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The Hokey Pokey And The Hanky Panky

Patch and Bo spiral in toward the sea. Patch counts down the seconds they have left to live. It looks like the sands have run out of the hourglass for Botch.

Shawn gives Belle the bad news, "I can't fix it. The engine has burned out"

"Can't you relight it," asks Belle.

"We just have to ride this thing out," says Phillip.

"Some kids get to go to Disneyland," says Claire.

Shawn says it doesn't look good. He thinks they can survive though. The first thing is not to panic. Belle panics.

Lucas carries Sami across the threshold. He checks his watch and says he thinks they have time for a quickie. "Good things shouldn't be rushed," says Sami.

"But, honey," whines Lucas, "Kids shouldn't see their parents going at it – doing the Hokey Pokey and the Hanky Panky. I'm sorry to tell you baby, but Will is going to be home soon. I called him from the airport."

Sami thinks Will might still be mad at her for what happened at the wedding. Lucas says he 'splained things to him. Sami says, "All Will wants is a normal family and I'm like a one woman circus. Lucas tells her it's all because of EJ. Sami says, "I can't believe him. He comes to our wedding and reception and honeymoon. We're probably lucky he's not camped at our doorstep."

Lucas says EJ is probably back in his office shredding documents. He tells her he went to the SEC between whacks on the DiMera mansion.

Celeste lights a cauldron and tells EJ to take his shirt off – but it's not gratuitous. Incantations really do work better when you're half naked. She seeks the power and wisdom of the spirits that walk the night, "Who is the father of Samantha's baby? Lucas or Elvis? Tell us! Does the ancient DiMera blood line flow through the heart of the soul of Samantha's unborn child?"

Phillip grabs the life vests. Shawn goes to put one on Claire. The vests have GPS beacons, which will alert search parties once they are in the water. Of course, they couldn't have been used after Phillip threw Belle's GPS overboard. The boat lurches and Belle falls in Phillip's arms. She tells him she is sorry from the bottom of her heart.

Bo screams. Patch screams. The plane dives. Bo rambles on about how Patch is a DiMera pawn. Patch brings it up. Bo asks if Patch is going to put a bullet in his head.

Sami thinks Lucas has poked a big stick at a big snake by calling the SEC. Lucas says, "Things will work out and we will put EJ away and live happily for all the Days Of Our Lives." Sami asks what if the baby isn't his. Lucas doesn't care. He's in love with the mother.

Celeste asks for the items she requested. EJ pulls out a pair of Lucas' gloves and Sami's scarf, eye of newt and toe of frog. She has two peacock feathers, one representing Lucas and one representing EJ. She hands them to him and instructs him to blow on them and wrap it all in his shirt. EJ blows. The show sucks. EJ places everything in the fire.

"Now we wait," says Celeste, "When the fire burns out only one feather will escape the inferno – That of the child's father. You or Lucas."

Bo asks if Patch is going to follow orders. Patch says no one tells him what to do. Bo says their real marching orders are to head back home. Patch says when he has Shawn's statement he will know what to do.

"So will I," says Bo, "Looks like we both have our orders."

Belle wants Phillip's forgiveness for cutting him out of Claire's life. Shawn listens. If Belle had it to do over she would invite Phillip back in.

Shawn steps out, "So would I." Phillip softens. Belle tells him he doesn't have to be related in order to be family. She hands Claire to Phillip. Claire whispers in his ear, "Don't worry. In Salem, everyone's related anyway."

Sami says, "I don't know what planet I'm living on, hoping EJ will be decent about this baby."

Lucas says, "Decent and EJ go together like nitro and glycerin. That's why I had to stop him. Listen to me my beautiful wife, we will have a happy marriage and a home where trouble doesn't barge in every five minutes."

Trouble barges in, "You lying conniving manipulator, you blew the whistle on my company! Don't deny it! Sami, I could wring your neck!" Lucas tells Kate he is the one who tipped the SEC. Kate doesn't believe it. She thinks Sami forced him.

