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A Worthless Piece Of Cow Dung

Chelsea and Stephanie arrive at the sorority house for the rush party. Chelsea can't take it. She tells Stephanie she's leaving but Bambi comes out, asks them to check their brains at the door and come on in. Oh, Bambi just loves their precious shoes. Hers, of course are Prada.

They walk inside and Stephanie admires the digs. She thinks it would be great to call this place home. You will," says Bambi, "If you become a member."

Stephanie has gone brainless, "Sign me up!"

Bambi brings her back to earth, "IF, sugar. I said IF."

Patch panics. They all pull Benjy's body out of the coffin and lay him on the ground. Patch gives CPR. Abe tells him he is too late. Patch won't give up.

Bo tells everyone about OMB's encounter with Stefano. OMB flashes back and zones. They ask if he is all right. OMB says, "I haven't been all right since Santo lied."

Hope says, "OMG! His wife wasn't dead."

"No," says OMB, "That's not it. The cheeser said I could play with his son's lorry."

"The man is evil," says Marlena. OMB says what happened afterwards wasn't Santo's fault. Colleen left her ring for the poor, and took off after Santo. YOMB decided he had to tell the truth and made the mistake of his life. Not exactly. The mistake of his life was deciding to breed.

Chelsea wants to leave. Stephanie begs her not to go. Two girls come up to introduce themselves, "Hi, I'm Misty and this is Misti." The girls talk about first impressions. Stephanie and Chelsea ask for advice on getting in.

Misty, or is it Misti... says a successful pledge has to be gorgeous or have good grades, "If you want in, bring something good to the table." A barf bag.

We pan away from the cliffs. YOMB comes up and discovers Colleen and Santo kissing. Colleen says it wouldn't have been right to keep the ring. She hopes Santo isn't angry with her for giving it away. Santo says he could never be angry with her. He tells her when they get to New York she won't miss Ireland. Colleen says she will always miss her country. Santo senses something is wrong. Colleen tells him she can never return home. Her da will never respect her again. Santo is all she will have. He vows never to let her down, "You are-a leavink the sister-a-hood behind-a, but you take-a yourself with-a you." She says he has a great gift. A way of making it seem things will work out just grand. In other circles some would refer to this as being a silver-tongued devil.

Tomorrow is their wedding day. She doesn't know if she can bear saying goodbye to Shawn. Santo says he can come with them. YOMB watches.

Stephanie says she would cut off her right arm to get in to I Slamma Mama. Chelsea wants to set up a little test. She stops Missy and Tiffany and asks if it takes anything more than brains and beauty to get in. Missy says money helps. Tiffany chimes in and says if it is "old money," that helps even more.

Chelsea says, "This place stinks."

"How do you really feel," asks Tiffany.

"It's lame," says Chelsea.

The girls think they should go says the same thing to Bambi, but the sisters tell them Bambi is a tough character, "If you are in a fight you want Bambi on your side. No one ever crosses her." Chelsea apologizes. Stephanie takes her aside and tells her she doesn't think she has a chance of getting in if it depends on who she is related too. She reminds Chelsea she has a father who is a bit weird.

Speaking of whom, Patch swears Benjy has started breathing. Abe attempts to bring him back to reality and tries to pull him off the body. Patch takes off his jacket and covers Benjy because he is cold. He gets down and huddles with his body.

OMB continues. Santo wanting to take them away made him sick. He thought his dad could fix everything but he was wrong.

Colleen says, "We can'na take Shawn to Amerikey. Da has alroody lost me. We can'na take his son, too." Santo says when Pete gets used to the idea of them being married, he can come to America, too. They will buy the ticket for him and make sure there is room for her family in their house. Colleen thinks her father will never forgive her. Santo insists he will. YOMB sneaks away.

The party continues. "Attention ladies," announces Bambi, "Time to come up and get your pins!" Chelsea don' wanna.

"You must wear the pin day and night," says Bambi, "And your behavior must reflect the ideals of I Felta Thigh whenever you have it on." She asks if there are any questions.

