Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I.P. Daily

Billie and Phillip are together in the pub. Phillip plays her the tape of the baby from hell crying and calling for Daddy. Phillip says that is the latest call. He got it today.

Billie asks if she can have the tape, and if there have been any threats. Phillip tells her she can have it and says there really haven't been any threats, just the same stuff every time. "Do you have any idea who is making the calls," asks Billie.

"I don't have a clue," says Phillip.

"I know," says Billie, "But what I need to know is if you have any idea who is making the calls."

Billie asks him to make a list of people who have grudges against him. Phillip says Titan is worldwide and he might have quite a few enemies. Billie thinks this is personal, not business. Belle walks in and winky-waves at Phillip as she walks by.

Shawn meets Bo at the hospital. Bo tells him no Brady is safe while Andre is out. Shawn says he is back working at the garage, and then hesitates.

Bo asks, "Something on your mind?"

Shawn says, "Same thing as usual... dust. But, I'm thinking of asking Belle to marry me."

Jeremy surveys the situation around the hot tub, "Return your seat backs to their normal positions." Jett asks what Nick is doing there. Chelsea says she would like to know the answer to that one, too. Nick reminds her they had a date. Chelsea reminds him they had a fight. Nick says he remembers nothing. He tells Chelsea there was a bomb and asks, "What are you two doing together?"

EJ asks, "Is it me, or is my briefcase beeping?" Lucas goes over the top with panic. He shoves Sami, "Sami! It's a bomb! Get out of the way."

Sami runs away from him, "Lucas, NO!" EJ gives the briefcase a quizzical look.

Bo is ecstatic. Shawn can't think of any reason why Belle would say yes. "You're not that ugly," says Bo. Shawn wishes he were pulling in more money. "Ah," says Bo, "I see the problem – Phillip."

Phillip thinks maybe he may just be the victim of crank calls. Billie imitates being on the phone, "May I speak to I.P. Daily? Do you have Prince Albert in a can? THOSE are crank calls. This isn't." Billie says she will get to work on it.

Phillip says, "You didn't ask if I had a kid out there I don't know about. It was the first thing Bo asked."

"You're my brother. I have more faith in you than Bo does. You would have told me," says Billie. Hugs. Billie leaves. Belle immediately scoots in. She tells him she is there because Caroline is putting food together for her beach date with Shawn, "God forbid I should have to cook." Phillip hands her a fancy department store sack.

Lucas tries to stop EJ from opening his briefcase. The idiot opens it anyway and smoke billows out. "Get out," screams EJ.

Chelsea drags Nick out and tells him to go home. She says she slipped getting out of the hot tub and that's why she and Jett were all tangled up in each other's arms. She gets mad at him for following her there and leaves. Jett walks in. Nick asks if he is a betting man. "Sometimes," says Jett.

"Well," says the strung-out Nick, "The odds are overwhelmingly against you."

Jerkemy sits in the Jacuzzi and pours champagne. Stephanie comes out and strips down to her string bikini. More string than bikini. "It just got way hotter in here," says Jerko as he smooches her, "I spoil you, girl!"

Stephanie flashes back to her hot tub conversation with Chelsea, "Yeah – when you're feeling guilty."

Flash to hot Vegas action in the casino. Max tells Bobbi the dealer he is busted. Bobbi tells him to come back when his luck changes. He turns and leaves. As he walks away, he passes Ilsa and Creepo. Max hears Ilsa say something and says to himself, "I know that voice." He flashes back to his conversation with her at Bo and Hope's house, "What is she doing in Vegas?"

Belle opens the sack and pulls out clothes. She can't believe how great they are. Phillip hauls out another sack and says he has stuff for Claire, too, "A woman should have clothes that set off her beauty." Belle thinks this is sooooo sweet, but can't accept.

Bo tells Shawn to forget about Phillip. "I can do that," says Shawn, "It's pretty easy for me to forget things." He tells Bo he has a lot of debt, though.

