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Pass Me My Dentures

YEEEEHHHAAAAAAA! The Vegas party is in full swing. Jeremy confronts Max about what he told Jett. Max flashes back to his conversation with Jett and then tells Jeremy the conversation was nothing. He threatens to do some damage to Jeremy's over-bleached teeth if he doesn't drop it.

Meanwhile, back in the Jacuzzi, Chelsea drops the "Danielle is married" bomb on Jett. He blows so high he touches the sky without an airline and tells her she had no right to be messing around in his personal life.

Bart interrupts Tony as he makes a phone call. He tells him the cops are at the DiMera mansion and Tony can't go back there. Tony says he has no intention of going back until he resolves a certain loose end. It seems EJ is still alive. He's been disloyal to the DiMera family, "It will be the last mistake he ever makes."

EJ wants to prove his loyalty to the good side. Bo says if he wants to prove it, he can call Tony. EJ calls. Tony hears his phone and says, "Ah, the game begins." He picks up. EJ wonders why he isn't a little more surprised to hear his voice. "Yes," says Tony, "I heard you had a little accident. I also heard the cops saved you and that was an accident, too." EJ asks for a meeting.

Jeremy tells Max if he wants to take a shot at him, just to go ahead and give it a try. When it looks like Max is going to take him up on his offer, Jeremy backs WAY down and turns on the humor, "Lighten up, man!" Max tells him if he wants to know what Jett is thinking, to ask him.

Jeremy tells Max he's not sure about Jett. He thinks he's been snooping around and he's just not involved in their deal, "He doesn't like taking risks like you and I do, so come on, what did you tell him?"

Chelsea tells Jett she didn't just jump at the chance to tell him this when she first heard it. Instead, she had to take the audience through days of tedious indecision. She thinks Jett should be peeved at Danielle instead of her.

EJ and Tony agree to meet but only if each comes alone. EJ will text Tony with the time and place. He hangs up. EJ types 110 wpm on his cell phone and Tony instantly gets the location. Bart says he knows the place. It has a nice terrace up on the roof. "You know," pines Bart, "I'd like a nice terrace someday. Hell, I'd like a roof."

"You're a strange man," says Tony.


Bart asks what the meeting is about. Tony says EJ wants to talk about family, Stefano in particular, "Except the meeting is going to be shorter than he expects." Tony hands Bart a gun and tells him to stay close by, "When you get a clean shot... take it."

Roman tells EJ he's winning points. When he meets Tony, or Andre, up on the roof, he'll have an escort. Bo tells him to leave the details to the cops. Suddenly, EJ gets nervous. Bo tells Roman, "Make sure I have the backup I need, make sure the donut delivery truck is in place, and keep Elvis Jr. out of the way."

EJ tells Roman he's sure Tony or Andre will turn up well armed. Roman says, "Don't worry. As soon as that donut truck arrives, Bo will be on such a sugar high he can handle anything."

Suddenly Sami barges in, "Dad, your men said you wanted to see me..." She sees EJ. Time stops. Roman breaks up their frozen stare. He tells Sami this is the price he had to pay to get EJ to cooperate. He tosses his own daughter into the snake pit for a little chat with her rapist and heads for the kitchen to await his own donut delivery.

Sami stops EJ in mid sentence and tells him she's healthy and the twins are healthy, "That's all we have to talk about. Is that clear?"

Jett badgers Chelsea about her meddling. Chelsea goes on the defensive and blurts out that she also told Nick. Jett accuses her of spreading gossip. He storms out of the hot tub and tells her to butt out. Stephanie walks in, "Well, that must've gone real well."

Max tells Jeremy he told Jett they were running clothes. Jeremy is uncommonly cool about it. He says it's not big deal. "I ask you a question, you answer and we move on." Jett interrupts. Jeremy turns to him, "I hear you want to know what kind of cargo we're flying."

"Oh great," says Jett, "Doesn't anyone in Salem know how to keep their mouth shut?"

"You're new to Salem, aren't you," asks Max.

