Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Patron Saint Of Coeds

Stephanie is indignant about Patch doing a background check on Jeremy. "Chill, Steph," says Jerkemy.

Patch goes off the deep end, "DON'T TALK TO HER LIKE THAT!"

Stephanie rages on while Jeremy and Patch get into it. Jeremy tries to calm things down, "Let me explain, sir..."

"CUT THE 'SIR' CRAP," screams Patch. He turns to Stephanie, "Pick a category, theft, fraud, identity theft..." She rants and tells him he had no right to do this. Patch says, "Do yourself a favor, baby. Throw this jerk out with the rest of the garbage."

Stephanie asks, "What are you saying? You want us to leave together? "

Jett tells Chelsea it's not easy asking her this, and if he had other options he'd use them. She argues and tells him to go find those other options. He says she can step in and help out or stand by and watch Stephanie get burned, "What's it gonna be, Chelsea?"

Nick looks into Roman's room as Kate comes up. He tells her she is late. "I didn't know I was on the clock," says Kate.

"Shut up," he orders, "I'm doing the talking."

"Uh-oh," says Kate, "I guess the worm has turned."

"No," says Nick, "The worm has arrived." He tells Kate he has just been fired. He came clean and told the hospital authorities about the fake DNA report. He assures Kate no one else knows about her involvement. Kate wonders why he kept her out of it. "I had my reasons," he says.

"So here it comes," says Kate, "What do you want? Another job?"

Nick says, "Do what I want and your secret stays safe, or else I expose you."

"And what do you want," asks Kate.

"The Chelsea, Billie, Kate trifecta," says Nick.

Sami stands over the unconscious Roman and says this is her fault because she wanted to end the feud, "I have to stop them. My dad is the last Brady the DiMeras will ever hurt."

The argument in the pub continues. Patch thinks Jeremy is just trying to make excuses for what he has done. Stephanie tries to defend him but Patch tells her to let Jeremy talk. Jeremy insists he has turned his life around. Stephanie chimes in and says she already knew all of this, "I'm sure there is nothing in the report Jeremy hasn't told me already." Patch drops his jaw. Jeremy wiggles and sweats.

Chelsea insists Stephanie is just along for the ride. Jett says it's a pretty dangerous ride. Chelsea is thrilled he wants to involve her in it. He promises he won't let anyone hurt her. "Except you," she asks, "Hey – are you gonna lie to me again?" He says sometimes his job gets in the way of more important things, like being honest with someone he cares about. He tells her to forget it. She's off the hook. "So what now," she asks, "Are you gonna pout?"

"I have to admit," says Jett, "I'm kind of disappointed." He says Stephanie is in for a fall. Chelsea says she's innocent, but Jett tells her Jeremy could have her involved in illegal things with out her knowing about it, "This happens to girls like her all the time. They're in for a fall and they don't even know it."

Nick hands Kate a box with the $50K in it and says what he wants is for Kate to give it to Chelsea and tell her it's from her. Kate wants to know how Nick got the money. He assures her it's legal, but won't tell her, "Deposit it, write a check, give it to her. You got all that? God, this feels great."

Sami and Belle talk things out. It's pretty much the same as listening to Casey and Yogi talk things out. They wonder how they are going to keep their kids safe from the DiMeras. Sami tells Belle the DNA tests were bogus and the twins are Lucas'. Belle is thrilled, but Sami says all it means is Stefano doesn't want to rip them from her, "All he wants to do now is kill our entire family. It's kill or be killed, Belle. We have to stop them before they get us."

Patch challenges Stephanie. He thinks she's covering for him. Jeremy says he told her a few weeks after they met. "So dating a felon is no big deal to you," he asks.

"If it's a problem for you, then that's your deal," says Stephanie. She says she's an adult and people deserve second chances. She learned that from her mom. The Battle Hymn of the Republic plays in the background as Jeremy waves the flag and insists he has learned his lesson, because he loves Stephanie. He holds out his hand.