Just to make things a little more interesting, Will comes into the room, "What's my mom done now?" Kate tells him Sami forced Lucas to do something unforgivable. Lucas backs her off and hugs Will. He goes outside with Kate. Sami hugs Will and tells him she missed him. Will gives that confused teen idiot look.

Kate tells Lucas he has hurt her. Lucas says he has every right to want EJ out of their lives. Kate asks, "Why didn't you tell him to stop sleeping with her then?"

Lucas yells, "She didn't sleep with him! He raped her!"

"So," snorts Kate, "If you go through with this, you are in for the fight of your life."

Phillip knows he put Shawn and Belle through hell. If he had done right by them they wouldn't be there. Claire asks, "Why did you have to wait until we're up to our knees in water to figure that out? " The boat lurches.

Bo and Patch find Gabby. Bo tells her he thinks Shawn and Belle are OK. He asks for the document he asked her to put in the safe. She goes for it. Bo and Patch have a staredown. Bo reminisces about the good times they have had together. Gabby hands him the document. Steve puts out his hand. Bo chuckles, "You didn't really think I was going to give this to you, did you?"

Celeste tells EJ to imagine Sami's baby is his, "Imagine Stefano ripping the infant from your arms to add years to his life." EJ has had enough. Celeste says he can't leave until the fire has burned out. He agrees to stay, "But you have to quit rambling." Celeste says that is the price he has to pay for taking Lexie. She will make him feel the pain of having a child ripped from his hands.

Sami gives Will presents from New Orleans. She says she owes him an apology for being the most embarrassing mom in history. Will says Lucas told him about the decision she had to make. He's been wanting to thank her for saving Lucas life. Hugs. Will gives her an album of pictures from the wedding. He apologizes for the picture Maggie took where she cut Grandma Kate's head off. "She's never looked better," says Sami.

Lucas says he gave Kate fair warning. Kate says he called the feds because she can't stand his wife, "How vindictive are you going to be, Lucas?"

Lucas says, "I don't know, but I had a pretty good teacher when I was growing up."

Steve asks for the paper. Bo says he thinks Steve will kill him after he gets it. Steve pulls a knife, "Give me the document!"

"If you want it," sneers Bo, "Come and get it."

The boat rocks. Belle takes Claire. Shawn says he has been thinking about his life and doesn't like what he sees. He thinks they all played a part in this. The grim reaper makes them get honest in a hurry. He and Phillip share a macho-buddy hand butt. Phillip wishes they had done things different. Claire rolls her eyes, "Now you think of that."

Belle says, "Let's make a promise. Let's go back to Salem, and work things out."

Phillip says, "Deal!"

Claire says, "Hey, I have an idea, why don't you guys go on without me and I'll show up in five years when I'm 18." Big crash. The lights go out and everyone gets tossed like a rag doll. Water gushes into the boat.

Bo tells Steve this is about more than the document. He's trying to save both their lives. He says Steve is dead if he keeps listening to the voices in his head. Bo pulls out his own knife, "Brush and floss... Love thy neighbor... Fight the bad guys... That's what I'm all about."

"And I thought I was the nut," says Steve.

Bo sticks his knife into the counter, "No paper... no surrender..." No Mas!

"Are you crazy or stupid," asks Steve.

"Yes," says Bo, "If I'm gonna die it might as well be at the hands of my friend, and for something I believe in."

Steve rushes Bo and grabs him from the back. He holds the knife up against Bo's throat." Gabby moves forward. Steve freaks, "Don't touch that phone! Back off! This is your last chance. Give me the paper."

"You're gonna have to pry it from my cold dead hands," says Bo.

Charleton Heston walks onto the set, grabs Bo by the hair and yanks his head back, "That's my line. Use it again and I'm gonna part more than the Dead Sea."

