Friday, May 11, 2007

God Punishes Sinners

Kayla stands in the church sanctuary. She wanders aimlessly over to a pew and sits down. Adrienne walks in and asks if she has heard anything. Kayla does her best zombie impression as she tells Adrienne she thinks Steve is gone. He's left for Tinda Lao. She thinks he's been sent there to kill Shawn and Bo.

Phillip congratulates Shawn for tracking him down. He tells him he has a boat waiting in the harbor and he and Claire are going to head back to Salem. Belle can come, too if she wants. Shawn tells him it's not going to happen. Phillip taunts him, "Who's going to stop me? You can barely stand."

"Go ahead," says Shawn, "Give me your best shot."

"If you want to come back and fight for her, I can't stop you. But if you try to stop me... Belle is right. Someone could wind up dead."

Sami and Lucas romp around their apartment packing for the trip and accusing each other of causing them to be late. Lucas attacks Sami and they head for another round on the couch. Someone knocks. Lucas thinks it's probably the driver, so they straighten up and Lucas answers. EJ stands there, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but there is something rather important we need to discuss... Samantha."

Phillip hears a dog bark in the distance and asks what that is. Shawn tells him Bo is there with a tracking dog and will be there any minute. Phillip goes for Claire and Shawn tells him he's not taking her. "Watch me," says Phillip. He rearranges Shawn's face with a right hook. Shawn tumbles and rolls halfway across the island. Claire babbles and screams. Belle babbles and screams. She tries to get away from Phillip. "Shawn," she yells, "Get up!" Nag, nag, nag.

Shawn starts to get up and screams for Phillip to stop. Phillip drop kicks him and Shawn tumbles back into the fetal position. Phillip goes over to Belle and tells her to come with him or he's taking Claire without her. He lifts Claire out of Belle's arms. Belle rushes over to Shawn and tells him she doesn't have any choice.

Bo strolls through the woods and studies the flora and fauna.

Belle tells Shawn she has to go with Phillip, "Just remember one thing. God punishes sinners."

Phillip yells for Belle to come with him or he's leaving without her. Belle gets up and staggers off with Phillip babbling, "GOD PUNISHES SINNERS! GOD PUNISHES SINNERS!"

Shawn lies on the ground in a crumpled mass and thinks, "I must've committed a doozy to deserve her." He tries to get up but collapses into unconsciousness. Actually, he might not be unconscious. With Shawn, it's hard to tell.

Lucas tells EJ they do have a lot to talk about but not until after their honeymoon. He says it's taking everything he's got right now not to cave in EJ's face. Sami chimes in and says there is nothing to talk about because she has told Lucas everything. "Right says Lucas, "She told me you RAPED her."

"Oh," says EJ, "Is that what we're calling it now, rape? I will deny to the day I die that I ever raped you." Lucas threatens and orders him out. EJ refuses. He closes the door and says, "I came here to talk about the child. Let's talk about our child." Lucas turns and gives Sami a confused look.

"What makes you think that baby's yours," asks Lucas.

"Well," says EJ, "If Samantha has told you everything..."

"I lied," says Sami.

"How unusual," says EJ.

"The truth is," says Sami, "I don't know whose baby it is."

EJ says, "But I assume the baby is either mine or Lucas'... I mean, there were no passing motorists on the road that night, darling. I came here thinking the baby you are carrying is mine and I find out you lied. And then I'm accused of one of the most vile crimes imaginable, ironically after I just forgave her for attempting to murder me." Lucas wonders what he is talking about. EJ gives a rundown of the night Sami drugged Lucas and went to the cabin to burn him alive, "Why don't you tell him everything, darling?"

Adrienne denies Patch could commit murder. Kayla tells her that is the only reason he would be on the island. He wouldn't be able to help himself. He's under EJ's control. She tells Adrienne about the statement Bo went to get which could put EJ away for a very long time. Up to now Adrienne has been following things. But then Kayla hits her with the final thing that proves it all, "John Black came to Marlena."

"I thought John was in a coma," says Adrienne.

"That doesn't matter on this show," says Kayla, "He came to Marlena and told her Steve is a killer."

Adrienne stands at the crossroads. Will she choose reality or get sucked into the insanity, which plagues everyone else in town? What else can she do? She has to believe her now. John's near-ghost came to Marlena and told her. How much more proof would anyone need? A shocked Adrienne hangs her head and accepts it all. Kayla asks if she brought what she asked for. Adrienne nods. She reaches in her gun and hands Kayla a pistol.

