the DOOL writers DO read Prevuze and they were waiting for US to write it!!!
That would explain a lot....

Side note to Prevuze:
You read MY blog before you posted this didn't you? LOL

Sami talks about the DiMeras taking Roman when she as a little girl. Last week.

A very special Edition of The Daze Of Our Lives Today!:

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

5:37 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I saw that first picture of Mortimer Snerd playing the part of Lucas for realism's sake and lost it right there. Had to go away for a few minutes before continuing. The picture with Roman's coffin lament was a hoot too. LOLOL

Seeing as this is DAYS there is always the possibility that Colleen was pregnant when she ran off/fell off the cliff and survived. We got any 50 year olds with no established backgrounds who could turn out to be a Dimera/Brady love child?

Great Prevuze. RIP Benjy!

6:32 AM  
Anonymous em said...

Benjy? Finally, a dool character who doesn't say anything stupid, and he's -- POOF! Of course, he didn't say anything at all because he's mute, but still . . .

Sorry this storyline ends? Not me. I like EJ's screentime. And, of course we knew approximately what was coming as soon as the Santa/Sami letters started, but at least they tried to tie it into the old Marlena/Stefano stuff. (Yeh, like this was the evil reason all these years.)

However, since the DiMera/Brady feud has gone on for decades of dool, it can't really end, can it? Either it will be revived by a divorce (shocking) or must be replaced. Discuss among yourselves.

Now Daze will concentrate on doofus Lucas and Claire's parental trio. Ugh! The parents cubed. I will have to start drinking in the afternoon to tolerate that.

The lucas/dummy pic belongs in the Prevuze Hall of Fame.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

The vendetta story line is finally coming to an end…not exactly. Sami and EJ are entering a loveless and sexless marriage, and just how long will that last? First, we have to endure the annulment. I’m sure that will be granted in record time. Next Sami will have to recover from the birth of the babies. Writers, please, I beg of you. Do not have Sami go through post partum depression. We’ve been dealing with just too much pre partum rage. I’m thinking the consensual hanky panky ought to happen on 1/16/08. You will note I included a year in my guess. Any other takers?

Supposedly, future story lines are going to be about relationships. I vote that Lucas enters anger management counseling immediately. Are we going to see Stefano has a benevolent pater familias? Fasten your seat belts. This most assuredly is going to be a looooooooong bumpy ride.

Prevuze, great pictures and captions once again.

8:10 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

"Seeing as this is DAYS there is always the possibility that Colleen was pregnant when she ran off/fell off the cliff and survived. We got any 50 year olds with no established backgrounds who could turn out to be a Dimera/Brady love child?"

Applecheeks -- How about Kate? Was her early background ever really fleshed out? Hmm. All those 'Lucas is a DiMera' rumors could be true after all. Of course, that would still mean that Sami and Lucas are second cousins, but that's not really incestuous, is it?

8:20 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

BTW, I LOVED the Lucas/dummy pic, and OMB and Stefano arguing over the lorry. I'm sure the people who sit near my desk think I'm totally bonkers the way I keep chuckling to myself!!!

8:21 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Side note to Prevuze:
You read MY blog before you posted this didn't you? LOL

Sami talks about the DiMeras taking Roman when she as a little girl. Last week.

We always give credit when we shamelessly swipe other people's material.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Kate was the baby of Colleen would that not mean that she had sex with her half-brother Stefano? Um that's just wrong.

I heard they're bringing Chloe back I wonder if her Mom was a part Dimera and that's why they're bringing her back.

The marriage of Sami and EJ will probably happen and then end in a bitter divorce that will make the Bradys and Dimeras hate each other again. Otherwise who are they going to hate? What soap doesn't have one "evil" family that everyone hates? I guess they would have to bring back the Alamains or something. It would be nice to see Vivian again.

IMO this conclusion is a rather weak ending to the SL that has monopolized so much time. I like EJ but the horrible accents and cheasy mustache were a bit much.

Just my thoughts.
~ Lisa

9:32 AM  
Blogger cfish said...


EUWWWWW, didn't think about the half-brother/half-sister incest factor -- scratch Kate as the offspring.

I still think Willow figures into this somehow. Like maybe Willow's mom or dad was the Santeen spawn, and when they had Willow she ended up in an orphanage or foster homes or something. OMB felt guilty about that, and saw her from time to time to keep tabs on her, and she called him her "grandpa". I just keep remembering that conversation with Jr. on the dock when we first met Willow and she said her grandpa's name was Shawn.

