Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mr. Colt

Nick's brain damage has totally kicked in and he is hot to marry Chelsea. He pops the question in a way that would sweep any girl off her feet, "Whad'ya say? Tie the old knot?"


"Oh," says Nick, "I forgot, you're a traditionalist." He takes a knee, "Chelsea Brady, will you marry me?" Chelsea accuses him of being drunk. He insists he's drunk on life. He wants her to take a gamble for once.

A gamble," she says, "would be dying my hair orange, or eating snails. Not getting married on a whim." She storms off.

"Awww, shoot," says Nick.

Stephanie gets in Jeremy's face, "Who is she, the other girl?" Jeremy plays dumb. It isn't a stretch. Stephanie says Max told her about the girl at Bo and Hope's house, "Good luck trying to talk your way out of this!"

Ilsa comes to Max' room. When he opens the door and she sees it's him, she says, "I don't have time for this."

Max looks at his watch, "Yes you do – 30 minutes. I paid a nice chunk of change for you."

Lexie creeps into Bo's office in her full-body hoodie. Bo assures her Abe won't be there, but Abe wants to see her. Lexie ain't ready. Bo assures her Abe will forgive her and then kick his butt for not letting him in on this. John knocks and comes in. He asks a favor of Lexie. He wants her to be the bait to help hook Andre.

Lucas fills Marlena in on Sami's disappearance. EJ thinks this is just another one of his family's scare tactics. He apologizes for it to Marlena, "I'm sorry."

Marlena laces into him, "As sorry as when you raped my daughter or shot my husband?"

EJ says, "I care very deeply about Samantha."

Marlena says, "Get a hold of that so-called father of yours. Tell him to find Sami and get her back here."

Roman comes in. He's checked all the bus depots, train stations, airports (Salem has at least five) and it looks like they've dropped off the face of the earth.

Stefano and Bart are on a plane. Bart holds his head in a rag and says, "She has a right hook like Floyd Merewether. Unfortunately, I have a glass jaw like Floyd Merewether." Rolf announces Sami is about ready to make her charitable donation.

Max threatens to get Ilsa's boss on the phone. She relents and comes in. She starts to undress, "You have protection?" That's not what Max wants. He just wants to talk. "I do not get paid to talk," says Ilsa. Max wants to know what's up with Jeremy. He also wants her to know he is on her side.

Nick comes back to Chelsea and says he made a mistake. He can't pop the question without a ring. He goes over to the bar and makes a ring out of a maraschino cherry stem. He gives it to her and tells her it's temporary. When they get back she can pick out one she wants. Money is no object. Chelsea asks if he honestly thinks she would say yes.

"I want to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together," says Nick.

"Just go away."

Jeremy wants to know where Stephanie's accusations are coming from. He Stephanie says she heard it from Chelsea who heard it from Max. "So you believe Max and Chelsea over me," snorts Jeremy, "Thanks a lot!"

At the moment, Stephanie says she does believe Chelsea and Max over Jeremy, "You are not turning this around on me. I defended you to my parents. Why did you do this?" Jeremy wants to tell her what is really going on.

Bo thinks it's too dangerous to use Lexie to bait Andre. "Do you have another way," asks John, "I'm all ears."

"No, you just got your hair cut too short," says Bo.

Lexie wants to do it. She says when she was locked away she had a lot of time to think of how much she has hurt people. This is her chance to redeem herself. Bo stands his ground like the French army and immediately agrees. "What do you want me to do," asks Lexie. John smiles. His ears pop out even farther.

Lucas says, "Well, props to the Salem PD. Are you guys still batting zero?" Roman tells him the Salem PD is doing everything it can to find them. That's when Lucas gets really nervous.

Tony arrives, "I have news of Samantha."

Stefano sits beside Sami, "Youth really is wasted on the young. What I would not give to go back to those days that were so much simpler. Do you suppose that He will forgive me for doing this?"

"Who," asks Rolf.