Suddenly, Kayla comes out of nowhere, "Steve! No! Put that knife down right now."

"Nag, nag, nag," says Steve.

Lucas claims EJ forced his hand. He tells her EJ showed up at the honeymoon. Kate says she had nothing to do with that and it isn't fair for Lucas to destroy her while trying to get revenge on EJ. "Life isn't fair," says Lucas.

"Out of all my children," says Kate, "I thought we were the closest."

"We are," says Lucas, "I hate you less than the rest of them."

Kate's crocodile tears fill the hallway.

"You never knew when to cut the cord," says Lucas, "You just wrapped it around my neck. It's sink or swim. You're on your own this time."


Kate yells, "You have turned into one ungrateful son!" Lucas tells her she humiliated them on the best day of their lives. She has not been a good mother. Kate thinks they are too upset to talk. She suggests talking tomorrow morning. Lucas tells her that won't be necessary. He looks at his watch and sees the date, "Time to disown you again." Sami listens.

"Then I guess it's goodbye," says Kate. She walks off. Sami comes out. She tells Lucas Kate will come to her senses.

Lucas vows, "We're never gonna let anyone come between us again." Translation: Everyone in Salem is lining up to come between them.

EJ says Stefano needs the stem cells. Celeste asks if EJ will protect the baby against Stefano.

Kayla isn't moving until Steve drops the knife, "You have to kill me now. Go ahead. You are my husband. I love you. Remember... To have and to hold..."

Steve whimpers, "No! Stop!"

Kayla drones, "For richer or poorer... In sickness and in health... Through the worst plots in the history of bad drama... Until death do us part."

Steve collapses crying, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

The sea rages. Shawn shows Claire some magic and turns on the blinky light on her life vest. The boat heaves.

Elvis says he will know what to do with the child. He pulls a feather out of the fire, "Who's is this?"

Celeste stares for an eternity, "It's yours. You are the father. What will you do now?"

"Save my father."

On board the doomed boat, the baby bawls. So does Claire. Belle rambles. She thinks things will be OK.

Phillip recognizes Shawn as the guy who came after him when he was kidnapped in the war zone. Shawn recognizes Phillip as the guy who was his best friend. They all start singing Amazing Grace...


Kayla comforts Steve. She asks Bo if he is OK.

"Thanks to you," says Bo. Kayla thinks Steve isn't up for a long flight home. She says she isn't afraid of Steve. That's what scares Bo. Kayla says they will stay there until he gets better. Bo goes over and tells Steve to take care and listen to Kayla. He turns to Kayla, "I guess this is adios."

Gabby runs up in total panic, "I just got another radio transmission from the Coast Guard. I'm so sorry. The boat went down. Shawn, Belle, Claire... They all went down with the boat." Bo stares.


Willow twirls her panties and tells Nick, "Evidence proves you are guilty even though you are innocent."

Hope and Chelsea sit in a booth in the pub. Hope says, "You could have been up front with me, Chelsea, and told me the truth." Chelsea asks, "Told you the truth about what?" Hope says, "You and Nick."

Steve holds up a syringe, "That was the weapon of choice back in the bin." Kayla says, "But we're gonna use it to make you better." Steve says, "That's what they always told me."

Shawn stands dripping wet with a towel wrapped around him, "I lost her, Dad. I lost my daughter." Hugs. Belle whimpers.

Claire swims like crazy and says to herself, "Thank goodness. I think I lost them."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll believe Celeste's prediction as soon as John kills Marlena.

Thanks for the prevuze!

4:28 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

So let me get this straight a couple of peacock feathers are going to replace DNA tests. Ooookay.

And, how exactly does Celeste tell WHICH feather is which? Are they different colors?

Prevues!! I can't beleive you missed the chance for this Prevueism

Bo asks if Patch is going to put a bullet in his head. The audience wonders if someone will put a bullet in their head, and put them out of their misery

DOOLism of the day:
Listen to me my beautiful wife, we will have a happy marriage and a home where trouble doesn't barge in every five minutes.
Only if you leave the show and NEVER come back

5:10 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...