Patch ignores it, gets in his face and growls, "You do anything to hurt her and jail will look like a trip to paradise."

"Fair enough," says Jeremy. He decides to leave so Patch and Stephanie can talk things out. Stephanie wants to know why Patch didn't shake Jeremy's hand. He tells her he doesn't like being conned. He says the whole thing was an act.

She accuses him of being a hypocrite, "We should be OK with the fact that you stole John's kidney or put a knife to Uncle Bo's neck on that island. Way to be fair, Dad."

Nick tells Kate how he won the money. She says if he gives it to Chelsea this way he won't get any credit. She wonders if this is a money-laundering scheme. Nick tells her it's just a gift. Kate wonders what he is getting out of this.

"Something you probably won't understand," says Nick, "Peace of mind. It's something I haven't felt in a really long time."

"That's because you lost a big piece of mind when the bomb went off."

Belle tries to talk Sami out of her one-woman vendetta. Marlena walks in and the girls start to whisper. Marlena says she has good news. Roman has been upgraded from critical to stable. She wishes her daughters were stable, too. Sami vows from now on if the DiMeras hurt them, they will hurt the DiMeras back, "The only way we get through this is if we pick off the DiMeras one-by-one, starting with Stefano."

Patch reminds Stephanie his brain was rewired when he did those things. Stephanie insists Jeremy was young when he made his mistakes and he has changed. "I'll treat him like a prince right after you dump him," says Patch.


"You didn't get much from me, but you sure got that stubborn streak," he says, "Thank God you didn't get my looks, though." Stephanie insists she is nothing like Patch. She says Jeremy tried to be a gentleman tonight and Patch rejected him.

"He was positively oozing charm," says Patch, "I admit, I've done some things that make that man look like a saint, but there is what a man does and how he feels about what he does. Jeremy is making a living on someone else's dime." Stephanie says he's jealous because he couldn't cut it. "OK," says Patch, "I've already heard he's a better man." She apologizes for the remark. Patch lectures, "Never be sorry for saying what you think and feel. I know if you stay with Jeremy he's gonna hurt you real bad."

Jett tells Chelsea all she has to do is get Stephanie to talk. He wouldn't ask if he had other options. She says that's a tough decision. If she helps, she wants to quit Touch The Sky. She will be his narc but not work for him and Jeremy any more.

"You are the patron saint of coeds," says Kate. She tells Nick to do it himself. Nick threatens to tell Lucas about the Kate's blackmail. Kate relents and agrees to do it, "What is it they say about a fool and his money?" Nick says this money will help Chelsea with college and he will know he had a part in it. He says he really fears Chelsea turning into someone like Kate. He turns, gets in the elevator, smiles, waves and the doors close.

Marlena doesn't want to hear Sami's plan to bring down Stefano. Sami says her kids won't survive if she doesn't do something about the DiMeras. She states the obvious, "The police haven't been able to do anything." Sami rants on.

"You're upset," says Lucas.

The raging sea that Sami has become calms for a moment, "Actually, I'm not upset at all. I have to protect my children. The best way I can think of is to kill Stefano DiMera." GOOD HEAVENS, WE JUST WENT THROUGH ALL THAT IMPASSIONED ANGST ABOUT HOW THIS SICKCHICK COULDN'T KILL EJ BECAUSE SHE IS NOT A KILLER AND NOW HER NEW HOBBY IS KILLING STEFANO. GMAB! AILEEN WUORNOS HAD FEWER ISSUES.

Scientists today announced the creation of the newest man-made element, Samium, so named because it is so damned unstable.

Stephanie says her mom wouldn't have pulled this stunt tonight. She points out Patch was wanted for murder when they met. He points out he was innocent. Stephanie asks what Kayla's parents thought when she dragged him in to meet them. "I admit," says Patch, "they wondered where she found a bum like me." Stephanie says he said awful things in the mental hospital. No matter how hurt she was, she saw the good in him, and there is good in Jeremy too. She wonders why he can't see it.