Stefano looks to the heavens, "Him. I wonder if I am sacrificing a place by his side simply for a few more years on this earth." One thing you can say about Stefano... he certainly doesn't have any self-esteem issues.

Ilsa says she met Jeremy in a bar. Max doesn't buy it. Ilsa wonders why Max is doing this to her. Max continues the questions. If she doesn’t cooperate he threatens to call immigration.

Jeremy concocts a story, "I didn't sleep with her. She is a fired of a guy I'm in business with. Kye Rawlings. I think you have heard me talk about him. He wanted me to make sure she got a ticket to Vegas. That's all. I didn't sleep with her. She's not my type. I like the tall ones, with long brown hair, no brain..."

Jett interrupts. He tells them Nick won 50 G's, but his luck ran out when he proposed to Chelsea. They watch as Nick takes another crack at convincing Chelsea to marry him.

Nick points out lots of important people get married on a whim. "Brittany Spears for one." Well, there is the gold-standard of intelligence. Chelsea sarcastically suggests forgetting the ceremony and just going to a drive-through, "The answer is no."

Nick asks, "No – you don't want to get married at all, or is this about some problem you have with me?"

Chelsea says, "Yes." She contemplates the maraschino cherry stem ring.

"You should be flattered I asked," says Nick.

"I can't believe you just said that," she thinks he needs to have his head examined – for real. He decides he's getting married tonight with or with out her. She storms out telling him to let her know where to send the gift.

"I think that was a no," says Jett as he heads toward Chelsea. Stephanie turns to Jeremy and says if she finds out he's lying about that girl it's over between them. Jeremy says he has some business to take care of and leaves.

Ilsa takes the phone from Max and tells him she is from Slovakia. She says she met Jeremy in Salem. She was told she could get a job.

John has a secret phone with the same number as Stefano's. Bo wonders how in the world he got hold of that. John invokes his superspy don't ask, don't tell policy. He says he's going to text Andre on it, and Andre will think the message is coming from Stefano. Lexie will meet Andre and before he can do anything to Lexie, Bo will be all over him.

Tony says Stefano's plane just took off from a private airfield in Illinois. He has scheduled a flight over international waters, and will be airborne until he recovers. EJ asks about fuel. Tony says he will have the plane refueled in flight.

Lucas snorts, "You've gotta be kidding me."

Tony says, "I wish I were, Lucas. You know, I don't think any of us are going to see Samantha any time soon."

Nick sits at the bar. Jeremy joins him. He says he heard Nick hit the jackpot and asks why he looks so bummed. Nick tells him about his fight with Chelsea, "Who cares? I've got a pocket full of cash and the night is young."

Jeremy advises him to invest the cash, "How would you like to double your money in just a couple of weeks?"

Jett meets up with Chelsea, "I take it you said 'no.'" Chelsea says she's peeved because Nick expected her to say yes and was persistent.

"He knows what he wants," says Jett.

"What about what I want," asks Chelsea, "College... A career... To see the world... The last thing I need is to be tied down with a husband. She leaves.

John sends the text message, "I tossed in a few two-dollar Euro words to make it sound like it came from Stefano."

"Now we wait," says Lexie.

Bo leaves to round up some backup, "If this gets serious, we'll need some real cops there."

John knows Lexie and Sami have had their differences. Lexie says once this is over, it would be nice to put the past behind them. John's secret phone rings. He reads the message, "Andre bought it. We are on."

EJ wants to take action. He wants to call all the air controllers in the world until they find the plane. Lucas thinks they should figure out a way to force the plane to land. Roman heads for the station. EJ and Lucas follow. Roman assures Marlena they will bring Sami home. He tells Tony to keep an eye on her. Marlena picks up a picture of Sami and hugs it.

Stefano says he would have preferred to wait until his grandchildren were born. He looks down at the unconscious Sami, "Oh, Samantha, I wish it could be different but we must make this sacrifice."