"Don't worry," says Bo, "Organized crime is always looking for couriers. I never understood why you agreed to live with Phillip, though." Shawn runs through the whole Claire-is-missing scenario. "Claire is back and you are still living there," says Bo. Shawn wishes he had more to offer. Bo encourages him to take his time, get a little money together and pop the question. Roman interrupts. Shawn leaves.

Phillip asks Belle to keep the clothes. Belle says she can't. Living with Phillip makes Shawn feel like he can't pull his own weight.

Shawn walks in and surveys the scene. He sits down with Billie. "I have a question for you," says Shawn, "What would you say if a guy proposed to you with a ring like this in his hand?" He opens the box and shows it to her. Billie puts on a pair of sunglasses, drops her jaw and immediately accepts Shawn's proposal.

Nick dances around Jett swinging his arms like a spastic boxer, "Come on... How many rounds before you kiss the canvas?" Jett offers to knock him to kingdom come. Nick tells Jett he was just kidding. Jett swears he and Chelsea are just friends. Nick wants to know what is going on. Chelsea comes in and asks Jett to take her to the bar.

"Are we done," asks Nick.

"So done," says Chelsea as she and Jett walk out.

Jeremy says guilt has nothing to do with their relationship and swears he has nothing to be guilty about. She tells him to forget it. He asks if Max said something to her. "Max didn't say squat about you," insists Stephanie. She backs off and Jeremy apologizes for laying into her. He says there are people who might want to spread lies about him.

Creepo tells Ilsa, "I have to go see a man about a horse. Don't go anywhere, candy pants."

Max steps up and re-introduces himself to Ilsa. Ilsa is distant. She says she can't talk. Max says, "I just want to know that you're OK."

Ilsa says, "I cannot talk to you."

Max says, "I'm one of the good guys. I swear, Ilsa, just talk..."

Creepo interrupts, "Hey! The little lady is with me, so just back off, Jack!"

"WOW," says Billie. She wonders if Shawn got the ring out of a gumball machine. Shawn says Max gave him an advance on his salary. Billie says she would say yes to the ring and then to the guy, "This is for Belle right?"

"No," says Shawn, "I'm coming out of the closet."

Phillip offers to send the stuff back. He insists he's rooting for Shawn and Belle. Shawn steps up. He wonders what's with all the stuff in the sacks. Belle sweats.

EJ and Lucas come back to consciousness. "It's ether," says EJ, "Sulfur chloride."
Lucas wonders where Sami is. He rushes around the apartment like a crazed pinball, "She's gone!"

Chelsea says she can't believe Nick. Jett says he gave Chelsea an out on her date with Nick and she chose not to take it. Flashback to Jett telling her about the flight that night. Chelsea thinks it's embarrassing he followed her to Vegas. She wants to go party. They leave.

Nick paces. He opens a suitcase and picks out some clothes.

Stephanie says she doesn't like people talking trash about Jeremy. He tells her he's involved in a big business deal, "We're starting to make some really big money, and that's when people start spreading lies. If you hear anything like that, it's just envy talking." Stephanie wants to know more about what's going on and why people would lie about him. Jeremy rants, "If you want to play dumb, play dumb but it's boring me." He storms out.

Cool Nick walks out into the hall and struts.

Max tells Creepo he's just saying hi to Ilsa, since he already knows her. "You know," he says, "You might want to try those little blue pills. They might help you out this evening." Creepo takes a swing, misses and falls into a heap on the floor. Max looks down at the crumpled pile.

Ilsa walks up to him. SLAP! "Stay the hell out of my business." A guard hauls Creepo off.

Belle squeals and says she loves the stuff. Shawn asks where she got the money. "My mom took me shopping," she lies, "It's a bit much. Maybe I should return it."

"No," says Shawn, "You deserve nice things. I'll pay Marlena back."

