Friday, July 20, 2007

Dirty Diaper Double Down

Folks, we are in an area with no broadband. We were unable to download the video and the audio came through garbled. This was the best we could do. We tried to fill in some of the blanks to come up with a reasonable facsimile of what was going on. When you watch this episode, any similarity between what you read in Prevuze and what actually happens in the show may be purely coincidental.

The readers ask, "How would that be different from any other Prevuze posting?"

Bo wants a dirty diaper bet double down. He tells Hope he thinks Colleen was about to commit a mortal no-no. Hope argues but, strangely, seems to come to the same conclusion, only with Bo, Colleen is on the verge of abandoning her vows to God, with Hope, it's romantic.

Colleen and Santo baby-sit Stefano and YOMB. They dance around each other. Are they chaperones, or do they need chaperones?

Jeremy and Max argue over the deal. Max wants to check things out. Jeremy says, "Been there, done that. Give me a break."

Max says, "I just want to keep track of things."

Jeremy says, "Keep track all you want. Just not tonight."

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen Snotanie tries to get under Chelsea's skin about Jett, "If you were rolling around on that beach blanket with Jett, would you still have dropped everything and worked this flight?"

Nick delivers the flowers to Sami and Lucas, "Uh, Sami, I think these flowers are beeping."

PANIC! Sami runs around the apartment screaming, "It'sabomb! It'sabomb! It'sabomb!" Apparently, it's a bomb.


Hope says Colleen wouldn't be the first novice to break her vows. Nor would she be the first girl who, for example, got swept away by a legend-spouting smoothie on some island to break her vows. Bo says things were different back then. Hope goes on to read more of Colleen's letter where she talks about being confronted with the temptations of the world, "Wondering how it would feel to know more than daily prayers, praying to know how it would feel to experience daily wonders. I have seen adventure in your eyes, Mr. DiMera."

Santo swears he is asking for nothing more than the pleasure of Colleen's company. He wonders why she has chosen this path since she is so beautiful. She protests and says there are more beautiful girls than she is. "Not one," says Santo. Colleen believes it is an honor to give her life to God. Santo agrees, "It is an honor indeed, but not one I understand. It is a pity to lose that which you do not have yet."

"Pity," yells Colleen, "Don't ye dare pity me, Mr. DiMera. I will toss ye over that bloof and splatter yer overblown ego along the rocky shores of Ireland, I will."

Chaos reigns in the Roberts apartment. Sami and Lucas find each other after the explosion, but Nick has apparently been blown to oblivion. Sami and Lucas scour the apartment and finally find him in the rubble. "OMG," says Lucas, "Quick! Somebody give me the number for 911! "

Hope's romantic speculation about a girl giving up everything to run off with a stranger morphs into romantic reminiscence about a girl hopping on a motorcycle with a guy and giving up everything to run off with him. It's the kind of temptation that only comes along once in a lifetime. Or gets dragged out for a lifetime if you're watching DOOL.

Colleen says Santo is a man running from heartache with no direction. She's not sure she wants to catch him on the rebound. He thinks he has direction. He gives her his word as a gentleman that he will not question her calling, on one condition... he wants to see her in a simple, beautiful dress. He begs her to meet him tomorrow.

Max and Jett talk. Max stews because Jeremy has shut him out of looking at the merchandise.

Sami and Lucas continue their panic-fest and speculate where the flowers came from. Nick fell to pieces when Chelsea rejected him and now has literally fallen to pieces on Sami's living room floor. Sami and Lucas work on Nick and assure him he will be all right. Lucas tells him he is a hero because he pushed Sami aside and saved her.

Bo and Hope argue over the letter. Bo thinks Santo is a perv, "What's next – a bathing suit contest? He's crossed the line.

Hope counters with a letter from Santo telling how enchanted he was seeing her walking in the moonlight "free of all restraint."

"She went? I can't believe it," gasps Bo, "I'll guarantee you, noting happened."

"Let's read the rest of the story, shall we," says Hope.

"You came," says Santo.

Colleen says, "You were sent to me to prove that I have chosen the right path. I have granted your wish and now I want to be free of you."

"I know for ceertin," says Santo, "I can never be free from you."

Nick regains consciousness yelling for Chelsea. OMG! The head injury must be worse than we first thought. Nick wants to call her, but Lucas tells him they will call for him. Top priority right now is getting him to the hospital. Lucas reminds Nick he came over saying he had something very important to tell them. OK. This is a graduate class in DOOL. If you didn't see the amnesia coming, please drop this class immediately and enroll in DOOL 101. "Huh," says Nick, "I have absolutely no idea what you guys are talking about.

Santo turns on the sweet-talk. He tells her about the world... New York City for starters.

When I was a garl," says Colleen, "I used to dream of seeing that grand lady halding her tarch high in the air. Tell me of New Yark."

He tells her of restaurants from all over the world, and crowds of people shoulder-to-shoulder looking like fish swimming upstream. He has her close her eyes, "Imagine yourself in a horse-drawn carriage riding through a park. And under your feet, the most amazing transportation system in the world, with stray dogs peeing in the gutters and winos passed out against the walls., or imagine going to the top of a skyscraper." She just can't imagine.

