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Stoned In The Public Square

Hope can't believe the resemblance between EJ and Santo. Sami is stunned. She goes to the kitchen for some water. Roman thinks this explains Stefano's fascination with Sami. Roman says Anna was supposed to meet him there, "Tell her I waited as long as I could, even though I've only been here three minutes, and make sure Sami is OK." Roman leaves.

Sami comes back out and asks where Roman is. Hope tells her he left and asks if she is OK. "It's just like starring in my own Twilight Zone episode," says Sami. It's creepy."

"If you want creepy," says Hope, "star in an episode of DOOL."

Sami says she and EJ are bonded for life with the twins she is carrying. Hope reminds her Lucas is her true bond. Sami thinks he will freak out when he sees the photos.

"He's not going to see them," says Hope, "I'm going to put them away for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Sami asks, "What about EJ? Can you put him away, too?"

Lucas asks EJ, "We've been back from the safe house for, what, two hours? What took you so long?"

John and Marlena reminisce about St. Tony and "prepare for liftoff." I think the plane is going to take off, too. Anna interrupts their game of tonsil hockey and announces she is going with them.

Stefano sits in the pub with Bo and booms, "Why have I been summoned to this low rent beer hall?" Bo says they could have done this down at the station but he prefers mano-a-mano. Stefano wonders when the other mano is going to arrive. He asks why Bo wouldn't let him see his son Tony. Bo tells Stefano the man on the roof was Phony Tony. He whips out some papers. Stefano asks, "What is this?"

Bo says, "A DNA report. It proves Tony DiMera had his life stolen from him by the person he trusted the most – dear old Dad." Stefano sighs.

John tells Anna she can't go with them. Anna rants and protests. She says they don't even know for sure they will find the real Tony, "One kiss and I'll know he's the real McCoy. You can bet your bottom dollar."

John relents. Anna hauls John off to help with her overnight bag.

Sami says, "Lucas and I have talked about this but every time I bring up 'moving on,' he just hears the word 'forgive.' Whenever I bring up compassion or tolerance, Lucas thinks that means I have a soft spot for EJ."

"Do you?"

"I don't have those kinds of feelings for EJ. I mean what kind of person would I be if..."

Marlena interrupts, "Sami, feelings are feelings. You can't wish them away. In fact, sometimes fighting them makes them even stronger."

EJ tells Lucas he's there to talk, not to fight. Lucas breathes a sigh of relief. Lucas can't imagine what EJ could possibly have to say that would interest him, but invites him in anyway. EJ wants to be completely honest with Lucas, "I envy you more than you will ever know."

"You think I don't know that," asks Lucas, "Everybody in Salem knows you want Sami." EJ says he is sorry. Lucas snorts, "For what, lusting after her or raping her? Tell me what you want. I don't want her coming back here and finding you."

"I want peace."

"You already got a piece,"

EJ says he respects Lucas role as the father of the babies and understands he doesn't have any moral rights. Lucas is a well-balanced guy. He has a chip on both shoulders. "You don't have any rights at all," he snorts.

EJ reminds Lucas, no matter how the children were conceived, the fact remains they are his. He knows that is tough for Lucas to accept, but asks him to try.

"You want my respect," says Lucas, "Then give up your parental rights and stay the hell away from my family."

Hope thinks Sami has been on an emotional roller coaster. Sami says she should want to kill EJ for what he did to her; in fact she blurts out that she did try to kill him. Hope is shocked. Sami tells her the whole explosive story. Hope says Sami couldn't do it because she isn't a murderer.

"It isn't that," cries Sami, "I couldn't do it because I didn't want him dead."

John and Marlena maul each other. Anna clears her throat, "Is there some place I could change?"

John thinks for a moment, "Pittsburgh."

When the rollicking laughter stops, Anna explains she hasn't seen Tony for over 20 years and, "I can't meet him looking like this." John directs her to the back of the plane. "Carry on," says Anna.

Stefano thinks Bo's story is poppycock. Bo tells him John and Marlena are on their way to find Tony right now. Stefano asks what if they don't find him. "We look for a body," says Bo.

Stefano asks, "Are you insinuating I would have my own son killed?"

"In a heartbeat," says Bo, "St. Tony wasn't like you. He didn't get involved in the vendetta. That's probably why you had him sent away." They talk about the family feud, "When does this damn thing end?"