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Brandy said...

Cfish -- Than wouldn't that make OMB, Willow's Uncle or something, not her grandpa!

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Kristi said...

So if Shawn Brady is really of Irish descent, wouldn't it be more correct as Sean O`Brady?

11:11 AM  
Blogger cfish said...


It would make OMB her great-uncle, but I'm thinking maybe she didn't realize the actual familial relationship and just affectionately called him her "grandpa".

11:11 AM  
Blogger Michele said...

I believe ...Lucas will end up being a DiMers since Kate has been talking alot about her past lately and we will see Lucas' own vendetta.

I more crying Sami, let her and EJ act in old form together!

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

NOW OFB (I'm changing it to Old Fart Brady)decides to tell all?? After decades of what the DiMeras did to the Bradys??!? Where is Applecheeks with that thermos to plummet him when we need her??

Oh, Lard! Now that it's Benjy instead of Pard how much longer before they find him? And I'm still laughing over the picture of his latest predicament. HAHAHAHAA

Also loved the substitute Lucas. Great Prevuze!

1:03 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Please do not mention Will-HO again!!!!

John wants her to skim it.
I've been wanting that since the first batch of letters.

There's nothing in the folio about staying faithful to the spouse, is there? Sami can marry EJ and have Lucas on the side!

Sami is too agile for being about 9 months pregnant with twins. I'm surprised the birth wasn't premature and/or she was sentenced to bed rest.

Remember, Kate was also married to Roman so if she were the offspring of Santeen, she'd have been with two relatives.

Some fans want Lucas to be Tony's son. I read he's going to take the Horton name after his annulment. I guess Sami won't be getting an ornament at the Horton Family Christmas after all.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

I got it!!!

The missing Santeen baby is:
John Black.

His true parentage has never really been established.
We know he was adopted by the Alamain family and at one time blood tests were done, but they were found out to have been faked.

This will come out as Sami and EJ, now married, search for what really happened to Colleen.

This revelation will kill Stephano who will realize he tortured and held his own brother captive all those years.

On his death bed he will call for Andre. He will tell him the Bradys did this to him. They took away his brother and now they are killing him. He will swear Andre to re-instate the vendetta.
Then he will hand him another fo-ded leather pouch and tell him the secret of the Phoenix is inside. It will tell Tony how to come back from the dead time after time and how to commit all the other dastardly deeds Stephano is famous for. He will tell Andre to guard it with his life because he is now "THE PHOENIX". And then he will die (for real).

1:40 PM  
Blogger Julz said...

OK---I am totally confused with this one. Isn't John Black supposed to be Tony's brother....making him NOT a Dimera, or what is the deal? Do they have the same mother. I missed some parts of this puzzle here. Anyone want to help me out?

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also think the santo Coleen baby will turn out to be jon. Ok someone is still talking about Colleen going over the cliff. I dont think she went over the cliff at all. Just went back to finish her vows then had to move away. Possibly to have her baby. Hmmm ok so all the yrs that Stephano has faked deaths of people he was actually getting back at the Bradys for the "collen faked death". I bet her death was faked and Santo really thought all of those yrs that she was really dead and thats why he didnt look for her. Also that would be why he never looked for his child. Ironic tho if jon ends up to be that baby. But would jon even be old enough? Stephano would have been young still when jon (or the santoleen baby) were born. With Tony being Stefanos son and yet i think he and Jon are close in age how could Jon be Collens son. The baby would have to be much older then Tony. But then again this is Days of our lives... anything is possible... but doesnt always make since.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I got too busy today to get back and check out the posts.

Great comments and speculation. Of course, anything that is logical and/or entertaining will turn out to be absolutely out of the question as far as DOOL writers are concerned.

I'm just going to sit back, let Prevuze make my day and embrace the lunacy!

7:09 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

OK one more time;
Tony is NOT Stefano's son!!!!!!!!

Tony is the son of Stefano's wife and another guy.
Like Bo is not really OMB's son.

John would be in his 50's so he is old enough to be the Santeen baby.

And just because there were blood tests showing he was Tony's brother, doesn't mean, once again, the tests weren't faked.

9:02 PM  

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