Chelsea raises her hand, "Are you known for anything besides perfect makeup and hair?"

Bambi's assistant, Tiffany fields that one. She says they are known for their volunteer work with the homeless. Sensing some dissention, Bambi gives them a few extra minutes to consider their decision, "Remember, choices can make or break a life."

As Colleen and Santo maul each other, Pete rushes up and says, "Get yer hands off her, ye filthy animal."

Colleen struggles with Pete, "He's the man I'mta marry!"

Pete says, "He's lying, lass."

Colleen gasps, "What?"

Pete turns to Santo, "Tell her. Tell her about yer wife."

YOMB jumps in, "She's alive."

"This is true," asks Colleen.

Santo does his best Maxwell Smart, "Would you believe it's DOOL and she came back to life? Uh, would you believe I had her stuffed and mounted and told Stefano she was still alive? Would you believe..."

Colleen cries and hugs her da.

Patch shrouds Benjy. Abe orders an autopsy. Patch tells Abe this is murder, and they know who killed him. He wonders why they need an autopsy. Abe thinks they might find something else, "What kind of man would kill his own son?"

Patch says, "This is one murder Stefano is not gonna get away with."

Chelsea wonders what if happiness really does come down to a decision like this. She decides to take a pin.

OMB can still see the pain in Colleen's eyes, "I never saw the end coming. Of course, on this show it never does."

Colleen rages. She takes 'hell hath no fury...' to a new level. Santo pulls his 'Guy Manual' out of his pocket. Me madly leafs through the pages and comes up with, "Colleen, I can explain-a."

Colleen screams, "May the Lard poonnish me fer being a silly fool! You lied to me! How could'ya?"

Santo back to the 'Guy Manual,' "Sometimes-a there is a deeper-a truth. We are-a meant-a to be togeddher."

Colleen shoots that one down, "If the Lard meant us ta be tagether ye would'na be married, wouldja? You had'jer fun wit' me, didn'cha?"

Pete decides to bring a bit of dignity to the conversation, "Yer a worthless piece of cow dung, y'are."

Santo backpedals, bobs and weaves. He says he felt like he had the right to lie. They had the right to choose their own future, "In fact, it-a was our duty!" He assures her they will be together. Pete takes her away.

Bambi calls for attention and asks everyone to come get a pin. Chelsea has changed her mind again. She thinks she will ruin Stephanie's chances.

Patch thinks Benjy's death is his fault. He doesn't know how he will tell Kayla. He's been chasing the DiMeras for the past few months and this is their sick idea of payback. Patch swears he is going to retaliate. "That's where you are wrong, my friend," says Abe.

Santo stoops by the cliffs and contemplates. In the church, Colleen prepares to take her vows.

OMB says, "Colleen became a nun and Santo made sure she never got to keep her vows."

Bambi comes up and asks if Chelsea and Stephanie want to pledge. Stephanie says she will if Chelsea will. Chelsea takes a pledge pin. They thank Bambi and leave.

Bambi makes an announcement to the sisters, "OK, ladies. Time to look at this year's haul."

Pete and YOMB watch the ceremony. Colleen approaches the altar and kneels.

Santo and Stefano stand outside. They walk into the sanctuary. Colleen turns and sees them. Oh, the shame! Santo and Stefano walk away. Colleen rips her headgear off and runs from the church.

Bambi narrates as the sorority sisters look at slides. Chelsea's picture comes up. Bambi says she didn't smile much, but her teeth were good. Tiffany thinks Chelsea was scared they would reject her, so she rejected them first. Bambi thinks with Chelsea around, they won't be bored.

Stephanie's picture comes up. "She was a total suck up," says Missy. Someone else points out she used to be a racecar driver. Bambi decides she would be good at beer runs.

Outside, Chelsea says she isn't going to rush. She took the pin because it was the only way Stephanie would take one. Stephanie thinks Chelsea is afraid of rejection. Chelsea thinks that's lame. Stephanie points out when they became friends Chelsea was afraid Bo and Hope would be reject her so she rejected them first. Same with Nick. Chelsea insists she doesn't have a fear of rejection, "But I do have a fear of changing my name to Chelsi."