"You can't," gasps Belle, "She said it is a gift."

Shawn leaves. Belle worries about lying to Shawn. Phillip offers encouragement. Belle melts, "You are a girl's dream come true."

Phillip says, "What a coincidence. You're every guy's nightmare."

Bo and Roman have shown up at Lucas' apartment. "They got to her," says Lucas, "We were out cold. There was nothing we could do." Roman thinks it was Andre that did it. Bo tells them Andre is no longer in traction. "They gave him a muscle blocker," says Roman, "When it wore off, Andre was able to escape."

"Andre has Sami," says EJ, "We need to go to Stefano.

Bo says, "By sheer coincidence, Stefano has disappeared too."

Lucas rages and says Stefano will use the stem cells to save his own miserable life. Roman grabs him and tells him to cool it. EJ sides with Lucas, "He's right. My father will sacrifice anyone to save himself."

Ilsa walks away. Max wanders. Chelsea and Jett find him. She tells him about Nick showing up. Max is distant. He asks if Jett knows Ilsa, "She is the one Jeremy picked up that night at the bar and took to Bo and Hope's house. I wonder what she is doing in Vegas."

"Wanting more," asks Chelsea.

Max says he is picking up weird vibes. As he leaves to get drinks, Jett says if he sees Ilsa again to let him know.

Chelsea says she hasn't told Stephanie about Jerkemy's peccadilloes. Jeremy walks up and offers to buy drinks. Chelsea passes. Alone with Max, Jeremy gives him another wad-o-cash.

Lucas rants, "I'm taking the DiMeras down if I have to do it with my bare hands." Mercifully, he doesn't threaten to talk them to death, though. Bo tells Lucas to slow down. Lucas don' wanna. Roman and Bo tell Lucas to stay put while they look for Sami. Lucas understandably doesn't have much faith in the Salem PD. He wonders what took them so long to get there after the ether bomb went off.

"We got a diversionary call from Andre and followed that on a wild goose chase," says Roman. Lucas wonders why he should trust the Salem PD to find Sami if they get distracted that easily. "OK," says Roman, "It wasn't our finest moment."

"When exactly was your finest moment," asks Lucas.

Roman is silent.
He says if Sami gets to a phone she will call the apartment, so Lucas should stay there. He and Bo leave for another wild goose adventure.

EJ says, "Come on, Lucas, it's up to us to find Samantha."

Phillip asks about the flight to Cleveland Shawn didn't take. Belle shrugs it off and says it's a tiny fib – like the one she just told. Shawn comes back with the food for the beach. Belle thanks Phillip as she walks out. Phillip gives her a peck on the cheek, "It was my pleasure."

Max walks off as Jeremy counts his money. Stephanie comes up, kisses him and tells him she doesn't want to fight any more. Jeremy apologizes for walking off. He tells her the cash is the payoff from the side action he has going. He gives her some, "Buy some silk panties." She wishes her dad could see them like this. They talk about the dinner Patch set up and Jeremy tells her to count him in.

"What's a good time," asks Stephanie.

Ilsa walks by. Jeremy sees her and says he can't deal with that right now. He chases Ilsa. Max follows.

Chelsea watches and tells Jett Jeremy just totally ditched Stephanie. She wants to swoop in and tell her what's going on. Jett thinks this probably isn't a good time, "Let her find out for herself and then you can be a friend to her when she needs one."

Nick makes his grand entrance, "WHAT IS UP, LAS VEGAS? COUNT ME IN!"

"OMG," says Chelsea.

Nick buys some chips, "Hit me up with a G. Deal 'em and make 'em hot."

Lucas blames at EJ for showing up with a beeping briefcase. Elvis says they need to do the search quickly. They will have a better shot if they work as a team, "What do you say."

Billie has made some calls. She asks Phillip, "Do you know anybody in Indianapolis?" Phillip can't think of anyone. Billie says she will track the joker down and find out what he has against Phillip.