Jeremy tells Jett if he has a question, to come directly to him. Jett says he had to check things out to make sure Jeremy wasn't giving him the runaround. "Would I do that to my home-boy," asks Jeremy, "Come on, it's all legit, bro. What, you don't believe that?"

Sami tells EJ she is in love with her husband and wants EJ to forget she exists. He wonders if she would want their children to go through life without their father. Sami insists Lucas is their father. EJ yells, "NO. They are my blood and nothing you can do will change that." He says he is concerned about her.

"I'm fine! In fact there are so many cops around me right now you could probably rob a bank and there wouldn't be a cop in sight."

EJ asks, "And that would be different from every other day... how?"

They argue on and suddenly EJ smirks. Sami wants to know what that is all about. "In my experience," says EJ, "When a woman is protesting as much as you are the only person she is trying to convince is herself."

Tony and Bart arrive at the appointed meeting spot. No one else is there, so Tony tells Bart to take his place so he can get a good shot. Bart starts to go behind an A/C unit and TA-DA! SuperBo jumps out, gets Bart in an inverted pretzel and has him pointing the gun at himself. With the gun aimed at Bart's temple, Bo and Tony, looking more like Andre by the minute, have a little chat.

Bart breaks in, "I'm sorry, boss."

"I've got business with your sorry boss," says Bo. He releases him and shoves him toward Ton-dre. Tony sends Bart home.

"You have the right to remain silent," says Bo. Tony wants to know why he's being arrested. "Attempted murder," says Bo, "Of Sami and Elvis J, not to mention the disappearance of Tony DiMera."

Andr-ony insists he is Tony DiMera, "And I haven't disappeared, have I?"

Jeremy reminds Jett they flew missions together. Jett apologizes for doubting him and leaves. As Max heads for the blackjack tables they agree everything is cool between them. Jeremy swills his beer.

Chelsea figures things will work themselves out with Jett. Helpful Stephanie says she thinks Chelsea has forgotten about Nick, "All I've heard lately is Jett, Jett, Jett. Nick isn't your priority any more, that's for sure. What's up with that, huh?"

Sami says she hates being in the same room with EJ so much she doesn't know what to say. "Well then let me help you," says EJ, "The truth of the matter is you wish you could hate me, but you don't. You can't. when we kissed, those feelings that you felt were real. It's an attraction we cannot fight." Sami insists he is losing it. EJ says, "Let's just have an honest conversation, shall we? And yes, I mean honest about everything."

Sami asks, "Is this going to include an honest definition of the word rape?"

"It's an unfortunate point of law," says Tony, "Evidence."

"Evidence," says Bo, "I've heard that word somewhere."

"Since you don't have any, I'll be on my way."

"To a dark, dank, rather depressing cell, ANDRE," says Bo, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way, ANDRE."

Ton-dre jumps up onto the ledge and threatens to jump. "Come on," says Bo, "You don't want to die tonight. And we certainly don't want you landing on that donut delivery truck and wrecking it." Bo asks where Tony is.

"He's going to have to rot on that sad little island, alone for another twenty years," says Andre. He chuckles, "It's your move, detective."

Chelsea wonders how this has anything to do with Nick. Stephanie says she thinks she's wasting her time with him. She doesn't think Chelsea has a connection with him. Chelsea points out that's what Stephanie claims she has with Jeremy, but they fight all the time. Stephanie says she hates it when she is with him, but hates it even more when she is not, "And the make up sex... off the charts." Chelsea insists that is just sex. Stephanie tells her it's heart-pounding passion, "And once you have had that, there is no going back to just sex. And passion is what you need to find for yourself. And soon, before it's too late."

Jett sits in the plane and is on the phone with Danielle. He tells her Chelsea overheard her talking to Mark. He thinks there is a way to continue, but they just have to cover it. Max interrupts and says he wants to continue their conversation. "What," asks Jett, "So you can take it back to Jeremy – score some more brownie points with the boss?"

Max insists Jeremy isn't his boss, and he knows he saw Jett sneaking around anyway. He tells Jett about Ilsa. Jett thinks it's nothing unusual since Jeremy isn't exactly a one-woman man. Max tells him this is different. Ilsa was acting like she had been hurt or something, "This was different. I'm telling you... it was wrong, man. It was just wrong."