"You could change it to Brati," says Stephanie.

Reluctantly, Chelsea agrees to pledge. Stephanie admits she is scared, too.

"Nobody ever rejects you," says Chelsea.

"Jeremy did," says Stephanie. Chelsea remembers Jeremy telling her not to tell Stephanie he was there. Chelsea says she is just glad they are pledging together.

Abe forbids the Johnson style of justice. Patch thinks Stefano will hire a couple of thousand-dollar an hour attorneys and walk. Abe asks, "What about your wife... your daughter... and Pocket?"

"My wife and daughter are wonderful," says Patch, "But there is a hole in my pocket."

Abe reminds him of the years of hell his family went through when he was missing, "And that doesn't even compare to the hell they are going through now that you are back."

"Right now," says Patch, "It's all about Benjy. I told him he was safe. I let him drop his guard and Stefano killed him." Patch turns to leave and extract his revenge.

Abe draws a gun and points it at him, "I'm very serious."

Patch says, "If you wanna stop me you will have to shoot me." Patch walks off. If Abe had a pair he would at least kneecap him.

OMB says, "Colleen ran off and they followed. It's amazing how a small woman in a cumbersome seventy-pound habit can outrun a strapping guy like Pete."

Pete, YOMB and Father Mallory follow Colleen's trail to the cliffs. They find her habit lying on the ground near the edge, and look at the raging sea below. Pete looks into the abyss and cries, "Colleen, no! Now ye've added skinny dippin' to yer multitude of sins."

OMB says, "We were too late."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

What really amazes me is how Colleen just accepted what she was told without even giving Santo a chance to explain.

If she loved him so much don't you think she would have at least given him the chance to explain things to her?

I mean even on DOOL people talk. Granted it's usually longwinded speeches that make very little sense, but they still talk.

Eh, whatever, at least this lame story line has finally played itself out and we don't have to listen to Mario and the Lucky Charms Leprecahun anymore.

4:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How long til Colleen shows up alive and proves that Sami has been duped?

4:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly... I think she is alive too!!!!

5:18 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

I read a quote that came from one of the head honchos at DOOL. He said there is still another twist to the Colleen/Santo saga so don’t be blessing your lucky stars or charms just yet.

5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does Colleen's family assume she jumped off the cliff just because her clothes are there? Seems like that cliff area was a place where people just hung out pretty often.

Also, wouldn't you think young Stephano would be PO'ed at his dad for cheating on his mom, rather than being mad at YOMB for ratting him out?

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stand it! Stefano spends his life granting his father's sicko, twisted dying wish. All because his father, who, of course, was married to his mother at the time, couldn't have another woman! Stefano, What about your mother, remember her??
Has anyone ever heard anthing about Stefano's mother, other than what we recently learned?

7:17 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Stefano wouldn't be angry with Santo for having an affair with Colleen.

Back in those times, espcially in Europe, marriages were arranged and considered a partnership as opposed to a marriage.

After the couple married and had children it was generally acceptable for the men to have affairs outside the marriage as long as the wife didn't have to deal with it.

Stefano probably thought he wasn't doing anything wrong by telling YOMB since most mistresses know about the wife.
The way he sees and did see it, the Bradys were responsible for his father being a broken man for the rest of his life.

Now if Santo would have divorced his wife and married Colleen Stefano would probably have still come after the Bradys for taking his father away from his mother.

Either way, there would have been a V word.

The twist to the whole Santeen story will most likely end up being a baby. And I still say it will be John.

Someone posted yesterday about John and Tony being brothers and if John would be old enough to be the Santeen baby.

Tony isn't Stefano's son, he is the son of Stefano's wife and another man.
John may or may not be Stefano's wife's other son (she got around I guess) there were blood tests done, but as we all know, those are easy to re-write.