Chelsea says people told her it would never work out between her and Nick. Jett asks if she leads her life by what other people say. She says no, but doesn't think she and Nick are a good match anymore. She needs someone who isn't so insecure. Jett understands. He thinks she shouldn't write Nick off so soon, though. Chelsea says she has cut him too many brakes and it's over. Jett thinks she is just trying to convince herself.

Jeremy says one of his investors just backed out, so he is looking for a new partner. He looks at Nick's outfit and says, "You obviously appreciate a fine wardrobe, am I right?"

Nick is unenthusiastic, "I don't know."

Jeremy tries to pump him up, "Where is the guy who threw down all those Benjamins tonight?" Nick says he has to go. He walks away.

Nick sees Stephanie swilling her beer, "Is it that kind of night?"

"Yeah, You too?"

"Yeah, except for winning the 50 grand." Stephanie says she would take that kind of night anytime and asks what Jeremy was talking bout. Nick says Jeremy was trying to flatter him into investing in Put The Touch On This Guy Airlines, "But I wouldn't buy a used car from him." Stephanie watches as Jeremy leaves. She follows.

Nick sighs, "Alone again."

Not for long. A woman walks up and asks, "Is this seat taken?"

Nick perks up, "Help yourself!"

"So," she says, "You want to buy me a drink or what?"

Max swears Ilsa won't regret helping him. He asks bout Kye Rawlings. Ilsa doesn't have time to answer before Jeremy walks in.

Lucas and EJ make calls. Nothing is working out. EJ assures Lucas they will find Sami. "Easy for you to say," growls Lucas, "but your wife isn't in the hands of a madman."

"Those are my children," says EJ.

"Thanks for reminding me."

EJ says now that he's faced with losing them it puts everything into focus. He's sorry for what he put Lucas through. He knows Lucas will be a good father to the twins.

Lucas says he will, "I'm praying for them even though Sami is my number one concern."

Roman comes in and announces they have a location.

Jeremy asks if Ilsa is OK. Max swears he wouldn't hurt her. Jeremy asks what Max said to upset her. Max ushers Ilsa out so he and Jeremy can talk. He comes back and tells Jeremy, "You're starting to get on my nerves."

"The feeling is mutual."

Nick orders a vodka-rocks for the new love of his life. Her name is China Lee. She got the name because she was conceived in China.

Nick says, "I guess it's a good thing you weren't conceived in Uzbekistan."

Nick drags China over to Chelsea, "I'd like you to meet the future Mrs. Nick Fallon!"

Tony assures Marlena they will get through this. He says he is living proof Stefano doesn't always prevail, "If I can overcome Stefano, Sami can, too."

John arrives. He assures Marlena they will find Sami. Tony checks his phone and suddenly announces he has to go. He runs out the door. Marlena asks, "I wonder what that's about?"

"Kinda makes you think," says John, "I hate it when that happens. In the meantime how would you like to view Andre behind steel bars?"

Bo has returned from his mission to get backup and tells Lexie it's time to hit the road. He tells her it's not too late to back out. She says, "I want to do this, Bo." Bo is proud of her and says Abe will be too. They head out. Lexie hoods-up.

Max wants to know how many more Ilsas are out there. Stephanie interrupts the argument. Max says, "It's not over. I won't let up until I get every piece of the puzzle." He leaves.

Stephanie asks, "What story? What's not over?"

"Max is just being a total drama queen," says Jeremy.

Chelsea thinks Nick is really out of his mind. Nick says, "Hey! You're offending Asia Lee here."

"That's 'China,'" she corrects.

Chelsea is happy for him but wants to know what he is trying to prove. "Nothing," says Nick, "You lost your chance, babe." He and China go off to get married. Outside, Nick thanks China for playing along with the marriage act. He offers to buy her a drink.

A couple of thugs intercept Max as he walks through the casino, "Are you Max Brady?"

"Maybe... maybe not," says Max, "Who wants to know?"

One of the hoods sticks a gun in his ribs, "Mr. Colt. I think you'd better come with us, pretty boy." They haul Max off as Kye follows.