Sami doesn't want anything to do with EJ. EJ asks what will happen when they have two young lives to share taking care of. He's offering her a choice, "You either respect my position as the father of these children, or you will face some difficult consequences."

Andre tells Bo Tony is being kept on an uncharted island, "There is a map, however. No doubt you'd like to know where it is kept." Bo says now that he knows what the bargaining chip is he should come down from the ledge and talk. Andre says death is preferable to trusting the word of a Brady.

Bo moves toward the ledge. Andre slips. It's a good thing he has long fingernails. Andre hangs by a thread and screams for help as Bo watches the show and smirks.

Chelsea says, "So you're worried I may be qualified for a walker before I ever experience mind-blowing sex? Well, if passion is what you and Jeremy have, then pass me my dentures."

Stephanie rants and tells Chelsea she knows she really wants Jett instead of Nick. Chelsea can't take it anymore. She gets out of the Jacuzzi and tells Stephanie she's off to find Jett. Stephanie sits back and says, "Mission accomplished."

Jeremy joins her. She tells him she's tired of business. He says he's there for some fun.

Max insists Ilsa was really shook up. Jett says he doesn't know what kind of bed games Jeremy plays, but he tries to stay out of it. He advises Max to get out of the side operation with Jeremy while he still can. Chelsea comes in calling for Jett. He wonders how she found him. She says she called the airfield and they said Jett had signed in.

"Score one for you, Nancy Drew."

Max decides he has dice to throw and arms to pull, so he leaves. Jett apologizes. So you don't hate me," asks Chelsea.

"No," says Jett, "I kind of hate myself for being blind and dumb."

"That's not true," says Chelsea, "You're not blind. If you have feelings for someone, you can't help it. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you're OK, so..." She starts to leave. He asks her to stay.

Sami wonders what is the difference between difficult consequences and threats.

"Civility," says EJ. He thinks when this is all over they should sit down in front of a family court judge and come to an agreement. He's sure the judge will award the twins to Sami, but insists they will have two fathers. He wants them on alternate weekends and occasional holidays. He hopes she isn't going to fight him, "Because I am going to be a part of those childrens' lives."

Sami thought he would want more. EJ says what he wants most is for them to be friends. Sami says she thought he said he wanted to be honest and starts to walk out. EJ stops her and says he will make peace with her marriage.

Andre hangs from the edge of the building. Bo holds him. His donut high kicks in and he taunts Andre as he holds his life in his hands. Bo wants to know where the map is.

"I'm begging," screams Andre, "That's what you want, isn't it... to hear a DiMera beg?"

"I'd rather hear where the map is."

Andre says he will tell him if he pulls him up. Bo pulls him halfway. Bart comes out of nowhere. Andre says, "Bart's back." Bart tries to help. The three of them struggle. Andre screams. Into the abyss...

The crowd leaves the attendant's party room. Stephanie and Jeremy are alone in the Jacuzzi. She takes off her bathing suit and dares him to do the same. He takes the dare and... It's a hot time in the old tub tonight.

Chelsea tells Jett sometimes you get hurt along the way but you have to be trusting and then sometimes you meet some really great people along the way."

"Yeah," says Jett, "Or sometimes you meet people like you."

He says it took guts for her to tell him about Danielle. He needed to hear it and thinks she's a real friend. He says he already confronted Danielle and she fessed up, "We're history. How do you feel about... hanging out with the biggest loser in Vegas? Huh, friend?"

EJ says if he thought Sami were the slightest bit unhappy he wouldn't let her go, but it's clear Lucas has her heart, "I just want the children to have the best of both parents. If they can't have that, then they'll have to settle for us. But whatever happens with Stefano, I think it's time you and I called a truce – you, me and Lucas."

Sami is willing to work it out. So is EJ. "For the twins," says Sami.

"For our twins." EJ starts to apologize but Sami tells him not to go there. EJ agrees. Co-parents and friends is all they will ever be, for the moment, anyway.