Jett says Chelsea can't quit. Jeremy would see through it and get suspicious. "You are using me like Jeremy uses Stephanie," she says.

"It's not the same thing," says Jett.

Kate says to herself, "You win some, you lose some." She hesitates, "And you win some again."

Sami insists she is going to kill Stefano. Marlena and Belle decide this would be a good time to go for coffee. "Bring lots of Prozac when you come back," says Lucas. Sami rants. The only way they will have peace is to get rid of the DiMeras. Lucas says Billie is installing a security system. Sami thinks they will be stuck in their apartment and she is sick of it, "We can fight or hide, AND I WANT TO FIGHT! AND KILL! KILL! I WANT TO KILL! "

Patch says he never would have made it back without Stephanie. He puts his hand on her arm but she jerks away, "You aren't back." Patch says he can't accept Jeremy. Stephanie says everyone in the family accepted Patch when he came back. She believes in Jeremy.

Patch says he doesn't, "I could get over some of the stuff on his rap sheet, but I'm a little hung up on this one right here." He points to the sheet.

Stephanie reads, "Fraud, that's just another word for stealing."

"He set up a scam to get money for kids with cancer," says Patch, "Sick kids. He went to honest people and took their money. You want to know where it went? To a high-end condo and a sports car worth a fortune."

"He's the guy I love."

"Why do you love him?"

"You love Mom," says Stephanie, "This is right."

Patch says Jeremy doesn't come off like a guy looking for a second chance. He comes off like a guy who doesn't think he will get caught again. He asks her to walk away. She says she can't do that, "I have to walk away from you instead." She leaves.

Marlena and Belle talk out in the hall. Marlena notices things are quiet in Roman's room, "Sami is scary when she is quiet." Marlena doesn’t know if Sami will actually go after Stefano. She says Sami is so upset she didn't notice Mount Brady on Belle's finger. Marlena decides to have an engagement party for Belle to help take Sami's mind off of killing people. Belle don' wanna. Marlena wonders if something is wrong. WHAT? WITH BELLE? SOMETHING WRONG WITH BELLE? THAT WOULD BE A REAL SWITCH, WOULDN'T IT? Marlena still cherishes the award she won from NASA for raising a couple of space cadets. "If you're concerned about getting married, this is the time to say something," says Marlena.

"I know you're upset," says Lucas, "But I don't think it's time to break out the Uzis. I promise we will win this." He kisses her. Sami calms down.

Stephanie is on the phone. She cries and tells Chelsea she's fine, "It's just my allergies." She must be allergic to the truth. "I could use a friend right now." Chelsea says she is at the pier. Stephanie tells her not to go anywhere. She says Jeremy is the problem and she will talk when she gets there.

Chelsea hangs up and tells Jett Stephanie is meeting her. He says not to tell Stephanie she knows Jeremy is dirty. Chelsea promises she won't. "After this is over," says Jett, "We can talk about us."

"There is no us," snorts Chelsea, "There never was. I'm just your informant, only I don't get paid and the perks aren't really that good. After you nail Jeremy, I don't ever want to see you again."

Jett takes it well. Who wouldn't? He walks away.

Belle says she loves Shawn but things are tough. Money is tight. They don't have a place of their own and Shawn is happy working at the garage. They won't be able to save money quickly. He wouldn't even go to the interview Phillip set up.

"What are you doing to help," asks Marlena.

"I'm taking care of Claire."

"Many women with kids go back to work," says Marlena.

Belle gasps, "WORK?" She faints.

Sami comes back down from her tantrum. She says she feels better but the twins are kicking. Lucas says that's because their mother is so upset. He tells her to relax. Sami insists she hates the DiMeras. Lucas says the DiMeras hate the Bradys because they never surrender.