John is in his mid 50's. Santo was about 11 or 12 in the Galway story so that would make him to be in his early to mid 60's. Which is about right.
So it's possible John is the Santeen baby.

But since when did age EVER make a difference to DOOL??

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

7:40 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

I think it is John - it was not discussed much how John's kidney could be a match for Stefano. That could be why!!

8:07 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Deb --

"But since when did age EVER make a difference to DOOL??"

Apparently never, since EJ is really only about 12 years old...

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

The typical DOOL pattern would be to start a stupid sorority story at the beginning of the summer (and make us suffer with it until fall.) Why start this NOW? AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Oh, sorry. Anyway, I think everyone's already figured out the big Santeen "twist", it's just a question of who will be/was Colleen and who their kid is.

I'm glad nobody was around when I got to the Benjy pic. HAHAHAHAHA It woulda gotten me in trooble fer sure....OMG, I'm starting to talk like Colleen!

Great Prevuze today, thanks! :D

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget. There was a SL in which OMB received a boat with a figurine of a baby--which was never explained. Maybe they will tie it in---or writers possibly using logic is just wishful thinking:)


8:41 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Colleen is most assuredly alive. After surviving her leap of faith, she decides to head to the good ole U S of A. She wanders from coast to coast several times before finding herself in Nashville. She ends of connecting with Elvis, the king of rock and roll, who also quite alive. They move in together, buy a computer, and start surfing the internet. Elvis, the king of rock and roll, Googles jelly donut and finds Alice Horton. Since Alice makes the most fabulous donuts, Elvis, the king of rock and roll, and Colleen head to Salem. They walk into the Brady Pub and find Stefano and OMB having an argument. Stefano and OMB spot Colleen and have grabbers at the same instant, which immediately ends the vendetta.

This ending is as likely as any.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Kristi said...

Colleen just accepted that Santo lied because she's looked for a way out all along, and why would she believe her family is lying to her over a man she hasn't known long. Besides, she's Sami's twin. When DON'T they jump to conclusions? Anyway, it's a soap. Why does it have to make sense?

AMEN to Abe knee-capping Patch.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Colleen is alive, I bet she is will be a beautiful 50ish looking lady.....Not the 70+ hag she should be.....

9:02 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

OMG (literally) on the censored link. HAHAHAHA

Benjy's pic also sent me into a fit of inappropriate giggles as did I Felta Thigh sorority.

I did thing for a second that the other sorority sisters were going to be named Bambie and Bamby. Maybe they just weren't in the scene yet. All I can say is before this SL is over the poor audience is going to be "Delta Blow".

A couple of TLT's - What was with the "we're getting married tomorrow" stuff with Santeen? I don't know much about Catholic marriages, but wouldn't a nice, Catholic, almost-nun girl of 50 years ago insisted on being married in the Church which would require publishing bans, etc before a wedding took place?

And Abe is ordering an autopsy a little too late to preserve any external (and maybe internal) forensic evidence given all the manhandling and useless CPR inflicted on the poor corpse.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

cfish- If you read my blog you'd know EJ is 10 yrs old.

He was born Feb 21 1997.

Here's the rest of the "Birthday Blog" just for fun:

January -
19 Mickey Horton 1932 Age 75
23 Alice Horton 1911 Age 96

February -
19 Stephanie Johnson 1990 Age 17
21 Phillip Kiriakis 1995 Age 12
21 Elvis Banks Dimera 1997 Age 10

March -
02 Steve Johnson 1955 Age 52
03 Carrie Brady 1977 Age 30

April -
06 Shawn-Douglas Brady 1987 Age 20

May -
22 Chelsea Brady 1998 Age 9

June -
15 Jack Deveraux 1962 Age 45

July -
29 Lucas Roberts 1975 Age 32

August -
17 Abe Carver 1953 Age 54
26 Roman Brady 1950 Age 57

September -
11 Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux 1976 Age 31

October -
07 Marlena Brady Black 1956 Age 51
19 Sami Brady 1984 Age 23
19 Abby Devereaux 1992 Age 15
21 Belle Black 1993 Age 14

November -
09 Bo Brady 1963 Age 44
16 Will Roberts 1995 Age 12

December -
29 Hope Brady 1974 Age 33

This means:
Lucas and Sami went to his prom together. Now either he was held back ALOT of years or he took a second grader to prom.

