Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lucky Lucifer And Nick The Geek

Stephanie chases Jeremy down as he chases Ilsa. She makes him agree to have dinner with her parents, and then he makes his escape. He tells her to have the new silk panties waiting for later.

Nick loses a hand and decides to skip the next one. Chelsea encourages him to quit while he's ahead or, sarcastically suggests he just up the limit on his credit card and go for broke. Nick insists his luck is going to change.

Chelsea tells him no one ever wins. Nick sees Pete across the table, who just keeps on winning. Pete wins another hand, turns to his bimbos and says, "Hey... winning isn't everything, you know... What am I talking about? Of course it is. WINNING IS EVERYTHING!" The babes paw Pete as he dishes out some of his winnings.

Kayla walks in as Patch tends bar. He's running a special for beautiful blondes, "Everything is on the house." Kayla has come from Hope's house, where she got to spend some time with Ciara.

Patch says, "She's beautiful when she isn't spitting up on you."

Kayla asks, "What do you think about us with a little..."

Patch interrupts, "Teddy bear?"

Kayla smiles, "A baby."

Patch says, "I'd a whole lot rather have a teddy bear."

Belle is stunned at Shawn's marriage proposal. Shawn stammers around waiting for an answer. Belle thought they were going to wait till they got settled. Smooches. Shawn decides to take that as a yes. Belle stares that blank stare of hers.

Jeremy asks Ilsa what she was doing in the casino, "You have to stay out of sight."

Ilsa says, "It won't happen again."

Jeremy says, "Just do your job."

Max walks up, "What job is that, Jeremy? 'Cause I'd sure like to know."

Belle says she has dreamed of this moment often. BUT... Shawn can live with any doubts she might have as long as he knows she's going to be Mrs. Brady someday soon.

Patch and Kayla discuss having a second chance. Kayla wants a baby. Patch reminds her of little things like work and responsibility. He ends the discussion. Kayla can't accept that. Patch makes a face. He says he would give her the world. Kayla says she doesn't want the world – she just wants a baby. Patch says he has been trying with Stephanie, but one of the things he isn't good at is being a dad.

Pete wins again. Chelsea tells Nick tomorrow Pete will be losing. It doesn't look that way to Nick, "You're a buzz kill." Chelsea leaves, and Pete wins again.

Pete gives part of his winnings to the play-for-pay girls, "Put this someplace where I can find it later." He turns to the dealer and says, "I'd like to hang around but my two friends are not just naughty they are downright dirty. I have to go upstairs and give them a bath."

Pete walks over to Nick, I couldn't help but notice you're little hottie split."

"Hottie," asks Nick, "I didn't realize blind people could be so good at cards." Pete assures him she'll come back if he starts winning.

"Some people call me Lucky Lucifer," says Pete.

"And some people call me Nick the Geek."

Pete puts his arm around Nick, "If a geek wants to win he's got to start growing some hair."

Stephanie and Chelsea discuss their men. Well, actually, they discuss Jeremy and Nick. Chelsea has issues with Jeremy. "What is your problem," asks Stephanie, "Are you disappointed all you've ever had is a geek like Nick?" A referee steps in and penalizes Stephanie for a low blow.

Jeremy and Max argue about Ilsa. Max thinks it's quite a coincidence she is staying at the same hotel as Jeremy. Jeremy wants to end the discussion. Max tells him this isn't over.

Nick is insulted by Pete's remark. He asks him to step outside. Pete tells him, "All I meant was, you're not playing. There are forces in the universe that you can't buck, but you can influence. You have to play with more money to influence them. If you're gonna gamble, GAMBLE." He lets Nick in on a secret. He has a good luck charm – his pappy's glass eye.

Shawn puts on the sales pitch, "It will be great for Claire."

Back at Bo and Hope's house, Claire surfs the Internet...

Shawn insists, "It's not about Phillip, but I want him out of our lives." Translation: It's about Phillip. Belle just wants to be sure. Shawn says, "I thought it was about me. I thought I had a lot of growing up to do. I guess I'm not the only one." He hesitates for a minute, "Scratch that. I didn't mean it to sound like that."

Belle says, "It's not that. God knows, we both have more growing up to do than Claire. You just surprised me."

"Oh," says Shawn, "Next time I'll give you advanced notice. I'll call you up and you can circle it with a big red marker on your calendar."