BEEEEEEPPP! Roman's machines sound the alarm. Sami ramps it up again and runs around the room blithering in panic. Lucas runs to get the nurse, "I'll get one for Roman, too."

Stephanie and Chelsea talk. Stephanie says Jeremy was perfect at the dinner and her dad was awful. She hates her dad. She tells Chelsea about the background check and Jeremy's record. She says it's all petty stuff and wasn't a secret to her. Stephanie has decided to move out. Chelsea says if she needs anything at all to let her know.

Stephanie smiles, "You kill me, but I love you. See ya." Stephanie leaves.

Chelsea calls Nick, "So... how much do you hate me?"


"I need help and didn't know who else to call."

"Just tell me where you are, and I will be there," says Nick.

The doctor defibrillates Roman, and then Sami. He says Roman has fluid around his heart, "Get him to the OR now!"

Sami runs around screaming like a little girl. Sorry for the redundancy. "They've killed my dad! They've killed my dad!" FF.

In order to become bipolar, how many poles would Sami have to lose?


Jeremy tells Stephanie, "When we do move in together I'm kind of hoping it's as husband and wife."

Chelsea asks, "You would do that for me?" Nick says, "I would do anything for you. Don't you know that by now?"

Marlena asks, "Lucas, what's the matter?" Lucas says, "She took off." Marlena asks, "What do you mean she took off?" Lucas says, "She's gone. I think we both know where she is headed."

Sami 'Rape is bad but murder is just dandy' Brady points a gun at Stefano and says, "I decided it's time for justice so I'm going to start with you, Stefano DiMera."


Blogger Angel said...

I think all the women on DOOL are starting to have PMS at the same time.

The Jeremy story is so predictable. He will probably get caught and then say he'll sing like a canary if he's let go.

I'm wondering what's going to happen with Nick's $50K. What a dunce in giving it to Kate.

4:59 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

"the Chelsea, Bille, Kate trifecta...eeewwwwwwww! But sooo funny! Loved all the Prevuisms today and great pictures from all!

6:19 AM  
Blogger luvpumpkns said...

a big LOL for bulldog..thanks for reminding me why i quit watching passions...

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marlena winning an award from NASA for raising two space cadets....OMG! You would have had another snorty laugh with fluid through the nose if I had been drinking my water at that moment!


6:36 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I hate to drag everybody back a couple of DAYS, but I just wondered if anyone else noticed that when Nick woke up in the Vegas hotel room he was wearing a tuxedo, and the end of the episode before he was still in his t-shirt and jacket? Does anybody else think he really did get married in Vegas and just doesn't remember, and when he and Chelsea get back together (which we all know they will), his "wife" will suddenly show up?

And as for Sami's babies, I still think one of them can be EJ's in spite of the DNA test. Since the twins are fraternal, I believe each twin has to be in it's own amniotic sac. I seem to remember that when Sami went for the amnio and they discovered she was carrying twins that Lucas asked if that meant they had to take two samples, and the doctor stupidly said no. So I'm thinking they really only tested the DNA of one baby -- not both. I'm not a medical expert, so can anybody out there confirm or refute this?

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami 'Rape is bad but murder is just dandy' Brady points a gun at Stefano and says, "I decided it's time for justice so I'm going to start with you, Stefano DiMera."

Don't you mean Sami 'Rape is bad but murder is just dandy' Roberts?

6:47 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

First to address the last two comments in yesterday's Prevuze:

mudcat: But that would mean that the background checks the SPD and ISA have run on Jerkemy were worthless and they were all incompetent! Oh, nevermind, I think you are on to something there. HAHAHAHA

Anonymous: That was All My Children, the only other soap I watch. I think, just about every day, how different DROOL and AMC are. A Prevuze for AMC just wouldn't work.