PrevuzeJohn says if the plan works out they will have Andre in custody tonight. That turns Marlena on. She dives in. John wants more. They spiral out of control. "Let's save it for the car," says John, "I'll race you. Let's go!" John slaps her butt as they race for the car.

Roman tells EJ and Lucas Stefano's plane is cruising the airspace between Grand Cayman and Bermuda, "Next, we make radio contact with the plane and go from there."

Dr. Rolf says, "All ve neet now iz to make zleepy time vor Stefano and all zyztems are go." Stefano gets on his gurney and looks at Sami.

The suspension system in John's car fails.


Max' face looks like it has been worked over with a meat cleaver, "Whatever it is, I intend to find out what is going on and see that Jeremy gets what's coming to him."

Danielle says, "Chelsea, Hi." Chelsea turns to Jett, "I'm an idiot."

EJ says into a walkie-talkie, "If you care anything for me at all, do not harm Samantha or those babies." Stefano yells, "Why should I care for a son who stands with my enemies?"

Roman says, "Andre?" Andre rams him in the gut. Roman wretches and jerks forward.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, just when I thought that the briefcase gassing by someone who never carries a briefcase was the stupidest thing they could come up with for the summer, we now have a "secret phone". How can the writers be so right on some things and so totally wrong on the others? Do they even watch the show they write?

4:11 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

China Lee, Danielle, Kye Rawlings are the DOOL writers just dragging people off the street and throwing them in the show? For what?
Well then again their acting skills have to be better than most of the current cast.

Once again thank you Prevuze for the geezer sex warning. I will have my finger on the FF button waiting.

So lets see if we can't figure out what's going on here.
Stefano has Sami in a plane, Rolf is going to perform a stem cell removal on her at any minute, who here can't see a classic Stefano baby kidnap scene comming?

Rolf will deliver the babies, Stefano will wake up from his anesthesia just in time to fall in love with his grandchildren, order Rolf to stop, take the babies, drop Sami off. EJ, Sami and Lucas will go off to some tropical island to search for the babies, Nick will remember the babies are Lucas's and call them on the magic cell phone. Roman and Marlena will fly to the island with Tony and Anna to help with the search, they will find Stefano in a huge castle they somehow missed the first 1000 times they ran around the island, after a long drawn out 2-3 day pleading for the babies life scene, someone will scream the babies are really Lucas's, he will in turn look constipated, Stefano will try to kill everyone, EJ will run into the fray and grab the babies just before the entire castle falls down on top of everyone and Stefano will end up dissapearing in all the confusion.
Sami and Lucas will have their babies, but Sami will be so grateful for EJ saving her children she will forgive him for the rape and fall in love with him....

OH CRAP, sorry I forgot this wasn't a no Prevuze day.

5:44 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

LMAO...Prevuze is in rare form today! Loved all the Prevuisms and especially the moving picture (GAG). Thanks for a great moring read!

6:06 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

That would be "thanks for a great MORNING read!"

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Kirsten said...

So Marlena's daughter is kidnapped, but she and John are too busy getting turned on over random statements and slapping each other's butts. I didn't think it was possible, but these characters disgust me more than ever.

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAaaaay! I MISSED THE BUTT SLAPPING! YUM :-D Love the fact that John & Marlena seem to care as much about Scami as I do, which really, truly is not a whole lot.

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Thanks for a great prevuze today! LOL at the Shelle "CZ" picture and all your Lucas-isms.

Tony: "If I can overcome Stefano, Sami can, too." Sure Tony, glad you're setting the standard for standing up to Stefano. All Sami will have to do is live without her family on a deserted island for 20 years and then say she never wants to see him again.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the morning reading!! Right now I'm trying so hard to keep watching the show but I'm almost ready to stop watching it for a while until Sami has those babies. The storyline is good if it got more than 15-20 minutes of airtime when those characters are on. When they are on it there is not much going on. I also wish the writers would get the character information correct. I'm sure they are having a tough time with all this DNA crap of who is your father suppose to be again moment. Aren't Lucas and Nick cousins? When Lucas was talking about going to the hospital he acted like they weren't related.