The girl is as sharp as a tack under a steamroller, "You're making fun of me! You know, I haven't officially said no yet." He picks her up, tosses her around and the whole thing devolves into giggle and tickle. Things get serious.

Max wants to know why Jeremy is evading him. Jeremy turns to Ilsa and asks her to tell him why she is there. She says she comes to Vegas a lot and she knows people there. Max says he doesn't like the way Jeremy makes his money. Jeremy asks, "Why do you take it, then?"

Chelsea says Jeremy isn't even her type. Stephanie senses there is something more, "If you have something to say, say it."

"OK," says Chelsea, "The guy is cheating on you."

Nick thinks the glass eye is gross. Pete tells him the story of his pappy. His luck was bad. He got caught with a marked deck. That's when they beat him and he lost his eye. He found the glass eye in a pawnshop in St. Louis, popped it in and from that moment, started winning big, "He said the eye saw things. He gave it to me on his deathbed. The eye has never let me down. Try it, Nick. Let's see if you can grow some hair."

Kayla tells Patch to stop blaming himself for not raising Stephanie. She swears things will get better with her.

"Couldn't get a whole lot worse," says Patch. He tells her a kid shouldn't be a second chance to make things right. He's happy and he doesn't need a baby to make his life better.

Belle wants a rematch. Shawn says he pinned her fair and square, "Tell me, are you dumping me?"

"Why would you say something like that," asks Belle, "I love you. I don't want to dump you. I want us to be open about things. I know you blew off that job interview, and you didn't get on that plane."

Kayla says she doesn’t need a baby to make her happy. She thinks it would make their lives richer. Patch has issues. He wouldn't know how to raise a baby. Kayla says a child of theirs would love him as much as she does. He doesn’t want to end up raising a kid like Jeremy.

Max and Jeremy argue. Max tells him to take his money and shove it. Jeremy says Max can't handle Vegas and the partnership is over. Isn't this the part where Max is supposed to remind Jeremy he's doing all this with money he borrowed from Max?

Nick wins again. He thanks Pete. His winnings are up to $22,400, and he wants to bet the rest of the pile.

Stephanie says, "Jeremy would never cheat on me."

"You're right," says Chelsea with a whole lot of sarcasm, "Max saw him at my parents house with a girl."

"Max hates him," says Stephanie, "He's lying. You and Max are rotten friends. I hate you both."

Chelsea says she's trying to be a true friend. Max thought she should tell her sooner but she couldn't because she knew how upset she would be. Stephanie insists it can't be true, "If it is, and it's not, what would you do?"

Chelsea says, "After I thought of a million ways to get back, I'd get in his face and make sure he knew he'd never mess with me again. But you won't do that because Jeremy would never cheat on you." She leaves.

Nick wants to do something really nice for Chelsea. Pete says the eye is only good for one more hand. Nick bets it all. The dealer tells him he can't – the table has a $1,000 limit. Pete steps in and tells her to bend the rules. She lets Nick bet the whole pile and deals. Nick gets a sixteen, "That's not good. If I get more than a five, I go bust."

Pete points the eye at the deck of cards, "You're OK. The next card is a four."

"How do you know," asks Nick.

"I've been counting cards," says Pete, "Keep it quiet or they'll throw me out of here."

Max tells Jeremy walking out on the deal is fine with him. Jeremy says there is outstanding business. Max says, "I'll keep my mouth shut unless you are running more than knockoffs. If that's the case I'll drop a dime on you."

Kayla shows Patch Ciara's pictures. Patch likes the pictures; it's kids he can't stand. Seeing the picture doesn't make him want one.

Kayla whines, "There are so many needy kids who need a home."

"Not the Johnson home," growls Patch.

Kayla thinks it's a shame for a needy child to miss out on a father like Steve. He tells her it's not for him, "The kind of things you do with kids are gone for me. That boat has sailed."

Shawn rages that Phillip told Belle about the job interview. He says everything about that job would have been about Phillip. He thinks he can build a future for them at the garage. If he had taken the job in Cleveland, he would have been missing out on everything. Belle agrees but wants to know what he did on the fourth. Shawn flashes back to changing the tickets. He tells her he didn't go anywhere, "I just drove around. So many living rooms, so little time."

"Hit me and make it hurt," says Nick. The dealer turns over a four. Nick has a 20; the dealer has 19. Nick yells, "I WON FIFTY GRAND! Thank you, Pete! This is all because of your pappy's eyeball." Nick goes to cash in.