Bo strolls through the woods. He is just fascinated by the Tinda Lao rainforest. Finally, he catches up to Shawn who lies in a wad on the ground. Shawn wants to go after Belle and Phillip. Bo says he's in no condition to do that. He's bleeding. They have to get him to a doctor. He helps Shawn up and they start to go back. Bo thinks Phillip will just go back to Salem with Claire, "And he's got Belle with him. That's a good thing."

"You're right," says Shawn, "She can be a real pain in the butt sometimes. As she was walking away with him, she said something weird."

"Yep," says Bo, "That sounds like Belle."

Shawn says, "She kept repeating, God punishes sinners. God punishes sinners. What do you suppose she was trying to tell me?"

"It's just a wild guess," says Bo, "But maybe she was trying to say God punishes sinners. Or maybe it's some kind of clue."

"I doubt that," says Shawn, "Belle is clueless."

Meanwhile, Fido, Tinda Lao's fearless tracking dog, wanders through the jungle lost and wondering why the bearded man left him out there to die.

Adrienne asks Kayla why she needs a gun. "It's better if you don't know," says Kayla, "I'm taking it on my trip to Tinda Lao."

"Why," asks Adrienne.

"Just in case."

Bo tells the operator he's not getting through and asks her to try again. Gabby tends to Shawn's wound. Shawn says, "It's strange. As Belle was walking off with Phillip she kept repeating, God punishes sinners – over and over. I can't figure out what she was trying to say."

"It's just a wild guess," says Gabby, "But maybe she was trying to say God punishes sinners.

Bo comes over and says he can't get through to alert the coast guard. Shawn thinks their only choice is to go home and pray that Phillip, Claire and Belle show up. Bo has him sit down. Gabby goes up to Shawn's room to grab the GPS. Bo and Shawn speculate about what might happen next.

Suddenly Gabby comes running back downstairs, "I got it! I got it! I know what Belle was trying to tell you!"

Shawn springs up, "What? What was she trying to tell us?"

"God punishes sinners."

Sami tells Lucas she will tell him what EJ is talking about later. EJ insists she tell him now. He doesn't want to be deprived of the fun of reliving it. Sami refuses. EJ asks, "Do you think you can just dismiss me? You think you've won. You think this is over. This is far from over. We share something very important. I believe that baby is mine." He walks to the door, turns and says, "Have fun in New Orleans."

Sami asks, "How did he know where we are going?"

"John Black's ghost told him."

Lucas gets a running start and heads right off the deep end, "YOU DRUGGED ME? I THOUGHT YOU TOLD ME EVERYTHING!"

Sami claims she did, but just didn't get to everything. She tells him about the lipstick and swears she was going to tell him eventually, "I just didn't want to bore you with the details."

"GO AHEAD," screams Lucas, "BORE ME!" Lucas goes and sits in the audience so they can all be bored together.

Sami pours out all the details about Celeste's plan and their attempt to kill EJ. She says she couldn't go through with it. Lucas wonders how the cabin burned down if Sami didn't do it. She thinks EJ did it to mess with her dead. Lucas can't believe it. He asks if she has told him everything. Sami swears that's it. "It's just too bad," snorts Lucas.

The blood drains from Sami's face, "What?"

"It's just too bad you didn't kill him."

EJ packs his suitcase and flashes back to Sami telling him he is the father of the child. He sulks and then goes back to his packing. Kate comes to visit. AHA! God punishes sinners! Kate asks if he told Lucas. EJ says, "He already knew. Sami told him almost everything."

"So it's over," says Kate.

"No," says EJ, "Despite our best intentions, Lucas couldn't care less."

"Now I have seen everything," says Kate.

"He's a man in love," says EJ, "In a way, I respect him for it."

Gabby is just ecstatic. She says she went up to the room and couldn't find the GPS, "That's what Belle was trying to tell us, God punishes sinners – GPS. She has the GPS!"

Bo says, "As long as Belle has that GPS, all we have to do is log into the maritime website, plug in the tracking point and we'll have the coordinates."

Gabby brings Bo a laptop computer and also just happens to have the tracking number on a wadded up piece of paper. Bo logs on and finds their coordinates. He figures the boat is traveling fast and is going south. "South," asks Shawn, "That means they are not headed home. They are going to Australia."

"Not so fast," says Bo, "Since Salem seems to be everywhere, they could be going home."

Kate is shocked, "Now you admire Lucas? I don't know if you are drunk, or just channeling your inner sap."

"Yes," says EJ, "I admire Lucas. His love is stronger than anything we can throw at him."

"I'm actually getting ill hearing that," says Kate. They stop the show to award Kate the Mother Of The Year Award.