Bo crashes in yelling for Roman. Roman comes out and Bo announces after his 90 story fall, Andre is in the hospital, "It doesn't look good. They couldn't even get all of him scraped off the sidewalk."

EJ is confused. He can't believe the guy he thought was Tony is really Andre. Roman asks if Bo found out where the real Tony is. Bo says he started to tell him, but that's when he fell.

Stephanie asks if she and Jeremy are happy together. Jerko says if he didn't want to be there, he wouldn't be. "Mr. Romantic," says Stephanie, "Would it kill you to say something nice?"

"People say it, but they don't always mean it."

Stephanie taunts, "I think that you're just chicken. Cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck..." He tells her to cut it out. Stephanie keeps it up.

Jeremy shoves her under, "I said shut the f..." He holds her under. A minute passes – A DOOL minute! He finally lets her up. Stephanie gasps for air as Jeremy screams he loves her. She accuses him of being crazy. "I said I love you," says Jeremy, "So chill. Don't blow the best thing you ever had... or ever will." Stephanie huffs and shivers as Max walks in and watches.

Chelsea and Jett have a Danielle debriefing. He wants to talk about something else. Chelsea puts her hand on his and says, say it together, folks, "I am there for you."

She moves in to kiss him. Jett reels like a jackrabbit seeing a hound dog, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"Uh... Nothing... I thought..."

"Well, you thought wrong. I think you'd better go." She bolts like a... uh... jackrabbit seeing a hound dog.

EJ, Bo, Roman and Sami sit around and talk about how they can't believe the man they thought was Tony was really Andre. Bo tells them about the island and the map, but he doesn't know where the map is. Roman asks, "So Andre didn't have any last words?"

"Yes he did," says Bo, "He said, 'Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' right before he left the greasy spot down on the sidewalk. The only other thing he said was, 'Bart's back.'"

EJ has an epiphany, "Maybe he meant the map to find Tony was on Bart's back." FF Bo.


Santo asks Colleen, "Say you weel meet mee ageen."

Belle asks Shawn, "If you didn't go on the job interview, then what did you do in Cleveland all that time?"

Bo asks, "When did this start?" Phillip says, "A few days ago." Bo asks, "Any chance you got a kid out there you don't know about?"


Blogger Brendamouse said...

Oh wonderful, Shelle and Phil are back. How I missed them.

Hope they resolve the Touch this Guy/Beach Blanket Bimbo crap soon. Sounds like Jerkemy is coming unglued.Did Stefanie leave her self respect and self esteem in Dayton?

Can't wait to see the Brady Brigade try to look at Bart's back.

Somebody called it, Tony is on an island. Wow, lots of uncharted islands in the world of DOOL.

Is anybody buying the EJ turned nice guy schtick?

6:34 AM  
Blogger Angell723 said...

I have been reading Prevuze for months now and this is my first post. I just want to say first how much I love Prevuze. I love the comments just as much.

I want to thank everyone for helping with the understanding of the family tree. Even though I have been watching it since I was a toddler you forget somethings.

Also I have to agree with the posts as of lately. I am so tired with the kiddie show.

Just wanted to say thanks to Prevuzue and all the regulars you make my mornings livable.

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Where was big protector MML* during the EJami conversation?
*Motor Mouth Lucas

I can understand Jett's reaction to the Brat's advances. And I hope that jacuzzi isn't has hot as some I've seen or Stefanie would've come up for air looking like a cooked lobster.

I LOL over Bo's description of Andre's last words and the Brat not wanting to be in Vegas with herself. HAHAHAHA

I agree with angell723. Prevuze, without you on a Monday I'd probably have no gumption to come into work at all. Thanks!! :D

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just have one comment, did you guys mistype something, because you typed that Chelsea said she is off to find Nick, but then she goes to find Jett. Did she mis-speak or did you mis-type

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weren't they on an island when Andre went into the quicksand?

Also, could there be a Salem version of King Lear coming, with guys instead of Shakespeare's girls? Will Stefano be howling into the wind?

I still want to know...Daze ago, what was holding EJ's gag in his mouth besides his own teeth?????