"Wow," says Belle, "Look at the moon."

"Is Dad out streaking again," asks Shawn.

"No," Belle waxes poetic, "It's a silvery pathway on a bed of black velvet. Sparkly."

PrevuzeShawn whips out the rock, "Do you think it might be as sparkly as this?" He hands it to her, "Open it." Belle is stunned. Shawn takes a knee, "Belle Black, will you marry me?" Belle gives a nervous laugh. Billie crouches in the bushes waiting to swoop in on the diamond if Belle says no.


Kayla asks, "What do you think about us with a little..." Patch interrupts, "Teddy bear?" Kayla smiles, "A baby."

Ilsa says, "It won't happen again." Jeremy says, "Just do your job." Max walks up, "What job is that, Jeremy? 'Cause I'd sure like to know."

Belle is on her knees, "Will you marry me?" Shawn asks, "You're proposing to me?" Belle asks, "Are you gonna marry me or not?"

Nick yells, "I won fifty grand!" Pete, a.k.a Jerry Springer proves he can't act as he mutters something unintelligible, "Blah, blah, blah, and lots of it!" Nick says, "Thank you, Pete!"


Blogger Applecheeks said...

Hello Billie! I'd forgotten she was even on the show.

I didn't get the "I.P. Daily" title until I got to the appropriate part of Prevuze. I guess I was a pretty sheltered kid. HA Billie did forget one of the old stand-by prank call lines, "Is your refrigerator running?"

LOL at "Help me look for Mickey" and Bo proving his "qualifications" to be Shawn's father pictures! Classic.

Once again I cry out in complaint, "Why, oh why are they busting through the DiMera story like it's a 10 part miniseries and yet the tweeny story goes on and on and on and on.....?"

Perhaps Bulldog can provide the writers with a map to decent plot pacing.

6:29 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

"OK," says Roman, "It wasn't our finest moment."

"When exactly was your finest moment," asks Lucas.

Roman is silent.

Too bad, I would have liked to have heard about a "shining moment". Just one. Just a sort of not-too-dull moment. ROFLMA

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Re: The upcoming conversation with Payla. AAAARRGGHH!!!! GAG ME WITH A SPOON ALREADY!!! Uh, sorry, just had to get that out of the way.

"You're every guy's nightmare". I forget, was that Phil thinking about Belle, Nick thinking about the Brat or Jerkemy thinking about Stephanie?

Can we see this coming or what? Andre will be standing over Sami ready to take the stem cells as Nick conveeeeeeniently chooses that moment to remember they're Lucas' kids.

LOL over Pard remaining silent and loved ALL of the pictures today. Excellent Prevuze!

7:58 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I just have one small comment -- where do these guys, who never work and are always complaining about being broke, get the money to buy these HUGE diamonds??? First Lucas buys Sami not one, but TWO diamonds (the first one wasn't "earth-friendly, remember?), and now poor, destitute Shawn shows up with the Rock of Gibraltar!!! My husband and I upgraded my diamond on our 5th anniversary, but we still couldn't afford a whole carat -- and we both work!!!!!

8:25 AM  
Anonymous mother of pearl said...

I have a comment: I believe that one baby will be lucas's and one will be EJ's. Or maybe we will find out that EJ and lucas are half brothers and share the same DNA. Wouldn't that be something.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

applecheeks may I suggest a book?

"Under the Bleacher" by Seamore Butts

10:43 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I also have another comment ...

Do TPTB and writers on this show really expect us to believe that EVERYONE in Salem has forgotten about the Phimi-surrogate baby???

And when are they finally going to get around to telling us what the heck Shawn was doing with Mimi in Indianapolis? I know, I know -- when they figure it out themselves!!!

10:57 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Ah, Teresa, now you have me blushing. Shame on you!! LOL

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, here we go again. When are the writers gonna let the viewers in on what Jerkemy is REALLY up to?
Isn't it like the days in Vegas - don't match up to the days in Salem?