EJ finishes packing and starts to leave. Kate asks where he is going. He hands her a card, "You can reach me here."

Kate looks at the card, "Louisiana?" Laissez les bon temps rouler.

Sami tells Lucas he wouldn't want her to be a killer. Lucas isn't so sure. He thinks killing EJ would be as close to justifiable homicide as she could get, "What if the baby is his? I don't want him knocking on our door for all the Days Of Our Lives." Sami thinks they are OK for now because they have another five months to go and EJ won't hurt them if he thinks it might be his child.

"Oh, great," says Lucas, "You think we are safe because you might be pregnant with another man's child."

Sami tells him they are starting the marriage off right because there are no secrets between them. For the past five minutes, anyway. She wants to go to New Orleans, help people rebuild their homes and put EJ behind them. Lucas tells her he's still peeved she drugged him. She offers to let him get even by kissing her until her knees get week and she passes out. Lucas tells her to save a little for the honeymoon, "Go and get dressed. I don't want to miss our plane."

"It won't matter if we do," says Sami, "At the Salem Airport, there is a plane leaving for every destination in the world every five minutes."

Kayla thanks Adrienne for her help and tells her to make sure she doesn't tell Roman where she is going. Translation: The news will hit Roman before Kayla hits the airport. Adrienne asks again why Kayla needs the gun. Kayla says, "If Steve is going to Tinda Lao to kill Bo and Shawn, I have to stop him."

"You'd put a bullet in my brother," screams Adrienne, "I can't let you do that."

Kayla says she is in agony over this, "But how can I know he's going to kill my brother and my nephew and not do anything?"

Adrienne asks, "You'd just kill him? Just like that?" Kayla stares.

Gabby offers to let Shawn and Bo use her boat. They say they need something faster than that. What could it be? What could it be? Gabby suggests maybe an airplane.

"GOOOOLLLLYYYY," say Gomer and Goober in unison, "Who'da ever thought of that?"

Gabby says there are a lot of pilots that come and go and she will put out the word. Right on cue, the only plane that has ever flown over the island comes in for a landing. "You hear that," asks Bo, "This might be our lucky day."

Adrienne begs Kayla to reconsider. Kayla says, "You're a good sister. You want the best for him. So I'm using silver bullets. I'm going to Tinda Lao and I'm taking a gun. I just pray to God I don't have to use it." Kayla leaves. Adrienne agonizes.

Bo tells Shawn he's got to be ready for this fight if he's going after Phillip. Shawn says he can do it. Bo never thought it would come to this between Shawn and Phillip.

"Yeah," says Shawn, "Phillip must've lost it on the battlefield."

"You have to be more specific," says Bo, "He lost his leg... his face..."

Gabby runs up out of breath. She has great news. Some pilot landed a seaplane on the other side of the island and told her he's was looking for Bo Brady. Bo and Shawn wonder who he might be.

Sami and Lucas are all set to go. Sami reminds him whatever else, she chose him. They giggle their way down the hall and into the elevator. EJ sticks his suitcase into the hall and listens to the cackling. He turns and tells Kate he has to go.

Kate asks, "So after all Sami has done to you, after all the lies and deceit and trying to burn you alive, you're telling me she's the love of your life?"

"Nobody's perfect," says EJ.

Kate challenges him, "Why don't you just say the words?"

EJ admits it, "I love Samantha. I always have, and I probably always will. Now if you'll excuse me I have a plane to catch."

After he walks out, Kate gives the door a karate kick and sighs, "Bloody hell."

The driver Lucas was expecting knocks on Sami and Lucas' door and wonders where they are.


Chelsea asks Hope, "How do you know if you're ready to lose your virginity?"

Nekkid Nick tells half-nekkid Willow, "That's it! I want you out! I've ruined everything!"

Shawn tells Bo, "Let him fly me in there. I don't have time to sit around while you try to figure out if he's crazy or not." Flash to Steve.

Hope yells, "What did Kayla think Steve was going to do?" Adrienne whines, "Kill Bo and Shawn."


Anonymous MomofDNA said...

I can't do it. I can't decide who is more stupid. Shawn, for warning Phillip that Bo was coming, or Phillip, for hearing a dog bark and asking "What is that?"

Maybe it's me, for trying to figure it out.

Fantastic Prevuze today, as always!

5:44 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Maybe it's me, for trying to figure it out. momofdna - OMG I was thinking almost exactly the same thing over this entire episode. Just trying to mentally list all of the DOOLisms (as Deb would say) made me exhausted. As I was opening Comments I was thinking to myself, "Oh hell, just let it go. Why do you keep trying to make sense of this drivel." LOLOL

I had my own spit-take this morning over the picture of Kate bemoaning her ticket for driving with "bangs obstruction". Also LOL at Bulldog's other picture with Nick. I bet he was getting quite a view.