"Ees not to be imagined," says Santo, "Ees to be seen. Let me show you."

Colleen gasps, "I won't have any more of this talk!"

Santo says, "I don't want any talk either, Colleen. I want something different." Closer... closer...

The paramedics tend to Nick. He swears he doesn't remember the flowers. He says he was at the beach with Chelsea and the next thing he remembers is he was covered with dusty smoke. He's hot to find Chelsea and asks Sami and Lucas to help him. Slowly, something comes back to him, "I remember the fight... me and Chelsea... we're over."

Chelsea tells Stephanie it's not over with Nick, and for the last time there is nothing going on with her and Jett. Stephanie doesn't think so. She fuels the fire. Jett comes in. Chelsea doesn't want anything to do with him. He wants to talk about their conversation in the hot tub last night. They argue and she tells him to stop getting in their way.

Bo reads Colleen's words, "I don't know this woman living within my body. Our kiss was terrifying and thrilling all at once."

Santo and Colleen – Santo hopes there is more where that came from. Colleen suffers from post smoochal triste.

Nick insists he is OK. Sami and Lucas aren't sure. Lucas thinks Stefano did this, "He's given up on the stem cells and knows he's going to die, so he probably thinks he might as well take us with him." Sami frets.

Max and Chelsea talk. Max thinks Jeremy is a jerk and they need to get Stephanie away from him. Chelsea isn't convinced, so Max tells her about catching Jeremy at Bo and Hope's place with another girl, "She looked scared to death. Something really weird was going down. Her name was Ilsa and English was definitely not her first language. Blubbering was. We've got to tell Stephanie." Chelsea thinks Stephanie won't believe them even if they tell her, but Chelsea says she'll think about telling her anyway.

Max leaves as Stephanie comes in. She starts badgering Chelsea again, "I know what's on your mind. It starts with a J-E and ends with a double T."

Nick wanders off looking for Chelsea. He somehow gets hold of Hope on the phone who tells him Chelsea headed for Vegas. Nick hangs up and calls the airlines, "Hi. I need a ticket for Vegas. Fallon... Nicholas Fallon... I'm on my way to the airport right now."


Bo Says, "I just called Nick's bank. He used his credit card to purchase a ticket to Vegas. He should be landing pretty soon."

Nick and Jeremy walk into the hot tub area with Chelsea and Jett all smoochie-smoochie.

Roman says, "Now you two are headed someplace safe." Sami says, Let Stefano send all the DiMeras. Bring 'em on."

Stefano gasps, "Tony!" Tony says, "Yes, Stefano. It's so good to be back."


Blogger Applecheeks said...

Let me be the first to say: WELCOME BACK, PREVUZE.

Let me be one of the many to say: it took a few seconds to translate "bloof". HAHAHAHA

Great job under difficult circumstances, Prevuze. I can't wait to see "the kiss". Hope they actually show it!

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome back. loved your intro.

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Yay! Even without seeing the episode, Prevuze' descriptions are still better than the real thing.

OMG, Max is badgering Jerkemy AGAIN?!?? I'm almost hoping they toss him off the plane next time - mid flight. HAHAHA

I can relax and enjoy my Friday evening with Prevuze back! Thanks for continuting the effort to post.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

WHO said Sami would run around the apt shreiking and the bomb would go off blowing everyone up and Nick wouldn't remember anything......well??
Okay so I was off about EJ being there, but hey at least it proves I am in the DOOL Honor Roll!!!

Welcome back Prevuze!!

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are going to drag out this paternity thing for a while. They aren't creative enough to come out with a new story line that fast. I really really wish Kate would finally get arrested for all her blackmailing.

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Prevuze for the update! The day wasn't complete without your words! Oh, the pressure you are under! I just love ya!

According to the boards that are going crazy today, the paternity thing looks like it will be wrapped up in two weeks...and it isn't good. In fact, it is just wrong!

The only saving grace is that Nick got a phone call telling him of the results...and you never know who is on the other line. Also weird is that I thought Nick was the one who was doing the tests. Why is someone calling him with the results? Why didn't they just call Sami?

Is that too logical for Days?

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only in Days can someone get buried underneat rubble, memory loss of only the past hour, and catch a flight to Vegas all in one night

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Prevuze. Welcome back. What a great Saturday morning wake-up call.

Can't decide what I liked better, YOMB "Young Old Man Brady" or "get me the number for 911" Either way, loved the laughs!
P.S. We got the tickets......

3:55 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

LOL...the whole post had me in stitches...thanks!

5:05 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Yes! Prevuze is back!! Just the thing for a sorry sap like me working on a Saturday. That's what I get for taking Wed. off.

Drag out the paternity question again.Ugh!! Can we move on to something else like the Phimi baby?

I read in my local paper that Bart gets killed on the Aug.3 episode in a sword fight. They had an interview with the actor that plays him--something Blackwell.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like this whole letters from the past story. My guess is that Coleen isnt really dead and is an old woman somewhere and that she gave birth to Stephanos half bro or sister all of those yrs ago.Man i wonder what Stephano would think about that?!

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Steve Blackwood, I think, is the actor who plays Bart and I can't imagine why they would fire him. I think he's a real hoot and really sorry and mad to see him go!

7:51 AM  

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