5:14 AM  
Blogger luvpumpkns said...

the pictures are hilarious today!!

"i bet there are no boats in heaven" and the foam bricks..LOL.

6:05 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

OMG - I'm having to hold back the tears of laughter from today's Prevuze. Oh and my favorite part:

In the previews for the next episode where Claire is swimming and says she thinks she lost them. LOL

The Claire-isms..... I LOVE THEM....

Side Note - Kate needs a good stiff one and I'm not talking about a drink either...

6:22 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:24 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

Oh yeah - I think Stewie from Family Guy should pair up with Claire and give the DiMeras and Bradys some good ol' competition.... Hehehehe

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Celeste stares at the feathers for a long time because she realizes Sami is carrying twins, one belongs to EJ, the other one belongs to Lucas.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand from spoilers that Gabby will be the one who finds Claire and she runs off with her. It was not Shawn she was after, but Claire. That's why they showed her closet full of baby stuff.

7:47 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

At first I was stunned and then realized it was only normal that none of the three stooges would turn on any of the life preserver GPS devices before now. Note to Darwin Award committee - you don't have to look any further for candidates!!

"Botch" - I love it! HAHAHAHHA

LOL over the necessity of EJ to be half nekkid at the humongous bonfire and Kate's picture never looking better.

Great Prevuze to get us thru a Monday morning!

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, so many stupid things in this one!!! Where to start?

Sami and Lucas are home? Did they finish 'destroying' the house with the sledgehammer?

It took us about a month to get to the wedding and they do the honeymoon in 1 day??? Go figure!

This is the first time Sami talked to her son? (No cell phone calls to make sure he's ok?)

And where exactly are EJ and Celeste 'boiling their wicked brew'?

Kate has alot of nerve saying anything to Lucas... if she hates Sami as much as she says she does - why does she keep 'going back to Lucas' for more. It was very apparent before the wedding he wasn't going to leave her for his MOM!!!!

Shawn, Belle and Phillip are 'buds' now? C'mon - that is amazing... They must be trying to 'humanize' Phillip. Watch, tomarrow they'll be back in Salem 'holding hands, skipping down the lane'!!!

Kayla shows up? Where has she been? (catching up on her tan?) Although, all of this took place in one night!!!

I ALWAYS love the comments from Claire. Great name for them Angel, 'Claire-isms'.

FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY... Made my Monday morning too!

Thanks Prevuze. Look forward to tomarrow. - Keep up the GREAT work!

8:15 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:24 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

And where exactly are EJ and Celeste 'boiling their wicked brew'?

As far as I can tell, they are still in the cemetery. Celeste must have brought her George Foreman portable combo grill and cauldron.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Wild Starchild said...

Have you ever noticed that every single time Roman appears on the screen he says the word hell? All he ever says is something the Hell!! "Where the Hell? What the Hell?? How the Hell? Who the Hell? When the Hell? Or maybe a simple,"The Hell you say??" LOL Heck I bet cha he even says, AW Hell!!??!! LOL

Bet you start noticing it soon!!!

10:55 AM  
Blogger Deb said...


Confirmed news

Bart returns this week!
Stephanie's boyfriend Jeremy Horton returns to Salem.
His friend Jett Carver (relation to Abe?) arrives in Salem as well.

John responds to Belle's voice and finally wakes up!

Tony returns on Thursday and immediately tells EJ to bring Samantha Roberts to him!

Tony then orders Sami to be taken to surgery!

EJ must save Sami and the baby from his brother.

Rumors and speculations

Sami is having twins, one EJ's and one Lucas's

EJ will end up being a good guy and Sami will fall for him.

Phillip and Belle get back together as a result of their search for Claire.