"That's what the viewers are asking," says Stefano.

Shawn Sr. walks up, "IT DOESN'T!" So there they stand... OMB and Stefano... face to face... beer gut to beer gut.

Sami fesses up, "I didn't want him dead because he was my friend and I liked him. And I actually thought he liked me." Hope asks why EJ wouldn't like her. Sami says because she is the town pariah. She has done horrible things to people who cared about her. EJ accepted her.

"He betrayed you," says Hope, "He raped you."

"He was brainwashed by Stefano," says Sami, "That's a better excuse than I have for the stunts I have pulled. I just want to believe he is different now. I want to give him another chance just like you and everyone else gave me another chance." Hope wonders if all the kindness and understanding was an act.

Sami says, "He's a really screwed up guy. But he wants to be a better person."

Hope asks, "Does he want that or do you want that."

"We both do."

Please join Sami Brady Roberts in celebrating "Be Kind To Rapists Week"

Lucas and EJ go another round. Lucas thinks EJ is just using the kids to get close to Sami. EJ insists he will love the twins. Lucas tells him he doesn't even know what love is. "Perhaps they will teach me," says EJ.

"Really," says Lucas, "Even when they find out how they came to be." Lucas is definitely not with the program when it comes to 'Be Kind To Rapists Week.'

John and Marlena invent new positions on the couch as Anna comes back into the cabin. "Am I a sight for sore eyes or what," asks Anna. Marlena unwraps one leg from around John's throat and the other from the seat cushion and tells Anna they are going to an island, not a cocktail party. Anna just wants Tony to remember her the way she was.

John jumps up, swishes around, sticks a hand on his hip and says, "You know, I'm beginning to feel insecure, too. Do you think he'll like my outfit?" Finally, the old John is completely back from his coma. he reminds Anna she is really there to help them positively identify Tony, "Everything else can wait."

Anna remembers the acrobatic scene she walked into, "Apparently not with you two."

John and Marlena wonder if Tony knows about the vendetta and also knows how to end it. John thinks he does, if he is still alive. The plane begins its descent.

OMB wants to leave the vendetta in the past. Bo wants to hear about it. "Yes, Shawn," says Stefano, "Tell your boy how you murdered your own sister."

OMB staggers off. Bo turns to Stefano and insists OMB didn't kill anyone. "Don't ask for the truth if you're not willing to hear it," says Stefano, "Starting tonight I am going to end this vendetta my way. I'm going to see to it that there are no more Bradys left to torment."

Roman interrupts and asks for a quick word with Bo. He asks if Bo knows where Anna is. Bo tells him John called and said she was going on the trip with them, "Apparently she is the only one who can positively ID Tony."

The veins pop out of Roman's neck, "What, with more kissing?"
Bo says, ""She'll probably start there and then... What? You got a problem with that?" Who? Roman? Heavens no.

John of the Jungle walks through the primitive village in his Maharishi jungle outfit calling for Tony. Marlena follows. Suddenly Tony comes galloping up followed by a couple of island nymphs. Marlena and St. Tony have a world-class reunion. Tony introduces Li-li and Lo-la. Marlena introduces Dum-dum.

"What happened to Roman," asks Tony.

"Roman who," asks Marlena – Evans – Craig – Black – Brady – North - Black.

"How did you find me," asks Tony.

Marlena cries, "It's such a long story."

The viewers cry, "You got that right."

Hope says, "Sami, honey, I can see how conflicted you are."

Translation: Conflicted – A euphemism for screwed up.

Sami says she just wants what's best for her kids. Hope tells her to make sure she is doing the right thing. Sami asks Hope to keep this conversation to herself, "I don't want to be stoned in the public square."

"John's been – there – done - that," says Hope, "And it wasn't pleasant."

Sami tells her she enjoyed reading the love story but they both know it has an unhappy ending: years afterward it will be chronicled in a second-rate television program called "Days Of Our Lives." Sami leaves.

EJ admits it's possible his behavior could lose him the love of his children. He's already lost Lucas love. He tells Lucas that is their decision, not Lucas'. Lucas says he will love the kids because they are Sami's. If EJ wants to be a father to them, he won't stand in his way, "But if you do anything to hurt Sami, I'll make sure you never see those kids again."