Chelsea comes back and asks if Stephanie still hates her. Jeremy walks up before she can answer. Chelsea asks where Nick is. Stephanie says she saw him counting some cash, "Maybe you should put some tabs on him."

Chelsea looks at Jeremy, "Maybe you should put some on him." Chelsea leaves.

Jeremy wants to know why Chelsea is so hung up on the loser. Stephanie defends Nick. Jeremy wonders what's with her. He suggests one of his famous backrubs. Stephanie isn't in the mood.

Nick counts his money. Chelsea finds him and he tells her he won, "We are rich, and we are in Vegas. Let's get married."

Pete turns to the dealer, "Anything the skinny kid won, put it on my tab."

"Why did you do that for a stranger," asks the dealer.

"I did it for love," says Pete, "I'm a romantic I guess."

On his way out, Pete comes across a janitor with an eye Patch sweeping up. He holds up the glass eye, "Hey, pal, did you lose this? I found it under a table. You should keep a better eye on your eye. It's a lucky eye."

Max knocks on a door. Creepo answers. Max asks how to find Ilsa. Creepo is reluctant to say anything until Max roughs him up. "Are you a pimp," asks Creepo, "She's a hooker."

"I want to know how to find her NOW," says Max.

Patch says Kayla had years to adopt a kid. Kayla says she didn't because she wanted a full time dad. Patch admits she's wearing him down and he's thinking about it. They agree to talk it through. Patch wants to leave time for other things besides a kid in their life. He comes to her side of the booth. Smooch.

Shawn is sorry Belle had to find out from Phillip. He thinks he messed things up. Belle thinks they both did. "So what do we do now," asks Shawn.

Belle gets on her knees, "We still have some unfinished business. Will you marry me?"

Shawn asks, "You're proposing to me?"

Belle asks, "Are you gonna marry me or not?" Shawn says yes. Hugs. Belle goes back to that stare. FF.


Chelsea says, "The answer is no." Nick asks, "No – you don't want to get married at all, or is this about some problem you have with me?"

EJ says, "I care very deeply about Samantha." Marlena says, "Get a hold of that so-called father of yours. Tell him to find Sami and get her back here."

Lucas snorts, "You've gotta be kidding me." Tony says, "I wish I were, Lucas. You know, I don't think any of us are going to see Samantha any time soon." Marlena and Roman stand by.

Stefano tells Rolf, "I wish it could be different but we must make this sacrifice." Sami lies unconscious.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Bulldog JM picture is hilarious.

6:42 AM  
Anonymous t67days said...

Okay, how many of you wanna bet that Kayla and Patch unknowingly end up adopting Phillip/Mimi's baby ?!!

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

67, I like your theory about Patch and Kayla with Phillip's baby! I don't get the whole 'glass eye' - winning thing? Why did that guy end up 'helping' Nick? And did Nick really win the money - or did the guy end up taking it (put it on my tab comment)?

This Belle and Shawn thing... pleeeez, these two shouldn't get married. If they were all 'lovey-dovey' it would be different. But they are bickering all the time. And now all of the lies... what's up with that? I feel a reversal of the whole Mimi - Shawn storyline, somehow.

I wish Belle and Phil would actually end up together again. At least he is a little more mature and well-off to raise a kid. But I doubt that's gonna happen!

Steve and Kayla having a baby? Yikes... Is Steve cured or is he still a 'nut-case'? I'd love to see him flip out in front of a social-worker's interview! Hey remember that social worker that was dealing with Belle and Shawn... wouldn't it be funny if they went to adopt and SHE was their case worker??? LOL! She hated Steve!

Ok, enough wishing what the writers would do... I doubt anything that interesting will happen! LOL!

Thanks Prevuze! Great review again. Keep up the good work.

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Knowing DOOL, I'm afraid t67 might be onto something. The way Kayla nags it's a wonder Steve doesn't head for the hills - or back to the gal at the bar in Ohio or wherever it was. He looked pretty happy there.

Belle is just like Marlena. I think Marlena loves being with Squints but having Pard always worship her from afar. Same thing with Belle and Jr and Phil. I wish they'd get some really gorgeous, intelligent woman for Phil and then Belle would be stuck with Bozo Jr.

I'm still laughing over the additional FedEx routes and Payla adopting their own grandkid. HAHAHA

Great Prevuze!

7:32 AM  
Blogger BEBE said...