Belle realizes Phillip is a better father because of his devotion to finding Claire, while Shawn on the other hand immediately decides Claire is dead and concentrates on Willow's baby.

Special note to Prevuze: On the "censored" link, I am sure you meant LUCAS not Shawn right?

11:14 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

And, how exactly does Celeste tell WHICH feather is which? Are they different colors?

Very good question, Deb. We thought about addressing that in the post, but it wasn't appropriate for family-friendly Prevuze. However, the message board is private, so just between you and me, here is the link which will give you the answer:


11:30 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Special note to Prevuze: On the "censored" link, I am sure you meant LUCAS not Shawn right?

Right. I re-posted the comment with the right info. Although, on this show... you never can tell.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Okay now ewww. Whey do you insist on giving me visuals I can never get out of my head!!!!

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Lucas carries Sami across the threshold. He checks his watch

And Sami landed on her soft spot. Her head...

And stop with the twins rumor already! As a mother of twins I find that quite disturbing and absolutely unbelievable.

[Insert your Prevuism here]

11:37 AM  
Anonymous The Law of Physics said...

Did I miss something? One second the plane is plunging in a nosedive, and the next second Bo and Steve are on the island. You don't just come out of nosedives just like that.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Oh and

"You're gonna have to pry it from my cold dead hands," says Bo."

Belle screams, "Hey that's my line! Right before I handed Claire to Phillip to go check on Shawn. DOH! I musta had a blonde moment"

11:42 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Okay now ewww. Whey do you insist on giving me visuals I can never get out of my head!!!!

That's what we're here for. Just be glad Celeste's incantation didn't involve Steve Johnson.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous rach said...

I hope Sami doesn't fall for EJ. She finally got married and she's going to do something stupid to mess it up? Isn't that the same story line over and over again too?

The twins story line is funny too. I've heard of other animals having babies by different fathers, but it is unlikely for humans.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Not only is it unlikely for humans it is completely possible and happens much more than you think.

Fraternal twins happen in 1-80 births.
In the past, it was hard to find out if twins had different fathers, and in fact the idea of it is relatively new.
Reliable DNA testing has started to determine that approximatelty 2.4% of fraternal twins born have different fathers.


Given that Sami herself is a twin, and her mother is a twin, therefore proving a genetic pre-disposition to having twins, added to the fact that Sami had sex (consentual or not) with two different guys in one night, it is completely plausable that should she have twins they may have different fathers.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually saw a show with twins with different fathers. One was white, the other black. Go figure.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for fun

1:12 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Wowza - I'm late in posting today. Been one freakin' meeting after another. Had to squeeze Prevuze in during lunch.

LOL at Shawn's signature and Charlton Heston parting more than the red sea.

I had the same reaction as some of the commentors above: Lumi had like a, what, one day honeymoon?

I’m glad that Prevuze cleared up the question of how Celeste knew whose feather survived the flames. HAHAHA

My DOOLism for the day involves Botch in the little twin-engine airplane. Were they up visiting the space station or something? The plane had been diving toward the ocean since Lumi were at Maison Blanche. Next thing you know, Lumi were back in Salem and the plane was still in its nose-dive!

I think having twins with different fathers is totally doable and something I mentioned to my sister months ago. It would provide YEARS' worth of story. Good twin/bad twin and what if the good twin turned out to be the Dimera child? Just all kinds of juicy complications ahead.

Great Prevuze and comments today!

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funniest Prevuze yet! LMAO "ALL RIGHT! ALL RIGHT," screams the Lord, "I'LL SAVE YOU! JUST STOP SINGING!"

Thanks for all the fun today! I definitely needed that! :)

4:31 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

God I love this site! Poor Claire, so far she is the only one with any sense!

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Sue said...

Awesome!! The pic of the document was a riot and is exactly what I pictured when Bo told Shawn to "make his mark". Seems the writers realize they're not writing Shawn to be overly sharp these days.

Very funny and much appreciated!

9:03 PM  

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