Bo and Roman leave the room. Stefano tells Rolf to start calling in favors, "I want every one of our associates at our disposal. We are going after those Bradys with both barrels." Rolf asks if that is wise. Stefano jumps down his throat for questioning him. Rolf says he isn't, but is concerned about what this will do to Stefano's health. He has to concentrate on getting the stem cells. Stefano says this is about more than the stem cells. It's about payback, "Because of Bo, Andre may not make it through the night. After twenty years of his loyalty, this cannot and will not go unpunished."

John, Marlena and Tony sit around and play a game called "Twenty years in twenty seconds." So Tony is now completely up to date. He now knows about all the crimes Andre committed in his name, which is what Stefano promised when he exiled him. Tony asks about "little Samantha." Marlena and John drop the EJ – stem cell – twins bomb on Tony.

Tony asks, "Without Sami's consent?"

"Trust me," says Marlena, "Without her consent." She and John ask Tony if he knows anything about how the vendetta started.

He knows for sure Colleen was murdered and Santo made Stefano swear he would carry the grudge until the end of his days, "Stefano holds the key. It's a literal key. He keeps it on him all the time." Marlena asks what the key opens. Tony thinks for a minute, "All I know is it had something to do with the vendetta and how to end it."

Stefano holds the key and says, "There is only one way to end this vendetta peacefully, and this is the key; both literally and figuratively. It's too bad no one will be around to know what secrets it holds."

Bo comes back. Stefano tells him he is tired and wants to go home. Bo won't let him until he tells him what he means about ending the vendetta his way. Stefano can't do that. He's going to see that his father's death wish goes to its inevitable conclusion if it is the last thing he does, "Am I free to go, detective?"

"You can go to hell!"

"I look forward to seeing you there. Ciao."

Bo flings something off one of the tables and scowls.

EJ swears he will never do anything that will hurt Sami or the children. Lucas shakes hands with him, "I'm agreeing for Sami and the kids, that's all." What a relief. Now we can all celebrate 'Be kind to rapists week.' Feel the love.

Sami busts in and sees them, "What's going on? What – no bloodshed?" EJ tells her she might be pleased with what they have to tell her.

Tony doesn't think it will be easy to get the key. Marlena suggests distracting Stefano. John stops her and tells her to forget about it. Marlena agrees and says in that case, they will go back to Salem and get the key with Tony's help. Tony sighs. He has no intention of going back to Salem - ever.

Bo tells Hope about his conversation with Stefano. He wonders where and when he will strike next.

Lucas and EJ tell Sami they have decided to be civil to each other for the sake of the kids. "I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders," says Sami.

"That must be something other than your head," says EJ, "There is no weight in a vacuum."

EJ starts to leave. Sami stops him, "EJ... Thank you." He turns and goes.

Sami sees roses and the room has been set up for a romantic evening. What with Lucas sort of making peace with EJ and all this, Sami thinks she is the luckiest person in the world. Hugs.

Dr. Rolf walks down the hall with a bouquet of flowers. He places it at Sami and Lucas' door and sticks a beeping electronic device inside. FF flowers.


Nick holds the bouquet at Sami's open door, "Hey, Sami... I think these flowers are beeping."

Tony tells John and Marlena, "Stefano DiMera is no longer a part of my life."

Jerkemy puts his arm around Stephanie and says to Max, "If you're upset about something, let's hear about it."

Chelsea says to Nick, "If you have a problem about me going to Vegas for work, maybe you are right. Maybe we should break up."


Blogger Applecheeks said...

HEL-LO Prevuze! I was getting worried there for a while. Thought perhaps DiMera minions had managed to derail you once again.

Loved the Fernakaetin' picture. And, I'll just never learn, I had a mouth full of liquid when I got to the boobs at this table picture and now have a keyboard to wipe down. LOL

Wherever the uncharted island is, it also appears to be a 10 minute flight from Salem. AND small enough that John & Marlena can find Tony after a five minute walk through the jungle.

I LOVE the storyline, love the way they are taking this story, but I do have a big bone to pick....the pacing. I swear, they will drag out stupid, pointless, boring SLs FOREVER. Yet they are plunging through this plot like they can't wait for it to be over!! Within a 2-3 episode span they unmask faux-Tony as Andre, discover where real-Tony is, and actually find him and his island. Seems to me they could have played this out a little longer!!

Prevuze, you were so welcomed this morning!!