I just wish they would tie up a few loose ends already. Too much dangling going on. I love these reviews though

7:38 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

"too sleazy for Springer", LOL along with all the other great pics! Not to mention the Prevuisms like, Claire surfing Poor kid!

For once getting constantly fobbed off on various sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, teeny bopper babysitters and nannies as is the norm for Salem babies might really be best for the poor girl. HAHAHA

Recycled script alert! Shawn can "live with doubts" as long as Belle marries him?? Wasn't this the speach that Philip gave Belle when HE proposed?

Jerry Springer as The Gambler and the whole fake lucky glass eye storyline is lame, even by DAYS' sub-standard plots level.

Great Prevuze today!

8:17 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

t67: You MAY have a thought there!!!

Yeah it would be wild but it would be such a heartbreak for Kayla!!
Remember how she and Patch were so torn up when Benji turned out to be Stefano's son?

I am not sure she could handle having to give up another child she loves.
That would so suck.

On the other hand, we really aren't sure the baby is a Phimi baby!
It could very well be a Phelle baby!
With all the petri dish swaps I don't know if "the glove" even knows which one is which.

I am sooo exicted watching the Tony/Andre/Stefano scenes. Even EJ is doing a better job.
Now if we could just kick the DOOL 90210 crowd to he curb and lose the incredibly STUPID Vegas storyline, we may actually have a soap opera here.

Now for some

Kate asks for Stefano's help!
Kate? Kate who?

Shawn is approached by a familiar figure. No reports of Mimi coming back so no clue who this would be

Steve Blackwood, it is revealed that Bart will die in a sword fight on August 3rd.Damn that will suck, he was the only real comic relief the show had

In two weeks: Sami and Lucas learn that Lucas is the father of the twins! Damn I was so wanting them to be EJ's

Bo and Lexie set a trap for Andre.
Lexie!!! Someone remembered she was around.

Nick finally remembers the results of Sami's paternity test.Now if he could just remember not to pick up beeping flowers

That is all my crystal ball has gone dark.

9:00 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I'm probably the only person on the face of the planet who is still hoping against hope that the Phimi baby is actually a Shimi baby -- I just LOVED them together! Belle is just too much of a spoiled rich kid brat for Shawn -- and it's starting to show in her taste for the "good life" that Philip is tempting her with. Oh, well, I guess we'll find out in a year or two when the writers finally make up their minds whose baby it really is ...

And Deb, as for the familiar figure, could it possibly be Lauren, the surrogate? Or maybe Jan come back from the "near-dead" ...!

9:08 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Oh, and just another thought --

Wouldn't it be great if Sami went into premature labor, the twins are actually born, and then Stefano takes the stem cells, which do him no good since the babies are Lucas', and he dies, leaves his empire to Andre, and then TONY IMPERSONATES ANDRE to run the whole shibang? Talk about turnabout being fair play -- would that be awesome or what??!?!

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still laughing over the Sami/Nick picture!

9:50 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Steve Blackwood, it is revealed that Bart will die in a sword fight on August 3rd. Damn that will suck, he was the only real comic relief the show had

Except for everything else on the show. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sorry. I couldn't help it. Must... exercise... control...

10:03 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

He tells her to have the new silk panties waiting for later.

Disgusting. I feel like I need to watch after reading about these sexcapades. Why does Days insist on forcing these poorly written storylines on us?

In SOW, someone wrote in complaining about Jerk how a Robin-Mike son would never act like that and talking about his bleached hair. Right on. I hope Hogan reads that.

I want at least one of Sami's babies to be EJ's.

I wish Days would put Chelsick back together and happy.

I also want Belle and Philip together. Let Shawn do whatever. I don't like him anymore.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

He tells her to have the new silk panties waiting for later.

Disgusting. I feel like I need to watch after reading about these sexcapades.

Oops, that should be wash not watch. My bad.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the old Belle and Shawn together(ya know, Kristen Storm and whatshisface). I like new Belle and new Philip, and wish they could end up together for all the days of their lives. But alas, it won't happen.
The whole 90210 s/l is getting on my last freaking nerve.

If you guys want to have lots of fun, go check out some of these days fan sites. They are hilarious!!! I swear people forget they are watching a soap opero.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

cfish said...
I'm probably the only person on the face of the planet

Try in the whole universe cfish! Mimi was a stinky actress with the whining and the "I HAVE to tell you something...." then nothing. I was tired, tired, tired of it.