I've been watching DOOL since Marie was unknowingly dating her brother, Tommy. [Don't calculate age here. I was a baby when I started watching.] I don't know exactly when the soap started declining to its present state of the ridiculous. It was about the time all the soaps began to focus on "gimmicky" plots. Once O'Reilly got hold of DAYS that was the end. There were episodes full of nothing but the same old dialoge between characters interpersed with flashbacks of the samo-samo.

However - to today's Prevuze....FABULOUS pictures and Prevuisms alike. Loved Jett's Junior G Badge. Can't wait to see Marlena confront Pricess Belle about getting off her duff and helping out in the finance department.

Thanks, Prevuze.

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I noticed Nick was in a tux, too. Before he was in the clothes he stole from Jett (or Jerkemy).

Marlena can't really be Marlena if she's suggesting Belle actually go to work. The funny part of her suggestion was she said "Go BACK to work". You mean those five sketches she did once for Basic Black years ago didn't qualify her for full retirement?!??

I think Sami and the summer heat are getting to Prevuze. Take a deep breath, relax...take a few Prozacs. We can't have Prevuze in a meltdown. How will the rest of us get thru DOOL? HAHAHAHAHA

Great one today! :D

7:35 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Don't you mean Sami 'Rape is bad but murder is just dandy' Roberts?

Yep. Old habits die hard.

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just so I have this straight---Lucas was an irrational little twit just days ago when the babies weren't his. And now that the babies are his Sami goes swan diving off the deep end???
I definitely had a coffee out the nose with the "chelsea, Billie, Kate trifecta"

7:56 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I watch All My Children too and was thinking the same thing as anonymous (from yesterday) and Applecheeks. I was really amazed that the AMC actors could pull off such a storyline without seeming cartoonish. I was actually really impressed by Alicia Minshew (Kendall) and was wondering why DrOOL won't give their actors something to work with. (I was practically in tears, but I have kids and any storyline involving kids...well, y'know) Anyone with acting chops is wasted on DOOL. I mean, I guess it's fun, but doesn't really let them show off their talents.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bring lots of Prozac when you come back," says Lucas.

Wow, that's a great line, and it's not even a Prevuism!

And, it occurred to me that if Belle and Shawn are having such money problems, maybe he should't have bought her the frickin rock of gibralter for an engagement ring!!! duh!

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Suz said...

I too, have been watching Days since {the stone age!!} before Marie and Tommy, I watched with MY grandma and now My grandkids watch with me.
I love the Trifec~~~~thing!! Most would have already been engaged in it!
I,too, think that Nick and China Lee got married!! I agree with the 2 DNA analysis, I think the boy should be a DiMera, and the girl a Roberts, or~~~~~~~~~~How about one being Austins? she only found out she was pg a few days after Austin and Carri got married and left~?? either way is ok with me. I AM A LUMI FAN AND PROUD OF IT!!! Poor "out of it"Sami acts crazy 'bout like I did in my younger days!! hahaahha kidding-?

Love this site

8:52 AM  
Blogger Your Evilness said...

For Belle to go back to work liek Marlena said, wouldn't she have had to have worked before?

9:17 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

If Belle and Shawn are so poor, how come we haven't seen/heard John or Marlena "Big Bucks" offering them any financial help? I know they'd refuse it (well, Shawn would), but they could at least offer, couldn't they? I mean, Bope offered them money, and they're living on a cop's salary (one who rarely works) and have half the visiting population of Salem living with them!

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Kristi said...

Does anyone remember when Phil left Belle, she moved in with her mom and was talking about growing up and getting a job? Huh? Was that just her depression talking after losing her baby? By the way, did we ever find out who did the lab switcheroo? I can't remember.

By the way, I loved the Prevuism after Patch said to throw Jerkemy out with the garbage - "Stephanie asks, "What are you saying? You want us to leave together?' " That was greatness!

I, too, miss the better acting from years ago. And I miss Carly Manning!