8:34 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Thanks for the great Prevuze today. LOL on the "I don't feel like being alone tonight" pic.

"Bart's back"... what is wrong with these writers. If someone says "look out ahead!", do you check their head? Whoever thought of that one started his or her summer vacation a little too early.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

did you guys mistype something, because you typed that Chelsea said she is off to find Nick, but then she goes to find Jett.

She went off to find Jett. Thanks for the heads up. We have made the change in the posting.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love the days ahead previews. Thought the story between the DiMera's and Brady's is moving some what fast it would be nice when she has these babies. EJ wants Sami and thought Sami really wants EJ she is married and is really bothered by everything. I just want EJ to show Sami how much he will adore his baby or babies. I think I read that the writer will never put EJ and Sami together. If this is the case then can we move on and let that man find someone that will love him? I can't wait 2-5 years of him trying to win Sami over like Sami did to her previous men.

I just hope the writers continue trying to make things exciting like they are doing now and get cold once the summer rating die down.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Hopefully after Jett finishes his secret mission of busting Jerkemy and his illegal actions, he can come to work for the Salem PD. Maybe he'll be the brains of the operations.

"Bart's back." Love how EJ had to figure that one out.

Honestly, I hope EJ works his butt off to win Sami. She's spent years and years chasing the "right" guy who ends up dumping her. She needs to be chased and woo-ed for a while.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

THANK YOU FOO!! About that stupid washcloth in EJ's mouth. I wanted to shout from the rooftop "JUST SPIT IT OUT!" There was absolutely nothing holding it in his mouth at all!

10:38 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Things are getting interesting, true, but they are about to get REALLY interesting.

I really think Jeremy is smuggling girls for the white slavery trade, and something tells me Stephanie will be caught up in the "drama" Jeremy will kidnap her and Patch will have to rescue her.

Brenda: Now come on! You know we have all been complaining they didn't do anything with the Phimi
baby story. Finally they are.

anonymous #3: The DOOL writers haven't said they will NEVER put Sami and EJ together. They did say they would make sure the rape would not be ignored and would be delt with between Sami and EJ in a respectful manner.
Not sure what that means, except maybe he will try to make ammends for what he's done and prove his love for her.
I for one hope he does it.


Chelsea informs Stephanie that Jeremy cheated on her. But will Stephanie believe her?

The real Tony is shown living on an island with a couple of native girls.Enough with the islands already! Please God don't take us back to Tinda Lau!

John, Marlena and Anna find Tony, Anna gives him a big hug leaving Roman heartbroken. Give him a beer he'll get over it

Tony explains that all he knows is Stefano has a key. We see Stefano, he has a small key around his neck. Tony says it's the key to this vendetta. OH THANK YOU
Captain LITERAL!! We all know Capt. Literal, he is the twin brother of an old DOOL favorite, Capt. OBVIOUS.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the washcloth in EJ's mouth was funny too!! I was saying the same thing. Spit it out and scream. I wonder if the actors are able to say something like this doesn't make any sense why don't we do it this way because this don't seem plausible. Who knows. I know everything is going rather quickly when they are filming these episodes. Maybe they do this on purpose to see if we are paying attention.

I do hope they eventually put EJ and Sami together. I just hope it's soon.

11:20 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Deb-yeah I'd like the Phimi baby story to go ahead. I guess I just wish Bizarro Belle and Shawn could sit this one out. I think I hit the over saturation point with them with the Tinda Lau-stolen Claire bit.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW, Jerkemy shoves Sexanie's head under water? "Can I get a 'Yay'!" Oooops, sorry... "How terrible!" Why couldn't Max come along and hold Jerkemy's head under? Maybe Sexanie could actually pull off a 'burning bed' storyline (in self defense of course). Steve could transfer her up to Canada this time.