Now Anna....she rox! (That's rock with an "x"!) Funny, piffy, shallow.... love it love it.

I'm sorry Bart is going... he was funny too.

A good storyline would be if Stephano took the stem cells, killed her twins (that would be sad cause I have twins) and he lived for the Brady revenge! I can see it now, prank phone calls, cars thru walls, Squint Karate moves, and the ultra secret weapon... Belle's whine!

11:16 AM  
Blogger L said...

When jack tried to foster Hannah, his past as a man who "assaulted" his first wife made it impossible. he was told he didn't even meet the minimum standards. Naturally, Steve's past will be of no consequence.

The whole Stephanie/Steve thing is horrid. Absolutely horrid. I miss Shayna so much. Why write her as a vapid idiot whining jerk who lets Jeremy treat her like garbage?

And if Jeremy is going to treat her like garbage, why not resurrect the whole duke/jo thing and have Steve, Jack and Adrienne frantically trying to keep Stephanie out of an abusive relationship. Man, Jeremy wouldn't know what hit him if he met angry jack trying to protect his niece.

And speaking of, how can Jennifer's nephew- Alice and Tom's great grandson be that much of a loser?

Oh. I get it. Lousy writers. Yeah. that's how come.

And finally - if S&K did adopt, who better to talk to than Adrienne who herself adopted children and JACK who was adopted.

I'll say it again for the millionth time - get rid of all the stupid fluff stories and focus on the johnson family past and present. It's a gold mine.

11:34 AM  
Blogger L said...

fwiw, I think Farah was a lousy actress and mimi was stupidly written. And that lip gloss. Man, it just made her more annoying. I can't stand max either

11:39 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I like the old Belle and Shawn together(ya know, Kristen Storm and whatshisface)

Jason "Don't-Bogart-That-Joint-My-Friend" Cook

11:56 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I like this Belle, the old Shawn, the old Philip, and this new Philip.

If they brought a better Shawn on, I might like Shelle, but until then, I'm a Phelle girl.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn's familiar figure approaching him..Bonnie!
She was the one trying to extort money from Phillip.
Just a guess!

12:34 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

Isn't Bonnie in jail?

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I HATE WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO STEPHANIE! They FINALLY had a character on that wasn't an F-up and turned her into a complete, air-headed loser! It just drives me up the wall! Please Please Please! Can we PLEEEASE have the old Stephanie back?! She would NEVER have put up with Jerkemy...never, never, never! I'm so sick of these storylines that make women look like useless, helpless, desperate, ding dongs.

Sorry. Just had to vent. ;)

2:33 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Someone who TiVo'd today's episode please confirm this for me, I did and I replayed it like a million times to be sure.

When Shawn comes in to the pub and sits down to talk to Bille, as he is sitting I SWEAR he says "Kate".
When I first heard it I thought, NO WAY so I replayed it thinking maybe he said "hey" or something else.
BUT NO, I SWEAR he says KATE!!!!

What a blooper!!!

Someone please see if you don't hear it!

4:40 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

Deb --

I'm not sure, mind you, but what I think you heard was Billie in her deep, husky voice saying "eight" -- she was repeating a phone number someone was reading off to her over the phone. Listen to it again and see if that doesn't make sense.

5:08 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

But if that is Bille why do Shawn's lips move????

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Deb -

I replayed mine and I think the first thing he says is "Hey". I agree that it was Billie saying the number right before she hung up.

Does anyone else think the Vegas casino looks like the walls and glass window could've come from either Mythic, Titan or Basic Black? Looked familiar to me. (Not to mention they aren't quite your typical casino gaudy walls. HA)

7:32 PM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Well, I don't know about the set, Bulldog, but now I know why the tweenies have had the suite all to themselves this trip. All the day players are now milling around the "casino".

7:58 PM  
Blogger luvpumpkns said...

you're not alone c-fish. you would be surprised how many mimi fans are out there. i think she had a good story up until that whole paternity scandal.


3:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Anyone else think that EJ set it up to make it look like Lucas is the father. I'm thinking he would be feeling pretty desperate to save those babies and what better way. They are no good to Stephano if they don't share the same DNA. I think the look on his face when Sami yelled at him was because he was hurt by her reaction but he is probably hoping when they are born and she finds out what he did to save them..,that she'll change her feelings for her and see that he really does love her and want what is best. I think this story line isn't over..,it would be to easy.
I predict at least one of those Babes is still EJ's.

1:28 PM  

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