Though I love the show I've only watched the show on and off for about 4 years so I really don't know all of the history. It was until a few months ago when the storyline was getting more interesting I got hooked. I ended up reading the past DOOLS information so I could figure out what they were talking about. The writers need to get a DOOLS fan to check over their scripts and make sure the families information is correct. Not to mention some common sense stuff. Like why in the world would you open up a ticking briefcase when you know there is a good possibility your crazy family might have something to do with it. Why couldn't EJ spit out the rag in his mouth when there was no tape holding it in place? EJ seems like a smart character but I'm starting to wonder about him.

The storyline has potential. I just wish it was going somewhere. They don't need to make it complicated. However if they decide to make it so complicated could they make the writing match up to the complexity of the characters?

I just hope the writers know what they are doing. I would love it if the show is around past 2009.

7:10 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Tony says Stefano's plane just took off from a private airfield in Illinois. He has scheduled a flight over international waters, and will be airborne until he recovers. EJ asks about fuel. Tony says he will have the plane refueled in flight.

So, did they drive to IL or is Salem in IL? Isn't having a plane refueled in the air either a military manouver or emergency plan? Is it really that common?

Chelsea and Nick's behavior is textbook how to have a psycho relationship. I wish they would move it on the whole SL with the kids. They probably need to stretch this thin as homeless shelter soup SL until Labor Day weekend for the summer watchers.The audience they were trying to entice probably lost interest before the July 4th party.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

LMAO at the Cubic Zirconia (I think that's giving the stone too much credit) and Ladies Guild pictures!

Ditto the Prevuisms like Put The Touch On This Guy airlines and Bo stands his ground like the French army and agrees! Mai oui!!

"I've cut him too many brakes..." Do I detect a Freudian slip of the fingers there Prevuze? I know I'D like to cut the brakes on this SL and send it over the nearest cliff. HAHAHAHA

Lovely way to start the day. Thanks!

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Who are the people in the top picture? Guess my caffiene hasn't kicked in yet.

Excellent Prevuisms today - a moving picture is always a highlight! (Even if this time it's a little EEEWWW). I LOL over the ladies guild and Squint's haircut.

Oh God, I hope Deb's predictions don't come true. Could we take one more trapped-in-the-castle or stranded-on-the-island plot? Only with Prevuze.

Thanks! :D

7:36 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I'm guessing the woman in the top picture is Kayla, and the guy is the one-eyed janitor to whom Jerry Springer gave the glass eye -- meaning Kayla has a thing for guys with eyepatches ...

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anybody notice the painting on the wall in the hallway is crooked when John and Marlena "race" to the car?

7:59 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Re: the crooked picture...are they are Lumi's place? Maybe that's a hold-over from the earlier bomb explosion.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Yes Nick and Lucas are cousins.
Lucas' dad is Bill Horton who's sister Marie is Nick's Grandmother.
Hope that's clear as mud now.

I am from IL so I will maintain forever that Salem is in IL.

8:13 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

The top photo looks like the patch wearing character from the show "Lost".
I did notice the crooked painting in the butt slapping video...and who goes running off slapping butts when your daughter is kidnapped. Only in Salem.
I stopped watching DOOL many months ago when I found prevuze. It's faster and more enjoyable to just read up here than waste time trying to fast forward DOOL.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Oh God, I hope Deb's predictions don't come true. Could we take one more trapped-in-the-castle or stranded-on-the-island plot? Only with Prevuze.

Amen, Bulldog!

we now have a "secret phone".

I want one so I can whisper logical plots into the shell pink ears of Squints to pass on to the writers.

Deb could use a phone too so she can tell the writers who is related to who and how so they can act appropriately when they wander into a large city separately and find each other or meet at that hotspot; the local hospital

1:45 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Or if their last name happens to be Dimera they can all meet at the "evil warehouse".


2:40 PM  
Blogger luvpumpkns said...

evil warehouse? you mean...phillip and belle's old apartment? lol.


7:47 PM  

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