Sami had Will when she was 11 (She must have gotten pregnant at prom)

Hope had Shawn at 13

Bo, Jack and Shawn should be in jail for messing with underage girls.

Sami will the the Mary J Letourneau award when she marrys EJ

Chelsea must be a genius, she's in college.

Belle will need an adult to administer medications for her when she graduates nursing school.

How did Phillip even get into the Marines??

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

10:01 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Anybody out there think that maybe OMB is Colleen's SON, not her BROTHER? The family probably sent her away to have the baby, then when YOMB was born Pete and his wife raised him as their son, rather than their grandson, and put Colleen in the nunnery to keep her away from any further temptations of the flesh. Given the age difference between Colleen and YOMB, it would be feasible, and would explain the unusually strong attachment Colleen has to YOMB. Any takers?

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Frog said...

I think if it turned out Colleen was Caroline Brady it would explain a LOT.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EWwwwwwwww Caroline is Colleen...gross. How would that explain a lot? It wasn't uncommon back then to have kids 20 years apart. People didn't have birth control pills, so they just let it happen.

Will Roberts is the only one pretty close to his supposed age.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

I have a question. Why can't Carrie marry EJ and end the fued???

And it was insinuated some where that Marlena was going to marry Santo to end the fued. She's not a frickin Brady, old maid horn dog yes,

11:29 AM  
Anonymous theresa said...

my bad...Marlena was going to marry Stephano...

11:31 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I read somewhere that the contents of the folio (sorry) have INDEED been switched, and that Stefano did it to further his own plots and schemes. That could be the other "twist" TPTB hinted at -- trying to find the "real" folio (sorry again) contents.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous chaya said...

what would be perfect is if Kate was Coleen. Then Lucas would be Sami's cousin, and we wouldn't have to suffer as much through the inevitable annulment/divorce.

It would also explain one of those lame kids.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only do I literally laugh out loud at the Prevuze (especially anything with Lucas), I still LOL about everyone's comments.

Y'all just crack me up! Especially Deb, Teresa and chaya!

I can't believe that Chelsea is 9 and Phillip is 12! Everyone rags on EJ for his SORAS, but Chelsea! Damn!
I loved your explanations, Deb!

Thanks for the laugh!

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...


Although birth control pills were many years down the line, in those days good Catholics practiced the rhythm method of birth control. It worked so well that I was born almost nine months to the day after my parents’ honeymoon.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember OMB use to talk on the phone a lot to a man in Ireland. Maybe it is his nephew (Coleens son). Also I can believe what someone said about maybe OMB is really Coleens son and was raised as her brother. I figure Stephanos mom may have been admitted into a Nursing home or a nut house or something. Which would be why Santo claimed she was dead. I believe Coleen left her habit at the cliffs.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Suz said...

I agree, that John should be Colleens' son! Great Idea!!

I don't think Alice should be Colleen, she is just not the type! ANd besides, she would have confessed up before now to end this DiMera/Brady "V". unless, of course she had amnesia.

Kate is too obvious, and of course she has had way too many affairs and kids, to be Colleen.

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, wouldn't you think young Stephano would be PO'ed at his dad for cheating on his mom, rather than being mad at YOMB for ratting him out?


I can't stand it! Stefano spends his life granting his father's sicko, twisted dying wish. All because his father, who, of course, was married to his mother at the time, couldn't have another woman! Stefano, What about your mother, remember her??
Has anyone ever heard anthing about Stefano's mother, other than what we recently learned?

I wonder, is young Stefano the only Days child not to utter the usual mantra of "I want my mommy and daddy together so we can all be a family" or hate the third party for getting in the way?

7:26 PM  

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