As far as Lucas, yes, he's a hothead. But his hothead responses seem more like what REAL people would say. A lot of the time anyway. I think it's hilarious that he thinks he's big and bad, but isn't that like so many men when talking of protecting their women? I always rooted for Lumi, but I cannot deny the Ejami chemistry. And wouldn't that be an interesting twist to the feud, especially if it didn't end? Although, once Andrea and Stefano are gone, there probably wouldn't be a feud. It's pretty much been them, Bart and Rolf. Let's get another "evil" storyline going. Maybe Alex North could come back. NO!!!

Last but not least, oh, like Jett would ever be interested in Chelsea. That absolutely does not make sense.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Great Prevuze today! LOVE your Sami rant about her all of a sudden becoming a killer. Wish Days would incorporate your little comments onto the screen. Kind of like "Pop Up Video"... "Pop Up Prevuze" on Days.

"Sami is scary when she's quiet."... guess she hasn't been scary for a few months now.

Thanks again for the laughs this morning!

10:19 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Oh Prevuze you were on a roll today! Too many LOL moments to mention!

Couldn't Belle just hock that stupid ring and they could live happily for months?

And I'm also predicting a 2 daddy story with the twins - one's a
DiMera and the other's a Roberts. Lord help that one.

Can't wait to see the ISA in action, even if Patch does stick his nose in it.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous MoonDancingNana said...

Will they provide a pre-quel on why Jeremy with a Saintly Jewish Mother would become so bad? I hate the whole Jerkemy/Jett/Stephanie thing. I have been watching since the very first showing! It was pre-conception obviously as no one can be this old.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Bring lots of Prozac when you come back," says Lucas.

Wow, that's a great line, and it's not even a Prevuism!

Actually, it was a Prevuzism and we just forgot the italics. Oh, for the good old days when nothing in Prevuze was italicazed and the readers just had to figure out what was real and what was made up.

11:23 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Stephanie is on the phone. She cries and tells Chelsea she's fine, "It's just my allergies." She must be allergic to the truth

Exactly. She is in such denial about Jerkemy it makes me want to hurl.

Why would Nick give Kate that cash? Would she keep it from her own granddaughter? Isn't her and EJ's company getting audited?

What is this over the top reaction Chelsea has about Jett lying to her. She acts as if they were an item and he screwed things up when actually he doesn't owe her any explanations at all. The almost kiss? Big Deal! His fiancee-cheating married not fiancee-- All of this none of Chelsea's business. He just got to town for cripes sake. And now what does she want from Nick? \

Who didn't think the dinner with Patch would turn out like it did?

Sami has gone psycho on us- she really is Belle's sister.

The women and their over emotional, distraught reactions to every situation and word is too much. There must be something in the water.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

If Belle and Shawn are so poor, how come we haven't seen/heard John or Marlena "Big Bucks" offering them any financial help?

There are two possibilities here:

1) Shawn and Belle want to be big boys and girls and make it on their own.

2) They are so stupid they forgot John and Marlena have money.

Bo and Hope can't help because Hope ran them into the poorhouse helping Willow.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

For cfish and everyone else who just can't stand not knowing it's.....


Nick's "new wife" gives him a costly ultimatum! Yup Nick "the Geek" tied the knot in Sin City

Meanwhile at the Dimera mansion:

Sami goes to the DiMera mansion and holds a gun on Stefano!
She wants retribution for Roman's stabbing. Sami says it is time for justice!

Tony drugs Stefano at the mansion, only to face off with Andre!

During a sword fight Bart is killed!Well there goes the only character MEANT to be funny!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
PS to cfish:
Yes, if the babies are fraternal twins it is entirely possible that they only did the DNA test on one of the babies. If they only took fluid from one sac then it would appear there was only one father.
The problem is they can't really tell if the babies are fraternal (two eggs) or identical (one egg) until after they are born. If they are fraternal there will be two placentas. Identical, one placenta.