6:23 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Applecheeks -- I agree about the pacing. The really boring stuff they drag out for weeks, and then the interesting stuff that would actually hold our interest for a while they just bolt right through in a couple of days. I mean, the whole map thing -- they could have easily stretched that story out for a few episodes -- you know, look for a "real" map, can't find it, and THEN have someone come to the "Bart's back" realization. Oh, well.

And this literal interpretation thing the writers have going is getting a little silly. First "Bart's back", and now the "key" that Stefano holds. Next we'll find out that the stem cells Stefano needs come from flower stems ...

6:48 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

Love the Prevuze this morning. I agree that what shouldn't be dragged out IS and what should linger is NOT.... That's DOOL for ya.

Unless I read incorrectly, I find it amazing how Marlena can tell Sami "feelings are feelings" and when we turn around, she's on a plane with John mauling him.

On another note - the alignment of the planets must have Venus up on top cause is it me or are alot of the chics on this show horny all of a sudden? lol By the way - has Anna been fed? She hasn't mentioned food while reminding us she wants to kiss Tony.

Wouldn't it be a hoot if Claire really was Phillips and Mimi's baby really Shawn's baby. That would be AWESOME..... I think Belle still has a thing for Phillip due to her damsel in distress gene liking his hero complex. I can only hope that Shawn is not dumb'd down any more than he already has. It's bad enough the actor has more bad hair days than I do in humid weather.

Hey maybe Phillip and Mimi will hook up and raise the baby that's really Shawn's while Belle-n-Shawn raise Phillip's baby. Then when they're teens find out that the results were swapped YET AGAIN....

Lastly - I wonder if Stefano's key holds the secret that is really a note saying "you've been punked!" - lol

Ok - one more thing. I wonder if Sami really likes EJ...

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Well, that's it! I had to stop reading and stifle my laughing when I got to John of the Jungle in his cool outfit. I can't wait to see this.

And Jolena made out the whole plane trip? (Of course as Applecheeks pointed out it must've been a very short trip. HA)

Nooooo! Not back to the Grope in the Sky stuff tomorrow. I hope Deb's comment yesterday will come true and TPTB at DOOL are reading the magazine comments asking for the end of that stupidity.

Great Prevuze and pictures today, the image of the Great White Hunter John will keep me going all day. HAHAHAHA

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angel, of course Sami likes EJ. She was attracted to him since the first time she laid eyes on him - all of him. HA

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, at least the 'Days' writers are finally getting it. I'm glad to see they are finally addressing the 'rape' issue. However, couldn't they have made EJ act alittle more remorseful? He really should be bending over backwards for Sami. And Lucas really would have every right to kicking EJ's *ss (that's about as high up lil' Lucas could reach!).

I knew Sami had a thing for EJ from the beginning, but I really thought the 'rape' thing would turn it to discust! You would think?

Can you beleive how FAST the whole Andre, Tony, Marlena, John and Anna stuff is moving - yet this Stefanie, Jeremy, Jett thing is 'creeeepppping' along!?!?

I wonder what the 'Days' writers have in store once this Tony-Stefano and Jeremy-Max storyline pans out?
I hope they really focus on the Phimi baby! I would LOVE to see Phill actually find true love. He COULD be someone the viewers could really respect (with his military background), however, they would actually have to see him in a more compassionate role!


Great job Prevuze! Keep up the GREAT work!

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is JMO?

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just my opinion

8:26 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Angel: Claire, IS Shawn's, there have been enough DNA tests (real and otherwise) to prove that.

Now what could be a possibility is that the baby everyone thinks is Phillip and Mimi's COULD be Belle and Shawn's OR Belle and Phillip's

I actually had to go back to JUNE 29th OF LAST YEAR!! to read the switch story and even then I had to make a chart to keep track.
The switch went like this:

Dish 1 - Mimi's egg (M)
Dish 2 - Belle's egg (B)

The glove switches the lids with the names so now
Dish 1 - B
Dish 2 - M

The eggs get fertilized Belle's with Shawns in Dish 1 - BS (kind of appropriate LOL) and
Mimi with Phillip in Dish 2 - MP

Now the glove switches the lids back so
Dish 1 - MP
Dish 2 - BS

Now the eggs are transferred into our moms. Belle gets her baby with Shawn - BS
and the Surrogate gets the MP baby.

Now comes the fun part,
Did the double switch happen
Belle was implanted?????