When exactly did Max give Shawn an advance? What has he worked - about a half an hour? Remember on July 4th he flew to Cleveland for an interview - but really flew to Indy? What day is it in Salem?

And Phillip, I wonder what the viewers really feel towards Phil... Are they remembering how rotten he was to Shawn and Belle - or have they forgiven him (just like Belle has)? Personally, I wish Belle and Phil WOULD hook up! Shawn is basically a loser, with nothing going for him, he's immature, he runs to his Daddy for everything, etc... This guys got an IOU list a mile long with just about everyone in Salem...'Don't do it Belle! Go for the money! Think about your daughter and the life she COULD have!' LOL!!!!

Ok, and finally - Billie shows up and Phil 'hires' her to find out who's harassing him? When did Billie become a 'crackpot sleuth'? C'mon Phil, you could afford to hire Columbo if you wanted! Why Billie?

Great Prevuze! Keep up the good work!

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Twenty yards to the Out House by Willie Makit and illustrated by Betty Wont
The Yellow River by I.P. Daily
Over the mountaintop by Hugo First
The Nudist Colony by Seymour Skin
The Numbers Game by Cal Q. Later
Chinese Castration by Won Hong Low
Sliding Down a Banister by Dick Burns
Rusty Bed Springs by I.P. Freeley
Spots on the Wall by Who Flung Poo
Losing My Virginity by Willie Douet
Falling Off a Cliff by Eileen Dover
The Complete Proctologist's Handbook by Dr. Ben Dover
French Birth Control by Jacque TuTight
The Joys of Drinking by Al Coholic
My Life with Igor by Frank N. Stein
Supporting Athletes by Jacques Strappe
I Was Prepared by Justin Case
Small Treasures in the Toilet Bowl by I.P. Nickels
Caulking Made Easy by Phil McKrevis
The Lion Attacked by Claude Yarmoff
How to Write Big Books by Warren Peace
The Art of Archery by Beau N. Arrow
Irish Heart Surgery by Angie O’Plasty
Desert Crossing by I. Rhoda Camel
School Truancy by Marcus Absent

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

Roman is silent. LOL!!!!

And I agree with Bulldog about the upcoming conversation with Payla. (Getting spoon from drawer)

1:01 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Have you forgotten?? Everything in Salem is FREE!!!
No one has to work, or pay rent, or pay bills, or worry about things like food or clothing.

Diamond rings are handed out at Salem Jewelers every day at noon.

And the Salem airport has flights leaving every 5 min to everywhere in the known world. Oh and they are free!

Geez come on! If Salemites had to worry about how to pay for things how would they ever be able to concentrate all their energy on important things like gossip, blowing things up, spying on eachother, cheating, streaking, running to eachother's houses and arguing. Why they would have to lead.....gasp.....normal lives!!!!

1:33 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

Oh, silly me. Sorry, Deb -- I spend all day at work having to be logical, and sometimes it spills over into my personal life. Mea culpa, and a thousand pardons!

1:39 PM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Wow, Anonymous. Don't let Lucas see that list, he'll spend all his time on the phone, running up the bill, diving the nutty Salemites even more insane!

3:38 PM  
Anonymous nanny_74 said...

Did I miss something? Billie says she trusts Phillip because he is her (half)brother and she knows him? I was under the impression that Bo was his (half)brother as well. Phillip and Billie thru Kate, Bo and Phillip thru Victor.

More about Billie; so she worked for the ISA with Roman a few years back, does that make her a P.I.?
Also, how did Billie, "trace" the calls to somewhere in Indiana just off of a TAPE of the calls? Didn't Bonnie, Mimi, and Connor go to Arizona anyways?

I loved the pics today, especially the the last one.

One more book for Anonymous,
How to catch butterflies by Annetta Andajar.

5:02 PM  

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