Also, for all you budding genetic scientists out there.
IF Stefano would have done his homework he would have found out he didn't need the babies at all.
He could have taken bone marrow stem cells from ANY of his children and they would have been a match.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous bbg said...

Has anyone considered with this adoption babytalk with Steve & Kayla that they could end up with Phillip/Mimi's baby (or whoever the parents are)?

EJ seems wounded - I'd love to seem him stick around as a good guy.

Can Kate please get what is coming to her?

Obviously Nick has gotten hitched - DOOL do not drag that whole thing out - if Britney Spears could get married & anulled quick & easy why couldn't Nick

12:41 PM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Deb, we know Sami's having a girl and boy, which mean they HAVE to be fraternal. Meaning 2 eggs fertilized - whether by the same guy or not, we don't know, obviously neither do the writers.
This also means 2 amniotic sacs, 2 totally different sets of DNA.

Besides, the doc told Sami they only had to take 1 fluid sample, so we only know the father of one of the kids.

1:10 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

"Can Kate please get what is coming to her?"

ITA w/you, bbg!!! Somebody needs to drop a house on her.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Kiki said...

Ok so we all know that Kate is going to do something other than giving that money to Chelsea. He should have just gave it to her himself and that was final. Or actually kept it for himself after the way she's been treating him....SIGH***

I guess we'll see what happens...


1:50 PM  
Anonymous Just an FYI said...

It's possible for identical twins to develop separate sacs and placentas. Depends on when the fertilized egg splits. Sometimes there's one placenta and 2 sacs. Ain't nature a wonder?

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Day One DOOL Watcher said...

Concerning this comment: The problem is they can't really tell if the babies are fraternal (two eggs) or identical (one egg) until after they are born. If they are fraternal there will be two placentas. Identical, one placenta. No,no,no,no - since the twins are a boy and a girl, they HAVE TO be fraternal. Identical twins are always the SAME SEX. Also, sometimes, very rarely - even identical twins can have two sacs and placentas. But these twins are definitely FRATERNAL being different sexes. Also, by the way, I have been watching since the first episode and I was an adult then - LOL. In my early sixties now.

4:43 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I guess Nick is hoping Chels doesn't put 2 and 2 together (Nick won $50,000, Kate is giving Chels $50,000).

I thought Sami was on an airplane, but she must have been at a tanning salon.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, so....

Chelsea knows that Nick had $50K, now knows that he gave it away, her grandmother gives her $50K at the same time and she never even questions it even though she's constantly suspicious of Nick?

When Shawn was in college, he was starting varsity as a freshman (back when he wanted to be a lawyer like Uncle Mickey). He was good, and I was sure they were going to take him the baseball route as he got older. Can't he fall back on that in some way -- giving clinics to kids is quite lucrative, he could coach at the high school, etc etc. He doesn't even have to go far away as a minor leaguer. That actually gave him something unique AND exposure to people who weren't related to the rest of the town that they could have brought into stories.

I was also really afraid that Shawn was going to be turning evil and involved in the Indy baby extortioning theme. Glad to see that apparently his hyperventilation over finding out about Phil's extortion means he wasn't involved. But again... Phil knew he went to Indy right before he started getting all these funny calls and still no 2+2?

That's also another storyline that could have been interesting to play out ... figuring out who the prescription bottle belongs to leads to seeing what the prescription was for and realizing that it was some disease, making the whole thing sad on top of it. Why have the picture blown up, the SSN found, names and addresses and phone #s provided all off-screen. That could have been somewhat interesting to follow. The whole SL was totally in the background and plays out to no effect. It's like the Claire kidnap storyline (although this one definitely has more potential).

And didn't they say that there were no more Santeen letters to translate? Where's the story going from here? I agree it's going to do one of the fadeouts into nothing/something totally anti-climactic.

As for how Abe and Lexi got back together... he was in the full suit in the 100 degree heat just like Lexi was in the hood. The family that sweats together, stays together?

1:35 PM  

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