Yayyyy! I'm sooo happy about the Phimi's baby storyline coming to the frontline. Belle should dump loser Shawn and go with Phil. If Phil gets the Phimi baby - Claire could actually have someone else her age to share her 'family screwed up stories' with besides Ciara. LOL!
And c'mon, is Shawn gonna have something to do with the 'baby crying' telephone calls? Wouldn't Mimi have called Phil directly? I seem to remember just before Phil left (the previous Phil), Mimi was practically begging him not to go. They seemed alot closer at that time than her and Shawn... Remember, he was pretty pissed at her...
Don't tell me she's gonna turn out to be a 'phsyco' taunting Phil? YUCK!

And again, as in every one of my posts - when are they going to address the 'rape' ting. I would love to see EJ and Sami together - but they HAVE to do something about the 'rape' thing (besides blowing it off).

Thanks Prevuze for the great synopsis and funny comments.

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay this is what's ticking me off. EJ RAPED Sami and here he is talking about alternating weekends and holidays with the children that were spawned of his violent sexual act. He wants to take Sami to family court? How positively vile. I think the DOOL writers made such a terrible mistake with that SL. Did it have to be rape that got Sami pregnant with EJ's kids? Couldn't they have made it like a 'moment of weakness' on Sami's part or maybe they were drunk or something? I'm not trying to be picky but I'm speaking as a woman who has been sexually abused as a child. Sexual violence is a horror and they're making a 'love' story out of it. What a waste of two characters who have such great on screen chemistry.

12:59 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I'm really psyched to have the "real" Tony back. The idiot writers had written Tandre into so many evil corners, through so many ridiculous storylines, there was no way to keep the character around for long.

I got a kick out of all of the donut truck references. It really played right into the storyline - right down to being what broke Andre's fall. HAHAHA

Great Prevuze today. Thanks!

2:41 PM  
Blogger Suzi said...

I think Sami and Lucas NEED to stay together! I think one of the twins should be Lucas' and the other one EJ's. I also think the rape issue should be addressed, but I agree EJ needs a love interest after his punishment {or during}.

I like Belle and Phillip together and I liked Shawn and Mimi together! However, since Mimi is no longer on the show, maybe Shawn should turn over his "paternal rights" to Phillip since the baby was supposed to be his and Mimi's, and all live peacefully! Hahaha, I forget, this is DOOL's I am talking about~~never peaceful! hahaha

Am glad to see Stephano back!! We need him in Salem!!

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't decide which name I like best, Andr-ony or Ton-dre. Should we take a poll?

6:19 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

TY for the Prevuze! I did a double take at "Ton-dre jumps up onto the ledge and threatens to jump." to make sure it wasn't in italics - LOL at Days giving a line that You should have!!

Poor Sami says she thought EJ wanted more? Guess the gal does realize he is in love with her after all and expected him to fess up instead of being concerned about logical parental issues.

Love that EJ got the Bart's back - but funny that they had Bart literally come back as Andre said it.

brendamouse - yes, I'm buying it with EJ -- well that he's no longer the DiMera soldier he was conceived to be and raised to be. His conversation with Tony/Andre was very telling. Also the fact he's done wrong but has worked with Sami's family (against his own) as well as saving her several times - for me it's time to call it even.

Again ty for the awesome prevuze!!

7:26 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Ok, on this whole rape issue. It just seems strange to me that they are calling it that. Wasn't it more like blackmail than rape? Wrong nonetheless, but the whole thing is just strange to me. What does everyone else think? Don't get all huffy with me...I'm just a bit confused as what I saw didn't seem like EJ was forcing himself upon Sami. It was more of a horrible trade that Sami agreed to. I mean she could have just walked away and said no. Granted, Lucas would have probably died, but that would have been another option.

10:14 PM  
Blogger Fwickafwee said...

Belle asks Shawn, "If you didn't go on the job interview, then what did you do in Cleveland all that time?"

Shawn: Umm...I visited the rock and roll hall of fame and caught an Indians game...

I love reading the comments as much as the Prevuze post. Thanks everyone and thanks especially to DOOL for making me laugh out loud everyday.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EJ was an extortionist, not a rapist. But there was a HUGE soap couple who started out as rapist/victim: Luke and Laura. In the end, we're not supposed to take any of this as life lessons - it's soap opera.

8:08 AM  

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