Great Friday Prevuze!

6:47 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

While this has nothing to do with today's episode, I can't help but ask when is Philip's kid with Mimi due from the surrogate chic? If he wants a child so badly, why doesn't she pop up and say "tadaaaa"..... Also, isn't it funny how Shawn and Belle have no money but yet, somehow they have diapers galore and Belle always has on make up.

I can't keep track of the time that passes by but if Sammy is 5mths pregnant, then (a) Philip's kid should be due soon and (b) she should be bigger....

I dunno - just a thought - (giggles)

7:25 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Must have been hard deciding which great line to use as the title of today's Prevuze. I thought channeling your inner sap could have been a good one too.

Shawn with both his arm and butt in a sling - another classic Prevuze Pic! Loved the magazine cover too.

Can't get enough of Prevuze! Thanks.

7:28 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Bell screams "God Punishes Sinners" and that gives Bo and Luke (oops sorry, Shawn, was just thinking this was a stupid as an episode of The Dukes of Hazard) the clue they need to figure out she had the GPS.

As stupid as Phillip is she could have just yelled "Global Positioning System" and he still would have been clueless.

DOOLism #1: "I lied," says Sami.
You mean for a CHANGE?

DOOLism #2: Bo thinks Phillip will just go back to Salem with Claire, "And he's got Belle with him. That's a good thing." No kidding, now HE can listen to her whine for a while.

Gabby goes and gets a laptop computer that just HAPPENED to be there the whole time, and wonder of wonders, out in the middle of NOWHERE they have a wireless internet connection!!! This was there the WHOLE TIME?? Belle could have just emailed home?? Oh no that would've made sense wouldn't it? We can't have that.

I am so glad Steve managed to catch that Salem time warp and get to Tinda Lau within...what, 10 min? What took him so long?

O M G if ONE more person says "LOVE OF MY LIFE" I am going to drop kick my plasma TV across the street!!!!
I cannot be the only one who flashes on the Mad TV skit where Will Sasso and Alex Borstein sing "You Are The Love Of My Life"!!!

Just in case there is anyone who has never seen this, I defy you to watch it and then not think of it every time someone on DOOL spews that famous line:

First click on the TV that reads MAD TV then:

Click on the little screen that says "You Are The One That I Love"

OH beware of spit takes while you watch.

7:50 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I LOL over Adrienne at the crossroads. Judging from the readers comments above we've all been there and crossed over into the DOOL TwiLighT (The Logic Thing) Zone!

They probably still have the New Orleans sets from when Hope was held in the DiMera mansion all those years and will need to reuse them to get their money's worth.

Loved Foo's picture, the Enquirer and Gomer & Goober. And don't feel bad for poor Fido, being lost in the jungle would be better than being stuck with these wierdos. HAHAHA

An excellent Friday Prevuze!!

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I dont know if I missed something or what...I thought Bo was taking Johns plane to the Island. If thats the case then why do they need someone else with a plane? If I missed something please fill me in! :)

8:50 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I thought Bo was taking Johns plane to the Island. If thats the case then why do they need someone else with a plane?

CONTINUITY? You want CONTINUITY? OMG! Next you'll be asking for a little REALITY. Where will it end?!

9:35 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I thought Bo was taking John's plane to the Island. If thats the case then why do they need someone else with a plane? ROFL

Good catch! Once again, someone is trying to apply logic to DOOL, but, that said, maybe Bo just jumped out of the plane as it flew over the island and the Black's jet returned to Salem. HAHAHAHA

9:35 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Maybe Bo did jump out! Perhaps Squints' plane doesn't have any doors and that's why Marlena had to jump out of it over Canada. HAHAHAHHA

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wasnt really trying to figure out the whole plane situation. I thought that maybe somewhere along the line I had missed something. I was actually hoping that I missed something! I only go by what I read on here. I cant even stomach watching the show anymore!

10:42 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I figured out the plane question.

Bo didn't land John's plane on the island because there is no airport!!
He landed nearby and took a boat!
(A magical boat that got him there almost before he left Salem, HR Puffinstuff's boat maybe?)

Gabby runs up and says a SEAPLANE just landed!!!

Still I have no idea how Bo took a twin engine airplane on a trip halfway around the world. Or maybe ol' Squint has more than one plane.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

"Lucas goes and sits in the audience so they can all be bored together" BWAA HA HA HAAA!