If Belle had the procedure BEFORE the glove switches the dishes so the empty BS dish is on the MP tray and visa versa.
We can only assume this is done so the "mistake" will be found out.


In a Prevuze recap it is pointed out that the double switch MAY have happened AFTER Belle was implanted, which means she was carrying the MP baby and the surrogate was implanted with the BS baby.


DNA tests were done that showed Phil's sperm were present in the dish MARKED Mimi and Shawn's were present in the dish MARKED Belle.

The question is during the second switch did the glove switch the ENTIRE dish or JUST the lid?
AND when did the switch happen??

Add into the confusion Bonnie was hanging around A LOT during all this and may have done a switch of her own, and there MAY have been a THIRD switch that didn't show up on the episode.

The only thing we are SURE of is there was a Phimi baby and a Shelle baby created. Unless of course Bonnie pulled a switch before the fertilization that we didn't see...........

I need a Tylenol.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So do I (need a Tylenol), and I didn't write it, just read it. Who knows when the truth of the biological parents will finally be known?!?!

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

applecheeks... I too almost lost my coffee all over my keyboard over those two captions. great job previews!

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the pictures and the "Boobs" at the table reference. Hahaha the story line is picking up in regards to Tony/Andre. Woohoo. Now..what the heck happened to Anna once they got to St. Tony? She was all ready to kissy face with Tony and then the plane lands and she disappeared.

As far as the Shawn /Belle/ Mimi/ Phillip egg switch...ok so much could happen off screen that regardless of how much you watched and read what was taking place the writer's can always add something or take something away to make the story line fit their agenda. Don't even try to figure this out until a baby actually pops up in town.

Sami totally has the hots or EJ still. Now that she knows they both resemble their ancestors..she feels even more connected to him. Of course that will all change when they realize Lucas is the daddy of the twins. :) But she will have already left Lucas and will be fighting to get him back in her life.

Keep up the great work Prevuze!

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Hi, I think it was Hope who told Sami "feelings are feelings", not Marlena.

Applecheeks, ditto on the almost choking laughing. I have to learn not to eat or drink while reading Prevuze! The Lucas and EJ descriptions just crack me up.

"20 years in 20 minutes" - too funny.

LOVED the asides about the viewers feeling the same way about the storyline. And the comment about the weight off Sami's shoulders - hysterical.

Deb, thanks for the baby switch explanation!

Keep up the good work guys!

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if it wasn't really rape. What if Sami really did enjoy it and they turn the story around? Maybe that is how they will save this storyline and let Sami have feelings for EJ.

9:38 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

OK, re the petrie dish switcheroo --

They determined that a switch had been made by testing the residue left in the syringes, right? Well, what if someone switched the syringes again right before they did the test? That could mean Belle had been carrying a BP baby, and the surrogate carried an MS baby -- that could explain why Mimi called Shawn instead of Philip, and why Shawn has been all hush-hush about saying anything to Belle or Philip about his trip to see Mimi. He doesn't want B&P to know there is an MS baby out there somewhere ...

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Something I've been wondering about - when/why did Hope become so supportive of Sami all of a sudden? She always gave her the cold shoulder and acted snotty to her just like everyone else did. I guess they realized this was OK for the other characters but they dare not tarnish Hope's saintly image so they're having her show some compassion now.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Frog said...

Speaking of Hope, I haven't turned my thoughts to the Phimi baby switch yet - - I'm still too preoccupied trying to figure out how Ciara could possibly be Bo's and not Patrick's since Ho and Dope were never together after New Year's Eve when Zack was run over. Now THERE'S an unsolved, unmentioned mystery!

10:37 AM  
Blogger Cinder Ella said...

Fabulous prevuzes today! Especially loved the beer gut to beer gut and the litany of all of Marlena's last names.
I am so glad there are others out there disgusted with the stupidity of the Touch the Sky storyline. I wonder what audience demographic they're trying to reach with that?

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I kind of have to agree with the last anonymous post. I wonder if Sami had feeling for EJ that night when Lucas was trapped. Perhaps she was crying bc she was cheating on Lucas? I'm not sure but she's had feelings for him all along.

I hope they don't have another year of Sami & Lucas on again off again... either stay with Lucas or EJ. I get tired of the chasing.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I'm a EJami fan.