11:19 AM  
Anonymous lumifan4ever said... I am new to this site. At first I really thought some of your comments in the Prevues were from your own imagination...but after catching the show the last couple of days, Days really have been using the wording your posting. I had to laugh out loud after reading this and then watching the show!! You crack me up. And true, Days has gotten almost as far from reality as Passions!!! Thanks for the great revues. I do have to say, I am sooooo happy to finally start accepting Sami for the person she is...imperfect!! I love Lumi and am soooo very happy!!!

11:29 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Gabby runs up and says a SEAPLANE just landed!!!

We actually left part of that out. Gabby did not actually spot the plane herself. She heard Hervé Villechaize up in the tower on the island yelling, "SEA PLANE! SEA PLANE!"

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my first post. It's time for this couple called Steve and Kayla to hit the road. They are the most boring characters to watch and this storyline is a snoozefest. I hate having to watch their dumb storyline in order to watch the show. I don't come here often because I like not knowing but if Steve and Kayla are going to be on I'm not wasting my time watching anymore. Can't the people in charge see the ratings. I've been a loyal watcher since 1998 but that's going to change, Y&R here I come!

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

I've been a loyal watcher since 1998 but that's going to change, Y&R here I come!

Boy, loyalty doesn't account for much these days do it?

Bye, see ya, adios, ariva douche'

1:29 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Well as Green Day says: Good Riddance!

Steve and Kayla are one of DOOL's supercouples!
Okay so right now their story is dragging a bit, but let me tell you, when you give them a good script and a decent storyline, NO ONE can touch them for not only drama, but for keeping you on the edge of your seat, laughing, crying, and cheering all at the same time.

When Steve "died" all those years ago, I remember watching his funeral sobbing like I had just lost my own husband. I was heartbroken.

Days is in transition right now. A new head writer, and trying to unravel some pretty messed up story lines to get back to basics with the show.
The return of the Dimeras, John Black comming out of his coma (Drake has finally re-negotiated his contract), and Sami finally making it down the aisle are just the beginning.


2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Prevuze,
Thanks SOOOOO much for the Heston picture. It made my day!

Also, are there any other Ugly Betty fans out there? Did you notice that the original Stephanie was in last week's episode?

Also, how's the weather in your area? I've been wondering.


3:22 PM  
Anonymous Cindyjh said...

LOLOLOL at the Prevuze and the comments today.

I just read in Soap Opera Digest that Duck and Gabby's last air date is May 18. Tinda Lau then will be wrapping up pretty fast and not a moment too soon for me.

And when are Caroline, Marlena, Chelsea, Hope and Kayla going to give Sami those wedding presents that we voted for on the NBC site? I thought that was suppose to happen on May 11. Of course, I just went to the NBC website and the air date is no longer on there. So much for continuity once again!!!

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok - so as of RIGHT NOW - has Sami come clean? No more secrets? I hope she can stay 'lie-less' for awhile... You watch, after all of Lucas' understanding these horrible things - something little will come up and he'll FREAK.
Could we PLEEEEZZZ keep Sami from tragic turmoil for a week or soooo?

Great Prevuze, as usual!!!!!!!

4:53 PM  
Anonymous michelle said...

Seriously, the Steve and Kayla storyline is HORRIBLE!!!!!!! I've been watching this show for 32 years and it's really been pretty bad lately. People are just too busy these days to waste time watching recycled storylines so even though I can't bring myself to give it up, I can see why someone else would. It's a pity.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had a sudden revelation and have figured out what will happen in the next few months, plotwise that is. We've all been thinking about this in the wrong way. It is summer after all, and Daze must concentrate on the younger viewers. So, here goes.

Belle and Phillip will disappear for a week. When they return to Salem, Claire will be 16. Also, a new girl will be waitressing at Chez Rouge. No one will know her, but she will be the child of Phillip and Mimi--also 16.

When Stefano returns he will be followed by an unidentified 25 year-old guy who is actually Andrew Donovan who has been in England training with the ISA and working for his father, Shane. Mayhem ensues. Claire and Mimi's yet unnamed daughter will both fall in love with Andrew. Cat fights ensue.

Now we have our summer plot. Pour a glass of white wine, sit back, and enjoy.

4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to sign my posting. The last one was from Foo

4:38 AM  
Blogger Cinder Ella said...

If Duck brought Gabby home from Vietnam with him after his tour of duty there, wouldn't she be about 40?
Prevuze is fabulous, by the way.

5:19 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

If Duck brought Gabby home from Vietnam with him after his tour of duty there, wouldn't she be about 40?

Maybe she's been reverse SORASed. Actually, the technical term is SAROSed.

11:04 AM  

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