I wish JaM would stop groping one another. I guess they have to go at it in public places since Marlena sold their penthouse and no mention of a new place has been made. It's not sexy, it's nauseating.

Is Days still getting rid of Bart?

Enough of the sex starved teens and old fogies.

Oh, wasn't Marlena Evans-Craig-North-Brady-Black-Black? Brady was before Black at any rate.

I remember reading that Thaao said LeAnn has nice "pillow" lips. Guess he's enjoying all these kissing scenes.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Yeah, Frog. That was some 11 1/2 month pregnancy. Usually they can fudge on due dates since time is so wonky in Salem. But on this one it was pretty darned clear.

Bope were never together after Zach was killed - on New Year's Eve - and Ciara was born pretty close to the next Christmas. That was an anti-SORAFS if I've ever seen it.

12:51 PM  
Blogger me-unlucky in ky said...

I have been reading prevuze now for about 2 months and it is a must do every single day. I have been watching days since I was 9 or 10 years old probably younger. You guys are great! I love to read the posts and everyones comments. Anyway, I just wanted to say keep up the interesting work!!

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to see more Steve and Kayla. They are hardly ever on. z

1:22 PM  
Blogger Angel said...


Steve and Kayla must be at a medical convention. hahahahaha

Hope's pregnancy - similar to that of an elephant in length. But ohhhh what a scandal - I didn't know that she and Bo weren't together after New Yrs... I "restarted" watching DOOL last yr around the time Chelsea was due in court so Prevuze has helped tremendously. Thanks Prevuze!!!

I'm still fuzzy on so much since I missed so many yrs so I'm clueless with the Anna/Tony love story, the Anna/Roman love story, and how Tony became a nice guy story... But I'm sure it will all come out some way or another.

The teeny bopper story I think was for the kids who just got out of school since it's summer time. I hope Jerkemy/Stephanie story ends soon. And I can only wonder why sex w/Nick was so bad for Chelsea... She makes it sound like he was really bad - geez how would she know. Then again, if she had thoughts of him w/her mom then I can understand.

As far as Belle/Shawn & Phil/Mimi. I don't like the actors for Belle/Shawn so I could care less who stays with who. BUT - with the commentator who said that Claire IS Shawn - it'd be cool to have a "mini" me storyline with Shawn and his mini-clone.... Lololololol

They need to bring Mimi back. She can throw in a monkey wrench for Max's want to be a saint plan. Max is getting on my nerves with his "I want to be good when it's convenient for me" crap.

ok - I'm officially babbling....

Toodles for now!

1:55 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

Wait a minute - I think I remember Bo and Hope throwin' it down in the boat but due to bad editing it seemed like they didn't when it was inconclusive that they did.

How's that for a DOOL scene? Hehehe

Seriously - I think they did the hippity dippity cause it was around the time I started watching.

Hhmmmmm...... (popcorn anyone?)

1:57 PM  
Anonymous MomofDNA said...

There was one comment made by Hope, while Hope and Bo were separated (I'm not sure if Hope was still on the island or if she had come back) and Hope was telling someone (Jennifer? Patrick?) that after Zach died, Bo made Hope look in the mirror and Bo pointed out that even though Zach was dead, he still lived on in a way, because his parents were still there and still loved him.

Now, I don't think this scene was really shown, but it does infer somewhat that Bo and Hope did spend some alone time in their room between Zach's death and his funeral when everything fell apart. When that would have been, I have no idea, because I thought everything fell apart when Billie showed up at the hospital and took the blame, but maybe I'm wrong.

Anyhoo, that may have been the writers' way of justifying Bo being the father....

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Stefano really was involved in Tony's disappearance. Haven't the other characters been saying all these years that his only redeeming trait is his love for his children?

7:46 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

TY for the Prevuze and awesome pics!

Loved the:
"Lucas is a well-balanced guy. He has a chip on both shoulders" So very true! Might have been an interesting story twist if EJ had left him in the buring apartment last year.

Wow to Stefano's change of attitude: wonder if he's really sick at all.

Good to Sami admitting her feelings to someone other than EJ (when she thought he was passed out before her private BB-Q.)

The r-stuff is getting old though -it would seem the number of times he's turned against his family to protect Sami and dufus too, should account for something. I guess lumi fans would rather he let them both die. Oh well that would be better than listening to them slurping.

The boob caption was priceless as was Tony's -- Great job as always!

12:37 AM  

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